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Cabanis, Jean Louis 1816-1906 Berlin Museum Born: March 8, 1816 at Berlin 1853 Established Journal fur Ornithologie Editor for 40 years. Succeded as editor by his son-in-law A. Reichenow. Died: Feb 20, 1906 near Berlin Cabanis & Bonaparte Cabanis & Heine Cabanis & Reichenow
Cabot, Samuel (Dr) 1815-1885 Boston Died: April 13, 1885 Note: This is actually Samuel Cabot III. Often listed (for example by Richmond) as Samuel Cabot, Jr., but it appears to me that the ornithologist Samuel Cabot, was the Boston Surgeon Samuel Cabot III.
Cabot, J.
Caceres Cáceres, Daniel Daniel Cáceres A.
Cadena, Carlos Daniel
Cai, Tianlong
Cain, A.J. Arthur James Cain 1921-1999 25 Jul. 1921 20 Aug. 1999 (? Derby Professor of Zoology, Univ. Liverpool?) & Galbraith
Calderón-F., Diego
Camacho, J.H. See "Hernandez-Camacho"
(Grantsau, R.) & Camargo
Campbell, Archibald George 1880-1929
Campbell, Archibald James 1853-1929 Born: 18 Feb. 1853 Fitzroy, Australia Died: 11 September 1929 Box Hill, Australia. Victorian civil service from 1869; weigher, Department of Trade and Customs from 1872; retired from the Federal Customs Department July 1914. Colonial Member, British Ornithologists' Union; Honorary Fellow, American Ornithologists' Union. Founder, Victorian Wattle Club (later League) 1899; one of the founders of the Royal Australasian Ornithologists' Union 1901 and president 1909 and 1928; founder, Bird Observers' Club 1905. Published Nests and Eggs of Australian Birds in 1900. Contributed popular articles on the birds of Australia to The Australasian newspaper for years. One of his sons was Archibald George Campbell
Campbell, C.W. 1861-1927 Campbell, Charles William British Consul (or acting British Consul) to Korea
Camras, Sidney
Capote, N. Capote, Nieves
Caparoz, Renato
Capparella, Angelo P.
Caraballo-Ortiz,MA Caraballo-Ortiz, Marcos A.
Carantón-Ayala, Diego
Carey, Geoff J.
Carlos, C.J.
Carneiro, Lincoln Silva
Cardiff, SW
Cardoso da Silva, Jose Maria Novaes, Fernando C. & Oren, David C. da Silva a Zoological Museum, Univ. Copenhagen DK. (1995)
Carnaby, Ivan Clarence 1908-1974
Carriker, Melbourne Armstrong, Jr. 1879-1965 Born: Feb. 14, 1879 Sullivan, Illinois. Died: July 27, 1965, Bucaramanga, Colombia Date from Smithsonian Institution Archives. HISTORICAL NOTE Melbourne Armstrong Carriker, Jr. (1879-1965), was born in Sullivan, Illinois. By the time he graduated from high school, he was collecting bird skins and studying the habits of birds extensively. His interest in bird lice (Mallophaga) began during his freshman year at the University of Nebraska under the guidance of Lawrence Bruner, and Carriker became one of the world's authorities on the neotropical genera. During his career Carriker was responsible for the description of two new families, four new subfamilies, fifty-three new genera and subgenera, and eight hundred sixty-six new species and subspecies. Carriker was prolific in his writing as well. Between 1940 and 1959 he produced thirty-three papers, most of them large ones. His papers were published in Spanish as well as English, and he corresponded with Mallophaga systematists all over the world. Carriker collected specimens for some of the most important institutions in the country, including the Carnegie Museum (1902 and 1907-1927); the American Museum of Natural History (1909); the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (1929-1938); the United States National Museum (1940-1952); the Peabody Museum; the Field Museum of Natural History; and the Los Angeles County Museum. He traveled South America extensively on his collecting trips, covering Costa Rica, Trinidad, Venezuela, and Curacao Island, and canvassing Peru, Bolivia, and Colombia almost entirely. From 1907 to 1909, Carriker held the position of assistant curator of birds at the Carnegie Museum. In 1953, he received the honorary post of collaborator in the Department of Entomology, United States National Museum, and he continued his collecting work until the month before his death in 1965. CHRONOLOGY 1879, February 14 Born in Sullivan, Illinois 1899, December Presented first paper, on nesting habits of local raptors, at first meeting of the Nebraska Ornithologists' Union 1901, December Publication of first paper on Mallophaga 1902, January-February Six-week collecting trip in Costa Rica with Lawrence Bruner of the University of Nebraska 1902 Collected