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Nachtr.Bechst.Naturgesch.Deutschlands Nachttrage zu Bechsteins Naturgeschicte Deutschlands
Narr.Exped.Zaire[Tuckey] Narrative of an Expedition to explore the river Zaire, usually called the Congo, in South Africa, in 1816, under the direction of Capt. J.K. Tuckey, R.N., to which is added, the Journal of Professor Smith; and some general observations on the country and its inhabitants. Tuckey, James Kingston [1776-1816] 1818 New York. p.L,lxxxi, 1,410
Narr.Journ.PolarSea[Franklin] Narrative of a Journey to the Shores of the Polar Sea in the Years 1819,20, 21, and 22 Sir John Franklin. With an appendix on various subjects relating to science and natural history 1823
Narr.Journ.RockyMts. Narrative of a journey across the Rocky Mountains, to the Columbia River, and a visit to the Sandwich Islands, Chili, &c.; with a scientific appendix... Townsend, John Kirk 1839 viii, [9] -352 Philadelphia
Narr.travelN.Cent.Afr.[Denham&Clapperton] Narrative of travels and discoveries in Northern and Central Africa, in the years 1822, 1823, and 1824, by Major Denham, F.R.S., Captain Clapperton, and the late Doctor Oudney, extending across the Great Desert to the tenth degree of northern latitute, and from Kouka in Bornou, to Sackatoo, the capital of the Felatah empire. The appendix contains: no.I-XVI. Translations from the Arabic, of various letters and documents, brought from Bornou and Soudan by Major Denham and Captain Clapperton. By A. Salame. Denham, Dixon [1786-1828] Clapperton, Hugh [1788-1827] London J. Murray 1826 xlviii, 269 p. illus., fold. map. Note: Attribution of authority is a bit confused in this work, with newly named taxa attributed to Children, Vigors & Children, or Children & Vigors. My working notes collating the various representations are as follows:
  • Bob Dowsett informs me (in litt. 2006.06.30) that review of the original descriptions and additional supporting evidence (including Zool.J. 1827 p.452) argues for Children & Vigors as the proper authority for the taxa named as new in this work.

  • Narr.Voy.Capt.Cook An Authentic narrative of a voyage performed by Captain Cook and Captain Clerke in His Majesty's Ships Resolution and Discovery, during the years 1776, 1777, 1778, 1779 and 1780, in search of a north-west passage between the continents of Asia and America. Including a faithful account of all their discoveries, and the unfortunate death of Captain Cook. 1782 [Note: I can find no copy in a library catalogue of this with the date of 1782, every copy I have found so far is the 2nd Ed. and is dated 1783.
    Narr.Voy.Disc.NewS.Wales Narrative of a voyage of discovery in the years 1800-2 to New South Wales. Grant, James London 1804 [1 v.] plates
    Narr.WhalingVoy. Narrative of a whaling voyage round the globe, from the year 1833 to 1836. Comprising sketches of Polynesia, California, the Indian Archipelago, etc. Bennett, Frederick Debell 2 vols. "Birds: v. 2 p.242-54 London
    NaschaOchota Nascha Ochota [CWR "Nasa Ochota"] Buturlin 1908-> [Note: Title is "Our Hunting"; the consonant is a х This is a velar consonant, and has no equivalent in English, it is close to the Castilian j (in Juan) or the German ch (in Bach), or the Scottish ch (in loch).] "Nasha Ohota" is closer to the sound.
    Nat.Appl.Sci.Bull. Title: Natural and applied science bulletin. Published: Quezon City, College of Arts and Sciences, University of the Philippines [etc.] Description: v. ill., maps, diagrs. 26 cm. v.1(1930/1931)-v.21:no.3(1969), v.22(1970)-v.23:no.1(1971:Jan.), v.23:no.3(1971), v.24(1972)-v.32(1980), v.33:no.1/2(1981), v.37:no.1(1985:Jan./Mar.), v.37:no.4(1985:Oct./Dec.)-v.40(1988)
    Nat.Argentina El Naturalista argentino : revista de historia natural. Buenos Aires Enrique Lynch Arribálzaga [& Eduard Ladislao Holmberg, 1878.
    Nat.Hist.BirdsN.S.Wales[Lewin] A natural history of the birds of New South Wales, collected, engraved, and faithfully painted after nature. New and improved ed. Lewin, John William [1770-1819] [Gould] 1838 London
    Nat.Hist.Ducks A natural history of the ducks... Phillips, John Charles [1876-1938] 1922-26 4 v. Boston Houghton Mifflin
    Nat.Hist.JuanFernandezEasterIsl. Natural History of Juan Fernandez and Easter Island Edited by Carl Skottsberg. 1880-1963. Publisher Uppsala, Almqvist & Wiksells Boktryckeri, 1920- 1920 v.3 pts. in v. illus., map. 28 cm. Note Cover title. Bibliography/index Includes bibliographies. Cont (inc.) v. 1. Geography, geology, origin of island life. V. 2. Botany. V. 3. Zoology published from 1921 -1940 Part. I 1921 Part. II 1922 Part. III 1924 Print dates: p.437 21/3 1924 p.460 22/3 1924 Part. IV 1931 Print dates: p.552 17/3 1930 p.628 7/10 1931 ... p.688 9/1 1940
    Nat.Hist.Labuan Contributions to the Natural History of Labuan and the adjacent coasts of Borneo. Motley, James [1814-1892] & Dillwyn, LI. 1855 pp.62, 12 col. pls. 8vo London
    Nat.Hist.Pig. Nat.Hist.Pigeons ## 1835 Selby ## Can't find in CWR or Woods.?? ? part of Nat.Libr?
    Nat.Hist.Selborne[White] The Natural History of Selborne White, Gilbert 1789 London Many subsequent issues and editions.
    Nat.Hist.Selborne[White]ed.Rennie The Natural History of Selborne White, Gilbert "Prof. Rennie's" edition 1832 8vo p.12+562 London [note CWR lists date for this as 1833]
    Nat.Libr. The naturalist's Library. Parrots. Selby, Prideaux John 1836 vol. VI of the ornithological series. serial 18 as issued. later editions have as vol. 15 or X. The naturalist's library. Flycatchers. Swainson, William 1838 vol. X of the ornithological series serial 21 as issued. later editions have as vol. XVII or XIII The naturalist's Library. Sunbirds. Jardine, William 1843 vol. XIII of the ornithological series. serial 16 as issued. later editions have as vol. 36 or V. The naturalist's Library. Marsupials. Waterhouse, George Robert 1841 vol. XI of the mammalian series. serial 30 as issued. later editions have as vol. 24 or X. [ Citations are given without volume numbers, as so MANY volume numbers are available, and they are only confusing. ]
    Nat.Misc. The naturalists' miscellany: or Coloured figures of natural objects; drawn and described immediately from nature. 24 vols. 1790-1813 Vols. I-XXIV, 1064 pl. (col., 282 of birds) (published in 287 (often erroneousl as 267) numbers with 3 plates each. Later vols. have 4 pls. each. [CWR unpubl. notes on Dates of Publication].) Vols. I-XII Shaw, George and F.P. Nodder Vols. XIII-XXI Shaw and E. Nodder and R.P. Nodder [continued Zoological Miscellany by W.E. Leach and R.P. Nodder] dates of pub discussed in Sherborn CD, Ann.Mag.Nat.Hist.(4) 1895 15 p.375

    Collation of material with additional notes

    Volume Plates Year Notes
    I 1-15 1789
  • Published from 1 Aug. 1789 to Dec. 1789
  • 3 plates in each monthly number.
