Zoological Citation Sources --A

AbandernVog.EinflussKlima's Das Abandern der Vogel durch Einflus des Klima's. Nach zoologischen, zunachst von den Europaischen Landvogeln ... Gloger, Constantin W. Lambert 1833 8vo pp.xxix,159
Abbild.Naturhist.Gegenstande Abbildungen naturhistorischer Gegenstände herausgegeben von Joh. Fried. Blumenbach. 1798-1810
Abbild.Vog.Skelett. Abbildungen von Vogel-Skeletten. Herausgegeben mit Unterstutzung der Generaldiredtion der Konigl. Sammlungen fur Kunst und Wissenschaft in Dresden. Meyer, Adolf B. 1879-97 4to Dresden Berlin. R Friendlander & Sohn. 2 v. v1. Dresden; v2 Berlin. [Abbildung = representation, sketch, cut, illustration]
Abh.Ber.Mus.Dresden Abhandlungen und Berichte des Koeniglichen Zoologischen und Anthropologisch-Ethnographischen Museums zu Dresden Hersausgegeben von A.B. Meyer AB Meyer & Wiglesworth 1894-1896 4to Berlin [CWR notes: Myza 4 no. 8 'This no. "druck begonnen 3 April beendet 14 Mai 1895"'] [Abhandlung = treatise] [Berichte = reports]
Abh.Ber.Mus.Tierk.Volkerk.Dresden Abhandlungen und Berichte aus den Staatlichen Museen f:uuml;r Tierkunde, und Völkerk.unde in Dresden
Abh.Geb.Naturw.Hamburg Abhandlungen aus dem Gebiete der Naturwissenschaften, Herausgegeben von dem naturwissenschaftlichen Verein in Hamburg. [Bolton]. 4to. Abhandlungen aus dem Gebiete der Naturwissenschaften. [AMNH] 1846 - 1931 4to Hamburg [McDiarmid, Toure] Abh. Geb. Naturw. Hamburg - Abhandlungen und Gebiet der Naturwissenschaften in Hamburg. [Not found LOC]
Abh.Geb.Zool.Vergleich.Anat. Abhandlungen aus dem gebiete der zoologie und vergleichenden anatomie, von H. Schlegel ... Imprint Leiden, A. Arnz & comp., 1841-51. [AMNH] Abhandlungen aus dem Gebiete der Zoologie und vergleichenden Anatomie Schlegel, Hermann Heft 1 1841 Heft 2 1843 Heft 3 1850 Leiden
Abh.K.Bay.Akad.Wiss. Abhandlungen der mathematisch-physikalischen Classe, Königlich-Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften 1832 -> 4to Munchen Note: also cited for Wagler as Abh.Math.Phys.Kl.Bayr.Akad.Wiss. "Monographia Psittacorum" Wagler is part of this. No. 22 is published in 1906, though evidently has 1905 as an imprint date. See Whitney, Bret M. & Pacheco, Jose Fernando. 2000. BBOC 119(4)(1999):231 -214. "The valid name for Blue-winged Parrotlet and designation of the lectotype of Pstittaculus xanthopterygius Spix, 1824.". I have followed the Richmond Index for this date, which seems to be confirmed by Whitney and Pacheco, tho they do not give their evidence for 1906 versus 1905.
Abh.Konigl.Akad.Wiss.Berlin Abhandlungen der physikalischen (-mathematischen) Klasse der Koeniglich-Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften. [APP: Note: in correspondence between CWR and Witmer Stone (dated 1907.05.20) CWR indicates that he has found evidence that the volume containing the Lichtenstein name Quiscala navicularis can be dated to about Aug. or Sept. and thus Vieillot's name Quiscalus major has priority. Referring to his Index, this suggests that the volume "for 1816-1817" was published in 1819 and presumably in Aug. or Sept. of that year.] 1815-1832 4to Berlin Continued as: (*Fortsetz.*) Physikalische (-Mathematische) Abhandlungen der Koniglichen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin 1832-1846 4to Berlin (see entry Phys.Abh.Konigl.Akad.Wiss.Berlin )
Abh.Konigl.Akad.Wiss.Munchen Abh.Konigl.Akad.Wiss.Munchen Math.-Phys. Kl.
Abh.nat.Ges.Gorlitz Abhandlungen und berichte Naturforshende gesellschaft zu Gorlitz 1, 1827+ (susp. 1943-43), v 1-33, 1827-37 as Abhandlungen. Abh. nat. Ges. Gorlitz [CWR] Abh.Naturf.Ges.Gorlitz [Peters]
Abh.naturwiss.Ver.Bremen Abhandlungen Naturwissenschaftlicher Verein. Bremen 1868-> =>BMNH Abhandlungen der Bremen Naturwissenschaftl. Verein 1864-> =>Wood Abhandlungen herausgegeben vom naturwissenschaftlicher Vereine zu Bremen =>CWR Abhandlungen herausgegeben vom Naturwissenschaftlichen Verein zu Bremen =>BM(NH) cat. Abhandlungen naturwissenschaftlicher verein, Bremen 1866-> =>USL
This journal appears to have been used on at least some occasions by Hartlaub as a place where he summarized new taxa that he had published elsewhere (usually Centralb.Orn. or J.Orn.). This relationship is clarified by work done by Bob Dowsett in his elucidation of the correct citation for the taxon Trachyphonus erythrocephalus versicolor Hartlaub 1882.
  • Bob Dowsett writes (2004.03.29) on his investigation of these names and sources. (some format editing added)
    From: Hartlaub G. 1882. Diagnosen neuer Arten aus Centralafrika,
    gesammelt von Dr. Emin Bey. Orn.Centralb. 7:91-92.
    Trachyphonus erythrocephalus versicolor Hartlaub 1882, Orn.Centralb. 7:91§.
    Phyllastrephus strepitans rufescens Hartlaub 1882, Orn.Centralb. 7:91.
    Myrmecocichla albifrons clericalis (Hartlaub 1882), Orn.Centralb. 7:91§.
    Anthoscopus musculus (Hartlaub 1882), Orn.Centralb. 7:91§
    Lanius gubernator Hartlaub 1882, Orn.Centralb. 7:91§
    Lagonosticta rara oenochroa (Hartlaub 1882), Orn.Centralb. 7:91§
    Ploceus baglafecht emini (Hartlaub 1882), Orn.Centralb. 7: 92.§
    Emberiza affinis forbesi (Hartlaub 1882), Orn.Centralb. 7: 92.§
    This was reviewed in "Ibis" 1882: 602, where the 8 new taxa are
    named. All these taxa are from suitable localities, visited by Emin, in
    Uganda and Sudan. No volume number is given in "Ibis".
    Of the above, those marked § are repeated in Hartlaub G. 1882.
    Ueber eineige neue Vögel aus dem oberen Nilgebiete. J. Orn. 30:
    ??-?? [not seen critically by me] -- according to the review in "Ibis"
    1883: 103 (where date given as July 1882). According to that review, the
    J. Orn. paper describes just one bird as new:
    Francolinus sephaena ochrogaster Hartlaub 1882, J. Orn. 30: 327.
    Hartlaub also published:
    Hartlaub G. 1882. Zweiter Beitrag zur Ornithologie der östlich 
    aequatorialen Gebiete Afrikas. Abh. Naturw. Ver. Bremen 8(1882):184-232. 
    It is clear from the "Ibis" review (1883: 214-5) that this is a summary of the previous
    publications, with just one new taxon:
    Cisticola chiniana ladoensis Hartlaub 1882, Abh. Naturw. Ver. Bremen 8:189.
    I have also seen quoted for 
    Francolinus sephaena ochrogaster Hartlaub, Beitr. Abh. Naturw. Ver. Bremen 8:218
    -- another example of the Bremen publication being a later summary.
    Whether this last is 1882 or 1883, I think we can assume it is
    post the other two publications (for which the dates of June and
    July 1882 respectively given by CWR would suit me fine!)
    Abh.Senckenb.Nat.Gesell. Abh. Senckenber. Naturf. Gesellsch. Abhandlungen (Senckenbergische Naturforschende Gesellschaft) Title: Abhandlungen / / herausgegeben von der Senckenbergischen Naturforschenden Gesellschaft. Publisher: Frankfurt a. Main : H.L. Broenner, 1854- Description: v.: ill. ; 18-30 cm. 1. Bd., 1. Lfg.- Frequency: Irregular
    Abh.Staat.Mus.Tierk.Dresden Abhandlungen aus dem Staatlichen Museum fur Tierkunde in Dresden
    Abh.Verh.Naturwiss.VereinsHamburgN.F. Abhandlungen und Verhandlungen des Naturwissenschaftlichen Vereins zu Hamburg N.F.
    Acad.Nac.Cienc.CordobaMisc. Academia nacional de Ciencas (exactas existente en la Universidad de Cordoba). Buenos Aires 1874(5)-> [Boletin 1874 Actas 1875 Misc ????
    Acad.Nat.Sci.PhiladelphiaMonogr. Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Monographs
    ActaOrn.Mus.Zool.Polonici Acta Ornithologica Musei Zoologici Polonici
    Acta zoologica Cracoviensa Title: Acta zoologica Cracoviensia. Publisher info: Krakow. General Note: Tom 1(1956) - tom 12(1967) [E] ; Tom 1(1956)- [Z] ; vol.42 (1) (1999) [T]
    Acta Zoologica Lilloana Title: Acta zoologica Lilloana. Publisher info: Tucuman. General Note: T.1(1943) --> [Z] ; T.1(1943) - vol.37,no.2(1984) [E] ; T.1(1943) - vol.36,no.2(1981) [T]. Corporate name: Instituto de Zoologia.
