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Bull.Brit.Mus.(N.H.) Bulletin of the British Museum (Natural History)
BBOC Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club NOTES:

Spreadsheet in progress

	1892 - 1954 	Meetings monthly (third Wed.) from Oct. to Jun. (apart from 1940-1945)
	1910, Dec. 	Meeting moved to second Wed.
	1940 -1945	Meetings reduced to a maximum of 5 a year, and held in the afternoon.
	1945, Oct. 	Meeting moved back to third Wed.
	1953, May. 	Meeting moved to third Tue.
	1955 - 1966	Meetings monthly from Sep. to May
	1967		May meeting eliminated.
	1968 ->		Meetings held in alternate months.

	Peal REF. 1980. "A short history of the Club and its Bulletin" BBOC 100(1):4-13. p.12
	'A separate Bulletin was normally issued to report each Club Meeting up to 1972.
	Up to 1947 the numbers of the Bulletin, except for the 12 special volumes, were
	numbered in a continuous series, as hve been Club Meetings, but by the time this system of 
	pairing numbers ceased they had diverged by five, Bulletin No. CCCCLXXIV reporting
	the 469th Meeting. The discrepancy, which puzzles every historian and student in turn,
	arose as follows: --

 	Bulletin No.
	 	II			Nov 1892. Meetings numbered from first regular meeting (which was the second meeting).
		CLVII			Feb. 1910. January 1910 meeting cancelled, contained obituary of Bowdler Sharpe.
		CCLXXIII		Jan. 1923. Proceedings of 12th Oological dinner.
		CCCVI, CCCVII		July 1926. A single issue given 2 serial numbers but reporting only the June 1926 Meeting, 
					the Meeting on 12 May 1926 having been cancelled (General Strike).
		CCCCXLVI		Mar. 1943. No meeting becuase of wartime accomodation difficulties.
		CCCCLI			Mar. 1944. No meeting becuase of wartime accomodation difficulties.
		CCCCLXXI		Apr. 1947. Reported meetings 464 and 465 due to printing restricitons caused by fuel crisis.
		CCCCLXXII		May 1947.  Reported meetings 466 and 467.

The report of Meeting 466, which followed the B.O.U. Annual Meeting and dinner, is unusual: after
mentioning the numbers attending it but with no list of name, it read "No scientific buisness
was transacted."'

BaileyMus.Libr.Nat.Hist.Bull. Bailey Museum and Library of Natural History Bulletin. Newport News, Va; Miami, Fl. 1, 1920+
Bateleur Title The Bateleur. Publisher Nairobi, The East African Standard, Ltd. 1-3 1928-1931 Description 3 v. ill. 21 cm. Coverage Vol. 1, no. 1 (Nov. 1928)-v. 3, no. 4 (Oct. 1931) Note "A quarterly journal of African ornithology." "Recent publications in African avifauna" in each issue. Date on cover of 1st issue: Dec. 1928.
Beitr.FaunaCentralpolynesiens Beitrag zur Fauna Centralpolynesiens. Ornithologie der Viti-, Samoa- und Tonga-inseln; / von O. Finsch und G. Hartlaub. Mit 14 nach der natur lithographirten und colorirten Kupfertafeln. Halle, H. W. Schmidt, 1867. xxxix, [1], 290 p. xiv col. pl. 26 cm. Finsch, Otto, 1839-1917. Hartlaub, Gustav, 1814-1900, joint author.
Beitr.Gattungssyst.Vogel Beiträge zur Gattungssystematik der Vögel. Krefeld 1, 1949 2, 1950 [Not to confuse with: Beiträge zur Vogelkunde. Leipzig vol. 1 1949; vol. 39 1993]
Beitr.Kennt.Orn.FaunaNord.Kaukasus Beitrag zur Kenntniss der ornithologischen Fauna an der Nordseite des Kaukasus. Lorenz, Theodor 1887 Moscow E.Liessner & J.Romahn. xii, 62 p 5 col. plates 35 cm.
Beitr.Naturgesch.Brasil. Beiträge zur Naturgeschichte von Brasilien, von Maximilian, Prinzen zu Wied,... Wied-Neuwied 1825[1826]-1833 Weimar 4 vols. (6 pts) in 5 demy 8vo. 1825 would appear to be in imprint date, at least for the title page of vol.I. [1825] Vol. I pp.IXXII, 1-614, pll. I-III [1826] Vol. II pp.tit., 1-621, pll. I-V [1830] Vol. III PtI pp.tit.., 1-636, pll. I-V [1831] Vol. III PtII pp.tit.III-XII 637-1277, pl. I [1832] Vol. IV PtI pp.tit.III-VIII 1-422 [1833] Vol. IV PtII pp.tit.., 443-946, pll. I,II [Zimmer- "Vols. III and IV (of two parts each) deal with the birds; ...The new species discovered on the journey were described previously in other works by the author."] 15 parts with 6 col. pl. each.
