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Eastern Persia Eastern Persia: an account of the journeys of the Persian boundary commission, 1870-71-72. India. Persian boundary commission. Goldsmid, F. J. (Frederic John), Sir, 1818-1908. St. John, Oliver Beauchamp Coventry, Sir, 1837-1891. Lovett, Beresford, 1839- Euan-Smith, Charles Bean, Sir, 1842-1910. Blanford, William Thomas, 1832-1905. London, Macmillan and Co., 1876. Description 2 v. illus. 23 cm.
EchoMondeSav. L'Echo Du Monde Savant [Revue Encyclopedique] Travaux Des Savants De Tous Les Pays Dans Toutes Les Sciences. This periodical contains both original articles as well as reports of such articles in other journals. The masthead indicates that it was issued twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays (!) and forms two volumes of 1200 pages each. (This presumably refers to columns, though the phrase is "plus de 1,200 pages chacun".) CWR indicates it was issued on Fridays though his basis for this assertion is not clear Evidently it was initially paginated, but with the 2nd semester volume of 1842, it was columnated, with three columns to a page (6 columns to a leaf). The break between the 11me and 12me année is between Jan. 5, 1845 and Jan. 12, 1845. The volume structure of this work is confusing, and made more so by variable citation to Année as volumes. Note that the 10em Année lists at top of t.p. "Tome V de la 2 série." Thus, this would often be cited as "Vol. 10" while in fact it is Vol. V of the second series. Use of Année is more conducive to clarity of understanding. [CWR citations list ... [1-n] annee, [Ser. 2], [I-X][I-X], no.[1-nn], date. year col. Peters is inconsistant sometimes listing annee; sometimes the vol. ] [CWR Unpublished notes on Dates of Publication says: "A French Scientific Journal Published at Paris every Friday. Gives list of scientific works, French and foreign." Edward Dickinson and Laurel Peterson worked with the holdings of the Mus.Nat.Hist. in S. Kensington (2004.07.07) and developed more understanding of the nature of this publication. Volumes missing were: Vols. 1-4 (1833-1837). Numbers missing were: No. 512 in 1840, No. 6 in 1843 and Nos. 31-36 of 1845. Echo du Monde Savant History (EC Dickinson 2008.09.04)
Edinb.J.Nat.Geogr.Sci. Edinburgh journal of natural and geographical science. Edinburgh. 1-3 1829-31 Varying representation in that sometimes entities are listed from Vol. 3 for 1831, and other times the 1831 entities are listed from Vol. 1 of a new series. CWR unpublished notes indicate Vol. 1 no. 1 publ. 1829.10.01 Vol. 1 no. 2 for Nov. 1829. (Adv. in Lit.Gaz. 1829.11.14) Vol. 1 no. 3 for Dec. 1829. (Adv. in Lit.Gaz. 1829.12.05)
Edinb.J.Sci.n.s. Edinburgh journal of science. Edinburgh ns v1-6, Jl 1829-Ap 1832. subtitle varies. merged into Philosophical magazine.
