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Kaarp.Magy.tud.Tars.Evk. Kaarpaataljai Magyar Tudomaanyos Tarsaag. Evkonyvi
Kat.Coll.Erlanger Katalog der Collection von Erlanger in Nieder-Ingelheim a. Rh. von Carl Hilgert 1908 Berlin
Kat.orn.Samml. [?Katalog meiner ornithologischen Sammlung Vorwort Begonnen 1935 (from Tracts, Bird Div. S.I.)] (appears to be the initial Forward only), later parts (?) printed subsequently?)
Kat.Vogel.Mus.Senck.naturfor.Frankfurt Katalog der Vogelsammlung im Museum der Senckenbergischen naturforschenden Gesellschaft in Frankfurt-am-Main Hartert, E. 1891 Frankfurt pp.xxii+259 Frankfurt
KeyN.Am.Birds(1) Key to North American birds; containing a concise account of every species of living and fossil bird at present known from the continent north of the Mexican and United States boundary. Illustrated by 6 steel plates and upwards of 250 woodcuts. By Elliott Coues. Publisher Salem [Mass.] Naturalists' agency: New York, Dodd and Mead; [etc., etc.] 1872. [Accession at MCZ Library 1873.01.07 "Gift of the Author and Publishers Naturalist's Agency Salem"
KeyN.Am.Birds(2) Key to North American Birds. ..., 2nd edition. Coues, Elliott 1884 Boston 8vo. pp.xxx+863.
KeyN.Am.Birds(5) Key to North American Birds. ..., 5th edition. Coues, Elliott 1903 Boston 2 Vols.
KeysVert.Turk. Keys Vertebrata Turkomania
KingsleyStandardNat.Hist. The Standard Natural History Boston 6 vols.
KnownBirdsNorthMiddleAmerica The Known Birds of North and Middle America Distribution and Variation, Migrations, Changes, Hybrids, etc. Part I Hirundinidae to Mimidae; Certhiidae Phillips, Allan R. 1986 Privately Published. Denver CO.
KnowsleyMenagerie Gleanings from the Menagerie and Aviary at Knowsley Hall Gray, JE 1846 fol. privately printed Knowsley
Krit.Ueber.Europ. Kritische Uebersicht der Europäischen Vögel Schlegel, Hermann 1844 Leiden & Paris 8vo pp.135+116
K.SvenskaVetensk.Akad.Handl. K. Svensk. Vetenskapsakademiens Handlingar, Stockholm Kongliga Svenska Vetenskaps-Akademeins. Handlingar, Stockholm [Kungl. Svenska Vetenskpsakad. Handlingar, Tredje Ser. I ] K.Sv.Vet.Akad.Handl. for 1833 1834 p.309,310 Gyldenstolpe says Hedenborg & Sundevall K. Sv. Vet. Akad. Handl. for 1838 p.199 = 1839. re: Corvus umbrinus "It has generally been accepted, that the description of Corvus umbrinus Hedenb. & Sundev. dates from 1838. This is however, not quite correct. The description was read before the R. Swedish Academy of Science on the 12th. December 1838, but did not appear in print until 1839 (exact date impossible to ascertain)." vol.8 No.4 1851.04.09 (p.128) 1945 was ser.3 e.g. Gyldenstolpe, N. 1945. The bird fauna of Rio Jurua in western Brazil. K.SvenskaVetensk.Akad.Handl. ser.3, 22(3):1-338. [ ref: Gyldenstolpe, Nils. 1926. "Types of Birds in the Royal Natural History Museum in Stockholm." Arkiv For Zoologi. Band 19 A No.1 5 Nov. 1926. ]
K.Vetensk.Acad.Handl. Kongl. Vetenskaps Acad. Handlingar
Kupfer.Nat.Vog. Kupfertafeln zur Naturgeschichte der Vögel Kittlitz 1832-33 Frankfurt [ According to Zimmer, was issued in three parts. Part I, pp. I-II, 3-8, pll. 1-12 1832 Part II. ("XX") pp. 9-20, pll.13-24 1832 (?) Part III pp. 21-28, pll.25-36 1833. The date of the second part (given as an apparent typo by Zimmer as "XX") is the problem. The following (currently valid) taxa fall into 1832 or 1833 depending on the interpretation made. Aplonis corvina (Kittlitz) 1833 Kupfer.Nat.Vog. 2 p.12 pl.15 fig.3 Aplonis opaca (Kittlitz) 1833 Kupfer.Nat.Vog. 2 p.11 pl.15 fig.2 Zosterops conspicillatus (Kittlitz) 1833 Kupfer.Nat.Vog. 2 p.15 pl.19 fig.1 Phrygilus fruticeti (Kittlitz) 1833 Kupfer.Nat.Vog. 2 p.18 pl.23 fig.1 Phrygilus alaudinus (Kittlitz) 1833 Kupfer.Nat.Vog. 2 p.18 pl.23 fig.2 The Richmond Index has all these as 1833. With no notations regarding date. Peters has these as 1833 with the exception of Z. conspicillatus "1832?". Sherborn list these as "1832-3" Zimmer bases his "1832?" on Gadow's note in volume X Cat.Birds.Brit.Mus. My current plan (99.10.23) is to leave taxa from Heft. 2 as 1833, understanding that additional evidence MAY indicate that 1832 is correct (this is somewhat my suspicion). My rationale is that 1833 is most consistent with the majority of published works. (particulary Peters and the Richmond Index). ]
Kurz.Gem.Naturgesch.In-Ausl. Kurzgefaszte gemeinnützige Naturgeschichte des In- und Auslandes für Schulen und hauslichen Unterricht. Bechstein, Johann Matthaus [1757-1822] 1792-97 Leipzig 2v in 4. S.L. Crusius. [Note!: evidently not: Kurzgefasste gemeinnutzige Naturgeschichte der Gewachee des In- und Auslandes. Ein Lehrbuch zum Unterricht und Hilfsmittel zum Gebrauch bey andern Wissenschaften. Bechstein, Johann Matthaus [1757-1822] 1794-96 Leipzig, 2v S.L. Crusius. ]
Kurz.Nach.Naturhist.Dannemark. Kurzgefasste Nachrichten die Naturhistorie in Dännemark bettreffend. Aus dem Dänischen übersetzt. Pontoppodan, Erik Ludvigsen [1698-1764] 1765 Copenhagen & Hamburg. pp.232 17 pls.
K.Vet.Akad.NyaHandl. Kongl.(Kungl.)(Svenska) Vetenskaps Akad.(Acad.) nya (NYA) Handlingar Founded 1739. Word "Svenska" omitted from the title 1757-1854. [Under Stockhlom in Cat.Brit.M.N.H.] K.Sv.Vet.-Akad.Forh. Kongl.(Kungl.)(Svenska) VetenskapsAkademien 1739-79 Handlinger ser. 1 1780-1812 Handlinger ser. 2 1813-54 Handlinger ser. 3 1855-1923 Handlinger ser. 4 1924- Handlinger ser. 5 Example of title page: Vol. XIX 1798
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