  • All plates except no.3 are dated
  • All plates numbered, except no.15
  • Plates have address "No. 13 Panton St."
  • Frontispiece gives the address "No.15 Brewer St." which is the address given on most of the plates later in the work, suggesting that the Frontispiece was prepared after most of the plates for the work had been printed.
  • I 16-37 1790
  • Published from Jan. 1790 to July 1790
  • 3 plates in each monthly number except 4 in April 1790
  • There are two Actinia anenome plates for April.
  • All plates are dated.
  • In the copy at the Bancroft Library, plates 22,23, and 24 are bound in the order 22,24,23.
  • II 38-52 1790
  • Published from 1 Aug. 1790 to Dec. 1790
  • 3 plates in each monthly number.
  • All plates are dated.
  • II 53-74 1791
  • Published from Jan. 1791 to 1 July 1791
  • 3 plates in each monthly number except 4 in Feb. 1791 the additional plate being an illustration of the gape of Bradypus ursinus.
  • All plates are dated, save the additional plate which appears to have come out in February.
  • In the Bancroft Library copy, the addtional plate (no.59) is bound before plate no.58.
  • III 75-89 1791
  • All plates are dated; three plates per monthly number
  • CWR unpubl. notes "saw cover of no. XXIX dated MDCCXCI" (no.XXIX would be the number for December, 1791).
  • CWR Psittacus concinnus Vol.III No.5 Dec., 1791 pl.87+text
  • Note Sherborn in his 1895 Ann.Mag.Nat.Hist. XV:375 article indicates plate no.87 is the last plate for 1791, the first of several of his demonstrable errors in this piece. This would imply that plates 88, and 89 should date to 1792, however Sherborn himself dates these two taxa (Xiphias platypterus and Lacerta unistriata) to 1792 in his Index Animalium (pp.759,1019 of his 1902 volume).
  • Additionally Sherborn's listing implies the December number contained only one plate.
  • Clearly Sherborn himself did not follow the dates he had published in the Ann.Mag.Nat.Hist., though he cites that as the only reference for Nat.Misc. dates in this 1902 volume!
  • While Sherborn felt free to ingnore his Ann.Mag.Nat.Hist. compilation of dates, other workers have generally treated this work as the final word on the matter.
  • Having gotten himself "out-of-sequence", it would appear that NO subsequent Nat.Misc. dates from Sherborn's Ann.Mag.Nat.Hist. piece should be trusted without additional verification. Clearly Sherborn appears to have ignored his work when determining some dates, and since he gives no indication when it should be ignored, and when heeded, it would appear wisest to ignore his Ann.Mag.Nat.Hist. work for dates entirely.
  • III 90-110 1792
  • Three plates per monthly number
  • CWR Psittacus eximius Vol.III No.7 Feb., 1792 pl.93+text
  • CWR Psittacus pulchellus Vol.III No.8 March., 1792 pl.96+text
  • Plate no.99 Casuarius australis is undated, but it would be expected to be the first plate in the April number. CWR dates this plate to April 1792.
  • Published from Jan. 1792 to 1 July 1792
  • Sherborn's Ann.Mag.Nat.Hist. listing is necessarily out of sequence as he considers the number to start with no.88 instead of no.90. He does include the correct ending plate (no.110) which implies he believed there were extra plates published in the number; all the plates but one are dated which makes this seem most unlikely.
  • One notes with some interest that the July plates are dated as published July 1st, 1792, which would have been a Sunday. Whether a Sunday publication is likely or not, I have no idea.
  • IV 111-125 1792
  • All plates but one (no.112) are dated.
  • CWR Motacilla hirundinacea Vol.IV No.2 Sept., 1792 pl.114+text
  • IV 126-145 1793
    V 146-161 1793
  • CWR Pipra caudata Vol.V No.3 Oct., 1793 pl.153+text
  • V 162-182 1794
    VI 183-195? 1794
    VI ?196-218 1795
    VII 219-230 1795
    VII 231-254 1796
    VIII 255-278? 1796
    VIII ?279-300 1797
    IX 301-324 1797
    1. Vultur californianus
      • pl.301 Vultur californianus often dated to 1798.
      • Changed from 1797 (AOU CL 4th, 5th) to 1798 (6th).
      • Peters CL 1(2):277; 1798 (without comment).
      • HBW 2:40; 1798 (without comment).
      • CWR lists Vol. IX No.1 Sept., 1797 pl.301, text
    2. pl.321 Phasianus ignita
      • Dated by Sherborn to 1797
      • CWR lists Vol. IX No.6 Feb., 1798 pl.321+text
      • Lisney indicates (p.238) that for this year it is "probable that four [plates] were issued in each monthly number"; this would make Feb. 1798 highly likely, and 1797 extremely unlikely.
    IX 325-348 1798
    X 349-364 1798
    X 365-396 1799
    XI 397-412 1799
    XI 413-444 1800
    XII 445-463 1800
    XII 464-492 1801
    XIII 493-508 1801
    XIII 509-540 1802
    XIV 541-567 1802
    XIV 568-588 1803
    XV 589-612 1803
    XV 613-635 1804
    XVI 636-660 1804
  • CWR lists Psittacus zonarius pl.657 to No.6 Feb. 1805
  • Of interest, Sherborn's tabulation here would date pl.657 to 1804, but Sherborn himself dates this taxon to 1805 in Index Animalium:7049.
  • XVI 661-684 1805
    XVI 685-708 1805
    XVII 709-732 1806
    XVIII 733-756 1806
    XVIII 757-780 1807
    XIX 781-804 1807
    XIX 805-828 1808
    XX 829-852 1808
    XX 853-878 1809
    XXI 879-900 1809
    XXI 901-924 1810
    XXII 925-948 1810
    XXII 949-972 1811
    XXIII 973-996 1811
    XXIII 997-1020 1812
    XXIV 1021-1044 1812
    XXIV 1045-1068 1813
    The most complete discussion of this work known to me is: A Bibliography of British Lepidoptera 1608-1799. Arthur A. Lisney The Chiswick Press London 1960 (Privately printed) There are a significant number of disagreements between Lisney's collation, and the tabular representation by Sherborn. Unfortunately, a listing showing which plates have which dates has not been published. This would substantially increase the certainty with regard to a number of the dates at issue. Sherborn's dates appear to be those that have been followed by many of the more careful workers (many dates alternatively are listed that simply seem to be repetitions of previous errors). It appears that Sherborn's dates may be incorrectly worked out. Subsequently, an important and detailed publication undertakes a careful review of the dates of publication for this work. "Vivarium naturae or the naturalist's miscellany (1789-1813) by George Shaw: an assessment of the dating of the parts and volumes" Edward C. Dickinson Murray D. Bruce Robert J. Dowsett. Archives of Natural History 33:322-343. It is worth noting that for avian names this detailed investigation shows that the dates determined by Charles W. Richmond, and previously published are all correct.
    Spreadsheet in progress
    Nat.Syst.Amphibien Naturliches System der Amphibien mit vorangehender Classification der Saugthiere un Vogel, &c. Wagler, Johann Gerog 1830 pp. vi,354: 9 pls. 8vo&fol. Munchen
    Natl.Mus.N.Z.Rec. National Museum of New Zealand Records. 1(7) -- May 19, 1976.
