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McAllen, Ian A.W.
McCabe, Thomas Tonkin 1890-1948 Born: April 4, 1890 Bloomington, Ind. Harvard Univ. B.A. M.A. WWI Br.Roy.Field Artillery -- Capt. Moved to B.C. thence to Berkeley CA. Died: Jan. 28, 1948, Berkeley CA.
McConnell, Frederick Vavasour
MacGillivray, William 1796-1852 b. 25 Jan 1796 Aberdeen d. Sep 1852 Aberdeen buried in Edinburgh (New Calton Cemetery) taught in Aberdeen and Edinburgh. reference: Ralph, Robert. 1993. William MacGillivray. HMSO. London.
MacGillivray, William David Kerr 1867-1933 Born: Nov. 27, 1867 Killara Station, Darling River. N.S.W. 1877 to Melbourne. Educated Scotch College, St. Kilda. M.D. 1890 Melbourne University. Active in WW I. Died: June 25, 1933.
Macdonald, James David 1908- Macdonald & Hall
Mackworth-Praed, Cyril Winthrop 1891-1974 Died: 30 Jun 1974 Obit: Ibis 117:116
Madarász, Julius von (Gyula) 1858-1931 Died: 29 Dec 1931 Obit: Ibis 1932:532 (Hellmayr) & Madarasz
Mahood, S.P.
Maia, Emilio Joaquim da Silva 1808-1859 Also as Da Silva Maia, or da Silva Maia
Maijer, Sjoerd & Fjeldsa Sjoerd Maijer, Dutch, Author of a CD of Bolivian bird sounds.
Mailliard, Joseph 1857-1945
Maingonnat, Anatole There is some uncertainty about this authors name. Given by some authors as Maingounat, and by others as Maingonnat. [Paul Davis investigated this matter and determined that the majority of contemporary sources spelled the name "Maingonnat" and most probably this was Anatole Maingonnat.] It is spelled Maingounat in the Peters Checklist II:132, following Delacourt's note in Ibis 1929 p.203. Peters (and Delacour's) error has been followed by many authors.
Malherbe, Alfred 1804-1866 Administrator of Museum of Metz.
Mandt, Martin Wilhelm 1799-???
Mandelli [not in NUC, not in Br M Cat ; "Stray feathers" ]
Manh, Hung Le
Mann, Clive F. (Burton, PJK & Lennerstedt, I.)
Mann, Nigel I.
Mano, T.
Manuel, Canuto G. (& Gilliard)
Maout, E Le Maout
March, W.T. c1795-c1872 March, William Thomas Lawyer in Spanish Town, Jamaica. Secretary to the Governor of Jamaica 1868. Correspondent of Darwin's.
Marchant, S.
Marie, E
Marien, D.
Marin, Manuel Manuel Marin A.
Marples, NM
Markham, BJ
Marshall, Charles Henry Tilson 1841-1927 Marshall, CHT & Marshall, GFL
Marshall, George Frederick Leycester 1843-1934 brother of CHT Marshall
(Harrison) & Marshall [ Your search for the Personal Name: MARSHALL ALAN JOHN 1911-1967 retrieved 7 records. Title List ---------- 1. The black musketeers, the work and adventures of a scientist on a South sea island at war and in peace <1937> 2. The great extermination, a guide to Anglo-Australian cupidity, wickedness, & waste. Edited by A.J. Marshall <1966> 3. Biology and comparative physiology of birds. <1960> 4. Darwin and Huxley in Australia. <1970> 5. The great extermination, a guide to Anglo-Australian cupidity, wickedness & waste. Edited by A. J. Marshall. <1966> 6. Intersexuality in vertebrates including man, edited by C.N. Armstrong and A.J. Marshall. <1964> 7. Textbook of zoology, edited by A. J. Marshall and W. D. Williams. <1962> ] ]
Marshall,JT Jr Marshall, Joe T., Jr.
Marshall,RT Marshall, Robert T.
Martens, Karl Eduard von (Dr) 1831-1904 b. 18 April 1831 Stuttgart d. 14 August 1904 Berlin styled "C. E. Martens" by H&M 3rd:735 Listed as "Dr. Eduard v. Martens" in J.Orn. 1866.
