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DailyMail The Daily Mail (British Newspaper)
Danphe Danphe Bird Conservation Nepal
Danica Prodromus
DanmarksFugle Danmarks Fugle Personal Name: Salomonsen, Finn, 1909- [from old catalog] Main Title: Danmarks fugle i tekst og farver. Published/Created: København, Munksgaard, 1964 [c1963] Description: 155 p. col. illus., map. 28 cm. Subjects: Birds--Denmark. [from old catalog] LC Classification: QL690.D3 S28 Geog. Area Code: e-dk---
Dansk.Atlas Den danske atlas eller konge-riget Dannemark, med dets naturlige egenskaber, elementer, indbyggere, vaexter, dyr og andre affodninger, dets gamle tildrageiser of naervaerene omstaendigheder i alle provintzer, staeder, kirker, slotte of herregaarde. ... Pontoppidan, Erik [1698-1764] 1763-69. Copenhagen 5 v. in 6. A.H. Godiche
DanskOrn.For.Tidsskr. Dansk ornithologisk forening, Copenhagen Tidsskrift. 1, 1906 ->
DasThier.Haupt.Syst.beschrieben Das Thierreich in seinen Hauptformen systematisch beschrieben von ... Kaup JJ Darmstadt 1835-37 3 vol.
DasThierreich Das Thierreich eingetheilt nach dem Bau der Thiere als Grundlage ihrer Naturgeschichte ... Herrn Ritter von Cuvier ... und mit vielen Zusatzen versehen von H. R. Schinz ... Schinz, Heinrich Rudolph 1821-25. v.I 1821 Säugetiere und Vögel [Mammals and Birds] v.II 1822 v.III 1823 v.IV 1825 Saugethiere und Vogel. xxxviii, 894p Stuttgart und Tubingen: J.G. Cotta;
DasThierreich[Voigt] Das Thierreich geordnet nach seiner Organisation. Als Grundlage der Naturgeschichte ... Vom Barron von Cuvier ... Zusatzen erwietert von F. S. Voigt ... Voigt, Friedrich Siegfried 1831-43 Leipzig : F.A. Brockhaus v.I 1831. Saugethiere und Vogel. xlviii, 975
Das Tierreich Das Tierreich : eine Zusammenstellung und Kennzeichnung der rezenten Tierformen = The animal kingdom : a compilation and characterization of the recent animal groups Berlin ; New York : Walter de Gruyter. General note: 1 (1896) --> [Z] ; [E]] ; 1 (1896) - 90 (1969) [T].
Del.Faun.Flor.Brasil. Delectus Florae et Faunae Brasiliensis, &c. Mikan, Johann Christian 1820-[1825] 4 pts. 24 pls. text unnumber pp. Vindobonae = Vienna Fasc. 1 (late 1820).. Fasc. 2 (mid-1822) Fasc. 3 (July-Oct, 1823) Fasc. 4 (1825) [ref. Stearn, William T. 1956. "Mikan's DELECCTUS FLORAE ET FAUNAE BRASILIENSIS" J.Soc.Bibliog.Nat.Hist. 3(3):135-136.] {Thnaks to Roy McDiarmid for bringing this to my attention and providing me with a reprint}.
Del.Flor.Faun.Insubr. Deliciae florae faunae insubricae, seu Novae, aut minus cognitae species plantarum et animalium quas in Insubica austriaca tam spontaneas, quam exoticas vidit. Scopoli, Giovanni Antonio 1786-8 fol. Ticini
Denkw.ReiserussAmer. Denkwürdigkeiten einer Reise nach dem russischen Amerika, nach Mikronesien und durch Kamtschatka, von F, H, v. Kittlitz ... Kittlitz, Friedrich Heinrich, freiherr von, [1799-1874] 1858 2 v. J. Perthes Gotha
DerZoologischeGarten Der Zoologische Garten
Descr.Anim.itin.MarisAust.Terr.ed.Licht. Descriptiones Animalium quae in itinere ad Maris Australis Terras per annos 1772-74 suscepto collegit, observavit et delineavit J.R. Foster, ... nunc demum editae auctoritata ... Academiae ... curante H. Lichtenstein. 1844 pp.xiii,424 8vo Berlin
Descr.Cat.Osteol.R.Mus.Coll.Surgeons Descriptive catalogue of the Osteological Series contained in the Museum of the Royal College of Surgeons. Owen, Richard 1853 2 vols.