    Acta Zoologica Sinica
    Acta Zootaxonomica Sinica
    Act.Soc.Paleo.BuenosAires Actas de la Sociedad Paleontológica de Buenos Aires
    ActesSoc.Hist.Nat.Paris Actes de la Societe D'Histoire Naturelle 1792 Tom.1 pt.1 [all that was published] fol. pp.[viii,] xvi,129; 13 pl.s Paris [cf. J.Hist.Nat.Paris]
    ActesSoc.Linn.Bordeaux Actes de Societe Linneenne 1831 -> 8vo Bordeaux
    Add.Zoogr.Ross.As. Addenda ad celeberrimi Pallasi Zoographiam Rosso-Asiaticam. Eversmann, E. 8vo Kasani 1842(?1) Three fascicles published 1835,1841,1842; publ. in Kasani (Casani) [Zimmer] [CWR unpubl. notes shows fascicle 3 publ. 1843] At least at present (2007.05.21) a digitized version of the 1875 reprint of this work can be found here: Eversmann
    Special thanks to Mark Brown for finding this.
    Addit.Avif.Dominica Addition to the Avifauna of Dominica : notes on species hitherto unrecorded with descriptions of three new species and a list of all birds now known to occur on the island Verrill, A. Hyatt 1905. Physical descrip: 38p. 8vo.
    Av.Res. Avian Research
    Avif.Macedon. Stresemann, Erwin, 1889-1972. Avifauna Macedonica : die ornithologischen Ergenisse der Forschungsreisen, unternommen nach Mazedonien durch Prof. Dr. Doflein und Prof. L. Müller ... in den Jahren 1917 und 1918. Publisher: München, Dultz & co., 1920. xxiv, 270 p. illus. 22 cm. Bibliography: p. xx-xxiii.
    Agg.Orn.Papu.Moluc. Aggiunte alla Ornitologia della Papuasia e delle Molucche Salvadori, TA 1889-91 4to 3 Pts Torino Pt 1. Accipitres-Psittaci-Picariae. 1889. Printer date (p.[3]] 21-VIII-89; Aug 21 1889 (a Wed.) Pt 2. Passeres. 1890. Pt 3. Columbae-Gallinae-Grallatores-Anseres-Struthiones. App. 1891. Publisher varies (according to AMNH Libr. cat.) for pts 2 & 3, raising the possibility of multiple states? This material evidently was issued as separetly paged "preprints" as well as as part of the Mem.R.Acad.Sci.Torino The dates of issue of the "Preprints" is currently uncertain, though each contains the date of a meeting ("adunanza") at which something happened -- quite possibly the material was approved for publication(?).
    Parte Appr. nell'adunanza del Wrapper date Brit.NHM Library Accesion stamp Pp. (supplied by Edward Dickinson) APP notes.
    Prima ACCIPITRES - PSITTACI - PICARIAE 26 Maggio 1889 1889 15 Nov. 1889 1-64
  • "adunanza" date is a Sunday.
  • Wrapper date & accession stamp date supplied by EC Dickinson
  • Seconda Passeres 17 Novembre 1889 1890 12 Apr. 1890 65-167
  • "adunanza" date is a Sunday.
  • Wrapper date & accession stamp date supplied by EC Dickinson
  • Terza COLUMABE - GALLINAE - GRALLATORES - ANSERES - STRUTHIONES 10 Maggio 1891 1891 3 Sep. 1891 169-244
    [APP:? p.168]
  • "adunanza" date is a Sunday.
  • Wrapper date & accession stamp date supplied by EC Dickinson
  • [Mem.R.Acad.Sci.Torino Vol. XL & XLII 1890,92 ]
    Agric.Gaz.NewS.Wales The Agricultural Gazette of New South Wales 1890-> 8vo Sydney
    Alauda Alauda; etudes et notes ornithologiques 1929 -> Dijon
    Tome No. Imprint date. Date of publication. Notes
    I 1 25 Apr 1929
    I 2 30 Jun 1929
    I 3 10 Aug 1929
    I 4 10 Sep 1929 Note: No.4 is actually a double fascicle and should have been numbered 4 & 5.
    I 6 15 Nov 1929
    I 7 28 Dec 1929
    II 1 25 Feb 1930
    II 2 20 Apr 1930
    II 3 & 4 Jun-Aug 1930
    II 5 & 6 10 Oct 1930
    II 7 & 8 20 Dec 1930
    III 1 Feb 1931 7 Mar 1931
    III 2 Jun 1931 10 Jul 1931
    III 3 Sep 1931 22 Oct 1931
    III 4 Dec 1931 15 Feb 1932
    IV 1 Jan-Mar 1932 28 May 1932
    IV 2 Apr-Jun 1932 1 Aug 1932
    IV 3 Jul-Sep 1932 18 Nov 1932
    IV 4 Oct-Dec 1932 30 Jan 1933
    V 1 Jan-Mar 1933 2 Jun 1933
    V 2 Apr-Jun 1933 2 Oct 1933
    V 3 Jul-Sep 1933 2 Feb 1934
    V 4 Oct-Dec 1933 1934
    Details from Bibliographie Ornithologie Française. LeChevalier, Ed. T.1 p.13-14. 1948 His listing covers T.1 (1929) - T.XII (1940) His note regarding Vol.1 no.6 reads: 'ce n° contient le papillon suivant: "C'est par erreur que le fascicule d'Alauda, para à la date du 10 sept. 1929 porte le N° 4. En réalité, il s'agit d'un fascicule double devant porter les Nos. 4 et 5"' This translates to be something like this: This number contains the following sticker/small sheet: it is an error that the Alauda booklet dated 10 Sept 1929 carries the the number 4. Actually, it should be a double booklet before numbers 4 and 5.
    Allg.DeutscheNat.Zeit.,N.F. Allgemein Deutsche Naturhistorische Zeitung. Im Auftrage der Gesellschaft Isis in Dresden in Verbindung mit ausw&aumltigen und einheimschen Gelehrten herausgegaben von Adolph Dreschler. 4 vols. roy. 8vo. Hamburg 1855-1858. [Bolton] [Date for vol.3 is given as 1857, but may be 1858. +CWR card for Cuculus canorus minor Brehm, says "1857" " publ. 1858?" Peters shows 1858. Another Card says "Hartert (2), 947 says "Vermuthlich 1858 erschienen" [APP: - Probably appeared in 1858] +If so would change date for Larus graellsi to 1858. CWR card for Larus graellsi has 1857 with no comment. + also Alectoris rufa intercedens [previously in Perdix] given by Peters 2:67, and CWR as 1857. But is vol.3 heft xii. ? 1858 ]
    Allg.Encyc.[Ersch&Gruber] Allgemeine Encyclopadie der Wissenschaften und Kunste in alphabetischer Folge von genannten Schriftstellern bearbeitet und hrsg. von J.S. Ersch und J.G. Gruber. Zweite Section, H-N, hrsg. von A.G. Hoffmann. Siebenundzwanzigster Theil: Juden--Judische Literatur. Leipzig, F.U. Brockhaus, 1850. pp.471 28cm. 1850 Ersch(Johann Samuel)[1766-1828] & Grube(Johann Gottfried [1775-1851] 1818-1830+ 4to Leipzig Mathews says, Sherborn says: 103 vols issued 1818-50, continued in 1889. In three Sections: I A-G [Ed. Gruber -- (CWR unpubl. notes)] II H-N [Ed. Hoffmann -- (CWR unpubl. notes)] III O-Z [Eds. Meier & Kaentz -- (CWR unpubl. notes)] volumes of each section separately numbered. [## NOTE: most listings for this are as Ersch&Gruber ^ though CatBooks Br Mus. clearly has Grube ^ Mathews has Gruber , with the "r" ]
    Allg.Lit.Zeitung Allgemeine literatur-zeitung 1785-1849 Jena; Halle
    Allg.Uebers.Vogel[Latham] Johann Lathams Allgemeine Uebersicht der Vogel. Uebersetzt von Bechstein. 8 Theile, nebst Register. 1791-1812 Latham, John 180 col. pl. Nuremberg [Nurnberg] 1793,1793,1794,1795,1796,1798 1811 p. 1-320 1812 p. 321-536 Also cited as: KurzeUebers Kurze Uebersicht aller bekannten Vo:gel...
    Alpenreise[Storr] Alpenreise vom jahre 1781... Storr, Gottlieb Konrad Christian [1749-1821] 1784-86 Leipzig, 1784-86 2 vol. in 1
    Am.Exch.Mart American Exchange and mart and household journal, devoted to the interests of buyers, sellers and exchanges. Boston; NY. 1-4, 1885-88. [from Peters 02:158. vol.3, no.3 = 15 Jan. 1887. vol.3, no.6 = 5 Feb. 1887. author is Anonymous = Maynard ]
    Am.Mid.Nat. American Midland Naturalist: devoted to natural history, primarily that of the prairie states. Notre Dame, Ind. Ap 1909+ v11 no1-4 Ap-O 1909 as Midland naturalist.
    Am.Mo.Mag. American monthly magazine and critical review. 1-4, 8vo My 1817-Ap 1819 [Bolton gives "1817,'18"] Edited by H Biglow and OL Holley. NY This suggests, that the Rafinesque citation from Peters 2:269 Symphemia Rafinesque 1818 Am.Mo.Mag. 4 p.106 should be 1819. In Richmond Auk 1909 July p.258, gives IV, No. I Nov. 1818.