    Naturalist The Naturalist; illustrative of the Animal, Vegetable, and Mineral Kingdoms with highly finished coloured engravings and woodcuts. Conducted by B. Maund, F.L.S. ... and W. Holl, F.L.S. ([and afterwards] N. Wood). 1837-39 8vo London Vol. I (Aug. 1836- Jan. 1837) (no. 5 Publ. Dec. 1836) Vol. II [title varies] (Apr.(?) 1837 - Dec. 1837). Edited by Neville Wood. v. II no.VI pub. Jan. 21, 1837 v. II no.VII pub. Apr. 10, 1837 - for Apr. v. II no.VIII pub. Apr. 30, 1837 - for May v. II no.IX pub. May 27, 1837 - for June v. II no.X pub. July 1, 1837 - for July Vol. III Jan-Sept. 1838 Vol. IV Oct. 1839 - June 1839. Vol. V July-Sept. 1839. Vol. V July-Sept. 1839. [data from CWR unpublished notes on Dates of Publication].
    Nature Protection
    Naturfors. Der Naturforscher, Halle
    Naturgesch.Abb.Vog.ed.2 Naturgeschichte und Abildungen der Vogel &c. ed.2 Schinz, Heinrich R. [1777-1861] 1846-53 Leipzig issued in 21 parts [ [Nat.Un.Cat 96.05.01 ] Note: much confusion here: 1. Naturgeschichte der Vogel. Bearbeitet von Dr. Hans Rudolf Schinz, Prof. der Zoologie in Zurich, &c. Mit sorgfaltig koloriten Abbildungen nach der Natur une der vorzülichten naturwissenschafltichen Werken gezeichnet. Scheinz, Heinrich Rudolf Zwiete, ... Zurich. Verlag von franz Hanke 1854. : "At head of title: 1846-53." 2. Naturgeschichte und Abbildungen der Vogel, nach den neusten Systemen bearbeitet von H.R. Schinz. Nach der Natur u. den vorzuglichsten Originalien gezeichnet u. lithogrpahirt von K. I. Brodtmann. Zurich, 1836. 3. Naturgeschichte und Abbildungen der Vo:gel-Gattungen; nach den neusten Systemen zum gemeinnützigen Gebrache entworfen, und mit Berucksichigung f&uunl;r den Unterricht der Jugend bearbeitet. Nach der Natur u. den vorzuglichsten Originalien gezeichnet und lithographirt von K. J. Brodtmann. Zurich, 1836. ]
    Naturgesch.Afr.Vog.[Levaillant] F. Le Vaillant's Naturgeschichte der Africanischen Vogel. Aus dem Franzosischen uberstzt, und mit Amnerkung verschen von J. M. Bechstein. Levaillant, F. [1797] 1802 pp.210 48 pls. col. 4to Nurnberg [CWR gives as 1798; Forster is not mentioned in the BMNH entry.?] F. le Vaillant
    Naturgesch.LandWasserVogelNord.Deutsch. Naturgeschichte der Land- und Wasser-Vogel des nordlichen Deutschlands...nach dem Leben gezeichnet. 1791-1817
    Naturgesch.StubenthiereEd.2 Naturgeschichte der Stubenthiere : oder Anleitung zur Kentniss und Wartung derjenigen Thiere, welche man in der Stube halten kann. 1 Bd. : die Stubenvögel J.M. Bechstein. Publisher Gotha : C.W. Ettinger, 1800. 2nd Ed. [First edition lacks descr. of Psittacus Manillensis]
    Naturgesch.Thierr.HohereSchulen Naturgeschichte des Thierreichs fur hohere Schulen Naturgeschichte des Thierreichs für höhere Schulen Gistl (Gistel), J von NFX 1848 fol. Stuttgart pp. xvi,216[4]: 32 col pls.
    Naturgesch.Vog.Deutsch. Johann Andreas Naumann's mehrerer gelehrten Gesellschaften Mitgliede, Naturgesch.Vog.Deutsch. ... Naumann, JF 1822-60 Leipzig & Stuttgart [NOTE: not Hanb.Naturgesch.Vog.Deutsch.]
    Naturgesch.Vog.Mitteleuropas Naturgeschicte Vögel Mitteleuropas
    Naturhist.Tidskr.[Kroyer] Naturhistorisk Tidsskrift Copenhagen 1837-1843 ser.1 1844-1849 ser.2 1861-1884 ser.3
    Naturl.Sys.Vog. Avium systema naturale. Das naturliche System der Vogel ... Reichenbach. 1850 1849-53 Leipzig
    Natursyst.Suppl. Des Ritters C. von Linne...vollstandiges Natursystem nach der zwolften Lateinischen Ausgabe und nach Anleitung des Hollandischen Houttuynischen Werks, mit einer ausfuhrlichen Erklarung ausgefertiget von P. L. S. Muller. Muller, PLS 8vo Nurnberg 1773-76 Supplement - 1776
    Natuurk.Tijdschr.Neder.Ind. Natuurk. Tijdsch. voor Nederlandsch Indië. [Rallus Hoeveni von Rosenberg 1866. XXIX, or ser.6 IV, or Afl. 2-4 p.144] [ ? rel to other Tijd. Neder Ind. ]
    Note: Date uncertainty:
    Nauch.Rezult.Putesh.Przewalski.Tzent.Azii. Nauchnuie Rezul'tatui puteshestvii N. M. Przheval'skagho po tzentral'noi Azii, &c. - Wissenschaftliche Resultate der von N. M. Przewalski nach Central-Asien unternommenen Reisen, &c. Zoologischer Theil Bd. II Vogel. Bearbeitet von T. Pleske. Lief. 1-3. pp.192. 1889-94 [ sometimes as: Wissen.Result.PrzewalsiReisen,Zool.Theil Wissenschaftliche Resultate der von N. M. Prrzewalski nach Central-Asien unternommenen Reisen, &c. as Titles and text are parallel columns of Russian and German ]
    Naumannia Naumannia. Archiv für die Ornithologie, vorzugsweise Europa's. Organ der deutschen Ornithologen-Gesellschaft. ([afterwards] Ornithologen - Verien ). Herausgegeben von Eduard Baldamus. Bd I, II, & Jahrg. 1851-54 (?1849 - 1854) 8vo Stuttgart Intro to Bd.I Heft I. is dated "September 1849." on p.VIII. Zweites Heft. "1850" Drittes Heft. "1850" Viertes Heft. "1851" Bd. II 1852. Continued as: Naumannia, Journal fur die Ornithologie, voraugseise Europa's. Organ der Deutschen Ornitholgen-Gesellschaft. Redgirt von E. Baldamus. Jahrg. 1855-58
    Nederl.Tijdschr.Dierk. Nederlandsch Tijdschrift voor De Dierkunde 1863-1884 8vo Amsterdam Publ. of Koninklijk Zoologisch Genootschap "Natura Artis Magistra" [? 1871 vs 1873 for vol 4 CWR has (generally 1871 with no further comments, but under Melampitta has "1873" in quotes! Peters has about half 1871 and half 1873 (1871) or permutations. ] Florence F. J. M. Pieters Artis Bibliotheek Universiteit van Amsterdam Plantage Middenlan 45 1018 DC Amsterdam Tel: 020-5256614 Fax.: 020 -5256614 Vol. 1 1863 [see note below] Vol. 2 1864-5 pp. 1-112: 1864 (issue 1-3) pp.113-212: 1864 (issue 4-6) pp.213-375: 1865 (issue 7-12) Vol. 3 1865-6 pp. 1-72 : 1865 (issue 1-2) pp. 73-180: 1865 (issue 3-6) pp.181-308: 1866 (issue 7-10) pp.309-401: 1866 (issue 11-12) Vol. 4 1871-73 pp. 1-32 : 1871 (issue 1) pp. 33-112: 1871 (issue 2/3) pp.113-240: 1872 (issue 4-7) pp.241-272: 1872 (issue 8) pp.273-393: 1873 (issue 9-12) Mees discusses the dates of publication of the early part of this serial. (ref. Mees GF 1973 "Once more: the identity and authorship of Treron griseicauda." BBOC. 93(3):119-120.). He indicates that Schlegel In Ibis 1863 5:119-120 indicates that the first nine sheets of this serial were printed around the middle of 1862, but that "publication of this work can only begin with 1863." [APP: exactly what that means is not clear to me] That issue of the Ibis contained a review of Schlegel's paper, and an article by Wallace discussing it. This indicates that the Schlegel article was published well before the July Ibis but possibly well before Wallaces PZS publication of Treron griseicauda. It must be mentioned that Mees' speculation was based in part on his belief (based on Duncan 1937) that the issue of PZS in question was published in April of 1863. The Richmond Index indicates that that issue of the PZS was published in February, not April. In my view the date of the Richmond Index is much more likely to be correct than Duncan's date, and it makes it more likely that Schlegels article could have been published in 1863, though I agree 1862 must remain a speculative possibility.
