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Eames, Charles
Eames, Jonathan C. BirdLife International Vietnam Programme, 293B Tay Son, Dong Da, Hanoi, Vietnam. (1998)
Eck ? Siegfried Eck, Dresden (1991).
Ehrenberg, Christian Gottfried 1795-1876 Berlin (Hemprich) & Ehrenberg Zimmer, 1926. p.204 notes that Hemprich died in the field during the expedition (1820-1825) and proposes all taxa should be attributed to Ehrenberg alone. In my interpretation Article 50 of the ICZN (1999) would be interpreted otherwise.
Eisenmann, Eugene 1906-1981 & Lehmann V.C.
Eisentraut, M.
Elgood John Hamel 1909-1998 Obit: Malimbus 21:74-75.
Ellerman, Sir John Reeves, 2nd Baronet 1909-1973 Son of Sir John Reeves Ellerman, 1st Baronet (1862-1933), the British shipping tycoon.
Elliot, Daniel Giraud 1835-1915 Born: Mar. 7, 1835; New York City, NY. In early life travelled in s. Europe, W. Indies, and Brazil. Influenced by Cassin and Dr T. B. Wilson of Philadelphia. 1869 travels to England. Abroad 1869-1883. 1894: curator of zoology, Field Museum, Chicago Expeditions to Somaliland, Afr. and Olympic Mountains, WA. 1906 Columbia Univ. confer honorary D.Sc. Died: Dec. 22, 1915 (Salvin) & Elliot
Elliott, Hugh Francis Ivo 1913-1989 Sir Hugh Francis Ivo Elliott 3rd Baronet b. March 10, 1913 Allalabahd d. Dec. 21, 1989 Administrator of Tristan da Cunha (1950-1952) Succeeded to the baronetcy in 1961 President of the B.O.U. 1975-1979
Ellis, William W.
Elwes, Henry John
Ely, [? Dr. Charles A. Ely ?]
Emin Emin Bey Emin Pasha Christened Eduoard (Eduard) Carl Oscar Theodor Schnitzer. b. 28 March, 1840 Oppelen Silesia (Germany) d. 23 or 24 Oct., 1892 (murdered) at Kinena ~ 80 mi ESE of Stanley Falls, Congo. The hame "Emin" he adopted, it was the name of a Doctor that he replaced in Lado. He is frequently referred to as "Emin Pasha", but "Pasha" is atitle of rank in the Ottoman empire. General Gordon, for example was often referred to as "Gordon Pasha" but no one would include "Pasha" as part of his name. Hartlaub refers to this man as "Emin Bey" similar to "Pasha" "Bey" is a Turkish title for "Chieftan" and it seems to me should not be held as part of a person's name. [Thanks to Gastone Rabascini for additional details]
Engblom, Gunnar
Engelbach Engelbach, P.
Engelmoer, M.
>A naem="Engilis"> Engilis, Andrew Jr.
Enright, Kieran Fahy
Erard, C.
Ericson, Per G.P.
Erlanger Carlo (Freiherr von) 1872-1904 Died: 4 Sept 1904 (in a motor car accident!) in Salzburg Obit: Ibis 1905:144
Escalente Patricia [= B. Patricia Escalente P.]
Eschscholtz, Johann Friedrich Gustav 1793-1831 German-Russian physician and naturalist. Born: Jan 11, 1793 Dorpat (Tartu today) Circumnavigations: 1815-18 "Rurik" directed by Otto von Kotzebue Russian global expedition to Pacific Coast 1823-26 "Predpriaetae". 1825 describer of Balanoglossus in Marshall Islands Russian global expedition to Pacific Coast Eschscholtz professor at university of Dorpat (Estonia). 1819 extraordinary professor of anatomy at University of Dorpat 1822 director at zoological museum of University of Dorpat 1828 ordinary professor of University of Dorpat Dec 10, 1829 member of Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Sciences Died: May 07, 1831 Dorpat (Tartu today) These datas are based on inquiries directly of University of Tartu and Berlin Brandenburg Academy of Sciences. (Thanks to Martin Domeday for much of this data).
Espanola, Carmela
Esteban, J. G.
(Wilson, Scott B.) & Evans, Arthur Humble 1855-1943
Eve, Roland WWF Indochina Programmed, 7 Yet Kieu, Hanoi, Vietnam. (1998)
Eversmann, Eduard Friedrich 1794-1860 Kazan Professor of Zoology in Kasan. Pioneer Russian entomologist. Published on remote areas of the Russian empire.
Eydoux, Joseph-Fortune-Theodore 1802-1841 & Gervais, (Francois Louis) Paul
Eydoux, Fortune & Souleyet, Louis-Francoise-Auguste 1811-1852
Eyton, Thomas Campbell 1809-1880 Britain Died: end Oct 1880 Obit: Ibis 1881: 178
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