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Lacépède, Bernard-Germain-Étienne DeLaville, comte de or Lacepède, Bernard-Germain-Étienne De La Ville-sur-Illon, comte de 1756-1825
Lafontaine, René-Marie & Moulaert, Nathalie
Lafresnaye, Frédéric (Armand André) de 1783-1861 also as La Fresnaye Lafresnaye & dOrbigny (dOrbigny) & Lafresnaye
Lahille, Fernando 1861-1940
La Llave, Pablo de 1773-1833 Mex. Notes: In Avian literature, often as "de la Llave", or "De la Llave" or "de La Llave" I undertand from Rob Oudejans that the official botanical representation is "La Llave" as there is no officially designated representation in Zoology, I see no reason not to follow the botanical convention.
Lambert, Frank R.
Land, Hugh C.
Landbeck, Christian Ludwig (Luis) 1807-1890 (Phillippi) & Landbeck
Landgrand, Oliver
Lane, Daniel F.
Lanyon, Scott M.
Lanyon, Wesley Edwin Lanyon, W. & Lanyon, S. Lanyon,S, Stotz, & Willard Lanyon, Scott M., Stotz, Douglas F. & Willard, David E.
Lara, Carlos Esteban
Latham, John 1740-1837 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There were two John Latham, M.D.'s and both were members of the Royal Society and the Linnean Society. The John Latham (ornithologist) was elected to the Linnean Society in 1775. The two John Lathams are detailed by the Society as follows: (from the Royal Society Online Archives accessed 2010.11.27)

John Latham 1740-1837

AuthorizedFormsOfName Latham; John (1740 - 1837) Surname Latham Forenames John DatesOfExistence 1740 - 1837 Nationality British DatesAndPlaces Birth: Eltham, Kent, England (27 June 1740) Death: 04 February 1837 Burial: Abbey church of Romsey, Hampshire Activity Education: MD (Erlangen) Career: Studied anatomy under John Hunter; set up practice in Dartford; helped found the Linnean Society Memberships: FSA (1774) RSActivity Membership: Fellow Election Date: 25/05/1775 Relationships Father-in-law of George Ormerod (FRS 1819); grandfather of Edward Latham Ormerod (FRS 1870) Source Sources: Bulloch's Roll; DNB Obituaries: Proc Roy Soc 1837 No 30 p 12 Code NA2599

John Latham 1761-1843

AuthorizedFormsOfName Latham; John (1761 - 1843) Surname Latham Forenames John DatesOfExistence 1761 - 1843 Nationality British DatesAndPlaces Birth: Gawsworth, Cheshire, England (29 December 1761) Death: Bradwall Hall, Cheshire (20 April 1843) Address Bedford Row, London; Harley Street, London Activity Profession: Physician Education: Brasenose College, Oxford. AB (1782); AM (1784); MB (1786); MD (1788) Career: Practised in Manchester (1784); Physician to the Radcliffe Infirmary, Oxford (1787); moved to London (1788); Physician, Middlesex Hospital (1789); Physician, St Bartholomew's Hospital, London (1793) Memberships: FCP (1789); FLS RSActivity Membership: Fellow Election Date: 30/04/1801 Source Sources: Bulloch's Roll; DNB Obituaries: Proc Roy Soc 1843 No 58 pp 485-486 Code NA3209
It is somewhat confusing that the Royal Society data shows the first Latham as having helped found the Linnean Society (which he did) but does not show him as a Fellow of the Society (FLS), which he was.

Latimer See Courtenay-Latimer
La Touche, John David Digues 1861-1935 Ireland, Chinese Birds Born: June 5, 1861, Tours, France. Educated: Downside Abby, near Bath. Imperial Maritime Customs service China 1882-1922. Contributions predominantly in Chinese ornithology. Retired to Dublin and County Wicklow. Rediscovered in Fohkien Juneo siemsseni previously known only from the type. Bangs subsequently named the Genus for him. Died: May 6, 1935; at sea, returning from Majorca, Spain where he had wintered. Address had been: Kiltymon, Newtown, Mt. Kennedy, Co. Wicklow, Ireland
Laubmann, Alfred Dr. 1886-1965 Born: Oct. 10, 1886 Kaufbeure (in the Regierungsbezirk of Schwaben, southern Bavaria). Died: 18 Oct., 1965 München
(Temminck) & Laugier (Meiffren Laugier de Chartrouse, Baron)
Lavauden, Louis 1881-1935
Law, John Eugene 1877-1931 Born: Aug. 26, 1877 Forest City, IA. Univ. Wisc. (2 years) Stanford Univ. A.B. 1900 Died: Nov. 14, 1931 Glendale, CA.
