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& Rabor, Dioscoro S 1911-1996 Known as Joe. Born: Cebu City, Phillipines 18 May, 1911 Pre-eminent Phillipine zoologist and conservationist. Died: College, Laguna, Luzon, Phillipines 25 March, 1996. Kennedy RS, Miranda HC Jr. 1998. In Memoriam: Dioscoro S. Rabor, 1911-1996. Auk 115(1):204-205.
Rackett, Thomas 1757-1841 Br M Cat 175(?5,6,7)-184(?0,1)
Radde, Gustav Ferdinand Richard (von) 1831-1903 Russia
Raffles, T. Stamford 1781-1826
Rafinesque, Constantine Samuel 1783-1840 born: 22 Oct., 1783 died: 18 Sept., 1840 Also as Rafinesque-Schmaltz Born in Constantinople, travelled to N.Am. as a youth Leaving Leghorn in March, 1802 with his brother Landed in Philadelphia 18 April, 1802. returning to Sicily, where he got to know William Swainson. Travelled to America, arriving shipwrecked and penniless. Became Professor of Nat. Hist. in Kentucky, and friend of Audobon. Died in poverty.
Raherilalao,MJ Raherilalao, Marie Jeanne
Raijmakers, J.M.H.
Ramos, Mario A.
Ramsay, Edward Pierson 1842-1916 Curator of Birds, Australian Museum, 1874-1894. (Castlenau) & Ramsay
Ramsay, Robert George Wardlaw 1852-1921 Lieutenant, later Col. Nephew of Arthur Hay, Lord Walden, Marquis of Tweeddale
Rand, Austin Loomer (Dr) 1905-1982 Born: 16 Dec. 1905. Kentville, Nova Scotia Lived most of early life in nearby Wolfville 1927: B.S. Acadia Univ. (Wolfville, N.S.) 1942: Assumed post at National Museum of Canada 1947-1955: Chicago; curator of Birds Field Museum Natural History 1955-1970: Chief curator of Zoology FMNH. Died: 6 Nov. 1982 Rand & Rabor
Ranzani, Camillo 1775-1841
Rapine, J.
Raposo, Marcos A.
Rappole, John H.
Rasumssen, Pamela C.
Born: 1858.04.17 Dutchess Co. NY. Banker Moved West, arriving in Seattle Feb. 1890. Married Luella Wilkinson 1891 Residence 217 14th Ave. N. Deputy City Treasurer 1896 City Treasurer 1900
Ray, Millen S.
Rea, Amadeo M.
Redkin, YA (Ya. A. Redkin)
Reddy, Sushma
Reeve, Andrew Hart
Reich,GC Reich, Gottfried Christian 1768-1848
Reichenbach, Ludwig (Heinrich Gottlieb(f) Ludwig) Henrico Theophilo Ludovico Reichenbach 1793-1879 Died: March 17, 1879, Dresden.
Reichenberger, Elsie M.B. (Mrs.)
Reichenow, Anton 1847-1941 Berlin Mus. Jean Cabanis' son-in-law Born: Aug. 1, 1847. Berlin. Died: July 6, 1941. Hamburg Reichenow & Neumann (Fischer) & Reichenow
Reid, R.J.
Reinert, Bianca L.
Reinhardt, Johannes Theodor 1816-1882
Reischek, Andreas
Reiser, Othmar 1861-1936 Landesmuseum Sarajevo
Regalado Ruiz
Rêgo, Péricles s.
Remsen, J. V., Jr.
Renjifo, Luis Miguel
Renner, Swen C.
Rensch, B.
Renner, Swen C.
Reppening, Márcio
Restall, Robin L.
Restrepo, Daniel Uribe
Reza Khan, M.A.
Rheindt Rheindt, Frank E.
Rhoads, Samuel Nicholson 1862-1952 b. 30 April, 1862 Philadelphia, PA elected to AOU 1885 elected to Nuttall Club 1891 Special Student (journalism) Harvard U. 1891 (3 mos). 1893 commenced long series of trips 1906 opened Benjamin Franklin Bookstore (Phila.) specializing in rare ornithological works. d. 27 Dec., 1952 Lakeland Hosp. Blackwood, N.J.
Ribas, Camila C.
Ribes, Sonia
Ribeiro, Alipio de Miranda 1874-1939 b. 1874.02.21 Rio Preto, Minas Gerais d. 1939.01.08
Ribon, Romulo (Rômulo)
Rice, N.H. prob. Nathan Rice
Richard, Louis-Claude Marie 1754-1821 & Bernard, Jean-Phillippe
Richardson, Sir John 1787-1865
Rickett, C.B. 1852-1944
Richmond, Charles Wallace 1868-1932 Parents Edward Leslie and Josephine Ellen Richmond (nee Henry). eldest son. Taught by William Brewster to prepare skins. Member of the Appleton Club, which meets yearly in Washington. (from Mathews obit in Ibis 1932 p.691-3.) The Smithsonian biography reads:
"Charles Wallace Richmond (1868-1932) was born in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and moved to Washington, D.C., in 1881 where he became a page at the House of Representatives.
In 1888, he joined a United States Geological Survey expedition to Montana to pursue his ornithological interests, and later joined the staff of the United States Department of Agriculture as an ornithological clerk in the Division of Economic Ornithology and Mammalogy.
After a collecting trip to Nicaragua, Richmond returned to Washington and became a night watchman at the United States National Museum (USNM). He was soon promoted to the position of Aid and then Assistant in the Section of Birds.
In 1894, Richmond was appointed Assistant Curator of Birds, and in 1918 he became Associate Curator of this division. In 1929, he was appointed Curator but was reappointed Associate Curator at his own suggestion to allow for the appointment of Herbert Friedmann as Curator in the same year.

