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Gaban-Lima, Renato
Gabrielson, Ira Noel 1889-1977
Gadow, Hans Friedrich 1855-1928 Born: 8 March 1855 Altrakow, Pomerania Dies: 26 May, 1928 Cambridge, England
Gaimard, Jean Paul (Joseph Paul; Paul) 1796-1858 Born: Jan. 31, 1796 (sometimes given as 1793 or 1799; confirmed as 1796 by Russian Academy of Sciences per Martin Domdey) Whittel 1954 says "Born January 31, 1793 in Saint Zacharie (Var), France" 1817-1820: circumnavigation of L'Uranie and La Physicienne "Medicin entretenu de 3 e. classe" and "second-chirrurgien et naturliste" (Whittle) 1826-1829: expedition of L'Astrolabe to Australia and New Zealand 1825: Elected "correspondant del'Academie royale de medicine" (July 5, 1825). 1826-1829: Assigned to Astrolabe during Dumont d'Urville's circumnavigation but remained ill on Bourbon Island on Nov. 24, 1828. 1835-1836: expedition of La Recherche to the Arctic Sea. 1838: Leader of La Recherche on expedition to Spitzbergen 1839: Dec. 20 Elected member of Division of Natural Sciences of Moscow Russian Academy of Sciences. Died: Dec. 10, 1858 (Quoy) & Gaimard
Galbraith, E.H.
Galbraith, I.C.J. (Cain) & Galbraith
Gamauf, Anita
Gambel, William 1819-1849
Gangoso, L. Gangoso. Laura
Garcia-del-Rey, Eduardo
Garcia-R Jose Carlos Garcia-R
Garnot, Prosper 1794-1838 (Lesson) & Garnot
Garrido, Orlando H.
Garlsault, François Alexandre Pierre de 1691-1778
Gaskin, Chris P.
Gatter, W [? Wulf pub insects 1981 ]
(Zotto) & Gavio Gavio, Hector S. b. 1903
Geale, David
Gebler, Friedrich August von 1782-1850
Gené, (Carlo) Giuseppe 1800-1847 Pavia
Gentry, Thomas George 1843-1905
Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, Albert [? & Verreaux, JP]
Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, Étienne 1772-1844 Paris
Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire,Isidore 1805-1861 Paris Son of Etienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, Isadore &Lesson
George, WG
Georgi, Johann Gottlieb 1729-1802 b. 31 Dec. 1729
Gervais, (François Louis) Paul 1816-1879 (Eydoux) & Gervais, Paul 1816-1879
Getty, T.
Geyr von Schweppenburg, Hans (Johann) [Jakob] (Prof. Dr Freiherr) 1884-1963 Died: 24 Aug., 1963. Obit: Ibis 1964:262.
Ghigi, Alessandro 1875-1970
Gibson, Daniel D.
Giebel, Christoph. Gottfried Andreas 1820-1881
Giglioli, Enrico Hillyer (Henry Hillyer) 1845-1909 Florence, It. 1845-1909 Father: Dr Guiseppe Giglioli, political exile in Edinburgh, and London. Mother: Miss Hillyer (English) Born: June 13, 1845, London. Family returns to Italy 1848. 1861 Enrico sent to study in London, by Italian Govt. 1864 took his degree at Univ. Pisa. 1865 Appointed asst. naturalist under Professor De Filippi on warship Magenta. De Filippi dies early on voyage of cholera. Giglio assumes lead age 22. Voyage 1865-68. 1869 Instructor in Zoology and comparative anatomy of Vertebrates, Royal Institute in Florence. Granted the high distinction: Grande Ufficiale della Corona d'Italia Dies: Dec. 16, 1909 In Florence, It. Obit. Auk 27, Oct. 1910:484-5. &Salvadori
Gihr, Margarete
Gill, B.
Gill, FB 1941- Gill, Frank B. b. 2 Oct. 1941 New York City, NY
Gill, Theodore Nicholas 1837-1914
Gilliard, E(rnest) (I.) Thomas 1912-1965 (Mayr) & Gilliard
Gilligan, Jeff
Gines R. Hermano Ginés [This apparently is Pablo Mandazen Soto, Dr. tnanks to Paul A. Davis for finding this out.]
