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Khakhlov, V. A. Хахлов, В. А.
Kalyakin, Mikhail V.
Kaleniczenko, Jean de "Dr. M. Joan. Kaleniczenko" (as written in the Moscow Bulletin)
Kamiya, Toshiro b. 1930
Kaup, Johannes (Johann) Jacob 1803-1873
Keast, Allen
Kelly, D.J.
Kelsall, H.J.
Kelso, Leon & Kelso, Estelle H. 1911-1987 Born: May 4, 1911 Died: Aug. 15, 1987 [Auk 1936] Kemp, A.C. Kemp, Neville Kemp, Robin
Kennard, Frederic Hedge 1865-1937 Born: Nov. 19, 1865. son of Martin Perry Kennard & Caroline Augusta (Smith) Kennard Stone School, Boston. Harvard, A.B. 1888 Landscape architect. Assoc. in Ornithology Mus.Comp.Zool. Residences: Brookline, Newton Centre. Died: Feb. 24, 1937
Kennedy, Robert S.
Kennedy, Robert S. Kennedy, Robert S., Gonzales Pedro C. & Miranda, Hector C., Jr. (Gonzales, Pedro C.) & Kennedy, Robert S.
Kennerly, Dr. Caleb B.R. 1829-1861 Born: Greenway Court, White Post, VA 1829 [also as Mar 02, 1830] Died: At sea, off Lower Calif. Buried Feb. 6, 1861
Kepler, Cameron B. & Parkes, Kenneth C.
Kerr, Robert 1755-1813
Kershaw, John Crampton W. Englishman living in Macao in the first decade of the 20th Cent.
Kessel, Brina
Kessler, Michael
Keulemans, John Gerrard 1842-1912 Born: June 8, 1842 Rotterdam, Holland Dutch; moved to London 1869. Illustrator. Died: March 29, 1912 London
Keve-Kleiner 1909-1984 Keve-Kleiner,András b. 10 Nov. 1909 Budapest. d. 30 Mar. 1984 Jiri Mlikovsy provides additional useful details (in litt. 2008.05.08) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Here are a few comments on Keve/Kleiner. The man was a significant Hungarian ornithologist (living in 1909-1984). I do not know how exactly he was baptized, but he started to publish as "Kleiner", continuing as "Keve-Kleiner" and later as "Keve". I was told by Ernst Bauernfeind (from the Wien Museum) that he changed his name for security reasons. "Kleiner" means "small, little" in German and it was dangerous to have a German name in the post-war Hungary. "Keve" means nothing in Hungarian, but "kevesebb" means "less, short", "kevesen" means "few in number", etc. So I think "Keve" is an allusion of "Kleiner", though not an exact translation. A bibliography of Hungarian ornithology (Budapest 1980) shows that Keve/Kleiner published under the following names: Kleiner, Endre - in 1930-1942 (102 papers in all) Keve-Kleiner, András - in 1943-1944 (17 papers are dated 1943, two papers are dated 1944) Keve, András - in 1946-1979 (and perhaps later, but that period was not covered by the Bibliography). The first name "Endre" is Hungarian, being equivalent to "András" (Hungarian), "Andreas" (in German) or "Andrew" (English). The reasons why Keve/Kleiner changed also his first name from one to another Hungarian version are unknown to me, but there was probably some period connotation of "Endre". Keve/Kleiner used to translate his first name according to the language in which he wrote a paper, but only "Endre" and "András" were official. An obituary of Keve/Kleiner was published here: Jánossy, D. (1985) Dr. Keve András (1909-1984). - Aquila 92: 13-17. (I do not have this volume at hand, so I could not consult the paper. BTW: Its is written in Hungarian) Note please that surname is written first in Hungarian, so "Keve András" is used in Hungarian, while "András Keve" is used in most other languages. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Keyserling, Alexander Friedrich Michael Lebrecht Nikolaus Arthur, graf von 1815-1891 & Blasius
Kleiner, Andrew (Dr)
Kok de Kok de Kok, T.H.C.
Koudashev Koudashev, Alexander (Prince)
Kozlova, E.V.
Kiff, Lloyd F.
King, Philip Parker (Rear Admiral) 1791-1856 coll in tropical America 1825-1830
King, Ben F.
King, LeRoy Born: 14 Aug. 1884, Newport, RI. -- Nuttall Club bio. p.96 (?24 Dec. 1884 in online geneology) Son of LeRoy King and Ethel (Rhinelander) King. St Paul's School; Harvard A.B. 1906; Columbia LLB 1913 Elected to Nuttall Orn. Club -- Dec 22, 1902; resigned Oct. 1, 1906 Lawyer Died: Aug. 1972, Riverside, Providence, RI
Kinnear, Norman Boyd (Sir Norman) 1882-1957 Died: 11 Aug 1957 Obit: Ibis 1958:121; BBOC 100:26 (Bates) & Kinnear
Kinsky, Freidrich-Carl 1911-1999 Friedrich-Carl Graf Kinsky von Wcinitz und Tettau (Bedrich Karel) = Kinsky, B. K. b. 3 March 1911, Kostelec nad Orlici moved to New Zealand 23 September 1949 moved to London August 1980 d. 14 December 1999
Kinzelbach, Ragnar
Kirkconnell, Arturo
Kirsch, John A. W.
Kirwan, Guy M.
Kittlitz, Friedrich Heinrich von 1799-1874 also Kittlitz, Friedrich Heinrich, Freiherr von 16 Feb, 1799 born Breslau (now Wroclaw [Woctaw], Poland) Freind of Edw. Ruppell's who promoted his interest in Nat. Hist. 1826-1829 Round the world journey under Lutke. 1846 Married, (two sons and a daughter). 10 April 1874 died Mainz.
Kiure, Jacob
Kleiner, Andrew (Dr)
Kleinschmidt, Otto 1870-1954
Kleinschmidt, A.
Kloss, Cecil Boden 1877-1949 (Chasen) & Kloss, Cecil Boden 1877-1949 Raffles Museum, Singapore. (Robinson) & Kloss, Cecil Boden 1877-1949
Kristensen, Jan Bolding
Kluk, Krzysztof Jan 1739-1796 Father: Adrian Kluk Mother: Marianna Elzbieta Born: September 13, 1739. Ciechanowiec. priest Died: July 2, 1796, Ciechanowiec
Koch, Carl Ludwig 1778-1857
Koelz, Walter Norman 1895-1989 Born: Sept. 11, 1895 Waterloo, Michigan. Died: Sept. 24, 1989 Waterloo, Michigan. Biography from Univ.Mich.
Walter Norman Koelz was born in Waterloo, Michigan on September 11, 1895. He received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Michigan in 1920. His area of specialization was zoology, not the background one would expect for a collector of oriental art, but it was his background in biology which first took him to Asia. Dr. Koelz had already done some exploring with the 1925 McMillan Expedition to the American arctic, as well as comprehensive studies on whitefishes while working for The University of Michigan, the United States Bureau if Fisheries, and the state-supported Institute for Fisheries Research, when he was offered a post with the Himalayan Research Institute of the Roerich Museum. He accepted and arrived in Naggar, Kulu, in May 1930, to begin botanical explorations. Dr. Koelz left the Roerich post and returned to Michigan in 1932, but he had developed a strong interest in Tibetan culture which led to his appointment as Research Fellow on the Charles L. Freer Fund in September of 1932. During the summer of 1933 he returned to Indian Tibet to collect material for the University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology. In 1936 Dr. Koelz travelled once more to India, this time as a plant explorer for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In 1939 he began a seven year exploration through Persia, followed by more trips to India, Nepal and Assam. His Persian Diary, 1939-1941 has been published by The Museum of Anthropology. In 1956 Dr. Koelz was awarded the Meyer Memorial Award for outstanding contributions to the world of Agriculture. His seed collections are credited with saving several agricultural species in this country. Dr. Kolez held an appointment with the University of Michigan for 74 years. After many years spent all over the world he returned to live in the house in which he was born. He died there on September 24, 1989.