    Nemouria Nemouria: Occasional Papers of the Delaware Museum of Natural History. Greenville, DE No.1 D 1970
    Neotrop.Ornith. Neotropical Ornithology Ornithological Monographs no.36
    Neotropica Neotropica. Publisher La Plata, Sociedad Zoológica del Plata. 1- 1954-
    NestsEggsAustralianBirds Nests and eggs of Australian birds, including the geographical distribution of the species and popular observations thereon, by Archibald James Campbell .... With map, 28 coloured plates and 131 photographic illustrations. 2 vol. Sheffield, Printed for the author by Pawson & Brailsford, 1901.
    NestEggsIndianBirds[Hume] Nests and eggs of Indian birds. Rough draft. Part. I Hume, Allan Octavian 1873 Calcutta 1vol. 8vo pp. 1-2, 1-3+1, 1-662 Issued in 3 pts. pp.1-236 1873 pp.237-489+1 1874 pp.491-662 1875
    NeueAlpina Neue Alpina (J.R. Steinmuller) Winterthur [Switzerland] Vol. 1-2 1821-27 [A continuation of Alpina]
    NeueNordischeBeytrage Neue Nordische Beytraege Zur Physikalischen und Geographischen Erd- Und Voelkerbeschreibung, Naturgeschichte, Und Oekonomie 1781-96 8vo St. Petersburg. & Leipzig
    NeueStaatsb.Magazin Neue Staatsbu:rgliches Magazin [Schleswig]
    NeueWirbelth.Vog. Neue Wirbelthiere zu der Fauna von Abyssinien gehörig, entdeckt und beschreiben von Dr. Eduard Rüppel. Vögel. (New vertebrate animals belonging to the fauna of Abyssinia, discovered and described by Dr. Eduard Rüppell) Ruppell, Eduard Wilhelm Peter Simon 1835-40 Frankfurt-a-Main
    Zimmer, 1926 indicates: CWR seems to have 183. and doesn't number the Lieferungen.

    Bob Dowsett writes (2003.03.02):

    		'BUT Sawyer F.C. 1952. "The dates of publication of 
    		Wilhelm Peter Eduard Simon Rüppell's [1794-1884] 
    		"Neue Wirbelthiere zu der Fauna von Abyssinien gehörig" 
    		(fol., Frankfurt a. M., 1835-1840)." 
    		J. Soc. Bibliogr. Nat. Hist. 2:407 
    		claimed that pp.81-116 & pll.31-42 were published in 1840.'
    NewS.Afr.Orn.RecordsNewForms New South African Records and New Forms
    NewZealandBirds New Zealand Birds Oliver, Walter Reginald Brook (Dr) 1930
    NewZealandBirdsed2 New Zealand Birds 2nd Edition Oliver, Walter Reginald Brook (Dr) 1955 661pp.
    Nicoll's Birds of Egypt 2 Vols. 1930 (Michael John Nicoll & Richard Meinertzhagen) Meinertzhagen completed the work on the death of Nicoll (
    Nomen.Anim.Gen.Subgen. Nomenclature animalium Nomenclator animalium generum et subgenerum; im Auftrage der Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin herausgegeben von F. E. Schulze, W. Kükenthal, fortgesetzt von K. Heider, Schriftleiter: Th. Kuhlgatz. Publisher Berlin, Preussische Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1926-1954. My holdings: (listed simply for my convenience --- but it IS my website...) A-Anaj. 10 März 1926 Anak.-Athec. 15 Mai 1926 ... Fa.-Halya. 5 Oktober 1929 Halyb.-Hyeto. 28 März 1930 Hyeto.-Lauxanacanthis 7 Oktober 1930 Lauxanacanthix-Macroglossa 15 April 1931 Macroglossap.-Microto. 8 Oktober 1931 Microt.-Nesost. 3 August 1932 Nesosus-Ostreoch. 10 Juni 1933 Ostreola-Penes. 25 November 1933 Peneta-Platysteg. 3 Juli 1934 Platysteira-Pseudaphan 8 März 1935 Pseudaphan-Rhynchith. 11 Dezember 1935 Rhynchitob.-Som. 8 Oktober 1936 Son.-Tachymeris 3 September 1937 Tachymerops-Trichoec. 30 August 1938 Trichoel.-Zaphleg. 27 Januar 1940 Zaphlethis-Zyzzygus 26 April 1954
    Nomen.Av.Neotrop. Nomenclator Avium Neotropicalium Sive Avium Quae In Regione Neotropica Hucusque Repertæ Sunt Nomina Systematice Disposita Adjecta Sua Cuique Speciei Patria Accedunt Generum Et Specierum Novarum Diagnoses. Sclater, Philip and Salvin, Osbert 1873 London
    Nomen.Mus.Heine.Orn.[Heine&Reichenow] Nomenclator Musei Heineani Ornithologici. Heine & Reichenow 1882 - 1890 not issued until 1890. vi + 373 pp. Berlin
    Nomen.Zool. Nomenclator zoologicus; a list of the names of genera and subgenera in zoology from the tenth edition of Linnaeus, 1758, to the end of 1935, edited by Sheffield Airey Neave ... Publisher London, Pub. for the proprietors by the Zoological society of London, 1939-1996. vol 1-9. Electronic version available at: MBL Electronic version
    APP Notes:
    Nomen.Zool.IndexUniv. Nomenclatoris zoologici index universalis Agassiz, Jean Louis Rodolphe 1846 pp.8+393 Solothurn
    On examining the copies of Nomenclatoris zoologici index universalis in the Herpetology Division of the U.S. National Museum, I found, tipped in a copy of a two-page paper by Donovan and Smith, which I here reproduce.
    	The Dates of Publication of Louis Agassiz'
    		Nomenclator Zoologicus
    	Donovan, R. Bowley and Horbart M. Smith
    	Most copies of Agassiz' Nomenclator Zoologicus are bound without
    the original covers, and since no other single source gives the dates
    of publication of all parts, which are of considerable nomenclatural
    importance, we here place on record the information on publication 
    dates that has been gleaned from a copy in the Library of the Museum
    of Comparative Zoology. This copy was presented by Alexander Agassiz to 
    Walter Faxon, who in turn bequeathed it to the Library, in which it was
    accessioned October 16, 1934.
    	As given to the printed cover of each fascicle, the publication
    dates and contents of the separate fascicles are as follows:
    	Fasciclus I 	(Mammalia, Echinodermata et Acelephas): 1842.
    	Fasciclus II 	(Aves): 1842.
    	Fasciclus III et IV 
    		(Crustacea et Vermes, i.e. Entozoa, Turbellaria et Annulata; 
    		Hemiptera et Infusoria; Polygastrica et Rotataria): 1843.