Giraud, Jacob Post, Jr. 1811-1870 (pub Birds of Long Is. 1844 )] Born: 22 Aug. 1811; New York City One of Giraud's brothers was the Grandfather of Daniel Giraud Elliot Another brother (Daniel Giraud) was the man after whom Dr. Elliot was named. Died: July 18, 1870; Poughkeepsie, NY. Giraud probably was a strong influence in prompting Baird's study of birds.
Giri, Tika
Gistel, Johannes Von Nepomuk Franz Xaver Gistel (Gistl) (also known as Gistel-Tilesius) also as Johannes Nepomucenus Franziscus Xavier Gistel) 1809-1873?
Givens, T.V.
Gloger, Constantin Wilhelm Lambert 1803-1863 d. 30 Dec. 1863
Gmelin, Johann Friedrich 1748-1804
Gmelin, Carl [Karl] Christian 1762-1837 b. 1762.03.12 Badenwiler d. 1837.06.26 Karlsruhe
Gmelin, Samuel Gottlieb 1743(?4,?5)-1774 Nephew of Johann Georg Gmelin. Died: 27 June, 1774.
Gnoske, Thomas P.
Godfrey,W. Earl 1910-2002
Godman, Frederick DuCane 1834-1919 London (Salvin) & Godman
Godoy,JA Godoy, José Antonio
Godwin-Austen, Lt. Col Henry Haversham 1834-1923 [Robert Alfred Cloyne, = father 1808-1884 ] Godwin-Austen & Walden
Goebel, Hermann 1844-1910
Goeldi, Emil(io) August(o) 1859-1917 Swiss; SA Rio d J. [pron. Geldi, per William Crocker]
Goffin, A [CWR Obit. note in J.Orn. 1863 p.399] [Probably not Alfred Goffin - Belgian worker published on fish of the Congo in 1909]
Goldfuss, Georg August 1782-1848
Goldman, Edward Alphonso 1873-1946 Born: July 7, 1873 Mount Carmel, Ill Brought up on a ranch in San Joaquin Valley near Alila, Tulare County. Travelled extensively with Nelson, particularly in Mexico. Died: Sept. 2, 1946 Washington, D.C.
Gomez-Diaz, Elena Gómez-Diaz
Gonzaga, Luiz Pedreira (Teixera) & Gonzaga
Gonzales, Pedro C.
Gonzalez, Juan Carlos T.
Goodall, JD 1892(3)-1980 Jack Davies Goodall Callaway (?Galloway) b. Bembridge Point (Isle of Wight) 1892 or 1893 d. 30 Dec. 1980 Chile (?Santiago, ? Zapallar, ? Valpariso). buried in Zapallar, Chile
Goodman Goodman, Steven M.
Goodson, A
Goodwin, Derek
Goroshko, O.A.
Goss, Nathaniel Stickney 1826-1891 Founding member of the AOU. Born: June 8, 1826, Lancaster, N.H. Died: March 10, 1891, Neosho Falls, KS
Gosse, Philip Henry 1810-1888 born: 6 April, 1810 at Worcester, England died: 23 Aug, 1888 at Torquay sometimes given as 1818-1889 (sic)
Gould, John 1804-1881 Born: 1804 Lyme Regis, Dorsetshire. 1804 Son of a working gardener. Lived several years in Windsor. Father employed at Windsor Castle. 1827: Entered Service of the Zoological Society. Died: Feb. 3, 1881 London Never a member of the BOU. Gould's Australian birds were purchased by Edward Wilson (granfather of the Antarctic explorer) for his brother (Thomas B. Wilson), who presented them to the Academy of Sciences, Philadelphia. Span of publication 1831-1879 (48 years) 769 taxa (Genera, sp. ssp.) ~9423 currently valid taxa published during that time Gould = 8.2% of currently valid taxa published during that period. First publication of a currently valid scientific name 1831 ( Stephanoxis lalandi loddigesii (Gould)) Last publihed currently valid scientific name 1879 (Chlamydera nuchalis orientalis Gould)
Graham, Gary L.