Edinb.NewPhilos.J. Edinburgh new philosophical journal, exhibiting a view of the progressive improvements and discoveries in the sciences and arts. Conducted by Robert Jameson, Edinburgh. 1-57, Ap 1826 - Oc 1854; V1. Printed for Adam Black, North Bridge, Edinburgh and Longman Rees, Orme, Brown & Green, London ns v1-19, Ja 1855- Ap 1864. [CWR unpublished notes: "To be published in Edinb. June 25 and in London on July 1, 1826 (Lit.Gaz. 1826, p.335)" ] I have no idea how long the dual-site publishing persisted, or if material from the two locales can be distinguished. [Questionable citations: Semnornis ramphastinus (Jardine) 1855 Edinb.NewPhilos.J.n.s. 2 p.404 Tetragonops Peters VI:30 Tetragonops -- n.s. II no.II Oct. publ. before Oct.22 Threskiornis spinicollis (Jameson) 1835 Edinb.NewPhilos.J. 19 p.213 [date here before Oct.] Ibis Peters I:264 Psarisomus dalhousiae (Jameson) 1835 Edinb.NewPhilos.J. 18 p.389 Eurylaimus Peters VII:11 Citation here matches Sherborn, but NOT CWR. which give L'Institute III no.115 July 22, 1835, 238 (in text). Myrmeciza hyperythra (Sclater,PL) 1855 Edinb.NewPhilos.J.n.s. 1 p.235 Thamnophilus Peters VII:236 CWR gives two Gould cites for this name. One is PZS May 16, 1855 the other is Ann.Mag.Nat.Hist ser.2 XV. May, 1855. Sherborn has NONE of these. Atlapetes leucopterus (Jardine) 1856 Edinb.NewPhilos.J.n.s. 3 p.92 Arremon Peters XIII:198 [!CWR] [!Sherborn] Spindalis nigricephala (Jameson) 1835 Edinb.NewPhilos.J. 19 p.213 Tanagra Peters XIII:317 CWR : L'Institute III no.125, Sept. 30, 1835 p.316
Edinb.NewPhilos.J.n.s. Edited by Anderson T, Jardine, Balfour IH, and Rogers. 19 vols. 8vo Edinburgh 1855-1864 1864 merged in the Quart.J. Sci.
Elem.Zool. Elementi di Zoologia Ranzani, Camillo 1819-26 Bologna 3 vol.
Emu Emu; a quarterly magazine to popularize the study and protection of native birds. (Royal Australasian ornithologists union.) Melbourne. 1, O 1901+ note: Vol.VII pt3 (supplement) Jan. 1908 (RI: mime00240a.html Mirafra milligani)
Enchirid.Hist.Nat. Enchiridion Historiae Naturali inserviens, quo termini et delineationes ad Avium, Piscium, Insectorum et Plantarum adumbrationes intelligendas et concinnandas, secundum methodum systematis Linnaeani continentur. Forster, John Reinhold Halle 8vo pp.1-224
Encycl.Geogr.[Murray] An Encyclopaedia of Geography : comprising a complete description of the Earth, physical, Statistical, Civil, and Political; exhibiting.. .the Natural History of each country / By Hugh Murray, F.R.S.E ; assisted by...William Wallace...Robert Jameson...W.J. Hooker... William Swainson ; Illustrated by eighty-two maps, drawn by Sidney Hall, and upwards of a thousand other engravings on wood, by R. Branston, from drawings by Swainson, T. Landseer, Sowerly, Strutt, &c. Representing the most remarkable objects of Nature and Art in every region of the globe Murray, Hugh, F.R.S.E, Wallace, William Jameson, Robert, 1774-1854 Hooker, Sir, William Jackson, 1785-1865 Swainson, William, 1789-1855 Hall, Sidney Branston, R. Landseer, T. Sowerly Strutt 1834 London Longman, Ross, Orme, Brown, Green & Longman. xii, 1567p, text ill(8)
Encycl.hist.nat.ois.[Chenu] Encyclopedie d'histoire naturelle ou traite complet de cette science..., &c. Par le Dr. Chenu. Oiseaux, avec le collaboration de M. Des Murs, ... 1852-54 [?1850-1880] 6 vols. demi 4to. Note: "Originally published in 1850-1861, but frequently re-issued with title pages bearing later dates." [Cat.Libr.Br.Mus. 1:341 (1903)]
Encycl.Londinensis Encyclopaedia Londinensis; or Univeral dictionary of arts, sciences, and literature comprehending under on general alphabetical arrangement, all the words and substance of every kind of dictionary extant in the English Language ... &c. Compiled, digested, and arranged by John Wilkes of Milland House in the County of Sussex, Esquire. ... Wilkes, John 1797-1829 London. v 1-22 edited J. Jones. LL.D.; vol. 23 & 24 by Greville Jones. Issued in 1678 weekly parts, beginning about Sept. 1796. although the license to print and many of the early plates bear date 1795. No. 1265 was published 12 May, 1821. For dates of publication see Cassin. Proc. Acad. Nat. Sci. Phila. 1867:212-221. Mathews & Iredale. 1921 Austral Av. Rec. 4 139-164.