Beitr.Neotrop.Fauna Beiträge Zur Neotropischen Fauna 1-6 1956-1971
Beitr.Orn.Sudafr. Beitrage Ornithologie Süafrika Beiträge Zur Ornithologie Südafrikas. Mit Besonderer Berücksichtigung Der Von Dr. Holub Auf Seinen S Von Dr. Emil Holub Und Aug. Von Pelzeln. Mit 2 Tafeln In Farbendruck, Holzschnitten Und 32 Zinkograp 1882
Beitr.Vogelkunde Beiträge zur Vogelkunde in vollständigen Beschriebungen mehrerer neu entdeckter und vieler seltner, oder nicht gehörig beobachteter deutscher Vögel Mit fünf Kupfertafeln. Brehm, C.L. 1820-22 Neustadt Vol I 1820 Brehm Vol II 1822 Brehm Vol III 1822 Brehm,Schilling
Beitr.Zool.Vergleich.Anat. Beiträge zur Zoologie und vergleichenden Anatomie von Heinrich Kuhl,... Kuhl, Heinrich 1820 Frankfurt
Bemerk.ReiseRuss.Reich Bemerkungen einer Reise in Russischen Reich im Jahre 1772. Georgi , Johann Gottlieb 1775 4to St.Petersburg.
BengalSport.Mag. Bengal sporting and general magazine. Calcutta v 1-21 1833-1843
Berajah (info from AMNH Cat.) Berajah, zoographia infinita. Publisher Halle a.S. : W. Schlüter, 1905-1937. (1-48/49 1905-1935) Edited (and largely written) by O. Kleinschmidt. Some parts issued with colored paper covers. Imprint varies: 1906-08, Leipzig, Kommissions-verlag E. Nägele; 1908-37, Halle a.S., Kommissions-verlag von Gebauer-Schwetschke. Unnumbered except for Lieferung 1 (1905); pagination irregular. Some issues accompanied by supplement: Falco.
Ber.Ausg.Allg.Deutsch.Orn.Ges.Berlin Berichte über den Ausgegeben der allgemeinen Deutschen Ornithologen Gesellshaft zu Berlin. Berichte über den X. Ausgegeben am 17. Dec. 1891, Allg. Deutsche Orn. Gesellsch. zu Berlin
Ber.K.Preuss.Akad.Wiss.Berlin Berichte der Königlichen Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin. Berlin Bericht. (K(önigl).(ichen)) Preuss(ichen) Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin 1804-1907 Abhandlungen. 1908-... Abhandlungen (Physikalisch-mathematische Klasse) 1836-1855 Bericht. 1808-1824 Denkschriften. ... 1882-1921 Sitzungsberichte. 1922-.... Sitzungsberichte (Physikalisch-mathematische Klasse)
Ber.Marz-Sitz.DeutscheOrn.Ges. Berichte über die März-Sitzung. Deutsche Ornithologen Gesellschaft
Ber.VereinsNaturw. Berichte des Vereins für naturwissenschaftlichen Unterhaltung. Hamburg [From diagnosis reprinted in J.Orn. 1880 28:101.]
Ber.Verh.Akad.Wiss.Berlin Bericht ueber der zum Bekanntmachung geeigneten Verhandlungen der Königlichen Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin. [later (ca 1860) became: Berichte der Königlichen Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin. Still later it became: Monatsberichte der Königlichen Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin. ]
Ber.Verh.Naturf.Ges.Basel. Bericht über die Verhandlungen der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft in Basel. 1835-52 Thl. I-X 8vo Basel
Ber.XIII.Vers.Deutsch.Orn.Ges. Berichte über die XIII. Versammlung der Deutschen Ornithologen-Gesellschaft zu Stuttgart vom. 17.
Beschr.Natur.Samml.Univ.Rostock Beschreibung der Naturalien-Sammlung der Universität zu Rostock &c. [ Vol. I evidently 1806 Vol. II evidently 1807 ] CWR's unpublished notes on Dates of Publication indicates that an article in Ann.Mag.Nat.Hist. 19, 1857, p.79 discusses this and at that time it was known only from a single copy at Lund, and he has the note "and afterwards burnt by their distinguished author." This note appears to be quoted from the Ann.Mag.Nat.Hist. article.