birds in Costa Rica for the Carnegie Museum and small mammals for the American Museum of Natural History. Collecting trips to the volcanoes Irazu and Turialba and, accompanied by British ornithologist C. F. Underwood, to Pozo Azul. Saved Mallophaga from birds collected, and these became the subject of a second paper 1903 Returned to Costa Rica with H. C. Crawford, Jr., and Max Zimmerer. Contracted "Black-Water Fever," hospitalized. Upon recovery, took a job as an engineer with the General Electric Company installing electric lights in Puerto Limon 1904 Collected in Talamanca, on the Sixiola River in southeastern Costa Rica. 1905-1906 Returned to Puerto Limon, secured work as time-keeper and assistant manager of a United Fruit farm in Gaupiles. Later became manager of an area farm named El Hogar 1907 Began collecting in the Terraba region of southwestern Costa Rica. Returned to the U.S. in December 1907-1909 Served under W. E. Clyde Todd as assistant curator of birds for the Carnegie Museum. Sometime during this interval he made a three-month collecting trip with Todd to northern Canada 1909-1911 Collected in Trinidad and Venezuela, securing birds for the Carnegie Museum and mammals for Dr. J. A. Allen at the American Museum of Natural History 1911 Collected for a month on Curacao Island, then went to Santa Marta, Colombia. He used Santa Marta as a base of operations until 1927 1912 Married Myrtle Carmelite Flye 1914 Collected in the Sierra Nevada. Ascended by way of Rio Macotama to Lake Macotama 1915 Collected in region west of Baranquilla 1916 Traveled up the Rio Magdalena to Gamarra, into the eastern cordillera of the Andes through Sanander Norte, then south through Santander Sur to Bucaramanga. Crossed Santander to Cucui, worked down to the lowlands of the Rio Cassanare. Recrossed the Andes, went south to Bogota, then returned to Santa Marta. Collected all along 1918 Collected between the mouth of the Rio Atrato and Quibdo, then down the Rio Condoto to the Rio San Juan, then went to Buenaventura by steamer, all with his wife, baby daughter, and two servant girls. Collected at Cordoba, Caldas, Bitaco, La Cumbre, Cali, Manizales, and La Dorada 1922 Collected in Venezuela for the Carnegie Museum with his wife and Robert Sargent 1927 Sold residence in Santa Marta, moved to Beachwood, New Jersey 1929 Joined staff of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, and began an ornithological survey of Peru for them, starting in the eastern lowlands 1930, May Returned to States 1931 Returned to Lima, began collecting at La Oroya. Worked up the western cordillera, then south along the coast, then went eastward. Returned to Philadelphia 1932 Returned to Peru. Started collecting on the coast near Huacho, and worked north. Conducted extensive collecting trip in the interior. Joined for the latter part of the trip by Radcliffe Roberts. Returned to Philadelphia 1933 Went back to Peru, collected in the north 1934, June Sent to Bolivia by the Academy, accompanied by his eldest son Melbourne Romaine Carriker 1935, February Returned to States 1935-1936 Worked on collected material, producing a large report on the Mallophaga of the Tinamous 1936, April Returned to collecting in Bolivia 1936, December Went back to States 1937, May Returned to Bolivia 1938, May Returned to States. Resigned position at the Academy 1938-1939 Worked as a carpenter in Beachwood, New Jersey 1940 Collected for four months in Veracruz, Mexico, for the U.S. National Museum 1941 Accompanied Dr. Alexander Wetmore on a collecting trip in Colombia. Was divorced 1941-1952r Covered most of Colombia on collecting trips. Finished work for the U.S. National Museum and retired to Colombia at the end of 1952. Continued to publish extensively 1944 Married a Colombian woman who appears in this collection only as "Felisa" 1952-1965 Collected for the Peabody Museum, the Los Angeles County Museum, the Field Museum of Natural History, and others. Became a collaborator of the Smithsonian and did some collecting for Dr. Alexander Wetmore. Made periodic trips to the U.S. but continued to live in Colombia. Continued to publish regularly 1965, July 27 Died in Bucaramanga, Colombia
Carte, Alexander, MD 1805-1881 b. Newcastle, Co. Limerick. Tritinty Coll. Dublin. MA 1833 MD 1860 First full time curator of the National Museum of Ireland appointed in 1851
Carter, Thomas 1863-1931
Carty, Martin
Carvalhaes, André M. P.