Martens, GH Martens, Gustav Heinrich 1842-1912
Martens, Jochen 1941 - > b. 10 June 1941 Jena. & Eck
Martin, A.D. Martin, Alyssa D.
Mason, Ian J.
Mason, Nicholas Albert Mason & McKean Schodde & Mason,IJ
Masters, George 1837-1912 The Australian Dictionary of Biography ( gives the following biography. MASTERS, GEORGE (1837-1912), entomologist, was born in July 1837 in Maidstone, Kent, England, son of George Masters, gardener, and his wife Matilda, née Terry. He became a gardener and about 1856 migrated to Melbourne. Interested in natural history, he was employed by Dr Godfrey Howitt for some two years. He collected insects in Tasmania and sold them to W. J. Macleay. By 1860 he was a gardener at Shepherd's Darling Nursery in Sydney. Recommended by Gerard Krefft, Masters was sent by Macleay to Queensland to collect insects for him. In 1863-66 he exhibited thousands of insects before the new Entomological Society of New South Wales. On 2 June 1864 Masters was appointed assistant curator and collector to the Australian Museum at a salary of £200, on condition that he sold his private collection and made no new one, an agreement he ignored. In the 1860s he travelled extensively in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Lord Howe Island, Tasmania and Western Australia and in 1870 in the Snowy Mountains area and Queensland. He was a splendid shot, caught venomous snakes with his bare hands and was fearless in the bush and with Aboriginals. Masters made large collections which included a series of the newly-found Queensland lungfish, 'the preserved skin of a black gin', such rarities as the western bristle-bird and the noisy scrub bird, venomous snakes for Krefft and many thousand insects and invertebrates. At one stage he had collected more than half the natural history specimens in the museum. He also continued to collect for William Macleay and increased his own collection. In 1874 Masters testified against Krefft before the Legislative Assembly select committee inquiring into the Australian Museum. However, his evidence was inconsistent and he was embarrassed by questions about the woman whom he had taken on his Western Australian trip and represented as his wife. Lured by a salary rise of £100 Masters became curator of the Macleay museum in January 1874. He travelled widely in New South Wales, beachcombed round Port Jackson and in the Pea Hen dredged up and down the coast for specimens. In 1875 he went on Macleay's Chevert expedition to New Guinea, where he found the first-known egg of the bird of paradise. In 1871-74 he published his Catalogue of described Coleoptera of Australia in parts and they were continued in 1885-87 in the Proceedings of the Linnean Society of New South Wales where he often exhibited his specimens. When the Macleay museum was transferred to the University of Sydney, Masters remained its curator until 1912. His unrivalled knowledge of the habits and life histories of Australian animals largely went unrecorded as he disliked writing. Full-bearded and energetic, Masters had strong likes and dislikes. With age he suffered ill health and failing sight. After an accident in a cab on his way to Government House he died at Elizabeth Bay on 23 June 1912 and was buried in the Anglican section of Waverley cemetery. Predeceased by his first wife Matilda Elizabeth, née Hodges, on 20 May 1903 and their only child, he was survived by his second wife, a widow, Mary Jane Howard, née Franklin. Although reputed to own much property, he left an estate sworn for probate at £3300. Select Bibliography Votes and Proceedings (Legislative Assembly, New South Wales), 1873-74, 5, 849, 876, 1875, 4, 276; G. P. Whitley, `George Masters, naturalist´, Australian Zoologist, vol 16, 1971, part 2, and for bibliography. Author: G. P. Whitley Print Publication Details: G. P. Whitley, & Masters, George (1837 - 1912)´ Australian Dictionary of Biography, Volume 5, Melbourne University Press, 1974, pp 223-224.
