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W.Austral.Nat. Western Australian Naturalist. Perth v1 1947 1 Je.
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WilsonBull. Wilson Bulletin Vol.1-117 1889-2005. Continued as The Wilson Journal of Ornithology
WilsonJ.Orn. The Wilson Journal of Ornithology (continuation of The Wilson Bulletin) Vol.118 (2006) ->
[APP: Perhaps I am in a minority, but I personally regret the change in name of this fine journal. In his editorial, (Sedgwick JA. "Message from the editor: The New Wilson Journal of Ornithology" Wilson Journal of Ornithology 118(1):1), the editor indicates there was a "need to update the Journal's name" (emphasis added). The nature of that "need" is not further characterized nor shared with the readers, and we are left to speculate in this regard. I presume this "need" was not simply a desire, and must wonder whether this "need" will produce more "updates" of this kind. Perhaps the name of the journal should change with every volume, or perhaps every number. If a new name were to be generated for each paragraph, then authors publishing here would get pages and pages of CV from a single article. For those to whom mere appearance is a strong motivator and a guiding principle, I expect this would be warmly welcomed.]

WildGeeseRussianEmpire The Wild Geese of the Russian Empire. (In Russian) (? Deekee Geesee Ruskaya Emperia ?} Buturlin, 1901
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WorkingListAustral.Birds A working list of Australian birds, including the Australian quadrant and New Zealand ... Mathews, Gregory Macalister 1946 pp.184 Sydney Shephard&Newman.
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