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Taczanowski, Wladyslaw (Ladislaus) 1819-1890. Warsaw Taczanowski & Berlepsch (Berlepsch) & Taczanowski
Taka-Tsukasa, Nobusuke (Prince) 1889-1959 (sometimes as Takatsukasa) & Yamashina
Tancré Rudolf (1842-1934)
Tarnovski, George V.
Tarragon, Léonce Marquis de 1813-1896
Taverner Percy Algernon 1875-1947
Taylor, Walter P., Dr. Secretary of the MVZ. Residence at 424 W. Harrison St., Claremont, CA.
Teixeira, Dante (Luiz) Martins Teixeira & Carnevalli Teixeira & Gonzaga, LP
Telfer, M.G.
Tello, José G.
Temminck, Coenraad Jacob 1778-1858 Leyden Temminck & Laugier [Meiffren Laugier de Chartrouse] Temminck & Schlegel
Tennyson, Alan J.D. (Weske, John S.)
& Terborgh, John Whittle 1936-
van Tets, van Tets, G.F.
Thayer, John Eliot 1862-1933 & Bangs Born 3 April, 1862 Boston, Mass Son of Nathaniel Thayer -- Banker. Married Evelyn Forbes Built a Museum in Lancaster, Mass. -- 1904 Died 29 July 1933
Théry, Marc
Thesiger, Wilfred Gilbert 1910-2003 b. 3 June, 1910 Addis Ababa d. 24 Aug. 2003
Thibault, Jean-Claude
Thienemann, (Friedrich August) Ludwig 1793-1858
Thomson, Thomas Richard Heywood (Surgeon Dr) c. 1813-1876 See Malimbus 23:99
Thompson,MC Thompson, Max C.
Thonglongya, Kitti d 1972(3)
Thunberg, Carl Peter 1743-1828 Swed Student of Linnaeus; traveled for Dutch E. India Co. Cape, Japan, Java, Ceylon. {SAm not mentioned } Often ridiculed during and shortly after his life, commonly quoting such "Thunbergisms" as: "Water is the element which makes sea journeys both outside and inside of the Netherlands so nimble and comfortable." or his comment on first entering France: "To me it could not but seem both strange and ridiculous to hear Burghers and Farmers all speak that, in other places so noble, language." [quoted in Koerner L. 1999. Linnaeus Nature and Nation. Harvard U.]
Ticehurst, Claud Buchanan Dr, M.A., (M.R.C.S.) 1881-1941 Saxon House, Appledore Kent. Died: 17 Feb. 1941 Obit: Ibis 1941:321 [Note also Dr N.F. Ticehurst , O.B.E., M.A., M.B., F.R.C.S., F.Z.S. 24 Pevensy Rd St Leonards-on-Sea. - coeval]
Tickell, Samuel Richard 1811-1875 India
Tilesius Wilhelm Gottlieb Tilesius von Tilenau 1769-1857 b. 1768.07.17 Mülhausen, Thuringia d. 1857.05.17 Mülhausen, Thuringia
Ting Ting Wen-ning
Tobler, Michael
Todd, Walter Edmond Clyde 1874-1969 Pitt; Carn. Mu.
Tomkovich, Pavel S.
Townsend, Charles Haskins 1859-1944 Father: Rev. D.W. Townsend Mother: Elizabeth (Kier) Townsend. Born 29 Sept. 1859 Parnassus, Penna. Age 20 joined Ward's Natural History Establishment. 1883: Met S.F. Baird who sent him to McCloud River in n. Calif. Collector for Baird. Aquarium director 1902-1937 New York Aquarium. Died 28 Jan. 1944 Coral Gables, Fla.
Townsend, John Kirk 1809-1851
Trai, Le Trong Le Trong Trai Forest Inventory and Planning Institute, Thanh Tri, Hanoi, Vietnam. (1998)
Traill, Thomas Stewart Dr 1781-1862 Born 29 Oct. 1781 Kirkwall, Orkney Worked in Liverpool Returned to Edinburgh 1833 Died 30 July 1862
Trainor, Colin R.
Tratz, Eduard Paul 1888-1977 b. 25 Sept. 1888 Salzburg b. 7 Jan. 1977 Salzburg
Trautman, Milton Bernhard 1899-1991
Traylor, Melvin Alvah ,Jr. 1915-2008 FMNH Email note (2008.02.13) announcing his death (2008.02.11):
Mel Traylor, curator emeritus at the Field Museum, died at home over the weekend, at the age of 92. Mel may be best known for his collaboration with the late Raymond Paynter on the series of gazetteers for South American countries, works that now form an important backbone for many of our distributional and taxonomic studies, and for which Traylor and Paynter were awarded the Elliot Coues Award by the American Ornithologists' Union in 2001. But Mel published extensively over his career, not only on birds of the neotropics but also on birds of Africa (including authoring a major monograph on the birds of Angola), of China, of Nepal, and of many other parts of the world. He hated to see a worthwhile project that was left incomplete, and he was not afraid of tough challenges; it was no surprise that Mel was chosen to revise the tyrannid chapter for the Peters checklist series, a task that he completed successfully and that led to many productive side papers on tyrant flycatcher taxonomy. Mel described a number of bird taxa, including at least one species (Cisticola restricta, of Africa); and at least one species, Tolmomyias traylori, was named in his honor. Mel was a careful worker in the museum, with a keen eye for detail, but also was cautious in interpreting his results. The collections at the Field Museum contain several specimens that Mel recognized "didn't fit," but in the absence of additional material, he refrained from describing them; his instincts were borne about when the specimens that Mel "flagged" later were described by others as new species, including at least two specimens of "his" Tolmomyias (!).