Beschr.VogelEyerWittenberg Beschreibung der Vögel und Eyer in der Gegend zum Wittenberg zur Naturgeschichte des Churkreises. Frenzel, Johann Samuel Traugott 1801 8vo Wittenberg
Beskr.Finm.Lapper[Leem] Beskrivelse over Finmarkens Lapper, deres tungemaal, levemeede og forrige afgudsdyrkelse ... med J.E. Gunneri ... anmaerkninger[ of E.J. Jessen-S. ... Afhandling om de norske Finners of Lappers heodenske religion. Knud Leem, Professor i det Lappiske Sprog, Beskrivelse over Finmarkens Lapper, deres tungemaal, levemaade og forrige afgudsdyrkelse / oplyst ved mange kaabberstykker, med J.E. Gunneri ..., Anmaerkninger; og E.J. Jessen-S. ..., Afhandling om de Norske Finners og Lappers hedenske religion; multis tabulis aeneis illustrata, una cum J.E. Gunneri ... Notis; & E.J. Jessen-S ... Tractatu singulari de Finnorum Lapponumque Norvegic. religione pagana : Canuti Leemii, Professoris linguae Lapponicae, De Lapponibus Finmarchiae, eorumque lingua, vita et religione pristina commentatio Publisher: Kiobenhavn : Trykt af G.G. Salikath, 1767 Physical Desc.: 2 pts. in 1 : 99 p. of plates ; 24 cm Notes: Beskrivelse over Finmarkens Lapper Canuti Leemii, Professoris linguae Lapponicae, De Lapponibus Finmarchiae, eorumque lingua, vita et religione pristina commentatio Title and text in Danish and Latin Leem, Knud [ 1697-1774 ] 1767 Copenhagen G.G Salikath. Gunnerus, Johan Ernst [1718-1773] Jessen-Schardebo/ll, Erik Johan [1705-1783]
Beytr.Gesch.Vogel Beytrage zur Geschichte der Vogel, &c. Jacquin, Joseph Franz von (Baron) 1784 pp.[viii,] 45 4to Wien
Beytr.topog.Kennt.Russ.Reichs. Beytrage zur topographischen Kenntniss des Russischen Reichs. Falk, Johan Pehr [1727-1774] 1785-6 3 Bd. 4to St.Petersburg.
Bibl.EcoleHaut.Etud. Bibliotheque de l'Ecole des Huates Teudes publiee sous les aupices du Ministere de l'Instruction Publique Section des Sciences naturelles. 1860-90 Tom. I-XXXVIIL 8vo Paris
Bibliogr.Franc. Bibliographie Francaise [Often referred to for dating publications. Holthuis LB. 1961. "On the dates of publication of the Crustacean Plates in Duperrey's 'Voyage Autour du monde... sur... La Coquille'" Crustaceana 32:(?)168-169. notes that "A comparison of the exact dates of publication given by Guérin (1838) for livraisons 17-27 and the dates at which these livraisons were announced in Bibl. Franc. (see Sherborn & Woodward, 1901: 391,392) shows tha the announcements in Bibl. Franc. appeared between 12 and 54 days after the actual date of publication."
BibliotecaItal. Biblioteca italiana. Prospetto delle lettere, arti e scienze nell' Italia dal 1821 al 1826, premesso in forma di proemia all anno XI del giornale letterario-scientifico intitolato Biblioteca italiana. 1826 Milano pp.304 [Note: date given for a taxon from this is 1827 (?) Puffinus {Procellaria} yelkouan (Acerbi) 1827 BibliotecaItal. 47 p.297]
Beija-FloresBrasil Os beija-flores do Brasil Os beija-flores do Brasil Rolf Grantsau ; com 38 pranchas em cores, 105 desenhos em branco e preto e 18 fotos, todos do autor ; [tradução, Ilse Grantsau]. Rio de Janeiro : Expressão e Cultura, c1988. 233 p. : ill. (some col.) ; 28 cm.
Bijdr.Dierk. Bijdragen Tot De Dierkunde, uitgegeven door Kon. zoologisch Genootschap: 'Natura Artis Magistra.' Amsterdam vols. fol. 1848- [Deignan BBOC 80(7):121. 1960. indicates that "1848 was the date of issue only of Aflervering 1 ... . Aflevering 2, in which Westerman's name appeared, was issued in 1851, as has been pointed out by Sherborn (Index Animalium, A-B, p.xvii) and Sherborn's decision is supported by the fact that Volume 1, Aflevering 2, of the Bijdragen was not received by the Académie des Sciences at Paris until 22nd Septtember 1851."] [Deignan's data is supported by the CWR unpublished notes on Dates of Publication, in which he notes that Aflevering 2 & 3 were Rec'd by the Paris Academy on Sept. 22, 1851] [Aflevering, in Dutch means "Installment" or "episode", "delivery", or "excercise book".]