Laverde-R. Oscar
Lawrence, George Newbold 1806-1895 Dies: Jan. 17, 1895
Lawson, Walter James 1937-x (Clancey) & Lawson
Layard, Edgar Leopold, C.M.G. 1824-1900 Born: Jul 23, 1824; Florence 1844 entered civil service of Ceylon 1855 posted to civil service at Cape Town where he founded the South African Museum Died: Jan 1, 1900; Budleigh Salterton, Devon, England
Layard, ELC Layard & Layard (EL and ELC Layard)
Leach, William Elford 1790-1836 born: Feb. 2, 1790 (also as 1791).
Leadbeater, Benjamin d. 1837 London, natural history dealer
Leader, Paul J.
Lear, Edward 1812-1888
Le Corre, Matthieu
LeCroy, Mary K.
Ledru, André-Pierre 1761-1825 Born: Chantenay, France, 22 January, 1761; Died: Le Mans, 11 July, 1825. At the beginning of the French revolution he had been ordained to the priesthood, and was one of the first to take the oath prescribed by the civil constitution of the clergy in 1791. In 1793, the convention decreed the abolition of all religion, Ledru returned to his family and afterward went to Paris, where he remained until he left his country with the expedition to the Canary and West India islands under Captain Baudin, to which he had been appointed botanist. On his return in 1798 the government made him the professor of legislation in the central school of La Sarthe, and afterward opened a school for free instruction in physics and natural history in his house, where he had a large library, a fine herbariran, and a botanical garden. His collections are now in the museum of the city of Mans. From 1816 until his death he occupied himself in preparing for publication several works, of which the most important are "Memoires sur les ceremonies religieuses et vocabulaire des Guanches," published in "Memoires de l'Academie Celtique" (1809), and "Voyage aux isles de Tenerif, La Trinite, St. Thomas, Ste. Croix, et Porto Rico, execute par l'ordre du gouvernement Frangais, par Andre Pierre Ledru, l'un des naturalistes de l'expedition" (Paris, 1810-'20). A Spanish translation of the part of this book that relates to Porto Rico was made by Julio L. Vizcarrondo (Porto Rico, 1863).
Legge, William Vincent 1841-1918 Tasmania, Australia Born: 1841, Sept. Fullenswood, near St. Mary's, Tasmania Son of R.V. Legge, one of the earliest settlers of the area. Age 12: went to England with parents. Education: Bath, France, and Germany. 1862: commisioned in British Army Stationed: England, Melbourne, Tasmania. Retired after Boer War (as a Colonel). Died: March 25, 1918 in Tasmania
Lehmann F. Carlos Lehmann V.
Lei, Fumin
Leisler, Johann Philipp Achilles 1772-1813 b. 1772.08.01 Hanau (Main) d. 1813.12.02 Hanau (Main)
Le Maout, (Jean) Emmanuel (Maurice) 1799-1877 born: 29 Dec., 1799 (also as 1800) died: 16 July, 1877 (also as 1876)
Lembeye, Juan 1816-1889 Cuba
Lencioni-Neto, Frederico
Lentino, Miguel
Lencioni-Neto, Frederico
(Mann, CF Barton, PJK) & Lennerstedt, I.
Léotaud, Antoine
Lepechin, Ivan Ivanovich (Lepekhin) 1737-1802 born: 20 Sept. 1737

le Roi, Otto (Dr) 1878-1916 also as Roi
Lees, Alexander C.
Lesson,PA Lesson, Pierre Adolphe 1805-1888 1842 Biographic sketch from Rev.Zool.