Grandidier, Alfred 1836-1921 [ brother Ernest G. ] (Milne-Edwards) & Grandidier (Oustalet) & Grandidier,G
Grandidier, Guillaume (son of Alfred) 1873-1957 & Berlioz
Grant, Claude Henry Baxter 1878-1958 Grant, Claude Henry Baxter & Mackworth-Praed, Cyril Winthrop 1891-1974
Grant, James 1772-1883
Grant, PR Grant, Peter Raymond
Grantsau, Rolf 1928- Grantsau, R. & Camargo
Granvik, (Sven) Hugo 1889-????
Graves, Gary R. US Nat Mus Graves, Gary R. & Weske, John S. Graves, Gary R. O'Neill, John P. & Parker, [Theodore A. III ]
Graves, Jeff A. (ONeill) & Graves Gray & Gray
Gray, George Robert 1808-1872 Born: July 8, 1808 at London Died: May 5(or 6), 1872
Gray, John Edward 1800-1875 Born: 12 Feb. 1800. Walsall, Staffordshire. Father: Samuel Frederick Gray -- well-known pharmacologist and botanist. Died: 7 Mar. 1875. At official residence Br.Mus. (Nat. Hist.). Married: 1826. Maria Emma Smith (1787-1876), widow of his cousin, Mr Francis Edward Gray. Buried at St. Mary's, Lewisham, then a village south of Greenwich.
Grayson, Andrew Jackson (Col.) 1819-1867 Born: Aug. 20, 1819 in Louisiana Died: Aug. 17, 1869 at Mazatlan (of malaria)
Green, J.E.
Green & Arnold
Greenfield, Paul J.
Gregory, Steven M. S.
Grinnell, Joseph 1877-1939 Born: Feb. 27, 1877. Old Fort Sill, OK 1897 BA Throop Polytechnic Institure, Pasadena, CA 1901 Masters Stanford 1913 PhD Stanford Died: May 28, 1939 Berkeley CA
Griswold ? John Augustus Griswold ?
(Griscom) & Greenway, James Cowan, Jr. 1903-1989
Griscom, Ludlow 1890-1959 2d Lt. Infantry, Leon Springs, TX Arthur Allen's first grad. student at Cornell. (Dwight) & Griscom (Peters) & Griscom
Groenenberg, Dick
Grote, Hermann 1882-1951 E Afr
Groves, Colin P.
Grubh, Robertr B.
Guérin-Méneville, Félix Édouard 1799-1874 Born: Oct. 12, 1799 at Toulon, France. Died: Jan. 26, 1874 at Paris.
Guilherme, Edson
Guillemard, Francis Henry Hill 1852-1933 British geographer, traveller, author b. 12 Sept. 1852 [Cat Books Br. Mus. Nat. Hist. gives birthdate as 1852]
Guldenstadt, Johann Anton (Güldenstädt) 1745-1780(1781) d. March 3, 1781 (3 April)
Gundlach, Johannes (Juan)(Christoph, Christopher, Cristóbal) 1810-1896 Cuba d. March 14, 1896
Gunnerus, Johan (Johannes, Johann) Ernst (Ernestus) 1718-1773 Born: 1718 at Christiana Died: Sept. 23, 1773; Bishop of Trondhjem
Gunning, Jan Willem Boudewijn 1860-1913 Born: Sept. 3, 1860 at Hilvarsum, Holland Died: June 23, 1913 at Pretoria S Africa Gunning & Roberts
Gunther, Albert Charles (Carl) Lewis (Ludwig) Gotthilfi; (né Günther) 1830-1914
Gurney, John Henry 1819-1890 [N.B. father and son] Born: July 4, 1819 Died: April 20,1890 Son: 1848-1922(3)
Gurney, John Henry, 2nd 1848-1922(3) [N.B. father and son] Son: 1848-1922(3)
Gustafson, J.
Guitierrez-Pinto, Natalia
Gyldenstolpe, Nils Carl Gustaf Fersen (Count) 1886-1961 Died: 10 Apr. 1961 Obit: Ibis 1961:627.
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