Descr.Egypte Description de l'Egypte, ou recueil des observations et des recherches qui ont été faites en Egypte pendant l'expedition de l'armee francaise, publié par les ordres de sa Majesté l'Empéreur Napoléon le Grand. [1798-1801]. Savigny, Marie Jules Cesar Lelorgne de & others 1809 Paris 8vo pp.14+224 6 col.pl.
A few additional notes:
  1. See Zimmer p.549 for a discussion of this complex situation.
  2. Subsequently addressed by Tollitt ME. 1986. "Dates and authorship of the text volumes of the Histoire Naturelle Section of Savigny's Description De L' Egypte Z.N.(S.)2515" Bull.zool.Nom. 43(1):107-111.
  3. Tollitt, ME. 1986 discusses what he knew of the work, drawing on the detailed study by Sherborn (1897) as well as the work of additional authors. He applied to the Commission to have his findings and interpretations accepted and placed in the Official List of Works.
  4. As Tollitt appears to have been working in the office of the Secretariat of the ICZN. It appears that his recommendations were accepted. (Official Lists and Indexes of names and works in zoology. Supplement 1986-2000.
  5. Tollitt appears to have been unaware of Zimmer's work on this publication, and thus knew nothing (or at least mentioned nothing) of the existence of an entire component of the work ("Description de l'Égypte publié par les ordres de Napoléon-Le-Grand. Histoire Naturelle. Supplément No. 1. Observations sur le systèm des oiseaux de l'É et de la Syrie, par Jules-César Savigny, Membre de l'Institug d'Égypte. 1 vol. 4vo pp.1-54. 1811.
  6. This component of the work was also unknown to Sherborn.
  7. Coues Ornithological Bibliography Coues E. 1879. "Third installment of American Ornithological bibliography" Bull. U.S. Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories V no.4 pp.754-755 further suggests that Tollitt's study of this work might have benefitted from a greater breadth of investigation. Coues lists the title as
    	Système | des | Oiseaux | de l'Egypte et de la Syrie, | présenté
    	a l'Assemblée Générale de la Commission, | le 29 Août 1808, | Par
    	Jules-César Savigny, Membre de l'Institut de l'Egypte. | [Dessin.] A Paris, | de 
    	l'imprimerie Imperriale [sic]. | — | M.DCCC.X. 1 vol. folio. pp.1-54, 1-16.

    Petite édition, revue par l'auteur, tirée à 30 examplaires. Extraite de la Desc. de l'Égypte Partie Systématique, Oiseaux de l'É et de la Syrie. Exemplaire dans la Bibliothèque de l'Acad. des Sc. Nat. de la Philadelphie, inscrit "à M. Latrielle, comme un témoignage des sentimens de l'auteur" (autographe de l'auteur), plus tard présentée à l'Acadéie par M. le Cr. T. B. Wilson.

    Coues notes, that the copy he examined is annotated in Savigny's handwriting and was presented by him to Latreille. Of note is the inconsistent use of E or É in l'Egypte so it appears that there very well may be variability in the text itself. If this variability is in fact real, it would tend to give the impression that these diacritical marks are more useful for ostentation than for understanding. Coues' discussion appears to suggest yet another component portion of this work, apparently similar to that described by Zimmer. It does not appear that Tollitt knew of Coues' work or of the copy which he examined (this work does not appear to be listed in the Online Catalogue of the Philadelphia Academy).