Richmond's scientific work dealt largely with problems of ornithological nomenclature in which he was recognized as an international authority. One of Richmond's greatest contributions to the field was his card catalog of generic and specific names of birds which was consulted by ornithologists all over the world." Richmond's Index remains a vital source of bibliographic and nomenclatural information. Richmond's plans for publishing the work were frustrated by the outbreak of WWI (the intended publisers were German) and the work was never published in his lifetime. Broader availability was made possible by the microfiche publication late in 1992. Regarding the Index, Dickinson states (Zoological Bibliography 2 (2 & 3) p.78 note 2.) "But depiction of such evidence was beyond the scope of the index cards which were not intended for publication." The evidence Dickinson uses to make this assertion are apparently beyond the scope of his own publication. They contradict the references Richmond makes in his letters to Witmer Stone regarding his frustrated progress towards publishing the Index.

Ridgely, Robert S. & Robbins, Mark B.
Ridgway, Robert 1850-1929 (Baird) & Ridgway
Riesing,M Riesing, Martin
Riley, Joseph Harvey 1873-1941
Ripley, S. Dillon 1913-2001 Secretary of Smithsonian 1964-1984. Died: 12 March 2001. Washington, D.C. Ripley & Rabor
Rippon, G. (Col.) [Robert Henry Fernando 1898-1957 Butterflies? ]
Rislachi, Gabriel
Robbins, Mark B. Robbins, Rosenberg & Molina
Roberts, J. Austin 1883-1948 Author of "Birds of South Africa" associated with Transvaal Museum of Natural History. (Gunning) & Roberts
Robertson, C.J.R.
Robertson, H.A.
Robin, V.V.
Robinson, Herbert Christopher 1874-1929 Born: Nov. 4, 1874; Liverpool. son of John Park Robinson and Mary Morris Robinson Marlborough College Ill health -> Davos Switzerland 1894 1897-1900 Assist. Dr HO Forbes in Liverpool Museum. 1900 started 25 yrs active field work in tropics. 1900 Malay Peninsula with Dr Annandale. 1903 Curator Selangor State Museum Kuala Lumpur. 1908 joined with Cecil Boden Kloss in expl. of Indo-Malay region. 1926 Retired as Director of the Federated Malay States Museums. unmarried. Died: May 30, 1929: Oxford. Robinson & Kloss
Robson, Craig R.
Roche, J.
Rodrigues, Marcos
Rodrigues, Eliente Batista
Rodriguez-M., José Vincent
Roersma, H.

Roi, Otto (Dr) 1878-1916 also as le Roi
Romero-Zambrano, H.
Rook, Warren
Roscales, Jose L.
Roselaar, Cornelius Simon 1947-
Rosenberg, Gary H.
Rosenberg, Hermann Karl Benjamin von 1817-1888 Born: 1817 Darmstadt Died: 1888 Collector in the East Indies.
Ross, CA
Ross, John Alexander 1868-1957 Born: 18 April 1868 Castlemain, Australia Died: 30 July 1957
Rothschild, Lord Lionel Walter 1868-1937 Founder of Tring Museum. Amassed largest bird collection in the world. Born: Feb. 8, 1868. London. Died: Aug., 27, 1937. Tring. Rothschild & Hartert Rothschild, Hartert, & Kleinschmidt
Round, Philip D.
Roux, J.-P. Jouventin, J.-L. Mougin, J.-C. Stahl, Weimerskirch, H. [N.B. also: Jean Louis Florent Polydore Roux born: 31 July, 1792 died: 12 April 1833 Went by Jean Polydore Roux]
Rowan, William 1891-1957 Born: Basel, Switzerland July 29, 1891 Died: Edmonton, Alberta June 30, 1957 Much of early life in England. To Canada 1907 Army Service WWI. 1917 B.Sc. Univ. College, London. 1919 to Univ. Manitoba. Dept. Zool. (ret. 1956). 1928 D.Sc. Univ. College London. [Obit. Auk 1958 75:387-390]
Rowley, I.
Rowley, J.S. & Orr, R. T.
Roy, M.S.
Royle, John Forbes 1799-1858
Rozendaal, F. G.
Rudebeck, Gustaf Univ. Lund
Rumboll, M. A. E.
Rüppell, Wilhelm Peter Eduard Simon 1794-1884 Born: Frankfurt-am-Main 20 Nov. 1794. Died: Frankfurt-am-Main 10 Dec. 1884
Ruschi, A
Russell, Stephen M.
Ryan,PG Ryan, Peter G.
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