Lesson, René Primivrè (Primevère) 1794-1849 b. 20 March 1794 Rochefort Fr. d. 28 April 1849 Rochefort Fr. His wife was Clemence Dumont, daughter of the author of Dict.Sci.Nat. He named Cinnyris clementiae for her. 1822 began circumnavigation on La Coquille Acted as surgeon. Lesson & Delattre Lesson & Garnot (Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire,I) & Lesson (Berlepsch) & Leverkühn, Paul 1867-1905 Died: Dec 5, 1905, Sophia, Bulgaria.
Le Souëf, Dudley
Levaillant, Jr. Jean Jacques Rosseau (Generale) 1790-1876 b. 5 Oct., 1790, Cambrai, FR. d. 13 Jan. 1876, Sézzanne, Champagne-Ardenne, FR. participated in Napoleon's campaign in Russia.
Lewin, John William 1770-1819
Leybold, Friedrich 1827-1879
Lezama, Miguel
L'Herminier, Ferdinand Joseph 1802-1866 Born: 1802 Basse-Terre, Guadeloupe Died: 1866 Pointe-à-Pitre Son (and one of the 10 children) of L'Herminier, Félix Louis 1779-1833 Born: 18 May 1779 Paris Died: 25 Oct. 1833 Saint-Barthélemy Saint-Bartolomew ( some question that he may have died in South Carolina)
Li, De-aho
Li, Gui Yuan (misspelled "Li Gui-yaun" in HBW 13)
Lichtenstein, Anton August Heinrich 1753-1816
Lichtenstein, (Martin) Heinrich (Hinrich) Karl (Carl) 1780-1857 b. 10 June (?Jan) 1780 (Hamburg) d. 3 Sept 1857 (at sea, Baltic) S.Africa 1802-1806 Dir. of Berlin Museum. (1815 ->)
Lillie, Gerard
Lilljeborg, Wilhelm 1816-1908
Lillo, Miguel 1862-1931
Lima, J.L.
Lima, P.C. Lima, Pedro C.
Lincoln, Frederick Charles 1892-1960 Born: May 5, 1892: Denver, Colo. Died: Sept. 16, 1960: Washington, D.C. Biography
Lindermayer, Anton Ritter, Dr 1806-1868 b. Jan. 2, 1806 Ortenburg. d. Apr. 15 1868 Athen.
Lindroth, Pehr (Per) (Petrus) Gustaf (Gustavus) 1758-1809
Link, (Johann) Heinrich Friedrich 1767-1851 [Assoc. with Rostock Univ.]
Linnaeus, Carolus 1707-1778 [refs Linnaeus. Nature and Nation. Koerner, L. 1999. Harvard Univ. Press. Linnaeus The Compleate Naturalist. Blunt, W. 2001. Princeton Univ. Press.] Paternal Grandparents: farmers Ingemar Bengtsson [1633-1693] Ingrid Ingemarsdotter [1641-1717] Parents: Christina Brodersonia [1688-1733] Nils Ingemarsson Linnaeus [1674-1748] Father "named himself Linnaeus to celebrate a triple trunked Linden tree growing next to the family farm, Jonsboda Ostragard, in Hvittaryd parish Sunnerbo hundred, Växsjö bishopric, Småland." Blunt refers to the tree as a Lime tree; evidently linden and lime are synonymous. Born: Stenbrohult, in Smaland. 23 May, 1707 (Georgian Calendar). Married: Sara Elisabeth Moraea in 1739. Eldest son Brother Samuel and at least 3 sisters. Emerentia Linnaeus [1723-1753] Anna Maria [1710-1769] Sophia Juliana [1714-1771] Child: Carl Linnaeus [ -1783] dies a bachelor, and without issue. Carl passed on to his son his academic post, which the son appeared to have little interest in, largely ignoring the position and gardens. Characterized by his father as having no interest in Botany. Enobled: 1762 as von Linne "the lord of all of Sweden's Clams" for his demonstration of a technique for culturing pearls. Dies: 10 Jan, 1778 in Uppsala. Linnaeus saw his main contribution as economical, believing in the idea of employing nature to make Sweden prosperous and independant. Late in his life there are indications that he saw the dream of acclimatization of foreign species as flawed. His student do not appear to have been particularly fond of him often ridiculing him and being eager to be free from his control. Linnaeus saw his students as essentially belonging to him, and thier works, understandings and production as rightfully his own. Excellent reference: Linnaeus Nature and Nation. Lisbet Koerner Harvard University Press. 1999.