    	Fasciclus V et VI 
    		(Neuroptera, Orthoptera, Polypi et Reptilia): 1844.
    	Fasciclus VII et VIII 
    		(Mammalia (addenda), Aves (addenda), Reptilia (addenda),
    		Pisces, Crustacea (addenda), Hemiptera (addenda), 
    		Orthoptera (addenda), Neuroptera (addenda), Hymenoptera,
    		Vermes (addenda), Rotatoria (addenda), Polygastrica (addenda),
    		Echinodermata (addenda), Acalephas (addenda), et Polypos (addenda):
    	Fasciclus IX et X 
    		(Titulum et Praefotionem Operis, Mollusca, Lepidoptera, 
    		Strepsiptera, Diptera, Myriapoda, Thysanura, Thyusanoptera, 
    		Suctoria, Epizoa et Arachnidas): 1846.
    	Fasciclus XI
    		(Coleoptera): 1846.
    	Fasciclus XII
    		(Indicem Universalem): 1847.
    	Of additional special interest to nomenclature is the indicated date of
    publication of the Index Universalis, which has been almost universally accepted
    as 1846 in conformance with the date printed on the title page. It is presumed
    that the title page was printed with other parts in 1846, but that the Index
    actually did not appear until 1847. Carus and Englemann (1861, Bibliotheca
    Zoologica: 238), in fact, give the date 1848 for the Index, presumably in error.
    	A note is pencilled in on the title page of another copy of the Nomenclator in
    MCZ Library, giveing the date of publication of a "fascicle 13" as 1847, but
    presumably it refers actually to fascicle 12, and may aid in confirmation of
    1847 as the date of publication for the Index.
    	Although "Infusoria" appers on the cover of fasciculus III-IV, the name
    does not appear on the title page of either fasciculus, nor does material
    pertaining to this group appear in either the Nomenclator or the Index Universalis.
    	Although "Infusioria" appears on the cover of fasciculus III-IV, the name does
    not appear on the title page of either fasciculus, nor does material pertaining
    to this group appear in either the Nomenclator or the Index Universalis.
    	The Faxon copy is bound with the three parts not regularly present in other
    copies: a "Prospectus" for the work, a "Lecori Benevolo", and author-publisher
    notes. None of these parts, for example, is present in the other two copies in the 
    Museum Library, and only one of them (the "Lectori Benevolo") is bound with the 
    copy in the University of Illinois Library.
    	An interleaved annotated copy of the Nomenclator, bound in four volumes, from
    Agassiz' personal library, now exists in the Rare Book Room of the Library of the
    Museum of Comparative Zoology.
    ----Library, Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University, Cambridge Massachuesttes;
    and Department of Zoology and Museum of Natural History, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana.
    NorddeutscheAllgem.Zeitung Norddeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (Newspaper).
    NorthAm.Fauna North American fauna Publisher: Washington, Fish and Wildlife Service; for sale by the Supt. of Docs., U. S. Govt. Print. Off. Description: no. ill. 23 cm. no. 1 (1889)- Notes: Nos. 6, 9, not published. No. 1-56 issued by the U.S. Bureau of Biological Survey (called Division of Ornithology and Mammalogy, no. 1-12, 1889-96; Division of Biology Survey, no. 13-24, 1897-19 ; Biological Survey, no. 25, 1905); no. 57-64, 1941-62, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; no. 65-69; 1968-74, U.S. Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife; no. 70- 1975- U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
    NoteViaggioPersia Note di un viaggio in Persia nel 1862 Filippo De Filippi
    NotesLeydenMus. Notes from the Rijksmuseum van Natuurl. Historie. Ed. by H. Schlegel 1879 -> Leyden 8vo [ Publishing appears irregular. Some volumes cross years, and it appears multiple volumes have appeared within years. ] Year Vol. 1879 I. 1880 II. 1881 III. [Glareolus nuchalis liberae Schlegel 1881 NotesLeydenMus. 3 no.2 p.58. Apr (CWR)] No.1 Jan. 1881 No.2 Apr. 1881 No.3 Jul. 1881 No.4 Oct. 1881 1882 IV. No.1 Jan. 1882 No.2 Apr. 1882 No.3 Jul. 1882 No.4 Oct. 1882 1883 V. No.1 Jan. 1883 No.2 Apr. 1883 No.3 Jul. 1883 No.4 Oct. 1883 1884 VI. No.1 Jan. 1884 No.2 Apr. 1884 No.3 Jul. 1884 No.4 Oct. 1884 1885 VII. No.1 Jan. 1885 No.2 Apr. 1885 No.3 Jul. 1885 No.4 Oct. 1885 1886 VIII. No.1 Jan. 1886 No.2 Apr. 1886 No.3 Jul. 1886 No.4 Oct. 1886 1887 IX. No.1 Jan. 1887 No.2 Apr. 1887 No.3 Jul. 1887 No.4 Oct. 1887 1888 X. No.1 and 2 Apr. 1888 No.3 Jul. 1888 No.4 Oct. 1888 1889 XI. 1890 XII. [1891 XIII.] * []= year/vol inferred. 1892 XIV., 1892 XV. (no.1) Oct 1892 (Note I-VI pp.1-104) 1893 XV. (no.2) Apr 1893 1893 XV. (no.3) Jul 1893 1893 XV. (no.4) Oct 1893 [1894 XVI.] 1895 XVII. 1896 XVIII. [1897 XIX.] 1898 XX. unpaginated note states: "Vol.XX was issued in parts in the following order: No.1 April 1898, Note I-XVI. [Imprint date "January 1898"] [pp.1-96] No.2 and 3 ["April and July"] September 1898, Note XVII-XXV. [pp.97-184] No.4 ["October"] February 1899, Note XXVI-XXXIX. [pp.185-263] 1899/1900 XXI. No.1-3 1899 [pp.1-144] No.4 March 1900 (Note VII p.145-289). 1900 XXII. No. 1 and 2 July 1900 1901 XXII. [Eugerygone Finsch 1901 NotesLeydenMus. 22 no.3 p.200. Mch (CWR)] No.3 March 1901 No.4 May 1901 1901 XXIII. [Poliolophus nieuwenhuisii Finsch 1901 NotesLeydenMus. 23 no.2 p.95. Dec. (CWR)] 1902 XXIII. [Crithagra estherae Finsch 1902 NotesLeydenMus. 23 no.3 p.151. July 15 (CWR)] 1903 XXIII. [Siphia hoevelli Meyer,AB 1903 NotesLeydenMus. 23 no.4 p.186. May (CWR)] [Ortholophus Cassini Finsch 1903 NotesLeydenMus. 23 no.4 p.201. May (CWR)] 1904 XXIV. .... .... 1910 XXXII. 1911 XXXIV.
    In addition to the irregular schedule of publishing, it appears that some material was published prior to the imprinted date. Charles W. Richmond notes (Proc.U.S.Nat.Mus. 53 no.2221 p.606 fn.2, in discussing Van Oort's publication in vol.28 No.1-2, July, 1906, that
    	"Repaged separates appear to have been published earlier,
    	as the paper is reviewed in the Ornith. Monatsber., June, 1906,
    NotesOrderProcell.[Mathews&Hallstrom] Notes on the Order Procellariiformes Mathews, Hallstrom 1943 Notes Order Procellariiformes
    NoticeTravauxScientifiques Notice sur les Travaux Scientifiques
    NotiserSallsk.FaunaFloraFennicaForh." Notiser ur Sällskapets pro Fauna et Flora Fennica föorhndlingar [Helsingfors] vol.1-14 1848-1875
    Notizen[Froriep] Notizen Aus Dem Gebiete Der Natur- Und Heilkunde, gesammelt...von L. F. v. Froriep, &c. 4to Erfurt & Weimar.