  8. On an more minor point, I wonder about the variable orthography used in representing the title (l'Egypte vs l'Égypte). With Tollitt employing the former, and Zimmer, AOU, CWR, and Cat.BooksLibr.B.M.(N.H.) the latter, and Coues variable. (Tollitt does employ the accent aigu on lower case letter "e", and a non-italicized É occurs in his quotation on p.108 (paragraph #9, line 3), so it is not as if diacritical marks were completely ignored in his publication.) I expect "l'Égypte" is probably correct. In Sherborn's treatment of this work, he employs É in all instances but on (p.286) where it is inside a quotation and may be accurately reflecting Isidore Geoffroy's text in Du Petit Thouar's work. My copy of Le Petite Larousse (1963) spells the word "Égypte" and the accent aigu is used also on all the derived forms of the word. However, it must be noted that I find a single use of "d 'Egypte" (without the accent aigu on p.[1332]).
    I generally prefer to avoid diacritical marks entirely, as I feel they produce more in the way of confusion and problems than they add in terms of clarity and understanding, but I understand that others hold strong opposing opinions. I suppose it is possible that limitations of the press for Tollitt might have permitted the use of é and É, but not the italicised version (É) though this appears unlikely. If such were the case, again I would encourage excluding diacriticals entirely in the hopes of avoiding the impression of ostentation parading as erudition.

    The variability in the use of diacriticals in Coues' presentation suggests the very real possibility of variability in the work itself, and even the possibility of different "states". Given the fact that there appear to be entire components of the work unseen and unmentioned by both Sherborn, and Tollitt that the full state of affairs with regards this publication was not known to either. It is certainly not impossible that Tollitt's representation of the diacritical marks (or lack thereof) may accurately reflect a copy he personally examined. Though, I must note that Tollitt makes no mention of what sets (if any) he has actually seen.

  9. Additionally important material relating to this work, and unmentioned by Tollitt, can be found in the Willughby Society 1883 Reproduction of Audouin's Explication Sommaire Des Planches d'Oiseaux de l'Égypte et de la Syrie Publiées par Jules-César Savigny. This includes notes by Alfred Newton, and a discussion of Savigny's blindness. Excerpts from a 19 March, 1825 letter by the Minister of the Interior (M. Corbière) relating to this are included. Sherborn refers to this reprint (p.287) so I presume that Tollitt pursued this lead, but felt it was not worthy of mention.
  10. I certanly have never seen this work and it sounds as if it is unlikely that all component parts of "the work" exist together in any one place. It also appears there may be definitional problems determining which materials should be considered as part of "the work". However, particularly with publications from this period the possibility of multiple "states" of publication must be considered, which Tollitt does not seem to have done. It does not appear to me that any currently recognizable nomenclatural problems will result from Tollitt's actions, even though they appear to me to have been taken based upon a partial understanding of the complexities of the situation.

Descr.Egypte[Audouin] Explication Sommaire des Planches D'Oiseaux De L'Égypte et de la Syrie, Publiees Par Jules-Cesar Savigny, Membre de L'Institut; Offrant un expose des caracteres naturels des genres avec la distinction des especes, Par Victor Audouin Audouin, Jean Victor[1797-1841] 1826,1828 p.1-139 Paris
Descr.IconesAnim.Ross.Nov.Av. Descriptiones et icones animalium rossicorum novorum vel minus rite cognitorum, &c. Aves, Fasc. 1 Brandt, Johann Friedrich von, [1802-1879] 1836 St. Petersburg. pp.64; 6 pls. col. 4to [Date note: CWR notes "publ. before Sept. 1836" ] [Note: Evidently fasc. 2 never published, though letterpress for this existed, and at least one copy of a plate from this second fasc. was known to exist (see Saunders CBBM 25 p.270 fn.)]
Desc.Mamm.Ois.rec.decouv. Description de Mammiferes et d' Oiseaux recemment decouverts, precedee d'un Tableau ser les Races Humaines. Lesson, RP 1847 Paris pp.359, 3 pl. 8vo
Desc.NewRacesKalahariBirdsMammals Description of New Races of Kalahari Birds and Mammals, &c. Bradfield, RD 1935 Benoni (Privately Published) [4]p. 8vo Note: Evidently a very rare publication. Not present in the AMNH Library or the Smithsonian. Copy present at Tring Library. Reprinted "verbatim et litteratim" in Auk 53(1):131-132. 1936.