Casey, Tonnie L. C. & Jacobi, JD
Cassin, John 1813-1869 Born: Sept. 6, 1813 at Chester, PA Died: Jan. 10, 1869 at Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia Acad. Nat. Sci. A Quinarian. PANSP p. 162 "After first premising that in all matters relating to Natural History I am a strict circularian of the school of MacLeay, Vigors and Swainson, I beg leave to present..." Witmer Stone's excellent biographic sketch 2020.12.25
Castelnau, François Louis Nompar de Caumont La Force, comte de 1812-1880 [Castelnau, Francis-Louis Nompar De Caumont de LaPaorte De 1812-1880] Born: 1812 London; (? Dec., 25, 1810) 1862 to Australia Died: Feb. 4, 1880, Melbourne, Victoria & Ramsay, EP
Castro, Guillermo Delgado
Catterall, M.J.
Cave, FO
Caycedo, Paula
Ceballos, O. Ceballos, Olga
Certuche-Cubillos, Katherine
Chadbourne, Arthur Patterson 1862-1936 Parents: William Chadbourne & Isabelle Antoinette Bates (Patterson) Chadbourne Born: Boston, Dec. 18, 1862 Harvard A.B. 1885; M.D. 1889 Member: Boston Society of Natural History. Address: 225 Marlborough St. Boston. Physician: Medical Research Boston, Died: Wash. D.C Dec. 2, 1936
Chaiyaphun Chaiyaphun, Somtob
Chamnan, Hong
Chao Chao, Tian--ju
Chapin, James Paul (Dr) 1889-1964 1st Lt. 309th Infantry, Ft. Dix, NJ Later served in France. Died: 5 Apr 1964 Obit: Ibis 1964:392; Ostrich 35:314.
Chapman, Frank Michler 1864-1945 Father Lebbeus Chapman, Jr. New York Lawyer. Mother: Mary Augusta Parkhurst. Born: June 12, 1864. West Englewood, New Jersey. Attended Englewood Academy, graduated age 16. Joined: American Exchange National Bank of New York. Resigned from Bank: 1886. 1888: Appointed assistant to Joel Asaph Allen at Am. Mus. Nat. Hist. $50/month. 1898: Married Fanny Bates Embury. 1900: only child (a son) born. Son a gifted singer married Gladys Swarthout of Met. Opera. 1901: Associate Curator Mammals and Birds. 1908: Curator of Birds. 1913: Brown University conferred degree Doctor of Science. Director of Publications for the American Red Cross during WW I. 1920: named Chairman of new Dept. of Birds. Died: Nov. 15, 1945. New York City. "Throw him penniless on Broadway, and in ten years he would own both sides of the street." --Dr T. Gilbert Pearson.
Chappuis, Claude (Dr) [Note: Chappuis, Pierre Alfred 1890-1960] Chappuis, Pierre Alfred & Erard
Chasen, Frederick Nutter 1896-1942 Chasen, Frederick Nutter 1896-1942 & Kloss
Chaudhary, Badri
Chaudhary, Hathan
Chaves, Anderson V.
Cheng Tso-hisn Also as Cheng Tso-HSIN 1906-1998 b. 1906.11.18 Fujian. d. 1998.06.27
Cheng Yuan
Chenu 1808-1879 Chenu, Jean Charles
Cheesman, Robert Ernest 1878-1962 b. 1878 d. 13 Feb. 1962 Private secretary to Sir Percy Sykes during his tenure as High Commissioner in Iraq.
Cherrie, George Kruck 1865-1948 AMNH Wife: Stella Mae (nee Bruere) Cherrie Daugther: Enriqueta Inez Cherrie Born: May 10, 1898 at Caicara, Orinoce, Venez.