Linsdale, Jean M.
Lister, Joseph Jackson 1857-1927 Fellow of the Royal Society Naturalist in 1887 on HMS Egregia during visit to Christmas Island. Associate of Prof. A. Newton. [see Proc. Roy. Soc. Lond. B102, 1928: i-v]
Liu, Yang
Liversidge, Richard (Dr) 1927-2003
Ljungh, Sven Ingemar 1757-1828 Birth: 5 Jun 1757 - Björkö, Jönk. Death: 12 Sep 1828 - Bälaryd, Jönk. Biography and bibliography from (2003.11.01) Ljungh, Sven Ingemar, f 5 juni 1757 i Björkö, Jönk, d 12 sept 1828 i Bälaryd, Jönk, Föräldrar: kh Sven L o Birgitta Oxelgren. Elev vid Jönköpings trivialskola 20 febr 70, vid Växjö gymnasium 25 sept 74, inskr vid UU 11 sept 75– 77, teol ex där 17 maj 76, eo landskontorist vid Sthlms läns landskontor 2 mars 78, eo kammarskrivare i kammarrevisionen 9 april 78–19 april 79, kronobefalln:man i N o S Vedbo härader, Jönk, 19 april 79, ord 21 maj 81, landskamrers avsked 5 juni 93, led av Jönköpings läns hushålln:sällsk 14. Naturaliesamlare. – LPS 06, LVA 08, LVVS 08, KorrespLLA 12, LLA 22, G 9 okt 1781 i Balaryd m Christina Charlotta Borteij, f 31 maj 1763 i Eksjö landsf (enl hfl), d 14 mars 1842 i Flisby, Jönk, dtr till kamreraren o kronobefalln:mannen Otto Fredrik B o Brita Catharina Planck, Under skolåren i Jönköping hade L som privatelev hos lexikografen Håkan Sjögren blivit en god latinare, och vid gymnasiet i Växjö hade han lärare som gav honom säkra grunder i moderns språk och botanik. I Uppsala blev prästsonen från Småland väl mottagen i Linnés hem. Han fick av honom och kanske framförallt av hans son handledning i naturalhistorien. 1777, då han börjat de egentliga medicinska studierna, angreps han av svår frossfeber och måste resa hem, Efter rekonvalescensen tryggade han sin framtid genom att bli tjänsteman, men studielusten återkom, när han befordrats till kronofogde i hemlänet. Han slog sig ned först på Skareda i Lommaryds sn och från 1798 på Skärsjö i Bälaryd. På båda dessa egendomar anlade han stora trädgårdar och drev med framgång ett experimentellt lagt jordbruk. I slutet av 1780-talet blev L efter överansträngning i tjänsten sjuk, och i förhoppning att återvinna krafter och livsmod gav han sig i hustruns sällskap ut på långresa. I en resejournal redogör han för sina intryck av bl a VA:s museum, av professorerna i Uppsala och av kronobrännerier och kyrkor i Bergslagen och Dalarna. Sin hälsa återvann L dock först när han beviljats avsked från fogdetjänsten och grundligt druckit brunn i Medevi. I fortsättningen kunde hans entusiasm för naturalhistorien få ökat utrymme. Han ägnade all ledig tid och en väsentlig del av sina ekonomiska tillgångar åt studier och snabbt växande samlingar av insekter, fåglar, snäckor, växter och mineralier. Han ökade dessa genom omfattande sv och utländska bytesför-bindelser och genom köp av enstaka objekt eller hela kollektioner. Han korresponderade och bytte naturalier med flera av samtidens kända samlare som C P Thunberg, C F Fallén och G Marklin och med vännerna från uppsalaåren E Acharius och Fr Ehrhart, Av den holländske samlaren Jan Brandes, som efter sju år som präst i Batavia blivit lantbrukare i Småland, fick L material till vetenskapliga uppsatser och förvärvade efter dennes död bl a en samling exotiska fåglar. Naturalhistoriker sökte sig sommartid gärna till Skärsjö. Tyskarna Weber och Mohr, som besökte L 1803,var imponerade av hans språkkunskaper, hans insektssamling, som de beräknade omfatta 5 000- 6 000 arter, och av hans generositet, då han gav dem tillstånd att beskriva av honom funna, för vetenskapen nya arter. För att i sin