Bild.-AtlasConv.-Lex. Bilder-Atlas zum Conversations-Lexikon
Biol.Centr.-Am. Biologia Centrali-Americana. Godman & Salvin ( and other authors) 4 vols. 1879 - 1904 London of AVES: Vol. I pp. xliv + 512 [CWR unpublished notes on Dates of Publication indicate: "First bird part was issued Sept. 1879" p.1 "Sept. 1879 1" at foot. p.9 "Sept. 1879 2" at foot. p.17 "Sept. 1879 3" at foot. p.25 "Sept. 1879 4" at foot. "Second bird part was issued Nov. 1879" p.33 "Nov. 1879 5" at foot. [MCZ Accession Log. Part VI Zool.; Aves p.105-128, pl.viii Accessioned 1880.10.09] [MCZ Accession Log. Part IX Zool.; Aves p.129-152, pll.ix,x "Feb. 1881" Accessioned 1881.05.03] [MCZ Accession Log. Part XI Zool. Accessioned 1881.11.26] [MCZ Accession Log. Part XIII Zool. Accessioned 1882.01.17] [MCZ Accession Log. Part XIV Dec.1881 Zool. Accessioned 1882.02.09] [MCZ Accession Log Zool. xxvii Aves i pp.273-312, pll.18-20 Accessioned 1884.02.12] [APP Chlorothraupis p.297 is dated to 1883 ] [APP Lanio melanopygius p.305 is dated to Dec. 1883 by CWR ] Vol. II pp. 598 [ Vol. II apparently 1888, 1889, 1890, 1891, 1892 & 1895 Myiopagus p.26 - Dec. 1888 [CWR] p.33 says "Dec, 1888 5" at foot -- ? sig. 5 p.35 is "5*" so these are signature indications p.41 says "February, 1889 6" at foot. p.49 says "February, 1889 7" at foot. p.57 says "February, 1889 8" at foot. Myiobius fulvigularis p.58 - Feb. 1889 [CWR] p.65 says "February, 1889 9" at foot. p.73 says "February, 1889 10" at foot. p.81 says "March, 1889 11" at foot. p.89 says "March, 1889 12" at foot. p.97 says "March, 1889 13" at foot. p.105 says "December, 1890 14" at foot. Tityra buckleyi p.120 - 1890 Automolus guerrensis p.157 - 1891 Thamnophilus atrinucha p.200 - 1892 Melanerpes wagleri p.416 - Jan. 1895 (CWR, Ridgway Bds.M.N.Am. VI p.75 "sig.52" of BCA) ] Vol. III pp. iv + 510 Vol. IV pp. vii + 84 pl.
Biol.Leaflet Biological Leaflet. Washington no.1 Jl 25 1933 ->
Biol.Nauky. Biologichekie Nauky. Nachnye Doklady Shkoly. Moskva. also as Biologichekie Nauki. Nachnye Doklady Shkoly. Moskva.
Biol.Skr.K.DanskeVid.Selsk. Biologiska Skrifter K. Danske Videnskabernes Selskab. Biologiske skrifter. Publisher København : Ejnar Munksgaard, 1939- Description v. : ill. ; 27 cm. Note: At head of title: Kongelige Danske videnskabernes selskab. Alt author: Kongelige Danske videnskabernes selskab. Key title: K. Dan. vidensk. selsk., Biol. skr. Kongelige Danske videnskabernes selskab. Biologiske skrifter.
BirdConserv.Internat. Bird Conservation International
BirdLifeTexas The bird life of Texas. Oberholser, HC 1974 Austin, Texas.
BirdsAfr. Birds of Africa, comprising all the species which occur in the Ethiopian Region. Shelley, GE. completed and edited by WL Sclater 1896-1912 5 vol The dates of issue of these volumes is somewhat uncertain. Grant CHB Mackworth-Praed CW. 1954. "On the Correct Scientific Name of the Damaraland Race of the Rufous-naped Lark." BBOC 74(7):86 discuss some aspects of this. They indicate that vol.3 of BirdsAfr. was published sometime on or before 6 Aug. 1902. Of interest vol. 3 was received at the Br.M.N.H. 6 Aug. 1902, and in the Br.Mu. (Bloomsbury) a year later (5 Aug. 1903)! The volume (3) was reviewed in the Oct. issues of Ibis and The Auk, suggesting it was not available in time for review in the July issues.
BirdsAm. The birds of America; from original drawings. 1827-1838 Audubon, John James LaForest Vol.[I] 1827-30 Vol.II 1831-34 Vol.III 1834-35 Vol.IIII 1835-38
BirdsAm.[8vo] The birds of America from drawings made in the United States and their territories. 1840-1844 Audubon, John James LaForest Vol.I-VII.
BirdsAsia[Gould] The birds of Asia. &c. Gould, John 1850-1883 Completed after the author's death by R. Bowdler Sharpe.... London
BirdsAustr. The birds of Australia. 7 vols. folio John Gould 1840-1848 London
BirdsAustr.Adj.Isl. The birds of Autralia and the adjacent islands. John Gould 1837-1838
BirdsAustr.[Mathews] The Birds of Australia. 1910 - 1928 12 vols. Mathews, Gregory Macalister [Note: there is Suppl. to this, at least in 1920]. Auk review states the date for Part 5 is October 31, 1911.