    Am.Mus.Novit. American Museum Novitates no. 1 - 1921 - New York
    Am.Nat. The American Naturalist. A popular illustrated magazin of natural history. Editors: Alpheus Spring Packard, Jr., Edward S. Morse, Alpheus Hyatt and Frederick W. Putnam. 11 vols. 1868 -> 1877 8vo Salem, Mass. Afterward Edited by AS Packard Jr., and Edward D. Cope. Philadelphia. 1878 ->
    Am.Orn. American Ornithology or, the Natural History of the Birds of the United States: Illustrated with Plates Engraved and Colored from Original Drawings taken from Nature. Alexander Wilson 1808 [ 1810, 1811, 1811, 1812, 1812, 1813, 1814, 1814 ] Vol.I [-IX] Philadelphia Bradford and Inskeep Note: In a letter from CWR to Witmer Stone (1899.06.01) CWR indicates that there is confusion over the name Falco pennsylvanicus which was altered to Falco latissimus in Ord's reprint of this volume. Ord's reprint bears the date 1812, though it was issued in 1824.
    Am.Orn.[Bonaparte] American Ornithology or, the Natural History of the Birds of the United States not given by Wilson with figures drawn engraved and coloured from nature by Charles Lucien Bonaparte. Alexander Wilson; Charles Lucien Bonaparte 1825-33 1825; 1828; 1828 (Zimmer) 1829 (CWR); 1833 Vol. 1-4 fol. Philadelphia Carey, Lea & Carey; [Carey & Lea -- Vol.IV] Zimmer lists the third volume as published in 1828. CWR's Unpublished notes on Dates of Publication indicate that vol. III was reviewed in the Lit. Gazette Jan. 16, 1830 where he quotes "Vol. III, atlas 4to. 1828 (published 1829) pp.60" CWR notes: "Hence publ. in 1829 ! although apparently dated 1828." Note: As Coues says, "An entirely different work, but in a similar style".
    Am.Orn.[Jamesoned.] American Ornithology or, the Natural History of the Birds of the United States: Illustrated with Plates Engraved and Colored from Original Drawings taken from Nature. Wilson, Alexander [Jameson, ed.] 1831 Vol. 1-4 18mo Edinburgh
    Am.Orn.[reprintOrd] American ornithology or, the natural history of the birds of the United States: illustrated with plates Engraved and Colored from Original drawings taken from Nature. Wilson, Alexander Ord, George [ed.] 1824(-25) folio Phila.
    Am.Orn.UnionChk-Lst.N.Am.Birds.ed.1 The code of nomenclature and check-list of North American birds adopted by the American Ornithologists' Union. Being the report of the Committee of the Union on classification and nomenclature. Coues, E; Allen JA; Ridgway, R; Brewster, W; Henshaw, HW 1886 8vo New York
    Am.Sportsman The American Sportsman. A journal devoted to the interests of the sporting fraternity, angling, &c. West Meriden, Conn, and N.Y. N.Y. 1871-1873. [continued as] The American Sportsman. Devoted exclusively to shooting, fishing, and natural history. Wilber F. Parker, Ed. 3 vols (III-V), fol. West Meriden, Conn. and New York. 1873-75 [continued as] The Rod and the gun. Late the American sportsman. 5 vols (VI-X), fol. New York, 1875-77. v. 1-10; Oct. 1871-Apr. 28, 1877. West Meridian, Conn. Parker Bros. &c. 1871-74 New York; Rod and gun association (ltd) 1874-77.
    Amoeba,Tokyo Amoeba, Tokyo. Amateur Biological Club of Japan. Vol.1(1928)-2(1930) [ Note: also Amoeba. Publisher Amsterdam, Nederlandse Jeugdbond voor Natuurstudie. (v.42-45 = 1966-1969) Descript v. ill. Frequency Irregular. ]
    AmsterdamNat. Amsterdam Naturalist. Title Amsterdam naturalist. Publisher: Amsterdam, De Regenboog. 1 v. ill. 25 cm. Coverage v. 1, no. 1-3; 1950. Note: "Bulletin of the Zoological Museum Amsterdam." Cont. by Beaufortia
    An.Cient.Paraguayos Anales cientificos paraguayos (Instituto paraguayo) 1901-11(Ser.1) 8vo Ascuncion [ CWR has : Aves Nuevas Del Paraguay 1901 p.70 for Campyl. Aves Nuevas Del Paraguay 1901 p.175 for S. koen. these are reprints from An.Cient.Paraguayos (BMNH) ]
    An.Facult.Cienc.Zaragoza Anales Facultad Ciencas Zaragoza
    An.Inst.Biol.Mex. Sobreiro de los Anales del Instituto de Biologia. Mexico.
    An.Inst.FisicoGeograficoMuseoNac.CostaRica Anales del Instituto Fisico-Geografico y del Museo Nacional de Costa Rica
    An.Inst.Patagonia Anales del Instituto de la Patagonia Magallanes, Chile. v.1-14 (1970-1983)
    An.Mus.Nac.CostaRica Note: I am uncertain about this serial. The Am.Mus.Nat.Hist. Library listing suggests that only vol.1 was published, but the taxon listed to this source (Aramides plumbeicollis Zeledon) is listed by Peters Checklist 2:175, as well as by the Richmond Index to volume 2 from 1888.
    An.Mus.Nac.ChileZool. Anales del Museo Nacional de Chile. Imprint Santiago de Chile : [El Museo], 1892-1910.
    An.Mus.Nac.Hist.Nat.BuenosAires Anales del Museo Nacional de Historia Natural de Buenos Aires. Imprint [S.l. : s.n.], 1911-1923, (Buenos Aires : Imprenta y Casa Editora "Juan A. Alsina")
    An.Univ.Chile Anales de la Universidad de Chile Santiago
    Analyse Analyse D'Une Nouvelle Ornithologie Elementaire Vieillot, L.P. 1816 Paris [ Evidently Lesson was eager in support of the belief that Analyse was not published until 1817. In his Manuel I:50 (note) he writes: "L'analyse d'ornithologie élémentaire qui porte la data de 1816, n'a réallement paru qu 'en 1817". [my trans: The analysis of elementary ornithology, which carries the date of 1816, did not really appear until 1817."] Lesson appears to have been more familiar with his wishes than with the facts of the matter. Richmond points out in his unpublished notes on dates of publication:
    1. Cuvier mentions it (Analyse) as "an ouvrage de cette année 1816" in the preface to his Règne Animal (vol. I), dated Oct. 1816
    2. It was published before vol. I, Dict.Sci.Nat., which is dated 1816 (cf. p.84 of Suppl. to that Vol.).
    3. It was rec'd by the Academy Turin, Dec. 9, 1816
    AnalyseNat. Analyse de la Nature ou Tableau de l'Univers et des Corps organises, &c. Rafinesque, CS 1815 8vo Palermo
    Analyst The Analyst. A monthly journal of science, literature and the fine arts. 2 vols. 8vo London and Worcester. 1834-35. [continued as] The Analyst. A quarterly journal of science, natural history, and the fine arts. Vol. 6 ed. by W. Holl and N. Wood; vol 7 by W. Holl, E. Mammatt, and N. Wood vol. 8-10 by E. Mammatt.] 8 vols 8vo London and Birmingham 1835-40. "begun as a monthly on August 1st, 1834, ... and at the end of one year (two volumes, six numbers to a volume) ... as a quarterly; first quarterly number, but consequtively No.9, on October 1st, 1835, two quarterly parts to a vloume, Vols. III to VIII., Vols. IX and X. each three parts, when it suspended publication in 1840." ? The fishes (Pisces) of Britain, systematically arranged. Analyst v. 18: 204-215 S.D. Wood (cited as "S.D.W.")
    Anat.Zool.Res. Anatomical and Zoological Researches: comprising an account of the zoological results of the two expeditions to the Western Yunnan in 1868 and 1875. "1878" [=1879] [Note: The Richmond Index indicates that this was published in 1879, (apparently the imprint date is 1878). Richmond indicates that this fact is "[fide Corrigenda]". By way of Edward Dickinson I learn that Saunders (1879, Zool.Rec. 16 Aves p.2) indicated that the Preface is listed as "Calcutta 21st Dec. 1878". This material was apparently published in London, which would make a publication before 1879 impossible; evidently Saunders indicates that 'as a fact [it] was not." though I do not know of him providing specific evidence in this regard. Additionally the Cataloge of the Library of the British Museum (N.H.) 1:42, gives the date as "1878 [1879]".
