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O'Keefe, Michael
O'Neill, John Patton 1942- & Graves, GR ONeill, JP , Munn & Franke ONeill, JP & Parker (Fitzpatrick) & ONeill, JP
Oniki, Y.
O'Quin, Kelly E.
O'Reilly, Bernard
Oates, Eugene William 1845-1911 Burmah, India Born: Dec. 31, 1845 Worked in Public Works Dept. in India Later moved to England. Sec'y BOU 1898-1901 Died: Nov. 16, 1911
Oberholser, Harry Church 1870-1963 married June 30, 1914 (according to a letter from CWR to Stone 1914.07.05).
O'Brien, RM
Ogawa, M. [presumably Minori Ogawa, but Makato Ogawa is at least as likely]
Ogilvie-Grant, William Robert 1863-1924 Curator of Birds, British Museum 1909-1918. Born: Mar. 25, 1863; Easter Elchies, Morayshire, Scotland Second son of George H. E. O-G. and Eleanora (daughter of Sir Will. Gordon Cummings). Age 19: entered service of British Museum. 1890: Married Maud Louisa, eldest daughter of of Vice Admiral Mark Pechell. Died: Jul 26, 1924; Farley Cottage, near Reading, England Invalid for several years after a stroke in 1916 with working on fortifications near London with 1st Battalion, County of London Regiment. in which he had enlisted at the beginning of the war. Bob Dowsett notes (2003.03.19):
	For the sake of consistency I represent the name as Ogilvie-Grant throughout.

	& Forbes

Ognev Ognev, S. I.
Ohlson, Jan I.
Oken, Lorenz 1779-1851 Ger. Okenfuss until 1802
Oliver, Walter Reginald Brook (Dr) 1883-1957 N.Z.
Olivares, Antonio
Oliveros, Carl
Olphe-Galliard, Victor Aimé Léon 1825-1893
Olrog, Claes Christian 1912-1985 Sweden to Argentina
Olson, Storrs L. Olson & Warheit
Olsson, Urban
Oort, Eduard Daniel van 1876-1933
Orbigny, Alcide Dessalines d' 1802-1857 Born: 6 Sep., 1802 at Coueron (Loire Inferieure) Died: 30 Jun 1857 Paris (Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, in northern Paris where his grave is). Bryozoan oriented Biography here [N.B. Charles-Marie Dessalines d Orbigny 1770-1856 naturalist father of Alcide ]
Orbigny, [Alcide] Charles Victor Dessalines d' 1806-1876 Orbigny, Alcide Dessalines d 1802-1857 & Lafresnaye
Oren, David C. Museu Paraense Emilio Goeldi, Departamento de Zoologia C.P. 399 66017-970 Belem, Para, Brazil (1995)
Ord, George 1781-1866 (Rowley) <"A name=Orr"> & Orr, Robert Thomas
Ortega, Luis Alfonso
Osgood, Wilfred Hudson 1875-1947
Otto, Bernhard Christian 1745-1835 Translator and editor of Vol. 7 to the end (12 more vols.?) of Buffon's "Naturgeschichte der Vogel."
& Oudart, PL 1796-?
Ouellet, Henri
Oustalet, (Jean-Frédéric) Émile (Dr) 1844-1905 Born: 24 Aug, 1844; Montbeliard, Dept. of Doubs. 1873 succeded Jules Verreaux at Paris Museum Nat. Hist.` 1900 Succeded Alphonse Milne-Edwards (on his death). Died: 23 (?26) Oct, 1905; Saint Cast (Cotes du Nord) Fr. Oustalet & Grandidier (Milne-Edwards) & Oustalet
Outlaw, Robert
Owen, Richard 1804-1892
Oyler-McCance, Sara J.
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