    NotiziaStor.Torino Notizia Storica dei lavori fatti dalla classe di Sci. Fisiche e Mat. della R. Acc. Sci. Torino
    Not.Nat. Notulae Naturae of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia no.1 My 1939 ->
    Notornis Notornis. (Ornithological society of New Zealand.) Masterton. 1, Ja 1943 -> 1-3, 1943 - Ap 1950 as New Zealand Bird Notes.
    Nouv.Ann.Mus.Hist.Nat. Nouv.Ann.Mus.D'Hist.Nat.(3) [CWR gives ser.3 for I GSt.-H. entries of 1832]
    Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat. Nouvelles Archives du Museum D'Histoire Naturelle De Paris 1865-74 Ser.1 1-10 1875-88 Ser.2 1-10 1889-98 Ser.3 1-10 1899-1908 Ser.4 1-10 1909-1930 Ser.5 ## Peters XIV:275 has Carpodacus davidianus Milne-Edwards 1866 vol.1 (1865) implying that Paynter et al. believed that some (or possibly all) volumes came out a year after the imprint date. ## discrepancy between CWR and Peters re Vol 6. as to whether 1870 or 1871. CWR has all as 1870. Evenhuis (cited in "Priority!") identified a date of "8 Jan. 1871" in the article preceeding the one containing bird descriptions by Verreaux. The delay appears to be due to damage to the museum in the seige of Paris. ## ?? also some vol.5(1869) are 1870. the break (by pp.) is not consistent. ## ?? are they all "Bull." NO! Dicrurus sharpei has "Bull." crossed out on CWR card. (this is series 2 ) all ser >=2 not "Bull." No. 5 looks like this 1869 Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat.Bull. 5 p 15 pl.1 fig.1 Sporophila frontalis 1869 Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat.Bull. 5 p 17 pl.1 fig.2 Megalurulus mariei 1869 Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat.Bull. 5 p 33 pl.6 Tetraophasis obscurus 1870 Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat.Bull. 5(1869) p 35 Garrulax formosus 1870 Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat.Bull. 5(1869) p 35 Yuhina diademata No. 6 looks like this 1871 Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat. 6(1870) p.34 Sitta sinensis 1870 Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat. 6 p.34 Spelaeornis troglodytoides 1870 Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat. 6 p.35 Chrysomma poecilotis 1870 Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat. 6 p.35 Paradoxornis alphonsianus 1870 Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat. 6 p.35 Paradoxornis paradoxus 1870 Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat. 6 p.36 Babax lanceolatus 1870 Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat. 6 p.36 Garrulax elliotii 1870 Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat. 6 p.36 Garrulax lunulatus 1870 Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat. 6 p.36 Garrulax maximus 1870 Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat. 6 p.37 Alcippe cinereiceps 1870 Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat. 6 p.37 Alcippe ruficapilla 1871 Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat. 6(1870) p.37 Cettia acanthizoides 1870 Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat. 6 p.38 Alcippe striaticollis 1870 Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat. 6 p.39 Aegithalos fuliginosus 1871 Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat. 6(1870) p.39 Carpodacus edwardsii 1871 Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat. 6(1870) p.39 Carpodacus trifasciatus 1871 Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat. 6(1870) p.39 Carpodacus vinaceus 1871 Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat. 6(1870) p.40 Montifringilla davidiana Data from the British Museum Library is due to the work of M. Daniels who provides the following: 'the Nouvelles Archives du Museum d'histoire naturelle [are] now in the Science collections at shelf-mark (OP) CB00-F(4) and listed under the title "Archives Museum d'histoire naturelle." These are the stamp dates, given in British format day/month/year; they are all 18-- 1864 Tom 1 1st fasc 8/11/65; 2nd fasc unstamped, 3rd fasc. unstamped, 4th fasc includes a Bulletin stamped 10/10/66. 1866 vol 2 1st fasc unstamped, fasc 2 6/12/66, fasc 3 9/1/67, fasc 4 9/4/67 1867 vol 3 23/7/68 1868 vol 4 8/12/69 1869 vol 5 9/5/72 1870 vol 6 9/5/72 1871 vol 7 24/4/73 Yours M Daniels' These dates suggest a substantial number of taxa may need alterations of date. My examination of the set at the Library of the National Museum of Natural History shows the following:
  • The Fascicules are stamped with apparent acquisition dates (from early in the 20th century, and the volumes are stamped with what I interpret to possibly be binding dates (from late in the 20th century). Then covers, when bound in the back of the volume, have pasted on an oblong of paper, which I presume to be the label from the wrapper of the Fascicule. It contains the Tome and Fascicule number and the list of articles from the Memoire and Bulletin (if present). The later examples have handwritten indications of the pagination and plate numbers included. Tome Premier: 1865 Premier Fascicule: pp.1-64 Deuxième Fascicule: pp.65-184 "NOTA. -- Les planches devant être réunies par ordre de numéros à la fin du volume, il ne faut attacher aucune importance à leur disposition passagèer dans les fascicules." [APP note: this notice continues on the foot of all subsequent fascicule covers]. Troisième Fascicule: pp.185-256 Quatrième Fascicule: pp.257-319 (and plates). [APP: bound with this is the Bulletin, noticed on the cover of the Premier Fascicule, but bound without an apparent cover (page preceeding the first page of the Bulletin, is the last page of the 4me Fascicule). Bulletin: pp.1-80 (and plates) Tome Deuxième: 1866 Premier Fascicule: pp.1-80 Deuxième Fascicule: pp.81-176 Troisième Fascicule: pp.177-288 [Note: APP rec'd Br.Mus. 1867.09.01 (Sept.)] Quatrième Fascicule: pp.289-313 (and plates). [Note APP: rec'd Br.Mus. 1867.09.04 (Sept.)] [APP: bound with this is the Bulletin, noticed on the cover of the Premier Fascicule, but bound without an apparent cover (page preceeding the first page of the Bulletin, is the last page of the 4me Fascicule). Bulletin: pp.1-[41] (and plates) Tome Troisième: 1867 Premier Fascicule: pp.1-?64 [Note APP: This volume in the Smithsonian copy has the Fascicule covers bound in the back of the volume, and the last article of the Fascicule is continued in the 2me Fascicle. The physical structure of the volume suggests that p.64 is the end of the Premiere Fascicule. Of interest at the foot of p.64, the Smithsonian copy has a date stamp in blue ink that reads "Dec. 17, 1868" In discussing this with Leslie Overstreet of the Cummins Library of the Smithsonian, she speculated that this stamp date may well be an accession stamp for the Smithsonian Library (though it must be noted she did not see the stamp in question).] Deuxième Fascicule: pp.?65-?128 [Note APP: The last article of 2me Fascicule is completed in the 3me Fascicule, my guess as to the termination of the Fascicule is based on the presence of the end of signature #16. The Bulletin is noticed on the cover of the 2me Fascicule (but not on the 1er or 4me).] Troisième Fascicule: pp.?129-?176 Quatrième Fascicule: pp.?177-192 (?and plates). [Note APP: The Smithsonian copy has "Dec. 17, 1868" stamped in blue ink at the foot of p.192.] Bulletin pp.