Descr.NewSpeciesBirdsCozumelId. Description of Some New Species of Birds from Cozumel Island, Yucatan. Ridgway, R Proc. Biol. Soc. Wash. III 1886 Author's edition published Feb. 20, 1885
Descr.Obj.Rares.Mus.Hist.Nat.Univ.Imp.Moscou Fischer von Waldheim, Gotthelf
Descr.Ois.Afr. Description de nouveaux Oiseaux d'Afrique decouverts et dessines d'apres Nature pour servir de suite aux Planches enluminees de Buffon, aux Planches colriees de Temminck et Laugier de Chartrouse et au nouveau recueil gegeral de Planches peintes d'Oiseaux de O. Des Murs. Muller, JW 1853(-54) Stuttgart 16 col. pl. fol.
Descr.SixSupp.NewSp.BirdsCaribbean Descr. six supposed new species birds from islands of Old Providence and St. Andrew's, Caribbean Sea, 28 May, 1887. Cory 1887 [ an author's separate, preceeding by a month the publication of the article in the Auk, 4 p.177-180. ]
Descr.SixteenNewSp.N.Am.Birds A description of sixteen new species of North American birds described in the annals of the New York Lyceum of Natural History by J.P. Giraud, Jr.; collected in Texas, 1838. Giraud, Jacob Post [1811-1870]. 1841 New York. folio See: Stone. 1919. Auk 36:464-472, and Deignan "Type Specimens of Birds in the United States National Museum" Bulletin 221 p.276
Descr.Trochil. Descr.esp.nouv.Trochil. Peters V p66 f.1 states: "This name appears to date from an author's separate of a paper presented before the Linn.Soc.Lyon, 12 Oct. 1877, but which was never published in the volume for that year. Simon states that he himself had never succeeded in procuring a copy."
Deutsch.Archiv.Physiologie Deutsches Archiv fur die Physiologie. Note: LOC lists three entities. 1.) Deutsches Archiv fur die Physiologie LC Control Number: sf 85004100 Type of Material: Serial (Periodical, Newspaper, etc.) Main Title: Archiv für Anatomie und Physiologie. Published/Created: Leipzig : Leopold Voss, [1826-1832] Description: 6 v. : ill. ; 20-24 cm. Jahrgang 1932 called also: 6. Bd. Jahrg. 1826- Jahrg. 1832. Current Frequency: Irregular Continues: Deutsches Archiv für die Physiologie (OCoLC)1566508 (DLC) 04024882 Continued by: Archiv für Anatomie, Physiologie und wissenschaftliche Medicin (OCoLC)1481913 (DLC)sf 85004110 LC Classification: QL801 .A86 ______________________________ -- Library Holds: * 1826 * 1827 * 1828 * 1829 * 1830 * 1832 2.) ================================================================================ LC Control Number: 04024882 Type of Material: Serial (Periodical, Newspaper, etc.) Main Title: Deutsches Archiv für die Physiologie. Published/Created: Halle : Buchhandlung des hallischen Waisenhauses, 1815-1823. Description: 8 v. : ill. ; 20 cm. 1. Bd., 1. Heft-8. Bd., 2. Heft. Continues: Archiv für die Physiologie (OCoLC)1481942 Notes: Continued in 1826 by: Archiv für Anatomie und Physiologie. Subjects: Anatomy--Periodicals. Physiology--Periodicals. -- Library Holds: 1 * 1815 2 * 1816 3 * 1817 4 * 1818 5 * 1819 6 * 1820 7 * 1822 8 * 1823 ================================================================================ 3.) Main Title: Archiv für die physiologie, Published/Created: Halle, In der Curtschen buchhandlung, 1796-1815. Related Names: Reil, Johann Christian, 1759-1813, [from old catalog] ed. Autenrieth, Johann Heinrich Ferdinand von, 1772-1835, [from old catalog] ed. Pre-1801 Imprint Collection (Library of Congress) Continued by: SERLOC succeeding entry Deutsches archiv für die physiologie, and later as Archiv für anatomie und physiologie. Notes: PREMARC/SERLOC merged record Subjects: Anatomy--Periodicals. [from old catalog] Physiology--Periodicals. [from old catalog] Serial Record Entry: Archiv für die physiologie. 04-24883
Dict.Class.Hist.Nat.ed.BorydeSt.-Vincent Dictionaire classique d'histoire naturelle par Messieurs Audouin, Isid. Bourdon, Ad. Brongniart, de Candolle... et Bory de Saint.-Vincent 1822-31 Paris. 16 vol.