McEvey, A
Massena Masséna, François-Victor-Napol&ecute;an, Duc De Rivoli, Prince d'Essling 1799-1863 Born: April 2, 1799 & Souance
Mathews, Gregory Macalister 1876-1949 Australia Mathews & Iredale
Mata, Helena
Matschie, Paul 1861-1926 b. Aug. 11, 1861 Brandenburg. d. March 3, 1926 Berlin
Mauersberger, G
Mauricio, Giovanni Nachtigall
Maynard, Charles Johnson 1845-1929
Mayr, Ernst (Walter) 1904-2005 Span of publication 1930-1986 (56 years) 396 taxa (Genera, sp. ssp.) ~11262 currently valid taxa published during that time Mayr = 3.5% of currently valid taxa published during that period. First publication of a currently valid scientific name 1930 ( Loboparadisea sericea aurora Mayr Last publihed currently valid scientific name 1986 (Sericornis spilodera batantae Mayr Mayr & Gilliard, E(rnest). Thomas 1912-1965 Mayr & Rand, Austin L.
Mayaud, Noël 1899-1989
Mazariegos-Hurtado, Luis
McClelland, John 1805-1883 John McClelland, Esq. Assistant-surgeon in the service of the East India Company, Bengal Establishment, Member of the Deputation sent into that country for the purpose of investigating the nature of the Tea Plant. An ardent quinarian. His devotion to Quinarian principals led to his difficulty in getting his monograph on Ganges fishes accepted by the Asiatic Society of Bengal (ref. Desmond A. 1985. Hist.Sci. 23:163)
McConnell, Frederick Vavasour
McKean, J.L.
McGregor, Richard Crittenden 1871-1936
Meade-Waldo, Edmund Gustavus Bloomfield 1855-1934 Gr. Br.
Mearns, Edgar Alexander 1856-1916 US Army; Nat Mus Born: Sept. 11, 1856; Highland Falls, near W. Point, NY, at Grfather's house. Grandfather: Alexander Mearns: born Aberdeen, Scotland 1786. Came to NY in 1805. Settled Highland Falls 1815. Alexander b. 1823. Parents: Alexander and Nancy Reliance (Clarswell) Mearns. Education: Donald Highland Institue (Highland Falls) Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons (graduated 1881) 1882 took and passed examination to enter Army Medical Dept. Publications: 1878 (aet. 16) First paper "The Capture of several Rare Birds near West Point, N.Y." Bull. Nuttall Orn. Club III Jan. 1878 p.45-46. In this paper he acknowledges information from his friend, Mr. Theodore Roosevelt. 125 titles. Married: 1881; Miss Ella Wittich of Circleville, Ohio. Childred: Louis di Zerega Mearns ( b. Nov. 5, 1886, Fort Verde, Ariz. d. April, 1912; Balt. MD); Lillian Hathaway Mearns Personal: "frail of build" 5'4"; 140 lbs. Military Service: Commissioned Dec. 3 1883 Assist. Surgeon; 1st Lt. Fort Verde Ariz. 1884. under command of Gen. Crook who accompanied Mearns on some collecting expeditions. 1888-1891, 1903 Ft. Snelling, Minn. 1891: Medical officer with Mexican-U.S. Int. Boundary Comm. Fort Meyers, VA 1897-98 Fort Clark, TX 1898: Comm. brigade surgeon (later chief surgeon) Volunteers Sp.-Am War; Major. 1899: March, 22 honorable discharched 1899-1900: Ft Adams, RI 1900: Nervous breakdown (? complicated by malaria?). 3 months leave. 1901: Feb; Surgeon; Major. 1902: Ft. Yellowstone 1903-1904, 1905-1907: Phillipines. 1904: San Francisco to recover from "parasitic disorders" 1905: visited Guam. 1907: Ft Totten, NY "it was at Ft. Totten that he became aware of the presence of the disease that finally brought his career to an end." 1909: Retired Jan. 1. Lt-Col. 1909: Joined ex-President Roosevelt on East Africa trip. 1911,1912: Returned to Africa. Died: Nov.1 1916, Walter Reed Hosp.
Medeiros, Renata
Mees, Gerlof Fokko b.1926
Meinertzhagen, Richard (Col) 1878-1967 Born: 3 March 1878 (note: Truth and certainty are ongoing problems with all matters that relate to Meinertzhagen, and I have found his year of birth given as 1870, 1878, and 1887; it looks to me like 1878 is correct). Died: 17 Jun 1967 Obit: Ibis 1967:617
Much has been written about this unusual, charming, and it appears fundamentally dishonest man. I find T.E. Lawrence's characterization of interest.