Chesser,RT Chesser, R. Terry
Children, John George 1777-1852 Born: May 18, 1777 Tunbridge, England Died: Jan. 1, 1852 at Halstead Place, Kent. One of the editors of the Zool.J., etc. Head of the Zool. Dept. of the Brit. Mus early in the century. Appointed when Swainson was a candidate. ?A Quinarian? Brit Mus. (Vigors) & Children
Chisholm, Alexander Hugh 1890-1977
Christidis, L.
Christie, David A.
Chubb, Charles 1851-1924 Born: Dec. 31, 1851; Steeple Langford, near Salisbury, Wiltshire, England. Age 26: Entered Service of British Museum. 1881: Married Ada Albion of Forestgate (5 children) 1912: Married Alice Mabel Baker of Fullam (2 children) Son (E.C. Chubb) curator of Museum at Durban. Died: June 25, 1924; London. Resulting from an automobile accident. Leaving the Natural History Museum knocked down by a passing car. Never regained consciousness, died 2 wk later. (Brabourne) & Chubb, Charles
Chubb, E.C. Son of Charles Chubb. Rhodesia Museum.
Cibois, Alice Dept. Mamm. Ornith. Nat. Hist. Mus. Geneva, Switzerland
Clancey, Phillip Alexander 1917-2001 Born: Sept. 1917. Glasgow Scotland Education: Glasgow School of Art. 1950 moved to South Africa. 1952 Appointed director of the Durban Museum. Died: 18 July, 2001. Clancey, PA & Lawson, WJ S Afr
Claramunt, Santiago
Clark, Hubert Lyman 1870-1947 MCZ
Clark, Austin Hobart 1880-1954 Born: Dec. 17, 1880. Wellesley, Mass. son of Theodore Minot Clark and Jeanette (French) Clark. Newton High School. Cutler's School, Newton. Harvard, A.B. 1903. Graduate student, 1904. Zoologist. Resident, Washington, D.C. Died: Oct. 28, 1954. Washington, D.C.
Clarke, Stephenson Robert (Col.) 1862-1948 Died: 3 Nov 1948 Obit: Ibis 1949: 353
Clarke, William Eagle 1853-1938 Born: 16 March 1853 Leeds Died: 10 May 1938 Obit: Ibis 1938: 548
Cleere, Nigel
Clucas,GV Clucas, Gemma V.
Coale, Henry K. 1858-1926 b. Feb. 28, 1850 (?1858 ) Chicago, Ill. d. Oct. 13, 1926 Highland Park, Ill.
Coelho, Galileu
Cohn-Haft, Mario
Cole, Leon Jacob 1877-1948
Cole, Rosalind

Collar, Nigel J.
Collett, Robert 1842-1913 Born: Dec. 2, 1842 Christiana, Nor.
Collin, Anton
Collins, Charles T.
Colston Peter R.
Condon, Herbert Thomas 1912-1978
Conklin, Jesse R.
Conover, H.(Henry) Boardman 1892-1950 Father: Charles Hopkins Conover (b. Easton, PA July 12, 1847) President of Hardware firm Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett, and Co. Conover evolves from Van Couwenhoven (Wolfort Van C. to America from Amersfoort, The Neth 1630) Mother: Della Luise Boardman Conover (b. Marietta, Iowa. Oct. 31, 1859) Born: Jan. 18, 1892 Chicago, Ill. Three elder sisters (Elinor Conover Owen, Della Boardman Talbot, Margaret Boardman Conover) Attended Chicago Latin School, and Hill School, Pottstown, PA. Sheffield Scientific School, Yale. 1912 Ph. B. WW I. 1st Lt. 332 Regiment Field Artillery; 86th Division U.S. Army. Enthusiastic sportsman shooter all his life. In about 1920 under Osgood's influence became interested in scientific ornithology, esp. relating to game birds. Died: May 5, 1950 Chicago, Ill. (Hellmayr) & Conover
Conrad von Baldenstein, Thomas 1784-1878 Thomas Conrad von Baldenstein (1784-1878) was an entomologist and apiarist. His main renowned was as an ornithologist, and his scientific works on the bird-life of the Alps was recognised by various societies in Switzerland and abroad, who conferred honorary membership on him.
Contino, F.