Dict.Sci.Nat. Dictionnaire des Sciences naturelles, dans lequel on traite méthodiquement des differens Êtres de la Nature ... Suivi d'une Biographie des plus célèbres Naturalistes ... Par plusiers Professors du Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle et des autres principales Écoles de Paris. Edited by F. Cuvier, with a prosepctus by Baron Cuvier, and an Introduction by the Comte de Fourcroy. 1804 Vol I-III 8vo Strasbourg(Levrault) Paris(Le Normant) Vol IV,V and a few copies of VI were pub. in 1805-6 Then the pub. suspended until 1816 when vols. were brought up to date by Supplements. 60 vols. complete work. The dates of publication of the various volumes appears to be somewhat uncertain. Vol.38, for example is usually listed as 1825, which I assume is the imprint date. However, occasionally it is listed as 1826. The HBW vol.2 uses 1826 for the citations for vol.38. In this they are in the minority, and do not give supporting evidence pro 1826. A substantial number of dates in vol.2 are demonstrably incorrect. Therefore, for the moment, I continue to use 1825 (2000.12.02).
Dict.Univ.Hist.Nat.[Orbigny,C] Dictionnaire universel d'Histoire Naturelle. Resumant et completant tous les faits presentes par les encyclopedies, les anciens dictionnaires scientifiques, les oeuvres completes de Buffon, et les meilleurs traites speciaux sur les diverses branches des sciences naturelles... Orbigny, Charles Dessalines d' [ed.] Paris 8vo First edition 1839 (sometimes given as 1837), reissued -- evidently with changes -- multiple times. This work has a complex bibliographic and publishing history. Fortunately, the details were carefully investigated and reported by C. Davies Sherborn and T.S. Palmer. (1899). Sherborn CD, Palmer TS. 1899 "Dates of Charles d'Orbigny's 'Dictionanaire Universal d'Histoire Naturelle' 1839-1849." Ann.Mag.Nat.Hist.(7) 3:350-352. Unfortunately, this work has, it seems been almost universally ignored, and demonstrably incorrect representations have been reproduced without comment. In brief, Sherborn and Palmer report the results of collation and comparison of five copies of the 'Dictionnaire' and show that with the exception of volume I, there was "only one composition". The five copies examined were from the B.M. (N.H.) General Library, the B.M. (N.H.) Tweeddale copy, the Zool.Soc., the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, and the U.S. Nat. Mus. Of these five copies one would almost certainly be mislead by all but the U.S. Nat. Mus. copy., which in Sherborn and Palmer's estimation was the only copy which (with the exception of vol. ii) was apparently an original issue. Sherborn Palmer Ann.Mag.Nat.Hist. Dates 1 pp.350,351 (opens in new window) Sherborn Palmer Ann.Mag.Nat.Hist. Dates 2 p.352 (opens in new window)
In contrast to the tabulation included in Sherborn's paper, it would appear that additional states of this publication exist. Daria Wingreen has examined for me the copy of this work in the Cullman Library, at the U.S. National Museum. She reports that the copy there:
  1. has no dates on the title pages (vol.I-IV checked)
  2. has sous as the final word on p.100 of volume I (indicating a non-first state printing).
  3. Has a note indicating it was acquired from the Library of Peru in 1945
  4. Has an additional note indicating that the copy previously in the Nat. Museum Library has now gone to the Library of Congress.