avlägsna landsort kunna bedriva studier sammanbragte L ett bibliotek, som med sina nära 5 000 huvudsakligen naturvetenskapliga arbeten kom att bli ett av Sveriges största i privat ägo. Studierna resulterade i uppsatser, oftast traditionella artbeskrivningar, av vilka flera publicerades. Han beskrev exotiska djur från Java, Ceylon och Kap, gnagare från Småland och nya insektsarter från den egna samlingen men redogjorde också för jordbruksrön, årsväxt och väderlek. För sina författarmödor belönades han med ledamotskap i akademier och samfund och för sin odlingsflit med Vasaorden. Ingen av L:s söner intresserade sig för naturalhistorien, och hans samlingar skingrades efter hans död. Biblioteket såldes i Uppsala dels på auktion, dels under hand av G Marklin. En del av insektssamlingen såldes till entomologer utomlands men huvudparten till LU; ett skåp med materia medica som ägts av Linné d ä förvärvades av Göran Wahlenberg. Sjävbiogr 8 mars 1808 i VVS arkiv i GUB. Dagboken över L:s resa 1789 fövaras i MSA. An-teckn:ar efter Linnés föreläsn:ar i UUB. - Brev från L i KB, LUB, RA, Brinkmanska arkivet på Trolle-Ljungby, UUB o i VA. Tryckta arbeten: Descriptio Muris amphibii Linn. varietas d. Niger Gmel. (Nova acta Regiae societatis scientiarum Upsaliensis, vol. 6, Upsaliae 1799, 4:o, s 5–10). - Anmärkningar öfver Lemur tardigradus Linn. och Lemur loris, jämte beskrifning på den förra (Kongl. götheborgska vettenskaps och vitterhets samhällets handlingar, [F 2,] d 1 = Vetenskapsafdelningen, st 5, Götbeborg 1808, s 59-64, 1 pl). – Bidrag i VAH 1797-99, 1801-04, 1806, 1813, 1817, 1823 o 1825. Källor o litt: Kammarkoll, kansliet, befordr:akter, Hla, 19 april 1779, 16 maj 1780 o 21 maj 1781, RA. Paul Wilstadius’ dep, UUB. D la: 307, LA. J Allwin, Beskrifn öfwer Mo samt N o S Wedbo härader i Jönköpings län (1857), s 630 73; Biogr öfver S I L (VAH 1823, s 279–282); Carlander; J G C[ollin], S I L (Sv biogr lex, N F, 6, 1865-68); N Eriksson, VVS 1778–1874 (1978); Förteckn öfver . . . S I L:s boksaml (1832); O Gertz, FS i Lund 1772-1940 (1940); S Högberg, PS:s hist (1961); E Kjellberg, Jan Brandes på Skälsebo (Kalmar läns fornminnesfören:s meddel, 35, 1947); L Larsson, Växjö gymnasiematr för åren 1653-1808 (Växjö lärov:s äldre matriklar, 3, 1925); S Lindroth, VA:s hist, 2 (1967); L Ljungberg, Ur djupa källarvalven (1950); Y Löwegren, Naturalie-kabinett i Sverige under 1700-talet (Lychnos-bibl, 13, 1952); C G Myrin, Om Linnés naturhist sam-l: ar (Skandia, Tidskr för vetenskap o konst, bd 2, 1833); G Säve, Jömköpings läns khushålln:sällskapshist 1814-1913, 1-2 (1914 ); F Weber o D M H Mohr, Naturhistorische Reise durch einen Theil Schwedens (Göttingen 1804); P Wilstadius, Smolandi Upsalienses, smålandsstudenter i Uppsala, 5, 1700-1744 (1978); P G Vistrand, Smålands nation i Uppsala, 1, 1637-1844 (1894). Olle Franzén SBL
Lo Lo, Shi-yu
Loche, Victor 1806-1863
Loddiges, George 1784-1846 [son of Conrad Loddiges (1738-1826)]
Longman, Heber Albert 1880-1954
Longmore, N W & Boles, W E
Longuemare, Guoye de fl 1841 [? Longuemare, Alphonse Pierre Francoise Le Touze De 1803-1881 ]
Lönnberg, Axel Johan Einar 1865-1942 Roy. Mus. Stockholm Referred to as Einar Lonnberg Lonnberg & Rendahl
Loomis, Leverett Mills 1857-1928 Son of Rev. Samuel and Maria Rebecca (Hamilton) Loomis. Born: 13 Oct., 1857 Roseville OH. Began Ornithological work in S.Carolina in 1876 Moved to Calif.1894 Curator of Ornithology Cal. Academy of Sci. Director of Museum during fire and rebuilding. Died 12 Jan. 1928 Stanford Univ. Hosp. San Francisco CA.