    Anf.theor.ang.Naturgesch.Thier. Anfangsgrunde der theoretischen und angewandten Naturgeschicte der Thiere [from CWR] [Dates appear to be: 1800 for Th.2 Abth.1 1801 for Th.2 Abth.2 [CWR Alauda variolata] [Note: BrMLib Cat has mutliple Anf.th.ang.Nat's (Bot.,Miner.,Inseckt.) but not Thier! ]
    Anim.Kingd.[Griffith] The animal kingdom arranged in conformity with its organization, by the Baron Cuvier,...by Edward Griffith 1827-35 London Whittaker, Treacher & Co. ...additional species inserted in the text of Cuvier...with additional descriptions JE Gray resposible for the inserted species descriptions. Dating the volumes of this work is a problem. Zimmer p.154 discusses the problem in detail, including details provided by both Sherborn (Ind.Anim Pt.2 p.xli and Mathews Bibliography of the Birds of Australia p.63). It appears that certainty with regards dates is not to be had. Mathews writes:"We have therefore for the volumes as generally met with, Vol. I. before Aug.6th, 1828; Vol. II., before May 21st, 1829; Vol. III before Jan. 23rd, 1830." The volume numbers are, of course themselves confusing. There were 16 vols. Vol.VI (Aves I); Vol.VII (Aves II) and Vol.VIII (Aves III). Note that Zimmer p.154 appears to have an error listing "Vol.III (Aves III)" but lower down referring to "At the close of Vol.VIII (Aves III)." So presumably the "V" was left out in the first instance and III was printed where VIII was intended. With nothing better to proceed on, I accept Mathews' dates, and date Vol.VI (Aves I) to 1828. [Thanks to Edward Dickinson, I learn that there is a publication subsequent to Mathews and Zimmer that deals with this work: "Cowan, C.F. 1969. Notes on Griffith's Animal Kingdom of Cuvier (1824-1835). J. Soc. Bibliogr. Nat. Hist. 5: 137-40. (April). This work substantially deepens our understanding of this issue. However, as we do not know the limits of the various parts, we are quite limited in our ability to apply the data to the names we cite to this work. The relevant data from Cowan 1969 are: Griffith Animal Kingdom (Aves volumes)
    Vol. Class Title Date Part No. Actual date APP notes.
    6 Birds (1) "1829" 14 1 Dec. 1827 Saturday
    6 Birds (1) "1829" 15 31 March 1828 Monday
    6 Birds (1) "1829" 16 6 August 1828 Wednesday
    7 Birds (2) "1829" 17 ? November 1828 (interpolated)
    7 Birds (2) "1829" 18 ? Feb 1829 (interpolated)
    7 Birds (2) "1829" 19 21 May 1829 Tuesday
    8 Birds (3) "1829" 20 15 Aug. 1829 Saturday
    8 Birds (3) "1829" 21 31 Oct. 1829 Saturday
    8 Birds (3) "1829" 22 23 Jan. 1830 Saturday

    Anim.Kingd.[Kerr] The Animal Kingdom, or a zoological system of ... C. Linnaeus. Kerr,Robert [1755-1813]. 1792 4to London
    Anim.Menag. Animals in Menageries, in The cabinet cyclopedia [Lardner, Dionysius] 1838 London Often cited as 1837; Browning and Monroe, 1991 p.391 indicate that this was actually published 13 Jan 1838. My copy has an imprint date of 1838 on the title page.
    Ann.CapeProv.Mus. Annals of the Cape Provincial Museums (data compiled by: Ashley H. Kirk-Spriggs from: http://www.ru.ac.za/affiliates/am/annals/Annals%20of%20the%20Cape%20Provincial%20Museums%20(N.H.).htm#14 accessioned 2007.08.18) V.1 (issued March 1961), pp.1-102. V.1 of the Annals was issued as a single volume, i.e. not in numbered and separately dated parts. V.2 (issued August 1962), pp.7-317. V.2 of the Annals was issued as a single volume, i.e. not in numbered and separately dated parts. V.3 (issued August 1963), pp.5-122. V.3 of the Annals was issued as a single volume, i.e. not in numbered and separately dated parts. V.4 (issued August 1965), pp.1-73 + 8 colour plates. V.5, (issued August 1966), pp.5-24 (including supplement). V.5 of the Annals was issued as a single volume, i.e. not in numbered and separately dated parts. V.6, part 1 (issued 15th December 1966), pp.1-16. V.6, part 2 (issued 10th March 1967), pp.17-38. V.6, part 3 (issued 26th June 1967), pp.39-46. V.6, part 4 (issued 31st August 1967), pp.47-54. V.6, part 5 (issued 15th December 1967), pp.55-62. V.6, part 6 (issued 30th August 1968), pp.63-70. V.6, part 7 (issued 30th August 1968), pp.71-76. Jacot-Guillarmod's Catalogue of the Thysanoptera of the World was published in seven parts, the six listed below and a seventh issued posthumously (see Jacot-Guillarmod & Brothers 1986, volume 17(1), issued 30th May 1986 below). V.12 (issued 1st October 1976), pp.1-565. V.13, Part 1 (issued 8th May 1979), pp.1-30. V.13, Part 2 (issued 8th May 1979), pp.31-38. V.13, Part 3 (issued 28th September 1979), pp.39-44. V.13, Part 4 (issued 11th January 1980), pp.45-54. V.13, Part 5 (issued 24th June 1980), pp.55-62. V.13, Part 6 (issued 24th June 1980), pp.63-83. V.13, Part 7 (issued 9th July 1980), pp.85-93. V.13, Part 8 (issued 18th July 1980), pp.95-106. V.13, Part 9 (issued 8th October 1980), pp.107-132. V.13, Part 10 (issued 30th April 1981), pp.133-139. V.13, Part 11 (issued 30th April 1981), pp.141-167. V.13, Part 12 (issued 30th April 1981), pp.169-185. V.13, Part 13 (issued 30th April 1981), pp.187-194. V.13, Part 14 (issued 6th July 1981), pp.195-216. V.13, Part 15 (issued 10th August 1981), pp.217-250. V.14, Part 1 (issued 20th October 1981), pp.1-80. V.14, Part 2 (issued 26th July 1982), pp.81-87. V.14, Part 3 (issued 26th July 1982), pp.89-108. V.14, Part 4 (issued 29th October 1982), pp.109-137. V.14, Part 5 (issued 29th October 1982), pp.139-149. V.14, Part 6 (issued 15th November 1982), pp.151-171. V.14, Part 7 (issued 28th February 1983), pp.172-297. V.14, Part 8 (issued 24th June 1983), pp.299-422. V.15, Part 1 (issued 26th April 1984), pp.1-171. V.15, Part 2 (issued 29th June 1984), pp.173-410. V.16, Part 1 (issued 16th April 1984), pp.1-22. V.16, Part 2 (issued 16th April 1984), pp.23-40. V.16, Part 3 (issued 16th April 1984), pp.41-71. V.16, Part 4 (issued 21st January 1985), pp.73-126. V.16, Part 5 (issued 28th February 1986), pp.127-135. V.16, Part 6 (issued 28th February 1986), pp.137-160. V.16, Part 7 (issued 13th June 1986), pp.161-178. V.16, Part 8 (issued 7th December 1987), pp.179-189. V.16, Part 9 (issued 7th December 1987), pp.191-200. V.16, Part 10 (issued 30th May 1988), pp.201-307. V.16, Part 11 (issued 30th May 1988), pp.309-319. V.16, Part 12 (issued 29th July 1988), pp.321-326. V.16, Part 13 (issued 29th July 1988), pp.327-349. V.16, Part 14 (issued 29th July 1988), pp.351-362. V.16, Part 15 (issued 29th July 1988), pp.363-371. V.17, Part 1 (issued 30th May 1986), pp.1-93. V.18, Part 1 (issued 31st August 1988), pp.1-30. V.18, Part 2 (issued 31st August 1988), pp.31-56. V.18, Part 3 (issued 31st August 1988), pp.57-81. V.18, Part 4 (issued 28th July 1989), pp.83-94. V.18, Part 5 (issued 28th July 1989), pp.95-134. V.18, Part 6 (issued 28th July 1989), pp.135-150. V.18, Part 7 (issued 28th July 1989), pp.151-160. V.18, Part 8 (issued 30th April 1990), pp.159-182. V.18, Part 9 (issued 28th May 1990), pp.183-202. V.18, Part 10 (issued 15th March 1991), pp.205-225. V.18, Part 11 (issued 20th June 1991), pp.227-243. V.18, Part 12 (issued 27th June 1991), pp.245-270. V.18, Part 13 (issued 20th June 1992), pp.271-291. V.18, Part 14 (issued 30th July 1993), pp.293-354. V.18, Part 15 (issued 15th September 1993), pp.357-370. V.19, Part 1 (issued 30th January 1994), pp.1-147. V.19, Part 2 (issued 30th June 1994), pp.149-170. V.19, Part 3 (issued 28th February 1995), pp.171-180. V.19, Part 4 (issued 28th April 1995), pp.181-224. V.19, Part 5 (issued 28th May 1995), pp.225-304. V.19, Part 6 (issued 29th April 1996), pp.305-344. V.19, Part 7 (issued 29th April 1996), pp.347-373. V.19, Part 8 (issued 20th August 1997), pp.347-373. V.19, Part 9 (issued 20th September 1997), pp.387-437.
    Ann.CarnegieMus.Nat.Hist. Annals of the Carnegie Museum [note: volumes appear to extend across years sometimes]
    Ann.Franc.Etr.Anat.Phys. Annales françaises et étrangéres d'anatomie et de physiologie, appliquées a la medécine et à l'histoire naturelle
    Ann.Gen.Sci.Phys. Annales generales des sciences physiques 1819-21 Brussels [Edward Dickinson informs me (in litt. 2008.04.19) that he discoverd a handwritten note by Sherborn in the relevant volume (vol.2) that reads (bracketed content added by Edward): "pp. -- [=1] -128 Oct. 1819; -- [= 129] - 276 Nov. 1819; 277-411 Dec. 1819."
    Ann.Mus.Natl.Hungar. Annales Historico-Naturales Musei Nationalis Hungarici 1-41 1903-1948 [The Richmond Index notes for Bradypterus mariae that a separate of the June 1 1905 issue was mailed May 19, 1905. Other numbers thus may also have had separates associated with them.] [Within Parts ("Pars") it appears that different dates are associated with different (?un-named) sections, but the date of publication appears to be given, perhaps for each article?]