Dierentuin Die Dierentuin De Dierentuin van het Koninklijk Zoölogisch Genootschap "Natura Artia Magistra" te Amsterdam zoölogisch geschetst Schlegel, Hermann, 1804-1884. Title: De Dierentuin van het Koninklijk Zoölogisch Genootschap "Natura Artia Magistra" te Amsterdam zoölogisch geschetst / door ... H. Schlegel ; met historische herinneringen van P. H. Witkamp, &c. Publisher info: Amsterdam, 1863- 1872 -72. Physical descrip: 4 v. [in 1] : illust. 4o. Corporate author: Koninklijk Zoölogisch Genootschap. The date of this publication is problematic. Peters Checklist gives it a 1864. The Cat.BooksBr.Mus. says the publication commenced in 1862, though most library listings show it as starting in 1863. The unpublished notes on Dates of Publication indicate that up through p.75 at least (i.e. Lief. 1 & 2) were given as 1864 with a reference to Hartlaub (see Berichte ... Vögle p.3). For the moment I use 1864, but am uncertain what the imprint date is, let alone the actual date of publication.
Dir.Austr.BirdsPasserines The directory of Australian birds : a taxonomic and zoogeographic atlas of the biodiversity of birds in Australia and its territories. [Vol.1], Passerines Schodde, Richard & Mason, Ian J. CSIRO Publ. i-x, 1-851 30cm 1999
Discipl.Biol.Arch.Soc.Scient.Varasav. Disciplinarum Biologicarum Archiv. Soc. Scient. Varasaviensis
Diss.FalconeCanoro Dissertatio de Falcone Canoro...1799. Rislachi, Gabriel respondent. Thunberg, Karl Peter [1743-1828] _praeses_. 1801 Uppsala 8vo Edman, JF
Diss.MegarynchoSchaerstrom Dissertatio de genere Megaryncho praes. Schaerstrom Schaerstrom, Otto Agustus respondent. Thunberg, Karl Peter [1743-1828] _praeses_. 1824
Diss.Tull.Nov.Spec.Amp. Dissert. Tullberg Nov. Spec. Ampelis Tullberg, Otto Fredrik [1802-1853] respondent. Thunberg, Karl Peter [1743-1828] _praeses_. 1823 [Nat.U.Cat. 593:343 ... Ampelis cujus novas species ... praeside C.P. Thunberg ... p. p. Otto Fridr. Tullberg ... Upsaliaee, excudebant Palmblad et c. [1823].]
Dissert.Abstracts Dissertation Abstracts
Dobutsu.Zasshi Dobutsugaku zasshi. Zoological magazine. (Zoological society of Japan) Tokyo. 1, 1889 ->
Dodo The Dodo and its Kindred Strickland 1848 London
DodoandKindredBirds The Dodo and Kindred Birds; or The Extinct Birds of the Mascerene Islands... Hachisuka, Masauji 1953 London xvi p.250 XXII pl.
DokladyAkad.NaukSSSR Doklady Akademii Nauk S.S.S.R. [also know as Compt. Rend. de l'Academie des Sciences de l'URSS ]
DeutscheFauna Deutsche Fauna, oder kurzgefaste naturgeschichte der thiere Deutschlands. Von Dr. Moriz Balthasar Borkhausen... 1. th Saugthiere und vogel. 1797 Frankfurt am Mayn, Varrentrapp und Wenner, xxiv, 620 (No more published) [Note APP: Has what appears to me to be trinomina. e.g. p.304-7 130) Turdus pilaris a) Turdus pilaris albus b) Turdus pilaris fulvus c) Turdus pilaris naevius d) Turdus pilaris leucocephalus e) Turdus pilaris minor 131) Turdus musicus
DeutscheSudpolarExped. Deutsche Südpolar-Expedition (1901-1903) Deutsche Südpolar-Expedition, 1901-1903, im Auftrage des Reichsamtes des Innern, hrsg. von Erich von Drygalski. Publisher: Berlin, G. Reimer, 1905-1931. Description 41 pts. in 20 v. and atlas (5 pts in 2 v.) illus., maps, plates. Note: Some vols. published by W. De Gruyter. Bibliography/index Includes bibliographies. Contents: 1. Bd. [Heft 1] Technik. Geographie. Heft 2-4. Geographie. 2. Bd. Heft 1-2. Kartographie, Geologie. Heft 3-7. Geographie und Geologie.--3.- 4. Bd. Meteorologie.-- 5.-6. Bd. Erdamgnetisaus. 7. Bd. Heft 1. Bakteriologie, Hygiene, Sports. Heft 2-4. Bakteriologie. Chemie. Hygiene. Sport. Heft 5. Bakteriologie, Ozeanographie. Heft 6. Bakteriologie, Chemie, Ozeanographie. 8. Bd. Botanik. 9.-20. Bd. Zoologie. 1. Atlas. Meteorologie. 2. Atlas. Erdmagnetismus.