As a Marine Corp officer, Mel was severely injured during the battle of Tarawa in the Pacific theatre during World War II, where he lost one eye and suffered arm and upper body wounds during the famous beach assault. He returned to Chicago and resumed his volunteer participation in the affairs of the Field Museum's bird division, where he later became employed as a curator along with Austin Rand and Emmet (Bob) Blake. During the last few years of his employment he served as Chairman of the Zoology Department, and was as gracious and helpful an administrator as he always was a colleague and friend.

Mel continued to visit the Field Museum for many years after he retired, until this was no longer practical. He always was interested in the work of his younger colleagues, and did his best to keep up with advances in the field. His deep curiosity about the world around him, his good humor, and his gentle spirit were a source of pleasure and inspiration to all who knew him.

Treca, B. Tréca, B.
Trewick,SA Trewick, Steve A.
Trimen, Roland 1840-1916 F.L.S., F.Z.S.; curator of the South-African Museum, Cape Town. S Afr Butterflies Died: 25 Jul 1916 Obit: Ibis 1916:643 [ Henry Trimen 1843-1896 Botany of Ceylon ]
Tristram, Henry Baker 1822-1906 Born: May 11, 1822 Eglingham Vicarage, near Alnwick Northumberland 1844 Graduated Lincoln College, Oxford 1845 Ordained a Deacon 1846 Ordained a priest Salvin's cousin by marriage. Married Eleanor Mary Bowlby Founder and original member of the BOU. 1873: Becomes Canon of Durham Cathedral Died 8 March 1906; Durham, England Fellow of the Royal Society
Trudeau, James DeBerty 1817-1887]
Tschudi, Johann Jakob von 1818-1889
Tschusi Viktor von Tschusi zu Schmidhoffen 1847-1924 b. Dec. 28, 1847 Smichow d. Mar. 3, 1924 Tännenhof bei Hallein (Tirol).
Tugarinov, Arkady Ya. 1880-1948
Tunstall, Marmaduke 1743-1790 Britain
Turati Hercules, Count Turati Count Ercole Turati
Turner, L. M.
Tweeddale, Arthur Hay, 9th, Marquis of, 1824-1878. (See also Walden and Hay for more Arthur Hay entries) Born 9 Nov. 1824 Yester Oct 1873 Second Marriage to Julia 2nd daughter of Keith Stewart MacKenzie of Seaforth 1876 Succeded to the Marquisate, came into possesion of Yester and family estates. Died 22 Dec 1878
Twomey, Arthur Cornelius 1908-1996 Born: 15 Oct., 1908 Camrose Alberta. Died: 10 Nov., 1996 Old Tappan N.J. (Alzheimer's disease)
Tye, Alan
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