BirdsAustr.Supp. The birds of Australia. Supplement. John Gould 1851 - 1869 London folio. pp. iv + (158), 81 pl. index.
BirdsBrit.Guiana The Birds of British Guaina, based on the collection of Frederick Vavasour McConnell. Chubb, Charles London Vol. I 1916 pp. I-LIII, 1-528 Vol. II 1921 pp. I-XCVI, 1-615
BirdsBurma A handbook to the birds of British Burmah, including those found in the adjoining state of Karanee. Oates, Eugene William 1883 2 vols. 8vo. London Vol 1 pp. 8+431 Vol 2 pp. xxx+493
BirdsCataduanes The Birds of Catanduanes. Gonzales, PC. 1979. Pp iii+193.. Manila: National Museum. Cyclostyled, unbound. Available from the author, Zoology Division, National Museum, Rizal Park, Metro Manila, Philippines. [Note: a revised edition of the monograph was published in 1983.] Thanks to Dave Donsker for data from Ibis. 1981 123:575.
BirdsCeleb. The birds of the Celebes and the neighbouring islands. Meyer, AB and Wiglesworth, LW. 45 pll. (42 col.), 7 maps (col.) 1898 Berlin R. Friedländer & Sohn. 2 Vol. 4to. Vol. I p.xxxii+1-130+1-393, pll.17 (14 col.) 7 maps (col.) Vol. II 2ll. p.393-962 pll.
BirdsCeylon A history of the birds of Ceylon. Legge, William Vincent [1878]-80 4to p. xlvi+1,237 London pt I Nov. 1878 pt II Sep. 1879 pt III Sep. 1880 [Accessioned MCZ 1880.12.20 Acc.Log. v.2 p.88]
BirdsColoradoValley Birds of the Colorado Valley: A Repository of Scientific and Popular Information concerning North American Ornithology. Part first. Passeres to Laniidae. Coues, Elliott 1878 U.W. Geological Survey of the Territories. Miscellaneous Publications, no.11 Government Printing Office. Wash. D.C.
BirdsEasternN.Am.rev.ed The birds of eastern North America; with original descriptions of all the species which occur east of the Mississippi River, between the Arctic circle and the Gulf of Mexico, with full notes upon their habits, etc., by C.J. Maynard... Revised ed. Newtonville, Mass., C.J. Maynard & co. 1895? 1896? This is a complicated and confusing work, and I dating the volume, and its parts seems to be problematic. Zimmer recounts his understanding of the history of this work. He had available two of the "Revised edition" examples apparently with imprint dates of 1881 and 1896. Zimmer believes that the British Museum (N.H.) Catalogue confuses the issues and re-issues and is erronous with regards the dating of the parts. Most Library listings, and catalogue sale listings show 1896 which Zimmer indicates is the imprint date for this work. In the "1896" revised edition, the preface evidently states that the final portion was issued 24 Dec. 1895 (a Tuesday), and this must be the basis for dating names from this part to 1895. The Richmond Index lists Agelaius phoeniceus floridanus to pt.40 of the "rev. ed." and gives a date of 1895. Similar citations are found in Peters 14:172, and AOU CL 5th:526 (1958).
BirdsEur.[Gould] The birds of Europe. Gould, John 1832 - 1837. [Exact dates of issue uncertain.]
BirdsEur.[Dresser] A history of the birds of Europe : including all the species inhabiting the western palaeactic region H. E. Dresser. [Data from AMNH catalogue] Publisher London : Published by the author, 1871-1896. Description 9 v. : col. ill. ; 33 cm. Note Each vol. has special t.p., illustrated. Issued in parts (main work in 84 pts., suppl. in 9 pts.) Parts 1-13 prepared in collaboration with R.B. Sharpe. Publication date on v. 1-8: "1871-1881"; on v. 9: "1895-1896." Vol. 9 has title: A supplement to A history of the birds of Europe : including all the species inhabiting the western palaeactic region : forming v. 9. Plates by J.G. Keulemans and Joseph Wolf.
BirdsHaitiSanDomingo Birds of Haiti and San Domingo. Cory, Charles Barney [1857-1921] 1885 pp.198 Boston.
BirdsIndia The birds of India: being a natural history of all the birds known to inhabit continental India; with descriptions of the species, genera, families, tribes, and orders, and a brief notice of such families as are not found in India. Jerdon, TC 1862 - 1864 Calcutta 2 vols. in 3. 8vo. Vol. I pp. (18) + xlv + 535 Vol. II pp. (8) + 439 Vol. III pp. 441-876 +xxxii [ == pt. 2 of Vol. II ]
BirdsJamaica The birds of Jamaica. Gosse, Philip Henry [1810-1888] London 1847 [ See: Illustrations of The Birds of Jamaica ]
BirdsKenyaUganda[Jackson] The birds of Kenya colony and the Uganda protectorate, by Sir Frederick John Jackson. Completed and edited by W. L. Sclater. Author Jackson, Frederick John, Sir, 1860-1929. 1938 Publisher London, Edinburgh, Gurney and Jackson.