Contreras, JR
Cooper, James Graham 1830-1902 Born: Jun 19, 1830; New York, New York. 1851: graduates from New York Coll. Phys. Surg. 1866: Marries Rosa M. Wells Dies: Jul 19, 1902; Haywards, Alameda Co. CA.
Cooper, William 1798-1864 father of J.G. Cooper first American member of Zool. Soc. of London founder of Lyceum of Nat. Hist. N.Y. Died: April 20, 1864
Coopmans, Paul
Copete Copete, Jose Louis
Cornalia, Emilio (Badassare Maria) 1824-1882 Italy b: 25 Aug., 1825 (? 25 July, 1824 ? 24 Aug., 1824)
Cortés, Alex Most probably the same as "Alexander Cortés-Diago"
Cory, Charles Barney 1857-1921 Chicago
Costa, Líllian M.
Couch, Darius N. 1822-1897 b. July 23, 1822 d. Feb. 14, 1897 Wikipedia biography here: Darius N. Couch
Coues, Elliott 1842-1899 Born: Sep 9, 1842; Portsmouth, NH. Age 17 entered Columbia College (later Columbian Univ.) 1861: A.B. degree. 1862: Honorary M.A. 1863: M.D. joined army. 1881: Retired from Army brevet Captain At times was deeply involved with Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophists. Died: Dec 25,1899 Johns Hopkins Hospital after being operated on by Halstead. Death bed words: "Welcome, oh welcome beloved death" Auk obituary note (Auk XVII:91) states: "He was kind-hearted and helpful, of great tenacity of purpose, impulsive, and imaginative, sometimes aggressive, and not always discreet in his methods of controversy... His freindships were firm and lasting, and he did not easily forget an injury, whether fancied or real."
Courtenay-Latimer, Marjorie Eileen Doris 1907- Famous for obtaining and recognizing the first specimen of Coelocanth.
Cowan, Ian McTaggart 1910-
Cowles, Graham S.
Cracraft Cracraft, Joel Am.Mus.N.H.
Cretzschmar, Philipp Jakob 1786-1845 Frankfurt
Crossin, Richard S. & Ely
Cu, Nguyen BirdLife International Vietnam Programme, 293B Tay Son, Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam. (1998)
Cunningham-van Someren, G.R.
Cuervo, Andrés M.
Curry-Lindahl, K. Kai Curry-Lindhal 1917-1990 b. May 10, 1917 Stockholm d. Dec. 5, 1990
Cuvier, Baron Georges Léopold Chrétien Frédéric Dagobert 1769-1832 [Jean-Leopold-Nicolas-Frederic ,dit Georges, Cuvier] Mother: Anne-Clémentine Chatel (more than 20 yrs younger than Jean-Georges) Father: Jean-Georges Cuvier. Military Career. Served in the Régiment de Waldner Commanding officer: Christian-Frédéric-Dagobert, Comte de Waldner who was Georges Cuvier's godfather. 1769: Cuvier's first son (Georges, and Georges' older brother) died at age 4. 1769: Georges born in August 23 of the same year in Montbéliard. Christened: Jean-Leopold-Nicholas-Frédéric. Given the name of Dagobert by courtesy shortly after. Referred to in the family as Georges and it was with this name that he always signed documents and letters as an adult. 1773: Frédéric (younger brother) was born. Frédéric was not even mentioned in Cuvier's own account of his childhood. No powerful godparents were obtained for F., and his formal education ended at age 15. 1784: Entered Académie de Stuttgart. An institution with extremely rigid, formal training and severe punishments. Friedrich Schiller was publicly ciritcal of the Academy, with mutltiple escapes, eventually under disquise. Cuvier came to regard the Académie as a prison. Modelled himself after Horace-Benedict de Saussure. 1788: Graduated from the Academy. Set out for Normandy. Arr. Caen in Sept. 1788-1792: Caen. as a tutor. Employed by Marquis and Marquise d'Héricy. 1791: Conflict divides the d'Héricy family leading to separation. Cuvier leaves Caen with his pupil Achille, the Marquise. resides in Finquainville, a few miles from the sea near Fécamp. Secretary of the Bec-aux-Cauchois. 1795: Leaves Fiquainville for Paris. 179?: Marries Anne-Marie Duvaucel 1832: Dies May 13, 1832 at Paris Ref. Georges Cuvier. 1984. Dorinda Outram. Manchester University Press.
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