Løppenthin, Bernt Hartvig Ove Fabricius 1904-1994 Born 13 May 1904 at Lekkende, about 80 km south of Copenhagen. Died 19 November 1994. Chief Librarian at the Copenhagen University Library, Denmark
Loskot, Vladimir (M.) 1938-X
Lopez-O., Juan Pablo Russia
Lorenz, Theodore K. 1842-1911
German zoologist. Active in Russia. (Information from Pierre Cabard)
Some people think the dates for Lorenz are 1842 - 1909, but I found 1842 - 1911 in a mail from Moskow's Goethe Institute. He was of German descent. He explored Kaukasus and (maybe) Kirghizistan. He worked in the Zoological Garden of the Imperial University as taxidermist. He specially studied the Tetraonidae and Phasianidae. And the flight of birds. He described a new Phasianus form, Phasianus mongolicus turcestanicus.

Lorenz von Liburnau, Heinrich Ritter
Lorenz von Liburnau, Ludwig Ritter (Dr) born: Aug. 26, 1856 Fiume died: Dec. 9, 1943 St. Gilgen
Lorenz, Josef Roman Josef Roman Lorenz, Ritter von Liburnau 1825-1911 Lorenz, Josef Roman, Ritter von Liburnau, born: Nov. 26, 1825, Linz died: Nov. 13, 1911, Vienna Naturalist, professor at the Universities of Salzburg and Fiume, 1861 ministry official in Vienna; 1878 to 1899 President of the Austrian Meteorologic Society; 1872 Co-founder of the School of Agricultural Sciences in Vienna
Lort Phillips, Ethelbert E. 1857-1944? N.B. Lort Phillips, Frederick Alfred Gillett Frederick A. (Maj.) (later Lort-Phillips, from 1926) 1872-1944 Died: 6 Feb 1944 Obit: Ibis 1944:230
(Zarudny) & Loudon Loudon, Harald von Freiherr 1876-1959
Louette, Michael Doctoral Thesis 1977 Univ.Antwerp. Belgian works on African birds based at Tervuren Museum Louette & Benson, C W
Lousada, Sebastian A.
Lovat, Simon J. (Lord) 1871-1933 14th Baron of Lovat Simon Joseph Fraser, 14th (legally, but referred as 16th!) Baron
Loveridge Loveridge, Arthur (Prof.) 1891-1980 Died: 16 Feb. 1980 (Peters, JL) & Loveridge
Lowe, Percy Roycroft 1870-1948 Born: Jan. 2, 1870. Stamford, Lincolnshire Trained for medical profession at Cambridge. Civil Surgeon in Boer War. 1919 succeeded Oglivie-Grant Nat Hist Mus. Bird Room. 1924 married Harriet Dorothy. Had a daughter. President BOU 1938-1943.
Lowery, George Hines ,Jr. 1913- Lowery & Newman
Lowery & ONeill, J P
Lowery & Tallman, D A
Lowther,Peter E.
Lundahl, Carl
Lunk, William A. 1919-2006 b. May 6, 1919, Johnstown, PA Captain U.S. Army WWII; Pacific Theater. d. May 18, 2006
Enrique Lynch Arribálzaga 1856-1935
Lynes, Hubert 1874-1942 R Adm Roy Nav Address had been: 23 Onslow Gardens, South Kensington, London
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