BirdsMicronesia[Momiyama] Horyo Nan'yo Gunto-san chorui... [Birds of Micronesia, by Tukutaro Momiyama...A list of the birds of Micronesian group, with descriptions of two new forms, by Nagamichi Kuroda...] 1922 Tokyo [Note, in Mathews' copy and in his hand, in Yale Orn. Libr. copy says "Publ. March 6 th" at foot of t.p.]
BirdsNatalZululand The Birds of Natal and Zululand. Clancey, P.A. Oliver & Boyd, Edinburgh. 1964 xxxiv, 511, illus. fold. col. map. 58 pll. (41 col.) 28 cm.
BirdsNewS.Wales The Birds of New South Wales. A working list. Biocon Research Group vii. "1988" [= May 1989]
BirdsN.Am. The Birds of North America; the descriptions of species based chiefley on the collections in the museum of the Smithsonian Institution. Baird SF, Cassin J, and Lawrence GN. 1860 2 Vol. Philadelphia J.B. Lippincott & Co.
BirdsN.Am.[AOU] The Birds of North America Philadelphia.
BirdsN.Z.ed.1 A history of the birds of New Zealand. 1st. ed. Buller, Sir Walter Lawry 1872-73 4to. pp. 24 + 384. 36 pl. 1 fig. London
BirdsN.Z.ed.2 A history of the birds of New Zealand. 2nd. ed. Buller, Sir Walter Lawry 1887 - 1888 London 2 vols. folio pp. 24 + 384. 36 pl. issued in 13 parts.
BirdsNewGuinea[Gould] The birds of New Guinea and the adjacent Papuan Islands, including many new species recently discovered in Australia. Gould, John 1875-88 5 vols issued in 25 parts.
BirdsNewGuinea[Iredale] Birds of New Guinea. Iredale, Tom, 1880- 1956 Melbourne Georgian House. 2 v., 35 leaves of plates : col. ill. ; 27 cm. in colour figuring 347 birds by Lilian Medland.
BirdsNewHolland Birds of New Holland, with their natural history. Collected, engraved, and faithfully painted after nature, by John William Lewin, A.L.S. of Paramatta, New South Wales. Volume I (of one). Lewin, John Imperial quarto. pp.22, 18 hand colored etched plates. 1808 For a discussion see Pigott, Louis J. 2002. "John William Lewin's Birds of New South Wales: notes on the later editions." Archives of natural history 29(3):371-381. Very few copies of the original edition are known to exist.
BirdsNorfolkL.HoweIsl. The Birds of Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands, &c. Mathews, GM 1928 4to pp.139 London.
BirdsNorthwest Birds of the Northwest: a handbook of the ornithology of the region drained by the Missouri River and its tributaries. Coues, Elliot 1874 Government Printing Office, Wash. D.C. [2010.05.13 It is additionally purported that this work was actually published in 1875, not 1874. For example, Deignan U.S.Natl.Bull. no.221. 1961 p.302 states in the entry for Eremophila alpestris leucolaema Coues states: 'The first appearance of this name is usually supposed to be in Coues, Birds of the Northwest (p.38, "1874"=1875)' though no support for this assertion is given. The only additional argument in favor of publication delayed until 1875 is in the Richmond Index, where one of the cards for this taxon has a pencilled addition showing 1875 as a correction for 1874. This appears to be initialled "W.W.C." (though I am not sure who that is). Eremophila alpestris leucolaema Coues Card Deignan's interpretation may be based upon, and possiblby solely upon this entry in the Richmond Index. Deignan, while working at the National Museum would have had access to the Richmond Index, and indeed many of his annotations and notes are word-for-word identical to text found in the Richmond Index, often in Richmond's hand. Deignan acknowledges the use of Richmond's unpublished materials. Despite this unsupported assertion of publication delayed until 1875, the evidence within the work itself points to a publication date of 1874. On p.737, just above the signature no. (47) is imprinted "Published December, 1874". Page 737 of Birds of the Northwest

In my view this must be shown explicitly to be incorrect before a date of 1875 is to be accepted. ]

BirdsPhilip.Is The birds of the Philippine Islands, with notes on the mammal fauna... Hachisuka, Masauji 1931-35 2 vol. (issued in 4 pts.) London
BirdsPreyBull. Birds of Prey Bulletin Published by the World Working Group on Birds of Prey and Owls. Notes: Appears to have terminated with No.4 1991.