    Ann.Mus.Roy.CongoBelge Ann. Mus. Roy. Congo Belge, Tervuren
    Ann.K.K.Naturh.Hofsmus.Wien Annalen Des K. K. Naturhistorischen Hofsmuseums 1886-1918 Continued as: Annalen Des naturhistorischen Museums In Wien 1920->
    Ann.Lyc.Nat.Hist.N.Y. Annals of Lyceum of Natural History of New York [? dates of vol 2. uncertain 1826,1827,1828 ] CWR (unpubl. notes) indicates Vol. 1 was completed in 1826 and begun in 1824 Spreadsheet in progress It is asdressed in the CD accompanying "Priority!",
    Ann.Mag.Nat.Hist. Annals and Magazine of Natural History 1836 as Magazine of Zoology and Botany 1838 as Annals of Natural History upon move to London. a monthly first number March 1st. 1838 six numbers to a volume. after the fifth volume changed to: 1841 Annals and Magazine of Natural history including Zoology, Botany, and Geology. twenty volumes constitute a series An excellent and detailed discussion of these journals is in Evenhuis NL. 2003. "Publication and dating of the journals forming the Annals and Magazine of Natural History and the Journal of Natural History." Zootaxa 385:1-68. It must also be noted that in his Index Animalium Sherborn does not seem to have troubled himself with distinguishing among the different titles given this serial. For example listing works from 1838 to "Ann. Mag. N. H." (e.g. p.533, Atheroides Haliday in Curtis ...).
    Ann.Mus.Civ.Stor.Nat.Genova Annali del Museo Civico di Storia Naturale di Genova Ann.Mus.Civ.Genova(2) Also as Annali. Mus. Civ. di Stor. Nat. (1) Vol. VII after p. 895 the date should be 1876 Dr Carlo Violani - from Dr Roberto Poggi of the Genoa Museum.
    Annali del Museo Civico di Storia Natruale di Genova
    Vol. Vol. Date Print Date pages (avian taxa citations) Notes
    V 1874 1874
    VI 1874 1874 78-87;308-312
    VII 1875 1875 670-824
    VII 1875 1876 895 et seq.
    IX 1876 1876 33-38 [CWR Ptilotis albonotata p.33 Oct. 7]
    IX 1877 332-333 [CWR Talegallus fuscirostris p.332 Mch 26]
    X 1877 1877 37 [Oreopsittacus p.37 CWR May 21; Schulze 1877]
    XII 1878 1878 p.322-341
    XIII 1878 p.459-461 [Microdynamis p.461 CWR Oct. 16; Schulze 1878]
    XIV 1879 p.55-251 [Megacrex p.129 CWR Mch 4; Schulze 1879]
    XV 1879 p.48 [Pachycephalopsis
  • p.48 CWR Nov. 18, 1879
  • Schulze "1880 [1879]" {?does this imply an imprint date of 1880?}]
  • Confusion exists in the latter part of the 1880's, volumes 24 and 25 are a puzzle, and there appears to be inconsistency of naming, sometimes continuing sequential volume numbers, and sometimes designating new volume numbers with the "new series". Note: there is evidence that the dates of the latter volumes are, at least in some instances, off by several years in their dates.
    • With regards the taxon Æstrelata feæ Mathews notes (BBOC 54:161) "Æstrelata feæ of Salvadori was published in Ann.Mus.Civ.Gen. ser.ii volxx p.305. The sheet marked 20 is dated Dec. 1899, and the date on the back of the wrapper is 1901; so the original reference and description should correctly read Æstrelata feæ Salvadori, Ibis, April 1900, p.302." In support of delay past the date specified (1899) is the presence in the bibliographic listings to publications with dates specified "1900" (see for example p.842 in the listing under hirsutus.)
    • On the title page of Ser.2, Vol.XX, at the head it read: "1899-901" [sic]. I believe Mathews is correct (contra all conventional citations) and this must be cited to Ibis.
    • Further (again unlike virtually all conventional works) I believe the entire volume "40" must be dated to 1901, unless or until it is demonstrated that some portions appeared prior to that time.
    • Additionally in support of the later date is the taxon Turdinus puveli, described on p.767 from a specimen that was collected 29 January 1900.
    • Further investigation suggests that dates for this serial may have only the most casually approximate relationship to actual dates. The volume "34" (= ser.2 vol.XIV) is the ostensible "1894" volume. The ostensible date does not appear to be correct, as the wrapper bears the date "1895". We can see that this volume was accessioned at the MCZ Library Feb. 11, 1896, and the prefatory remarks are dated "20 Aprilo 1895".
    Ann.Mus.CongoZool. Annales du Musee du Congo (Ser. IV) 1906-7 roy. 4to Brussels
    Ann.Mus.Hist.Nat.Paris Annales Muséum National D'Histoire Naturelle, par les professeurs de cet éstablissement. Ouvrage orné de gravures. 20 vols. 4to. Paris An XI[1802]-1813 [Note: XVIII "1811" published in 1812 (p.459 -- read 24 fevrier 1812). Table. Vol.XXI. 1827 [continued as] Mémoires du muséum d'histoire naturelle, par les professors de cet établissement. Ouvrage orné de gravures. Paris 20 vols. 4to. 1815-1832 [continued as] Annales (Nouvelles) du muséum d'histoire naturelle, ou recueil de mémoires publiées par les profeseurs de cet établissement det par d'autres naturalistes sur l'histoire naturelle, l'anatomie et la chimie. Ouvrage orné de gravures. Paris 4 vols. 4to 1832-1835 [continued as]Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat. Archives du muséum d'histoire naturelle, publiées par les professeurs administrateurs de cet éstablishment. 10 vols. 4to. Paris 1839-1861. [continued as] Archives (Nouvelles) du muséum d'histoire naturelle, publiées par les professeurs administrateurs de cet éstablishment. 10 vols. 4to. Paris 1865-1876. Nouvelle série. 10 vols. 4to Paris 1878-1888.
    Ann.Mus.Zool.Acad.Sci.U.R.S.S. [Edward Dickinson indicates (in litt. 2008.05.18) that " ...Pt. 3 of Vol. 28 (pp. 297-456 which was published in Jan. 1928 according to a list of dates found printed on a page or wrapper in the copy at South Kensington)."
    Ann.Nat.Hist. Annals of Natural History 1838-1840 [See under Ann.Mag.Nat.Hist.]
    Ann.N.Y.Acad.Sci. Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences [ Note: CWR card for Octhoeca flaviventris Lawrence 1887 indicates the presence of an author's separate for at least this species. (dating of the taxon is not affected, it appears) but other separates for this source are a possibility. CWR card for Leptoptila fulviventris Lawrence 1882, also indicates the presence of and author's separate or unpaged excerpt apparently issued prior to the publication of the number. This is in vol.II no.9 "May". Ridgway's copy rec'd June 21,1882. Similarly the RI card for Contopus albicollis Lawrence 1885 Ann.N.Y.Acad.Sci. III no.5&6 "Feb." p.156 says: "Separate has "no.5 Jan 5th, 1885 RR's copy rec'd Jan. 22, 1885." Similarly the RI card for Turdus nigrirostris Lawrence 1878 Ann.N.Y.Acad.Sci. I no.5&6 "May-Sep." p.146 says: Separate has "no.5 June, 1878 RR's copy rec'd June 25, 1878. p.147 of separate. The RI card for Thryothorus grenadensis Lawrence 1878 Ann.N.Y.Acad.Sci. I no.5&6 "May-Sep." p.161 says: "(publ. July, 1878)" So, either part 6 was published in July (despite it being the nominal "May-Sept." number, or the publication of this taxon was not included in (or missed in) the separate noted above, or multiple separates occur across numbers 5 and 6. The RI card for Chaetura gaumeri Lawrence 1882 Ann.N.Y.Acad.Sci. II no.7&8 "March" p.245 says: "(Separate says "no.8; March, 1882" and RR's copy rec'd Mch. 31, '82)." The RI card for Engyptila gaumeri Lawrence 1885 Ann.N.Y.Acad.Sci. III no.5&6 Feb p.157 says: "{Separate says "no.5, January 5th 1885," + RR's copy rec'd Jan. 22, 1885.}" The RI card for Regulus satrapa aztecus Lawrence 1887 Ann.N.Y.Acad.Sci. IV no.1&2 June p.66 says: "{Separate has "Vol. IV No.2" + RR's copy rec'd June 20, 1887.}" ]
    Ann.Naturhist.Mus.Wien Annalen des Naturhistorischen Museums in Wien. Publisher Wien : In kommission bei A. Hölder, 1920-1980.
    Ann.Philos.n.s. Annals of Philosophy. New series
    Ann.QueenslandMus. Annals of the Queensland Museum 1891-1911 Brisbane CWR unpublished notes indicate that: "no.6 was published Sat. Sept. 30, 1905" cont. as Memoirs &c.
