Zoological Citation Sources --Q

Q.J.BostonZool.Soc. The Quarterly Journal of the Boston Zoological Society 1882-1884 8vo Boston
Q.J.CalcuttaMed.Phys.Soc. Quart. Journ. Calcutta Med. and Phys. Soc.
Q.J.Sci.Lit.Arts Quarterly Journal of Science, Literature and the Arts. [ also as Q.J.Lit.Art.Inst.] (Royal Institution of Great Britain) London. 7-22, 1816-26; n.s. 1-7, 1827-Je 1830||.
The Queenslander (newspaper).
QueenslandNat. Queensland Naturalist Brisbane 1 Mr 31 1908 + Suspended Ag 1910-Je 1915; My 1917-Je 1920.
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