BirdsS.Afr.[Layard] The birds of South Africa; a descriptive catalogue of all the known species occurring south of the 28th parallel of south latitude. Layard, Edgar Leopold 1867 Cape Town 8vo pp. 16 + 382. 1 pl.
BirdsS.Afr.[Layard].ed.2 The birds of South Africa. 1875-1884 Enlarged edition of *editio princeps* of 1867. Edited by RB Sharpe with new sp. descr. by him. Zimmer gives: Pt1 pp. 1- 80, pll. II & IX, May, 1875 Pt2 pp. 81-160, pll. XI & XII, Oct., 1875 Pt3 pp. 161-240, pll. V, VII & X, Aug., 1876 Pt4 pp. 241-336, pll. VI, Apr., 1877 Pt5 pp. 337-528, pll. III & VIII, Apr., 1882 Pt6 pp. 529-890, (incl. preliminary matter) Apr., 1884 "The systematic list of species does not agree in all the details of nomenclature with the general text. The latter contains numerous descriptions of new species and genera. These are to be accredited to Sharpe, who, as editor of the new edition, wrote may parts of it and added much new matter." (Zimmer p.378-9) [CWR gives: Pt2 Oct. 1875 (Caprimulgus fervidus). Pt3 early Aug. 1876 (Neocichla). ]
BirdsS.Afr.[Roberts] The Birds of South Africa London 1940
BirdsSouthAmerica The birds of South America Brabourne, Wyndham Wentworth Knatchbull-Hugessen (3rd Baron) [1855-1915] & Chubb, Charles [NEED DATE] 2 v. 8vo and 4to v.1 pp. xix+504. v.2 pp.xi, 38 pl.
BirdsTristandaCunha Birds of Tristan da Cunha. Hagen, Yngvar, 1909- Oslo, Jacob Dybwad, 1952. 248 p. illus., maps. 26 cm. Series: Norske videnskaps-akademi i Oslo. Results of the Norwegian Scientific Expedition to Tristan da Cunha, 1937-1938. no. 20
BirdsVietnam Birds of Vietnam, Book 1. Physical appearance and classification. (In Vietnamese) Vo Quy 1975 Science and Technology Publishing House, Hanoi.
BirdsWashington[Dawson.WL & Bowles,JH] The birds of Washington Author Dawson, William Leon, 1873-1928. Title The birds of Washington : a complete, scientific and popular account of the 372 species of birds found in the state / by William Leon Dawson, assisted by John Hooper Bowles. Illustrated by more than 300 original half-tones of birds in life, nests, eggs, and favorite haunts, from photographs by the author and others,together with 40 drawings in the text and a series of full-page color-plates by Allan Brooks. Publisher Seattle : Occidental Pub. Co., 1909. Edition Original ed., printed only for advance subscribers. Description 2 v.(xv,iii,997 p.), 12 leaves of col. plates : ill. ; 28 cm. Note Limited ed. of 350 copies. AMNH Library's copy is no. 298. (data from AMNH Catalogue)
BirdsW.Afr. The natural history of the birds of Western Africa Swainson, William 1837 Edinburgh 2 vols. 8vo Vol I pp. vi + 365 32 pl. 9 text-figs. Vol II pp. 16 + 263 9 text-figs. Vols. VII and VIII of Jardine's Naturalist's Library.
BirdsW.Indies Check-list of Birds of the West Indies 1940,45,56 [CHECK DATES] Bond, James Philadelphia : Academy of Natural Sciences, 1940,1945,1956 Note: Evidently multiple supplements; a 12th in 1967.
BirkhuhnerRuss.[Lorenz] Die Birkhühner Russlands : deren Bastarde, Ausartungen und Varietäten : fragmente einer künstlerisch-wissenschaftlichen Monographie ... / Theodor Lorenz ; nach dem Tode des Verfassers bearbeitet und herausgegeben von Alexander Erich Kohts. Publisher Wien : Verlag der Moskauer Firma Theodor Lorenz' Nachfolger, 1910-1911. Descript 9 p., [24] leaves of plates : ill. (chiefly col.) ; 52 cm. Note On cover: Lieferung 1. No more published. Birkhühner Russlands [Birkhühner = Black Grouse]
BishopMus.Occ.Pap. Bishop Museum Occaisional Papers.
BMCEvol.Biol. BMC Evolutionary Biology BMC is "BioMed Central" This is characerized as a "peer reviewed open access scientific journal" established in 2001.
Bol.Biol.n.s. Boletim Biologico, n.s. [Hylopezus nattereri 5586.1 (Pinto) 1937 Bol.Biol.n.s. 3 no.5 p.7]
Bol.Inst.Invest.Cient.Angola Boletim do Instituto de Investigação Científica de Angola. Luanda 1962 ->
Bol.Mus.Biol.Prof.M.Leit.St.Ter. Boletim Museu de Biologia "prof. Mello Leitão, Santa Teresa , Ser. Zool.