	"... a student of bird migration drifted into soldiering ... 
	Meinertzhagen knew no half measures. He was logical, an idealist of
	the deepest, and so possessed by his convictions that he was willing
	to harness evil to the chariot of good. He was a strategist, a
	geographer, and a silent laughing masterful man; who took as blithe 
	a pleasure in deceiving his enemy (or his friend) by some
	unscrupulous jest, as in spattering the brains of a cornered mob of
	Germans one by one with his African knob-kerri. His instincts
	were abetted by an immensely powerful body and a savage brain, 
	which chose the best way to its purpose, unhampered by doubt or
ref. Rothschild, M. "Dear Lord Rothschild". 1983 Balaban, Philadelphia, PA. p.277

Meinertzhagen, A (Mrs. R. Meinertzhagen)
Meise, Wilhelm Born: 12 Sept 1901 Trained as a teacher. 1924 enrolled Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität, Berlin. Earned a living then by playing cello. 1926 wrote thesis on Carrion Crow hybidisation, under Stresemann. Stayed on in bird section of Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin, as assit. to Stresemann. 1929: Moved to Dresden. Staatliche Museum fü Tierkunde und Vökerkunde. 1930: Married (3 children). Siberian prison camp after WW II. 1950: museum Universität Hamburg. Died: 24 Aug 2002 Obit: BBOC 122:241-2 Your search for the Personal Name: MEISE WILHELM retrieved 2 records. Title List ---------- 1. Naturgeschichte der Vogel, ein Handbuch der Allgemeinen und Speziellen Vogelkunde. Hrs. von Rudolf Berndt und Wilhe ... <1958> 2. Die Vogelwelt der Mandschurei, von Dr. Wilhelm Meise. <1934>
Meisner, Carl Friedrich August 1765-1825
Mendelssohn, Heinrich
Mellink, E. ?Eric Mellink
Menegaux Ménégaux, (Henri) Auguste 1857-1937 Menegaux, & Hellmayr
Menetries, Edouard 1802-1861
Menzbier, Michel (Michael) (Mikhail Aleksandrovich) 1855-1938 Russ.
Meredith Meredith, CW
Merrem, Blasius 1761-1824 Marburg Ger
Mertens (Robert Mertens [1894-1975] -- herpetologist)
Mesch, Anthony Hendrik van der Boon 1804-1874 b. 15 April 1804 Delft d. 12 Aug. 1874 Leiden
Messer, Karen
Metz, Shirley Maria
Meuschen, Friedrich Christiaan 1719-1800
Meyen, Franz Julius Ferdinand 1804-1840
Meyer, Adolph Bernhard 1840-1911 Dresden Mus Meyer, AB & Wiglesworth, LW
Meyer, Bernhard 1767-1836
Meyer, Friedrich Albrecht Anton 1768-1795
Meyer de Schauensee, Rudolf (Rodolf, Rodolphe) 1901-1984 Meyer de Schauensee & Ripley (Bond) & Meyer de Schauensee
Meynell, Mark 1914-2006 b. 19 Feb. 1914 London, Portman Sq. Educated Oxford Studied for the ministry. His father (a WWI officer in the British Army) forbade him from going on Thesiger's expeditions and he devoted the rest of his life to the ministry. d. 5 Apr. 2006 Farmlingham, Suffolk
Michahelles, Karl 1807-1834 Germ.
Middendorff, Alexander Theodor(ovich) von 1815-1894 Born: Aug 18, 1815 St. Petersburg, Russia. Educated: Dorpat; Degree 1837; Studied Berlin, Erlangen, Breslau, Kiev. Died: Jan 28, 1894 Hellenom, Liveland, Russia.