EraAllanR.Phillips:AFestschrift The Era of Allan R. Phillips: A Festschrift. RW Dickerman (ed.) 1997
Erinnerung.Ver.Deutsch.Orn.(1870) Erinnerungaschrift Versammlung Deutschen Ornithologen (Gorlitz) 1870 Title and listing of this work varies. AMNH library lists as follows. Corp author: Deutsche Ornithologische Gesellschaft. Versammlung. Title: Bericht über die ... Versammlung der Deutschen Ornithologen-Gesellschaft. Publisher: [Berlin : Das Gesellschaft, ] Descript: v. ; 23 cm. Note: Imprint varies.
ErsteReiseN.Am. Erste Reise nach dem nordlichen Amerika in 1822-24 Wurttemberg, Helena Pavlovna, Grande Duchesse De [1807-1873] [PAUL, FW: Paul Wilhelm, Herzog von Wurtemburg (Meisel III 418) [Also listed as Friedrich Wilhelm Paul ] 1835 Stuttgart
Esquis.Orn. Esquisses Ornithologiques; descriptions et figures d'oiseaux nouveaux ou peu connus. du Bus de Gisignies, Bernard-Aime Leonard 1845-48 Brussels A. Vandale [Note APP: 2010.11.14 Dr David Donsker reports seeing [2010.11.13] a copy of this work for sale, in a form with all livraisons and with original wrappers, but with no dates on any of the wrappers.]
EssaiNouv.Man.Group.Gen.Esp.Ord.Pass. Essai d'une nouvelle maniere de grouper les genres et les especes De l' Ordre des Passereaux ... Lafresnaye, Frederic de 1838 Falaise 8vo pp.1-25
EssaiZool.Generale Essais de Zoologie generale, ou memoires et notices sur la Zooogie generale, l'Anthropologie, et l'histoire de la Science. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, I [1805-1861] 1841 Paris pp. xv,518. 8vo
EtudesZool. Etudes Zoologiques; ouvrage comprenant l'histoire et la description d'un grand nombre d'Animaux recemment decouverts, et des observations nouvelles sur pluseirs genres deja connus. Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, Isadore 1832 Paris 2 fasc.
EuropeanJ.Taxon. European Journal of Taxonomy
ExamenCriticoPerdicesEuropa Examen critico de las perdices de Europa Particularmente de las de Espana y descripcion de dos nuevas formas de Galicia Lopez Seoane, Victor [1900-] 1891(1894) La Coruna 33p(8)
ExoticOrn. Exotic Ornithology containing figures and descriptions of new or rare species of American birds. Sclater, PL and Salvin, O. (1866)-1869 fol. 100 pls col.
Exped.Am.Sud.Zool.[Castlenau] Expedition dans les parties centrales de l'Amerique du Sud... Castlenau, Francis L. de Laporte de. Castelnau, Francis-Louis Nomfar de Caumont La Force, comte de (1802-1880) 1855 Paris 7. ptie. [Zoologie] Animaux nouveaux ou rares recueillis pendant l'expédition ... 1855-59. 3 v. in 5. 174 pl. (part col.) 32 cm. [t. I, 1] Anatomie, par Paul Gervais. 1855. [2] Mammifères, par Paul Gervais. 1855. [3] Oiseaux, par O. des Murs. 1855 (AMNH Library's copy has title: Oiseaux de l'Amérique du sud; and imprint date 1856). [t. II, 1] Poissons, par Francis de Castelnau. 1855. [2] Reptiles, par A. Guichenot. 1855. [t. III, 1] Entomologie, par H. Lucas. 1857. [2] Myriapodes et scorpions, par Paul Gervais. 1859. [3] Mollusques, par m. H. Hupé. 1857 (AMNH Library's copy of this vol. has John Clarkson Jay and Wolfe Memorial gift plates). Regarding the date of this work, it is frequently given as 1855. However, Zimmer (p.126) writes:

'Although dated 1855 on both wrapper and title-pages, Des Murs's report appears to have been published a year later. According to the "Comptes Rendus" for Dec. 17, 1855, Vol. 41, p. 1094, the Académie des Sciences received Livrs. 12-14 of the Zoology on that date; the same publication for June 30, 1856, Vol. 42, p.1275, notes that the Académie des Sciences received Livrs. 15-18 on that date; the same publication for Dec. 15, 1856, Vol. 43 p.1134, records the receipt of Livrs. 19-20 (Sherborn and Woodward, Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. (7) 8, p.164, 1901, erroneously give the date as Dec. 8 and the page reference as 1133). These livraisons include all of the systematic ornithology, which is distributed as follows, according to a "Table et classification des matiè contenues dans le premier volume." The "Table" is given on certain preliminary pages of Vol. I of Pt.7 but is not included in the several sections of that volume issued separately as in the present instance. Livr. 14 contained the ornithlological title; Livr. 16, pll.1-5; Livr. 17, feuilles 1-5 (=pp.1-40), pll.6-10; Livr. 18, feuilles 6-10 (=pp.41-80), pll.11-14; Livr. 19, feuilles 11-13 (=pp.81-98 + 1 l.), pll.15-16; Livr. 20, pll.17-20.