DurbanMus.Novit. Durban museum novitates. 1, Je 1914+; suspended O 1922-My 1930. Apparently not always published in sequence. Vol. 7 no.11 and 12 appear (for instance) to have been published after Vol.8 no.1 (see below). The Smithsonian Library catalogues the publication from 1952-1989 as "irregular". A listing of citations demonstrates both the irregularity of publication as well as the example (Vol.7 nos. 11 & 12 at least) of non-sequential publication. I extracted a number of citations and listed a thumbnail of the values below. The data are necessarily incomplete for the nubmbers in each volume. I am unaware (2008.03.29) of anyone commenting on the lack of sequential publication (presumably due to delay) in volume 7. These data are derived from various sources, and especially the Richmond Index, though not all entries have been identified there. The listing of "Post-Peters" Taxa from Norbert Bahr and Edward Dickinson was also of help.

Durban Mus. Novitates

Vol.4 1952-1956
Volume Number Year Notes
4 1 1952
4 4 1953
4 15 1956
4 17 1956
Vol.5 1958-1960
Volume Number Year Notes
5 8 1958
5 12 1959
5 18 1960
Vol.6 1960-1963
Volume Number Year Notes
6 2 1960
6 13 1962
6 15 1962
6 18 1960
6 19 1963
Vol.7 1963-1966
Volume Number Year Notes
7 1 1963
7 5 1964
7 7 1964
7 10 1965
7 11 1966 Erythropygia signata reclusa Clancey p.460 June 30, 1966
7 12 1966 Macronyx ameliae altanus Clancey p.520 Sept. 16, 1966
Vol.8 1965-1970
Volume Number Year Notes
8 1 1965 Evidently earlier than 7(11) & 7(12)
8 3 1966
8 4 1966
8 7 1967
8 10 1967
8 11 1968
8 15 1969
8 17 1970
8 20 1970
Vol.9 1970-1973
Volume Number Year Notes
9 1 1970
9 3 1970
9 4 1971
9 5 1971
9 7 1971
9 9 1971
9 11 1972
9 15 1972
9 16 1972
9 18 1973
Vol.10 [1974]-1975
Volume Number Year Notes
10 9 1974
10 11 1974
10 14 1975
Vol.11 1975-1978
Volume Number Year Notes
11 1 1975
11 4 1976
11 10 1977
11 11 1977
11 14 1977
11 16 1978
11 19 1978
Vol.12 1979-1981
Volume Number Year Notes
12 1 1979
12 4 1979
12 5 1979
12 10 1980
12 12 1980
12 13 1981
12 18 1981
12 20 1981
Vol.13 1981-1984
Volume Number Year Notes
13 1 1981
13 4 1981
13 7 1982
13 14 1984
13 18 1984
Vol.14 1986-1987
Volume Number Year Notes
14 2 1986
14 3 1987
Vol.15 1990- 1990 DurbanMus.Novit. 15 42-72.
Dutch Birding Publisher Amsterdam, Dutch Birding Association. V.1 1979-- Description: v. ill. 21 cm. Frequency: Quarterly. Note: In Dutch or English, with some summaries in English. Journal of the Dutch Birding Association.

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