Mikan, Johann Christian 1769-1844
Miller, Alden Holmes 1906-1965 Born: Feb. 4, 1906 1939 Assumes editorship of Condor, following J. Grinnel's death. Elected to National Academy of Sciences 1957. Died: Oct. 9, 1965
Miller, Gerrit Smith, Jr. 1869-1956 Born: Dec. 6, 1869 Peterborough, N.Y. Parents: Gerrit Smith Miller & Susan (Dixwell) Miller. Married: 13 July, 1897 (Elizabeth Eleanor Page d. 1920) Subsequently married (Ann Chapin Gates) Gerrit was curator, Division of Mammals, U.S. National Museum, Washington. There were no children. His obituary appeared in the NY Times of Feb. 26, 1956. Died: 24 Feb., 1956 Washington, D.C.
Miller, John Frederick 1759-1796 Predominantly a Botanical artist. Son of Johann Sebastian Müller 1715-c.1790) (who changed his name to John Miller). Accompanied Sir Joseph Banks on his Iceland Exped. (1772).
Miller, James R.
Miller, Loye Holmes 1874-1970 b. Minden, LA 1874.10.18 d. ?Davis, CA 1970.04.06 Father of Alden.
Miller, Waldron Dewitt 1879-1929 Grew up in Plainfield, N.J. Recognized by William Dutcher and Chapman as a man of promise. Brought to the Am. Mus. Nat. Hist. in 1903. 26 years service at Museum. Injured in motorcycle accident Aug 4, 1929 when he hit a motor bus on his motorcycle. Died Aug 7, 1929.
Millie Millie, W. R.
Milligan, Alexander William [ ?Henry Neal b. 1882 ]
Milne-Edwards, Alphonse 1835-1900 Paris Mus "Milne Edwards" (no hyphen) in Crosnier and Clark. 1998. Arch Nat. Hist. 25:103-108. "Milne-Edwards" in Mearns and Mearns According to David Damkaer, the father (Henri) styled his name "Milne Edwards" though it occurs both with and without hyphens in his publications. The son used "Milne Edwards" Of English descent but born in Paris. 1859 took medical degree in Paris. 1865 became Professor in School of Pharmacy. 1876 became assistant to his father at Jardin des Plantes 1891 Director, Paris Museum d'Histoire Naturelle. Died: April 21, 1900
Milne Edwards, Henri 1800-1885 Prof. Zool. at Paris Museum Milne-Edwards, Alphonse & Grandidier Milne-Edwards, Alphonse & Oustalet
Milon, P.
Miranda, Hector C., Jr.
See Ribeiro Miranda Ribeiro, Alipo de Museum National, Rio de Janero
Mishima, Toji
Miskelly, Colin M.
Mitchell, Peter Chalmers (Sir) 1864-1945 Born in Dunfermline, Fife, E Scotland, UK. Started his career as a lecturer at Oxford and London, in 1903 was elected secretary of the Zoological Society. He inaugurated a period of prosperity at the London Zoo, and was responsible for the Mappin terraces, Whipsnade, the Aquarium, and other improvements. He wrote a number of books on zoological subjects, including The Nature of Man (1904) and Materialism and Vitalism in Biology (1930).
Mitterpacher, Ludovico (Ludwig; Lajos)
Molina, Giovanni Ignazio (Juan Ignazio) 1740-1829
Molina, Francisco Sornoza
Moltoni, Edgardo (Dr) 1896-1980 Died: 12 Jan 1980 Obit: Ibis 1981: 251 Milan
Momiyama, Tokutaro
Monard, Albert 1886-1952 Biography
Monroe, Burt Leavelle, Jr. 1930-1994 Born: 25 August, 1930 Louisville, KY Died: Saturday, May 14, 1994, Louisville, KY from renal cell carcinoma.
Montagu, George 1753-1815
Montin, Lars 1722-1785 Student of Linnaeus'. Became a country parson after his work with Linnaeus. "His large Lapland collections of 1749-1751 went unused." [Koerner, 1999 p.148]
Moore, Frederic 1830-1907 (Horsfield) & Moore
Moore, Robert Thomas Moore, RT & Marshall
Moore, Thomas J. Keeper of the Derby Museum, Liverpool.
(Webb, Berthelot) & Moquin-Tandon, Alfred 1804-1863 (Christian Horace Benedict Alfred Moquin-Tandon)
Morales-Sanchez, J.E.