[1-3],4-96 [Note APP: The Smithsonian copy has "Dec. 17, 1868" stamped in blue ink at the foot of p.8. The the right foot of p.96 has text "(La suite au prochain volume.)" [suite="the rest"; prochain=near, nearest, next] Following p.96 is a leaf with unnumbered pages with "TABLE DES MATIÈRES" on verso and "LISTE DES PLANCHES." on recto. The Smithsonian copy has "Dec. 17, 1868" stamped in blue ink at the foot of the recto.] Tome Quatrième: 1868 [Note APP: Smithsonian Copy Title page has pencilled note: "Pages mixed in binding"] Premier Fascicule: pp.[1]-?68 [Note APP: The Bulletin is noticed on the cover of all four Fascicules; David's article detailing the voyage au Mongolie (which occupies pp.1-24,25-72, ) is noticed on the covers of Fascicules 1,2,3, (but not 4). Deuxième Fascicule: pp.[69]-116 Troisième Fascicule: pp.117-?138 Quatrième Fascicule: pp.?139-?[186] (?and plates). Bulletin pp.[3]-24. [Note APP: The Smithsonian copy has "Nov 11 1872" stamped in blue ink at the foot of the recto of p.89 [=p.[90] of Bulletin. the font of the date stamp is different than that in the volumes noted above and it differs in style, not having a period after the month abbreviation nor a comma after the day number.] Tome Cinquième: 1869 Premier Fascicule: pp.[1]-56 Bulletin: pp.1-8 with Date stamp in blue ink "Nov 11 1872" at foot of p.8 with font and style as noted in Tom. 4. Deuxième Fascicule: pp.[57]-?120 Bulletin: pp.9-24 with Date stamp in blue ink "Nov 11 1872" at foot of p.24 with font and style as noted in Tom. 4. Troisième Fascicule: pp.?121-?216 Quatrième Fascicule: pp.?217-?276 (?and plates). Bulletin: pp.25-[?64] with Date stamp in blue ink "Nov 11 1872" at foot of p.[?64] with font and style as noted in Tom. 4. [Note APP: From the material examined so far, I am unable to be certain of the publishing history for this serial. One guess is that the pattern may be reflected in the bound volume 5 (1869). If this is so, then it suggests that parts of the Bulletin sometimes were published with Fascicules (and sometimes not). This possibility would appear to be strongly supported by the lack of any "Bulletin" covers bound with the volumes. Certainly articles often continued across Fascicules, and it appears that the Bulletin articles may well have as well. The timing and organization of the plate publishing is uncertain.] Tome Sixième: 1870 [Note APP: The Fascicule covers have written in ink the pp. and pl. components, and (starting with F. 2) the Smithsonian Accession Date] Premier Fascicule: pp.1-56 pl.3-789 [Note APP: I note that it appears the last (numbered) plate was published first. The "789" may refer to the figures on the plate, though there are 8 figures(!).] Deuxième Fascicule: pp.73-160 pl.1-2.88 [Note APP: Smithsonian accession date 1877.12.03] Troisième Fascicule: pp.161-248 Bulletin: pp.1-24 pl.I. [Note APP: Smithsonian accession date 1877.12.03] Quatrième Fascicule: pp.249-302 pl.10-16 Bulletin: pp.25-40 pl.2-3 "NOTA.-- Les planches qui manquet à fascicules seront jointes avec la table du tome VI des Nouvelles Archives du Muséum, au primier fascicule du tome VII." and there is written in ink "pl.17-20". Tome Septième: 1871 Premier Fascicule: pp.1-56 [Note APP: p.56 with Date stamp in blue ink "Nov 11 1872" at foot of p.8 with font and style as noted in Tom. 4.] Deuxième Fascicule: pp.57-104 Bulletin pp.1-24 [Note APP: Bulletin: p.14 dated at bottom "(Notes du voyageur, 4 novembre 1871)." Troisième Fascicule: pp.105-144 Bulletin: pp.25-64 [Note APP: p.64 with Date stamp in blue ink "Nov 11 1872" at foot of p.8 with font and style as noted in Tom. 4.] Quatrième Fascicule: pp.145-235 pl.10-16 Bulletin: pp.65-108 pl.2-3 Tome Huitième: 1872 Premier Fascicule: Bulletin: [1]-? [Article by David goes to p.128 but is listed in Fascicules 1 & 2.] Deuxième Fascicule: pp.??-104 Bulletin pp.1-24 [Note APP: Bulletin: with Date stamp in blue ink "Aug 5 1874" at foot of p.128 and p.138 with font and style as noted in Tom. 4.] Troisième Fascicule: pp.???-??? Quatrième Fascicule: pp.???-??? Bulletin: pp.??-136 (? and pls.) Tome Neuvième: 1873 Premier Fascicule: Memoire: [1]-?72 [Note APP: Smithsonian Copy has a blue ink stamp "Aug 5 1874" at foot of p.72. Thus highly likely that this is the end of the Fascicule 1 (though not otherwise determinable by the structure and data of the volume to hand.] [Note APP: Smithsonian copies with covers bound in back have an oblong of paper pasted on to the cover. I interpret this to be the contents data taken from the wrapper. This interpretation is supported, in this instance, by the pencil script "1er F". These content paste-ons in most (?all) other instances have the Fascicule number as part of the printed data. Deuxième Fascicule: pp.?73-??136 Bulletin pp.1-?8 [Note APP: Bulletin: with Date stamp in blue ink "Aug 5 1874" at foot of p.8 of the Bulletin with font and style as noted in Tom. 4.] Troisième Fascicule: pp.??137-???: Bulletin: pp.?9-?48 [Note APP: Bulletin: with Date stamp in blue ink "Aug 5 1874" at foot of p.8 of the Bulletin with font and style as noted in Tom. 4.] Quatrième Fascicule: pp.???-332 Bulletin: pp.?49-[67] (? and pls.) [Note APP: Bulletin: with Date stamp in blue ink "Aug 5 1874" at foot of p.[67] of the Bulletin with font and style as noted in Tom. 4.] Tome Dixième: 1874 [Note APP: In this volume, the "4" in the year imprint date is hand written in on every Fascicule cover. Premier Fascicule: Memoire: [1]-32; Bulletin pp.1-48 [Note APP: Bulletin: with Date stamp in blue ink "Aug 5 1876" at foot of p.48 of the Bulletin with font and style as noted in Tom. 4.] Deuxième Fascicule: pp.33-120 pl.3; Bulletin pp.49-64 [Note APP: Bulletin: with Date stamp in blue ink "Aug 5 1876" at foot of p.64 of the Bulletin with font and style as noted in Tom. 4.] Troisième Fascicule: pp.124-184; Bulletin: pp.65-96 [Note APP: Bulletin: with Date stamp in blue ink "Aug 5 1876" at foot of p.96 of the Bulletin with font and style as noted in Tom. 4.] Quatrième Fascicule: pp.185-268; Bulletin: pp.97-162 pls. 1-8
    Nouv.Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat.Bull. [See above. Publishing history relative to the "Memoirs" (the component listed above) is uncertain. It appears that the Bulletin was published in parts along with the Memoires, though very often the Bulletin is bound together as a unit at the end of the (library) bound volumes. It is therefor difficult to be certain of the dating of the (un-named) parts of the Bulletin.]