In the first section of Vol. I of Pt. 7 (Anatomie par M. Paul Gervais), pp.65-92 and pll.14-16 are devoted to the "Deuxième Memoire. Description osteologique de l'haozin, du kamichi, du cariama et du savacou, suivi der remarques sur les affinites naturelles des oiseaux, par M. Paul Gervais." This ornithological matter is distinct from Des Murs's report and the two are not found together except in the complete volume.'

Exped.int.Afr.[Alexander,JE] An expedition...into the interior of Africa, through the... countries of the Great Namaquas, Boschmans, and Hill Damaras, &c. Alexander, Sir James Edward [1803-1885] 1838 2 Vol. illustr. 8vo. London Vol II Appendix No 1 desc new sp birds GR Waterhouse.
Exped.RockyMt.[James]Phila.ed. Account of an expedition from Pittsburgh to the Rocky Mountains, performed in the years 1819 and '20,... from the notes of Major Long, Mr. T. Say, and other gentlemen...; compiled by Edwin James. James, Edwin (Long, Stephen Harriman) 1822-23 Philadelphia 2 vols. and Atlas 8vo & 4to Vol. I 2 p. ll., pp. 1-503 Vol. II 3 p. ll., pp. 1-442, i-xcviii. London ed. 1823 has Nat. Hist. observations collected at the back of the work, whilst Phila has them as footnotes. It is not certain that any taxa in the Phila ed. were published in 1822, so all dates appear to be 1823. It is not certain which are specific to the Phila ed. [2010.03.31] Note: See Woodman N, 2010. "History and dating of the publication of the Philadelphia (1822) and London (1823) editions of Edwin James's Account of an expedition from Pittsburgh to the Rocky Mountains.". Archives of Natural History 37(1): p.28-38. The matter of dating is dealt with and it is demonstrated that the three volumes were available and on sale in Philadelphia 31 Dec. 1822 (a Tuesday).
Explor.GreatSaltLakeUtah[Baird&Stansbury] Exploration and Survey of the Valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah, including a reconnoissance of a new route through the Rocky Mountains. Stansbury, Howard (Captain Corps Topographical Engineers) 1852 Appendix C. -Birds. by Spencer F. Baird pp. 314-335 8vo Phila.
Explor.ParcNat.Upembao Exploration du Parc national de l'Upemba : Mission G.F. de Witte, en collaboration avec W. Adam ... [et al.] (1946-1949) Bruxelles : Institut des parcs nationaux du Congo Belge, 1951- 1-73 1951-1976
ExoticOrn. Exotic ornithology, containing figures and descriptions of new or rare species of American birds. Philip Lutley Sclater and Osbert Salvin. Publisher London, Bernard Quaritch, 1869. Descript vi, 204 p. illus., 100 col. plates. 37 cm. Note Issued in 13 parts, 1866-1869.
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