Moreau, Reginald Ernest 1897-1970 Died: 30 May 1970 Obit: Ibis 1970:549 (Sclater WL) & Moreau
Morel, G.J.
Morgan, Alexander Matheson (Dr) 1867-1934(5) b. Feb. 11, 1867 Mitcham S. Australia, d. Oct. 18, 1934 (sometimes given as 1935).
Morioka, Hiroyuki
Morrison, Alastair Robin Gwyn (Capt) [NOTE: Morrison, Alastair Fairweather also alive and active in ornithology at the same time.] [Presumably ARG Morrison who collected the type of Atlapetes forbesi in Peru. apparently not AF Morrison who is listed as a member of the BOC in 1946-47. AF Morrison lived in Dar-es-Salaam Tanganyika, whilst the Alastair Morrison describing the bird had travelled to Peru.]
Moseley,[ Henry Nottidge 1844-1891 Account of voyage of Challenger...? Edwin Lincoln 1865-1948 ?]
Motley, James 1814-1859 & Dillwyn, Lewis Llewelyn Biographical notes from Mrs. FE Warr (via Richard Morris) "J.Motley was a civil engineer who went to Labuan in 1849 to work for the Eastern Archipelago Co. which mined the coal deposits on the island (one of four campanies that went bankrupt in quick succession). His work in collaboration with L.L.Dillwyn on the natural history of Labuan (1855) is the first to contain field notes on the commoner birds of Borneo; meanwhile in 1854 he was appointed Superintendent of a private company in the territory of the Sultan of Banjarmasin, but was killed at Bangkal near there during the Malay insurrection of 1860 (see Nineteenth Century Borneo by Prof.Irwin). His bird collections and field notes survived and were the basis of Sclater's paper (1863). Motley added another 58 species to the Borneo list. (B.E.Smythies, The Birds of Borneo, 4th ed.,1999) "My friend Mr L.L.Dillwyn having placed in my hands some MS. notes written by the late Mr James Mottley of Banjermassing (who was killed in the Malay insurrection at that place in 1860), together with the series of bird-skins to which the notes refer, I have .......determined the species, and added some few remarks ...." (P.L.Sclater, Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London, 1863) Motley was a mining engineer who died in 1859. He was in Labuan in 1852 and in Borneo from 1854 to 1859. (no ref.)" Note that Motley's dates are often given as 1814-1892 (e.g. Cat.LibraryBritishMuseum(N.H.)). Those Dillwyn's dates.
Motschoulski, Victor Ivanovich {Published from 1839-1860) {Mochul'skii}
Mougin, Jean-Louis
Moulaert, Nathalie & Lafontaine, René-Marie
Mourer-Chauviré, Cécile
Moutou, François
(Nichols, John Treadwell) & Mowbray, Louis L. 1883-
Moyle, Robert G.
Muir, Frederick A. G. 1872-1931 Travelling entomologist of the Hawaiian Sugar Planters Association.
Müller, A Adolf Müller i b. 1821.01.06 [Friedberg (Hessen)] d. 1910.01.18 [Darmstadt.] Anton Müller b. 1799. d. 1864.07.03 [Funfhaus bei Wein] August Müller b. 1852 d. 1913 [Berlin]
Müller, Freiherr John Wilhelm, von 1824-1866 Note: In the taxonomic listings I use a capital letter for "Von" to avoid confusion with a subspecific epithet. I also understand that in German titles of nobility are capitalized.
Muller, Otto Frederik 1730-1784
Muller, Philipp Ludwig Statius 1725-1776 SEE Statius Muller
Muller, Salomon 1804-1864 Muller, S & Schlegel
Mulligan, Mark
Mulsant, Martial Étienne 1797-1880 Wife: Anne Julie Roncheval Mulsant, Verreaux & Verreaux (Bourcier) & Mulsant, Jules (ONeill, JP)
Munn, Charles A. & Franke, Irma
Murie, J.
Murie, Olaus J.
Murphy, Robert Cushman 1887-1973 Murphy & Harper Murphy & Mathews
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