    Nouv.Class.Pici. Nouvelle classification des picidees ou pics, &c. Malherbe, Alfred [Nouv. Class. Picinees] per CWR. 1850 12mo. p.1-56. Metz
    Nouv.Dict.Hist.Nat. Nouveau Dictionnaire d'Histoire Naturelle Appliquée aux Arts... [First ed. 1803-4] 1816-19 [nouv. ed.] Dates of receipt: Vol. Date I-III 14 Sp. 1816 IV-VI 14 Dc. 1816 VII-IX 15 Mr. 1817 [A second printing with p.447-448 tipped in Jy 1817]. X-XII 21 Jn. 1817 XIII-XV 13 Sp. 1817 XVI-XVIII 27 Dc. 1817 XIX-XXI 30 My 1818 XXII-XXIV 5 Sp. 1818 XXV-XXVII 26 Dc. 1818 XXVIII-XXX My 1819 XXXI-XXXIII Sp. 1819 XXXIV-XXXVI Dc. 1819 [After Mathews and Sherborn]
    Nouv.Mem.Soc.Imp.Nat.Moscou Nouveaux mémoires de la Société impériale des naturalistes de Moscou Author: Moskovskoe obshchestvo l'i'ubitelei prirody Title: Nouveaux mémoires de la Société impériale des naturalistes de Moscou. Publisher: Moscou : Auguste Semen, -1915. Description: v.: ill. ; 29-36 cm. -t. 18, livr. 1 (1914) Published 1824?-1915. Notes: Some published out of order; t. 17, livr. 4 published in 1915. Subject: Moskovskoe obshchestvo l'i'ubitelei( prirody Natural history Continues: Moskovskoe obshchestvo l'i'ubitelei( prirody. Mémoires Continued by: Moskovskoe obshchestvo ispytatelei( prirody. Nouveau mémoires de la Société des naturalistes de Moscou
    NovaActaAcad.Caes.Leop.Carol. Nova Acta (Verhandlungen) Academia Caesarea Leopoldino-Carolina Germanica Naturae Curisorum 1757 -> 4to Nuremberg "With but a few exceptions there is a separately paged 'Appendix' or paper at the end of each Vol. in the earlier series; whilst supplementary Vols. are issued with the later one." -BrMNH
    NovaActaReg.Soc.Sci.Upsala Nova Acta Regia Societas Scientiarum. Upsala 1773-1850 4to Upsala [A publication of Kongliga Vetenskaps-Societeten ]
    NovaCaledonia Nova Caledonia, Zool. Band 1, heft 1 1913.
    NovaGuinea Nova Guinea : résultats de l'expédition scientifique néerlandaise à la Nouvelle-Guinée en 1903[-1920] / sous les auspices de Arthur Wichmann. Publisher: Leiden, E.J. Brill, 1909-1936. AMNH Library holdings: v.1 1909 v.2 pt.1 1910 v.2 pt.2 1912 v.4, 1903 v.5, 1906-1917 v.9, 1909-1914 v.13 v.15 1924-1932 Description: 16 v. in 26. illus., pl., maps., tables. 32 cm. Note: Title-pages in Dutch and French. Vols. 10-11 never published.
    NovaGuinea.n.s. Nova Guinea, a journal of botany, zoology, anthroplolgy, ethnography, geology and palaeontology of the Papuan region. Leyden nsv1, 1937 ->
    Noved.Colomb. Novedades colombianas. Publisher Popayán. Description v. ill. 25 cm. Coverage No. 1 (mayo 3 de 1954)- Note "Contribuciones científicas del Museo de Historia Natural de la Universidad del Cauca." No. 4-<6> called vol. 1. Alt author Universidad del Cauca. Museo de Historia Natural [Note: volumes appear to span more than one year]
    Nov.Cient.,Contr.Ocas.Mus.Hist.Nat.LaSalle Nov. Cient. Contr. Ocas. Mus. Hist. Nat. La Salle (Caracas)
    Nov.Cient.,Contr.Ocas.Mus.Hist.Nat.LaSalleSer.Zool. Nov. Cient. Contr. Ocas. Mus. Hist. Nat. La Salle (Caracas), ser. Zool.
    NoviCommen.Acad.Sci.Imp.Petrop. Novi Commentarii academiae scientiarium imperialis Petropolitanae (New memoirs of the Imperial Academy of Sciences of St. Petersburg) Successor journal to Commentarii. Published in 21 vols. from 1747 to 1778. By 1750 political chaos had casued significant publication lags in the Commentarii which was by then 10 years behind authorship. Articles written over the course of six years were bound into the two final volumes of the Commentarii (13 & 14), and then publication passed to the Novi Commentarii. Of interest, Euler published extensively in the Novi Commentarii publishing 179 articles between 1750 and 1776. Vol. Year. 1 1750 2 1751 3 1753 4 1758 5 1760 6 1761 7 1761 8 1763 9 1764 10 1766 11 1767 12 1768 13 1769 14 1770 15 1771 16 1772 17 1773 18 1774 19 1775 20 1776
    Novit.Zool. Novitates Zoologicae (British museum (Natural History)) London v1-42 no3 1894-Mr 1948 1-41 publ by Tring. suspended O 25 1940 - Mr 1948 Series appears to have been issued quarterly and appears to follow a 1 vol./yr sequence. This was apparently maintained from vol. 1 (1894) through vol. 17 (1910) Vol. 18 is published in 1911, but no.3 of that series was published Jan. 31, 1912. The sequence then appears to return to normal until the latter portion of vol. 34 (1927) when no.3 was not published until July 31, 1928. All subsequent volumes (at least until 1932) appear to have been published one year delayed from the one that would be predicted from the original sequence.
    Nuov.Ann.Sci.Nat.R.Accad.Sci.Ist.Bologna Nuovi Annali delle Scienze Naturali e Rendiconto dei Lavori Dell' Accademia Delle Scienze Dell'Instituto Di Bologna
    Nuov.GiornaleLett. Nuovo Giornale dei Letterati 1822-1839
  • Published in Pisa, and some confusion surrounds the dates and structure of this source. Collecting data predominantly from taxa in Sherborn, Neave, and the Richmond Index I have determined the likely structure must be similar to this.

    Collation of data

    Volume Number Year Taxa
    I [1822] No taxa
    II 1822
  • Amphistoma juli Savi
  • Talpa caeca Savi
  • [III] No taxa
    IV 1823 Salamandra perspicillata Savi
    [V] No taxa
    [VI] No taxa
    VII 1824 Sylvia luscinioides Savi
    VIII No taxa
    IX No taxa
    X 21 1825
  • Dinops Savi
  • Dinops cestoni Savi
  • Mus tectorum Savi
  • XI 1825
  • Elephas etruscus Nesti
  • Elephas italicus Nesti
  • Elephas meridionalis Nesti
  • Elephas valdarnensis Nesti
  • XII No taxa
    XIII 1826 Drepanodon F. Nesti
    XIV No taxa
    XIV No taxa
    XV 35 1827
  • Rallus noveboracensis Bonaparte
  • Tringa pectoralis Bonaparte
  • XVI 38 1828 Antilope gibbosa Savi
    XVII No taxa
    XVIII No taxa
    XIX No taxa
    XX No taxa
    XXI No taxa
    XIX No taxa
    XXII 53,57 1831
  • Falco pojana Savi
  • Motacilla cinereo-capilla Savi
  • XXIII No taxa
    XXIV 61 1832 Sorex thoracicus Savi
    XXV 64 1832
  • Sterna wilsonii Bonparte
  • Phalacrocorax brasilianus / brasiliensis Bonaparte
  • XXVI No taxa
    XXVII No taxa
    XXVIII 73 1834 Ruvettus pretiosus Cocco
    XXIX No taxa
    XXX No taxa
    XXXI No taxa
    XXXII 85 1836 Sciurus vajo Savi
    XXXIII 88 1836
  • Gordius claixensis Savi
  • Gordius rissetensis Savi
  • XXXIV No taxa
    XXXV No taxa
    XXXVI No taxa
    XXXVII 102 1838
  • Arvicola pertinax,destructor Savi
  • Salamandra corsica Savi
  • Megapterna Savi
  • Megapterna montana Savi
  • Vespertilio bonapartii Savi

  • NytMag.Naturvidensk. Nyt Magazin for Naturvidenskeberne

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