    Ann.Rec.Sci.Indus. Annual record of science and industry
    Ann.S.Afr.Mus. Annals of the South African Museum
    Ann.Sci.Nat. Annales Des Sciences Naturelles comprenant la physiologie animale et végétale, l'anatomie comparée des deux règnes, la zoologie, la botanique, la minéralogie et la géologie. par Audouin, Ad. Brongniart et Dumas. Paris 30 vols
    Unpublished notes of CWR indicate:
    	1824-33		8vo & 4to	Paris
    	1824	 1-4
    	1825	 5-6
    	1826	 7-9
    	1827	10-12
    	1828	13-15
    	1829	16-18
    	1830	19-21	[p.199 CWR gives "October"]
    	1831	22-24	[p.421 of 22 CWR gives "1st third of 1831"]
    	1832	25-27	
    	1833	28-30	
    	[continued in two parallel series Zoology and Botany]
    Ann.Sci.Nat.Zool. Annales Des Sciences Naturelles comprenant la zoologie, la botanique, l'anatomie et la physiologie comparée des deux règnes et l'histoire des corps organisés fossiles. Rédigée pour la zoologie par Audouin et Milne-Edwards; pour la botanique par Ad. Brongniart et Guillemin. Paris Note: The numbering of the Serie Botanique does not exactly parallel Zoologie. [(Zoologie) (1) 1824-31] (see above) (Zoologie) (2) 1834-1843 20 vol. (2 per year) [16 p.320 CWR gives Nov. 1841] (Zoologie) (3) 1844-1853 20 vol. (2 per year) (Zoologie) (4) 1854-1863 20 vol. (2 per year) (Zoologie) (5) 1864-1873 20 vol. (2 per year) (Zoologie) (6) 1874-1885 20 vol. [It appears that at least in this series "articles" may be paginated serially (i.e. starting over at p.1 with a new "article".] 1 1874 [CWR for art.9 p.4 gives "nos.3-6 May 5 1874"] 2 1875 3-4 1876 5-6 1877 7-8 1878 9 1879 [CWR for art.5 p.1 gives '"mai" 1879' and "80?" pencilled in.] 9-10 1880 11-12 1881 13-14 1882 [CWR for art.4 p.37 gives April 1882]. 15-16 1883 17-18 1884 19 1885 20 1886 (Zoologie) (7) 1 1886 2-4 1887 5-6 1888 7-8 1889 9-10 1890 11 1891 12-13 1892 [CWR '"1891" = 1892' for p.274] 14-15 1893 16-17 1894 (Zoologie) (8) (Zoologie) (9) ->1917 (Zoologie) (10) 1918->
    Ann.Sci.Phys.Nat.Agric.Ind. Annales des Sci. Phys. et Nat., d'Agric. et d'Industrie, publ. par la Soc. Royale d' Agric. &c. Lyon [ BMNH Annales (Extrait des Proces-Verbaux), des Societe royale d'Agriculture, d'Histoire naturelle et Arts utiles de Lyon. 1838-48 [I'm not certain of "royale" in title.] CWR Annales des Sci. Phys. et Nat., d'Agric et d'Industrie, publ. par la Soc. Royale d'Agric., &c. Lyon ]
    Ann.Soc.Linn.n.s. Ann. Soc. Linn. Lyon (n.s.)
    Ann.Stor.Nat.Bologna Annali Di Storia Naturale [by Ranzani, Bertolini and Alessandrini.] 4 vols. 8vo. Bologna 1829-30 [=1831] Note: Fascicle 12 of Tomo 4 (the final fascicle) was published in 1831. On page 460 at the foot of the article is the text "Chioggia li 4. Gennajo 1831" Also on p.[468] prior to the final plates and end material the text notes over the "IMPRIMATURE" 10 Augusti 1831 and 11 Augusti 1831. Names from this portion of the Annali were dated by Sherborn to 1831, however this fact, and the actual dates in the original material itself appear to have been ignored by virtually all modern workers in ornithology.
    Ann.TransvaalMus. Annals of the Transvaal Museum [In a letter from CWR to Witmer Stone (1912.03.18) Richmond has some comments on the details of Ann.TransvaalMuseum III no.2 where he notes on p.111 the date given for collecting Pisorhina capensis pusilla is given as "31.IX.08" (sic), which is hard to do given only 30 days in September. Additionally, he notes the authors give both male and female types (!) and in one instance (p.113-114) give the same number (4653) for the specimens of both the male and female specimens.]
    Ann.Wett.Ges. Annalen Wetterauischen Gesellschaft fuer die gesammte Naturkunde 1809-19 4to Frank.-a-Main.
    Ann.Zool.Polon.Hist.Nat. Annales Zoologici Musei Polonici Historiae Naturalis [1921-] 1922-27 Tom 1-6 8vo Warsaw
    Annot.ChecklistBirdsArizona[Monson] Author Monson, Gale. Title:Annotated checklist of the birds of Arizona Gale Monson, Allan R. Phillips. Publisher: Tucson, Ariz. : University of Arizona Press, c1981. Edition: 2nd ed., rev. and expanded. Description: xxxi, 240 p. : maps ; 19 cm. Note: Previous ed.: A checklist of the birds of Arizona. 1964. Includes index. Subject Birds -- Arizona. Alt author Phillips, Allan R. Alt title Checklist of the birds of Arizona.
    Annot.ChecklistBirdsS.Australia An annotated checklist of the birds of South Australia. Parker, SA, et.al. Adelaide, S. Aust. : South Australian Ornithological Association, 1979-(1985).
    Annot.Zool.Jap. Annotationes Zoologicae Japonensis 1-56 1897-1983
    AnnuaireMoselle Annuaire de la Moselle
    AnnuaireMus.Zool.Acad.Imp.Sci.St.Petersb. Annuaire du Musee Zoologique de l'Academie d. Sciences de St. Petersbourg 1896 -> Ann.Mus.Zool.Acad.Sci.U.R.S.S. 8vo St. Petersb. -> Leningrad
    AnnuaireMus.Zool.Acad.Sci.U.R.S.S.[Leningrad] Annuaire Mus. Zool. Acad. Sci. U.R.S.S.
    AnnualRep.Brit.NewGuinea(1888-1889) Annual Report on British New Guinea, with appendices. 1888 -1889 Queensland
    AnnualRep.Brit.NewGuinea(1890-1891) Annual Report on British New Guinea ... with Appendices. 1890 -1891 Brisbane
    AnnualRep.Brit.NewGuinea(1893-1894) Annual Report on British New Guinea ... with Appendices. 1893 - 1894 Brisbane
    AnnualRep.Brit.NewGuinea(1896-1897) Annual Report on British New Guinea ... with Appendices. 1896 - 1897 Brisbane
    AnnualRep.Nat.Mus.Canada1930 Annual Report of the National Museum of Canada for 1930.
    AnnusIHist.-Nat. Annus I-(V) Historico-Naturalis Scopoli, Giovanni Antonio 1769-[72] 5 vol. [in 1.] 8vo Lipsiae
    Antologia Antologia. G.P. Vieusseux, direttore ed editore. 40 vols. 8vo Firenze 1821-1830 [Continued as] Antologia; Giornale di scienze, lettre e arti. G.P. Vieusseux, direttore ed editore. 4 vols. (XLI-XLVIII). 8vo Firenze 1831,1832 [Continued as] Antologia (Nuova); Giornale di scienze, lettre e arti. Il Direttore: Francesco Prtontari. 30 vols. 8vo Firenze 1866-1875 Seconda serie. 55 vols. 8vo Firenze (later) Roma. 1876-1886+
    Anz.Akad.Wiss.Wien Anzeiger der Akademie der Wissenshaften in Wien. Mathematisch- Naturwissenshaftliche Klasse.
    Anz.Orn.Ges.Bayern Anzeiger der Ornithologischen Gesellschaft in Bayern. 8vo Munchen "Band II. Nr. 1. Ausgegeben am 10 März 1929"
    AppendixCat.BirdsWestIndies 1899 ? Peters Checklist 3:105-106 note, discusses this: '3 The Appendix to Maynard's Catalogue of West Indian Birds appeared as a single sheet paged as 33 on both sides; it contained descriptions of four news birds and after the fourth one a line which reads "Actual date of issue November twenty-ninth, 1899." A second printing from the same type was made on some subsequent date, the second page 33 was corrected to 34 and the description of Columbigallina jamaicensis was added on the blank portion of p.34, below the line giving the date of publication.'
    Aquila Title Aquila. Publisher Budapest : A Magyar Ornithologiai Központ Kiadványa, Description v. : ill. (some. col.), maps ; 25-29 cm. Frequency Annual, 1914- Quarterly, 1894-1913. Coverage 1.- évfolyam; 1894- Note "A Magyar Ornithologiai Központ Folyóirata." Each volume compiled annually but often published bound with other volumes. Title and articles in various languages: Hungarian, German, Italian, English and French. Issued by: Magyar Ornithologiai Központ, 1894-1913; Magyar Kirlyi Madártani Intézet, 1914-1943; Magyar Madártani Intézet, 1944/47-
    Ararajuba Ararajuba revista Brasileira de Ornitologia 1990 -> Rio de Janeiro Sociedade Brasileira de Ornitologia
    Arcana Arcana; or, The museum of natural history; containing the most recent discovered objects, embellished with coloured plates and corresponding descriptions; wtih extracts relating to animals and remarks of celebrated travellers; combining a general survey of nature. Perry, George [1810-1811] 8vo London For an excellent and detailed discussion of this work, see: http://www.mapress.com/zootaxa/2003f/zt00377.pdf
    ArcanaNat.[Thomson] Arcana naturae, ou Recueil d'histoire naturelle, par M. James Thomson ... [v. 1]. Thomson, James [1828-1897]. Paris, Londres, New York, J.-B. Bailliere et fils, 1859. 132 p. XIII pl. (11 col.) 45 cm. Notes: Added t.-p., engr. No more pub. Papers by various authors on several topics, chiefly beetles.