	On his travels Koelz is reported to have worn native dress. His travels visited many areas currently (2015)
	deeply troubled and torn with strife and war.  These areas are unlikely to be visited soon by biological

	During his time at the Am.Mus.Nat.Hist. in the late 40's and early 50's he published taxa from
	his travel collections. For reasons unknown there was something of a "falling-out" with Dr Vaurie.
	The Richmond Index has many of his taxa giving his name in quotes (as "Koelz") and in some instances
	given as '"Koelz" [=Mayr]'. There is no indication in these works of Mayr's role (if any) in these 
	names, or their publication.  They do not represent "Mayr in Koelz". 

	[APP: 2015.01.02]

Koenig, Charles 1774-1851 Born Karl Dietrich Eberhard König. Anglicized name to Charles Konig (sometimes as Koenig), was assistant to George Shaw at the British Museum in 1806. He catalogued the mineral collection, and described many fossils. "K.D. Koenig" is the official botanical citation abbreviation.
Koenig, Alexander Ferdinand 1858-1940
Koepcke, Maria Peru
Kollibay, Paul R. 1863-1919
König, A [= Alexander Ferdinand Koenig 1858 -1940 ]
Konig, Claus Ludwigshafen 1933-
König, C König, C & Straneck, R
Kothe, Konrad 1882- b. 29 March, 1882, Bromberg.
Krabbe, Niels K.
Kratter, Andrew W.
Krefft, Johann Ludwig Gerhard 1830-1881 Often as Gerhard Krefft. Born: Feb. 17, 1830 Brunswick 1850 went to United States 1852 November Landed Melbourne. Died: Feb. 19, 1881 Woolloomooloo, Sydney.
Kudashev, A.E.
Kuhl, Heinrich 1797(6)-1821
Kükenthal, Willy Georg 1861-1922
Kumar Suresh Kumar R.
Kummerlöwe, Hans 1903-1995 b. 5 Sept. 1903, Leipzig d. 11 Aug. 1995 ("11. 8. 1995") sometimes spelled Kumerlowe, Kummerlowe, Kumerlöwe or Kumerloeve.
Kees Roselaar provides an interesting explanation for the spelling variations (email 2004.04.05:
	The reason for unclearity is pretty clear: Kummerlöwe (with two 'mm's and
	an Umlaut) changed his name to Kumerloeve somewhere during the II World
	War. Hence, all his earlier publications have a different spelling of the
	many later ones. In this case, I think you should keep to the original
	spelling of the article, in contrast to Dementiev-Dementieff-Dement'ev-Dementiew. 
	Happily, there are not many pre-1940 articles of Kummerlöwe 
	(he wrote his first articles as a student of Stresemannn in about 1934-5), 
	because he soon became deeply involved in Hitler's SS. This was likely 
	also the reason to change his name, as Kummerlöwe means "underdeveloped lion", 
	what's not a good name for a high SS-officer. The name Kumerloeve is 
	meaningless in German. He [was] ... in jail quite a period after the 1945's, 
	but was a highly prolific writer and nature conservationist thereafter, 
	devoting much of his time to the Middle East.

Kuroda, Nagamichi 1889-1978
Kuroda, Nagahisa 1916-2009
Kuster, Heinrich Carl 1806-1876 (Hahn) & Kuster
Kutter, Fredrich (Dr) 1834-1891 b. Oct. 1, 1834 Grünberg (Schleisen). d. Mar. 7, 1891 Kassel.
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