    Arch.Mus.Hist.Nat. Archives du muséum d'histoire naturelle, publiées par les professeurs administrateurs de cet éstablishment. 10 vols. 4to. Paris 1839-1861. A continuation of Ann.Mus.Hist.Nat.Paris
    Arch.Mus.Nac.RiodeJaneiro Archivos Do Museu Nacional Do Rio De Janeiro
    Arch.Naturgesch. Archiv Für Naturgeschichte. In Verbindung mit mehreren Gelehreten herausgegeben von Ar. Aug. Wiegmann. 12 vols. 8vo Berlin 1835-1840.
  • CWR unpublished notes:
    	"When it commenced, each no. was to contain 8 signatures of text
    	and 2 plates, and a no. was to be issued once in 2 months."
    	[Continued as]
    	Archiv Für Naturgeschichte. Gegründet von A.F.A. Wiegmann
    	in Verbindung mit [A.] Griesbach, [C.T.] von Siebold, [F.H.] Troschel,
    	A. Wagner, und Leuckart, Herausgegeben von W.F. Erichson
    	16 vols. 8vo
    	[Continued as]
    	Archiv Für Naturgeschichte. Gegründet von A.F.A. Wiegmann
    	Fortgesetzt von W.F. Erichson 
    	In Verbindung mit [A.] Griesbach, [C.T.] von Siebold,
    	A. Wagner, und Leuckart, Herausgegeben von W.F. Erichson
    	94 vols. [2 vol. per annum] 8vo
    Arch.Naturgesch.n.s. Archiv Fur Naturgeschichte: zeitschrift fur systematische zoologie. Leipzig ns V1-12 1932 - O 1944.
    Arch.Zool.Anat.Fisiol.Genova Archivio Per La Zoologia, L'Anatomia E La Fisiologia. publicato per cura di G. Canestrini, G. Doria, P.M. Ferrari e M. Lessona 4 vols. 8vo Genova 1861-1866 1861-6 Series 1 Genoa, Modena, Bologna.
    Ardea Ardea Tijdschrift Der Nederlandsche Ornithologische Vereeniging Leiden Jaargang I --1912 (April)
    Ark.Zool. Arkiv for zoologi. (K. Svenska vetenskaps-akademiien Stockholm)
    ArquivosMuseuBocage Arquivos do Museu Bocage Museu Nacional de História Natural. Lisboa : Museu Nacional de História Natural, 1930-1956. 1-27 1930-1956 Description 27 v. : ill., plates ; 24 cm. Note Some numbers are articles reprinted from scientific journals. Alt author Museu e Laboratório Zoológico e Antropológico (Portugal) Cont. by Revista portuguesa de zoologia e biologia geral
    Arquivos de zoologia Title Arquivos de zoologia. Publisher São Paulo, Museu de Zoologia da Universidade de São Paulo. Description v. ill. 28 cm. Arquivos de zoologia. Continues Arquivos de zoologia do Estado de São Paulo 1940-66
    Arquivos de zoologia do Estado de São Paulo 1940-66
    ArnoldiaRh. Title Arnoldia (Rhodesia) Publisher [Salisbury, Rhodesia] : National Museums of southern Rhodesia, 1964-1978. AMNH Lib. has 1-8 1964-1978 Description 8 v. : ill. ; 24 cm. Coverage Vol.1, no.17 (29th Oct. 1964)-V.8, no.30 (7th Nov. 1978) Note Each no. has also a distinctive title. Vol.8, no.27 (19th Jan. 1979) dated out of sequence. Vol.2, no.12 incorrectly numbered, but really constitutes V.1, no.12. Issued by: V.1, no.17-V.4, no.24 by: National Museums of Southern Rhodesia; V.4, no.25-V.5, no.38 by: National Museums of Rhodesia; V.5, no.39- by: National Museums and Monuments of Rhodesia. Continued as Arnoldia (Zimbabwe Rhodesia) [data from AMNH Libr.]
    As.Res. Asiatick Researches Asiatic Researches, or transactions of the society instituted in Bengal for inquiring into the history, the antiquities, the arts, and sciences, and literature of Asia. 20 vols. 4to Calcutta 1788-1839 Continued as: Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal
    Aasheesh Pittie has kindly provided (2005.04.15) details from Nair, P. Thankappan. (Ed.) 2000. Proceedings of the Asiatic Society. Volume IV, 1833-1841. James Prinsep's Period. Book I. i-xxxii, 1-1461. The Asiatic Society: Calcutta. regarding some of the history of this publication.
    "[6] The Asiatic Researches printed on account of the Society as follow.
    The 6th vol., was printed in 1799
    	7th	1801
    	8th	1805
    	9th	1807
    	10th	1808
    	11th	1810
    	12th	1816
    	13th	1820
    	14th	1822
    	15th	1825
    	16th	1828
    	17th	1833
    	1st part physical class	1829"
    	"The first part of the 18th volume was completed in the early part of 1833. 
    	The Proceedings did not state the exact date or month in which this part was printed by the 
    	Military Orphan Press and copies were transmitted to England for distribution and sale. 
    	The Second Part of the 18th volume was printed in July 1833 for which the printer's bill for 
    	Rs. 1962 was submitted on 31st July. 
    	The printing of maps and plates was completed in October 1833 and permission for export of 
    	100 copies to England ... was obtained by 30th October," Nair (2000, p. 402).
    	He goes on to state that the first part of volume 19 was 
    	"printed off by the end of 1836" (p. 403). 
    	The second part of volume 19 "came out of the Bishop's College Press 
    	early in October 1839-laid before the meeting of 2nd October a copy," (p. 404). 
    	Part one of volume 20 was printed in 1836 for which a bill was submitted dated 3-8-1836; 
    	part two "was ready in the first week of June 1839 or earlier, 
    	for - apprized the meeting (of 5th June 1839) the completion," (Nair 2000, pp. 404-405).
    	So to complete the table above:
    	18th part 1	1833
    	18th part 2	1833
    	19th part 1	x.1836
    	19th part 2	before 2.x.1839
    	20th part 1	before 3.viii.1836
    	20th part 2	before 5.vi.1839
    	Despite this, all the citations that I have come across regarding Hodgson's paper
    	"HODGSON, B. H. 1833. On a New Species of Buceros. 
    	Asiatick Researches  XVIII (I): 178-186 (1829?). (With two plates.)."
    	give the year of publication as '1829'. The Asiatic Society (Calcutta) 
    	has published a few indices, which give 1829 as the date consistently for volume 18 part 1. 
    	However, since papers were printed piecemeal and copies sent off to authors, 
    	it is possible that the same happened with Hodgson's 'Buceros' paper. 
    	However, there is no proof of this yet, although there are pointers in this 
    	direction from papers published by Hodgson in the 19th volume  ...
    	It is also possible that these dates in volume 19 were the dates of submission 
    	of the papers to the journal for publication.
    AteneoItaliano L'Ateneo Italiano raccolta di documenti e memorie relative al progresso delle scienze fisiche compilato da S. de luca e D. M¨ller Anno Primo No. 8. --- 15 maggio 1854. [No. 11. --- 15 agosto 1854.] [No. 12. --- 15 settembre 1854.] Parigi Victor Masson, editore 17, Piazza della Scuola di Medicina.
    This title and following data from Steven Gregory, who writes (2003.07.29)
    	[The title of the wrappers] in the best Zimmer style reads:
    	L'Ateneo Italiano | raccolta | di | documenti e memorie | relative al
    	progresso | delle scienze fisiche | compilato | da | S. de luca e D. Müller
    	| Anno Primo | No. 8. --- 15 maggio 1854. [No. 11. --- 15 agosto 1854.] [No.
    	12. --- 15 settembre 1854.] | Parigi | Victor Masson, editore | 17, Piazza
    	della Scuola di Medicina.
    	[A rough translation is]:
    	The Italian university | collected | of | documents and memories | relevant
    	to the progress | of the physical sciences | compiled | from | S. de luca 
    	and D. Müller | First Year | No. 8.  --- 15 May 1854.  [no. 11.  --- 15
    	August 1854.]  [no. 12.  --- 15 September 1854.]  | Paris | Victor Masson,
    	publisher | 17, Square of the School of Medicine.
    	Richmond (1917: 573) dates these parts, calling them "vol. 2" (Where did he
    	get this from? Presumably the origin of Peters' citations). 
    	No. 8. is 'received by the Paris Academy of Sciences on or before June 5, 1854.' And
    	No. 11. is 'received by the Paris Academy of Sciences on or before Aug. 28, 1854.' 
    	No new names appear to be introduced in No. 12.
    	The titles and pagination of Bonaparte's articles are:
    	No. 8.
    	Quadro dei Volucri Zigodattili | ossia | Passeri a Piedi Scansori, | Di S.
    	A. Il Principe Cario Luciano Bonaparte. | pp. 116-129.
    	No. 11.
    	Conspectus | Volucrum Anisodactylorum. | Auctore Carolo L. Bonaparte. |
    	Quadro dei Volucri Anisodattili. | pp. 311-321.
    	No. 12.
    	Conspectus | Volucrum Anisodactylorum. | Auctore Carolo L. Bonaparte. |
    	Quadro dei Volucri Anisodattili. | (fine) | pp. 377-382.
    Athenaeum The Athenaeum. Journal of English and Foreign Literature, Science, and the Fine Arts. 1828 -> 4to London CWR unpublished note: 'In the issue for April 29, 1832, p.278. They do notgive the usual list of works just published, but they say the "list of Books published did not reach us." Hence it would seem that the Athenaeum received from Stationer's Hall of some other source the weekly list of books just published."
    AtlasReis.nord.Afr.Vog.[Ruppell]["1826"] Atlas zu der Reise im nördlichen Afrika 1 vol. Frankfurt 1826-28(?29) [Zimmer] says issued in 20 parts. Cretzschmar's section bears the date 1826, but Rüppell quotes pl.28 as 1827
    AttiR.Accad.Sci.Torino Atti Reale Accademia delle Scienze di Torino 1866->(at least 1907) 8vo Turin
    AttiSestaRiun.Sci.Ital. Atti della Sesta Riunione degli Scienziati Italiani in Milano Carlo Violani informs me (in litt. 2006.11.04) that these Proceedings of the 1844 meeting in Milano, were published in 1845. 1845 Vol. 7 Naples
    AttiSoc.Ital.Sci.Nat.Mus.Civ.Stor.Nat.Milano Atti. Societa Italiana Di Scienze Naturale E Museo Civico Di Storia Naturale Milan. 1855/9 -> [vol. 11 appears to include dates from Both 1868 and 1869, Data from CWR and Peters.
    1. Scotornis nigricans p.449 "fascicle 3 Seduta Sept. 16, 1868" {Seduta = session, sitting, or meeting.}
    2. Aestrelata magentae p.451 "fascicle 3 Seduta Sept. 16, 1868" {Given by Peters Checklist 1(2):68 as "1869 (early)"

    Atual.Ornit. Atualidades Ornitologicas
    Auk The Auk 1884 -> 4to
    [History of publication of "Author's editions" / "author's separates" ]
    [Also note that other irregularities of publication occur. The Richmond Index notes:
    AustralAv.Rec. Austral Avian Record. London v 1-5 no1, 1912- Je 1 1927 Vol. 1 No.1 p. 1-24 Ja 2 1912 No.2 p. 25-64 Ap 2 1912 No.3 p. 65-80 Je 28 1912 No.4 p. 81-104 Se 18 1912 No.5 p. 105-128 De 24 1912 No.6-7 p. 129-180 Fe 28 1913 No.8 p. 181-196 Mr 20 1913 Vol. 2 No.1 p. 1-32 Ag 2 1913 No.2-3 p. 33-72 Oc 23 1913 No.4 p. 73-80 De 29 1913 No.5 p. 81-116 Se 24 1914 No.6 p. 117-122 De 19 1914 No.7 p. 123-158 Ja 28 1915 No.8 p. 159-220 Ag 16 1915 Vol. 3 No.1 p. 1-24 Je 30 1915 No.2 p. 25-52 No 19 1915 No.3 p. 53-68 Ap 7 1916 No.4 p. 69-108 Jl 21 1917 No.5 p. 109-128 De 28 1917 No.6 p. 129-160 Je 25 1918 No.7 p. 161-180 De 3 1919 No.8 p. 181-208 Fe 13 1920 Vol. 4 1921 No.1 p. 1-27 My 27 1920 No.2-3 p. 28-72 Jl 28 1920 No.4-5 p. 73-132 De 16 1920 No.6 p. 133-164 Ag 1 1921 No.7 p. 165-194 Mr 7 1922 No.8 p. 195-234 My 22 1922 Vol. 5 1922 No.1 p. 1-32 Jl 17 1922 No.2-3 p. 33-80 Fe 21 1923 No.4 p. 81-100 Ja 11 1926 No.5 p. 101-111 Je 1 1927
    Austral.J.Zool. Australian Journal of Zoology
    Austral.J.Zool.Suppl.Ser. Australian Journal of Zoology. Supplementary Series
    Austral.Mus.Spec.Cat. Australian museum, Sydney, Special catalogue ... Sydney, 1901-14
    Austral.Zoologist Australian Zoologist. (Royal zoological society of New South Wales) Sydney 1, Je 13 1914 ->
    Australasian The Australasian Post ( Melbourne newspaper ) continued after 1946 as The Australasian.
    Av.Chile Las Aves de Chile Goodall, Johnson, & Philippi B. Title: Las aves de Chile, su conocimiento y sus costumbres / (Por) J.D. Goodall, A.W. Johnson, R.A. Philippi, B. Láminas de J.D. Goodall. Publisher info: Buenos Aires, 1946-1951. Physical descrip: 2 v : ill. col 8°. Johnson, A. W., Philippi, Rodulfo A, 1905-1969., Láminas, B.
    Av.Exped.Kozlowi Aves Exped. P.K. Kozlowi, 1899-1901 [CWR] Aves Exped. P.K. Koslowi Mongol et Tibet or., [CWR - Tetraogallus tibetanus przewalskii] Av.Exped.KozlowiMongolTibetiumOr. [Peters] Aves expeditionis P.K. Kozlowi per Mongolian et Tibetiam orientalem 1899-1901. Bianchi, V. Publisher info: Sank & peterburgh, 1907. Physical descrip: 1 V ; 4°.
    Av.Exped.Potanini Aves expeditionis Potanini per provinciam Gan-su et confina. Berezowskii, MM and Bianchi, V. 1884-1887. 1891 folio pp.[2], 40, 155 St. Petersburg
    Av.Hawaii.[Wilson,SB&Evans] Aves Hawaiienses: the birds of the Sandwich islands. Wilson, Scott B[archard] ... assisted by A.H. Evans 1890-99 London R.H. Porter appeared in 8 parts. pp 1-270 not numbered sequentially.
    Av.IslaCuba Aves de la isla de Cuba Lembeye, Juan 1850 4to Havana
    Av.NeuvasParaguay Aves Nuevas Paraguay
    Av.rar.icon.descr. Avium rariorum et minus cognitarum icones et descriptiones collectae e germanicus latinae factae. [See Zimmer p.429 for a discussion of the Latin and German versions of this work, and the rationale for dating the Latin names to 1786. The Biodiversity Herative Library copy is Richmond's and includes his notations.]
    Av.Sp.Nov.Brasil. Avium species novae, quas Brasiliam anus MDCCCXVII - MDCCCXX Spix, Johannes Baptist von. Vol. I 1824 [CWR says 1825] Munich. Vol. II 1825 [CWR says ? 1826 ] Munich.
    Av.Syst.Nat. [ ? rel with: Die vollstandigste Naturgeschichte des In- und Aus-landes... ] The publishing nature of these works by Reichenbach is baffling. Regarding this work I quote from Browning MR, Munroe BL Jr. "Clarifications and corrections of the dates of issue of some publications containing descriptions of North American birds." Arch. Nat. Hist. (1991) 18:389. "Heinrich Gottlief Ludwig Reichenbach's Handbuch der specieleln Ornithologie and Avium systema naturale are separate titles of two volumes of the 11 volume work begun as Der Naturfreund oder pracktisch-gemeinnutzige in about 1836 (Zimmer, 1926; see also Meyer, 1879). The Handbuch was issued as five Lieferungen (parts); Lieferung 1 (dated 1851) and Lieferung 2 (dated 1852) were first reviewed in January 1853, and Lieferung 4 and 5 (dated August and November 1853, respectively) were first reviewed in July 1854 (Richmond's notes). Lieferung 3 is also the text to the plates in the separately published Avium systema naturale (Reichenbach, 1849-1853). Lieferung 3 consists of pages I-XXXI with the signature marks "Systema Avium," and printed date 1 October 1852. Hartlaub (1854) included it among the publications of 1853, and that year was accepted by Richmond (1917). We concur. Although the Handbuch (Reichenbach, 1852-1854) might be construed to be part of Der Naturfreund, we believe it should be cited as a separate work. On the other hand, citations of the text pages from Lieferung 3 of the Handbuch as Avium systema naturale for the source of the scientific names (e.g. Payne, 1979:226) is tantamount to citing a title of a chapter as the title of a book. The A.O.U. (1983) gave the source as "Avium Syst.Nat." for the following genera that were actually proposed in the separately published Lieferung 3 of the Handbuch: Tachybaptus, Phoebetria, Ardenna, Pelagodroma, Oceanodroma, Cryptopelicanus, Leptopelicanus, Agamia, Ajaja, Lophodytes, Leucopareia, Belonopterus, Aegialeus, Oxyechus, Ochthodromus, Coprotheres, Patagioenas, Lithoenas, Chloroenas, and Ocreopeleia. The source of the other genera (e.g. Eutoxeres), correctly cited by the A.O.U. (1983) as "Avium Syst. Nat." are dated correctly. We recommend including the title of the the Lieferung and original Roman numeral for pages when citing the work as a source of a scientific name; for example, Agamia Reichenbach, 1853, Handb. spec. Ornith. lfr. 3, Die Vogel, pXVI. the plates referred to in Lieferung 3 of the Handbuch should contiunue to be cited as from Avium systema naturale."
    AvianRes. Avian Research
    Avic.Mag. The Avicultural Magazine 1894-1901 first series. 1902-1908 second series 1909-> third series
    Avicula [CWR: anno-6, Nos. 55-56, not earlier Aug.28 1902 pagination differs in reprint.]
    Avif.Laysan The Avifauna of Laysan and the neighboring islands: with a complete history to date of the Birds of the Hawaiian possessions, &c. Rothschild, Lionel Walter 1893-1900 pp. xx, xiv, 21, 320; 83 pls. 4to London
    Avif.RiuKiuIsl. Avifauna Riu Kiu Islands
    Avocetta Publisher [Parma?], Italy : Centro italiano studi ornitologici,
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