Bol.Mus.Goeldi Boletim do Museu Goeldi. Rio de Janeiro
Bol.Mus.Nac. Boletim do Museu Nacional continues as Bol.Mus.Nac.RiodeJaniero
Bol.Mus.Nac.RiodeJaneiro Boletim Museu Nacional do Rio de Janeiro 1-14/17 N 1923-38/41 continued as a new series in four sections.
Bol.Mus.Pub.BuenosAires Boletín del Museo Público de Buenos Aires
Bol.Soc.Venez.Cienc.Nat. Boletín de la Sociedad Venezolana de Ciencias Naturales, Caracas. 1,1931 -> [cf. Boletin Sociedad venezolana de historia naturale ]
Boll.Mus.Zool.Anat.Comp.Torino Bollettino dei Musei di Zoologia ed Anatomia Comparata della Reale Universitá di Torino. 1886-1942 1-49
Bonn.Zool.Beitr. Bonner Zoologische Beiträge [APP Note (2008.08.17): Jarhg. are not necessarily coincident with years: Jahrg. 3 Hft.3-4 [Feb. 20, 1953] (Carduelis carduelis frigoris Wolters) and Jahrg. 4 Hft.3-4 [Dec. 15, 1953] (Streptoprocne zonaris künzeli Niethammer) ]
BostonJ.Nat.Hist. Journal of the Boston Society of Natural History. [Boston Journal of Natural History - vernacular ] 1834-1863 Vols. 1-7 Dates from the Richmond Unpublished notes on Dates of Publication. Dates given in manuscript donation book by National Institute. Vol. no. Year 1 1 1834 1 2 1835 1 3 1836 1 4 1837 2 1 1838 2 2 1839 2 3&4 1839 3 1&2 1840 3 3 1840 3 4 1841 4 1 1842 (rec'd Nat'l Inst. Apr. 11, 1842) [Note: ? J.BostonSoc.Nat.Hist. ]
Braunschw.Anz. Note: this name is variously rendered Braunschweigische Anzeigen Braunschwiegisches Anzigen Braunschwieger Anziger and other such combinations. Norbert Bahr confirms from his personal examination of a copy (in litt. 2007.05.21) that the title of the newspaper at that time was "Braunschweigische Anzeigen", and that proposals to the contrary are wrong. According to Collar, Nigel J. 1999. Ibis 141:358-367, this daily paper was used by Wilhelm Blasius for rapid publication, allowing him to get priority for the names he proposed. Collar opines that the British "outrage" at this practice was one motivation for the founding of the BOC and its Bulletin -- allowing a means for rapid publication. Some information on the dates of publication, and details of some of Blasius' names can be found in: Rand, AL. 1955. Auk 72(2):210-212. Additionally, CWR notes in his unpublished notes on Dates of Publication: "For dates of Pub. of Braunscheigische Anzeiger nos. 37 + 52 See Ibis, 1888,372. [Several Palawan birds are descr. + names take precedence over Sharpes']." The Ibis article (not seen) evidently is by Blasius and is a clarification of the dates of publication. Collation of Rand's data and Richmond's data suggests the publication dates: no.37 is 12 Feb., 1888 no.52 is 1 Mar., 1888 [superceded by Braunschweigisches magazin (1895-1931)
Breviora Published by Mus.Comp.Zool. Harvard University. No. 1 Feb. 8, 1952.
Brisbane Courier The Brisbane Courier (newspaper)
Brit.Birds The natural history of British birds; or, A selection of the most rare, beautiful, and interesting birds. Donovan, Edward 10 vols in 5. 4to 244(i.e. 245) col. pl. Vol. VI (1809) 24 pl.
Brit.Birds[magazine] British Birds; an illustrated magazine devoted chiefly to the birds on the British list. 1907 -> subtitle varies. Title: British birds. Publisher info: London. General note: Vol.1(1907) - vol.87(1994) [Z]; vol.1 (1907) - vol.6 (1913) [TS]; vol.1(1907) --> [TOS].
Brit.GrahamLandExped. British Graham Land Expedition, 1934-37. Scientific Reports, 1940-41. [NEED DATE] [Roberts, Brian]
BureauGovtLabs Bureau of Government Laboratories [Manila]
Buffon'sNaturgesch.Vogel Herrn von Buffon's Naturgeschichte der Vögel. Aus dem französischen übersetzt, mit Anmerkungungen, Zusätzen, und vielen Kupfern vermehrt, durch Friedrich Heinrich Wilhelm Martini. 35 vols. 8vo. Berlin 1772-1809 [Melanerpes candidus (Otto) 1796 Buffon'sNaturgesch.Vogel 23 p.191]
BBOC Bulletin of the British Ornithologists' Club
Bull.CooperOrn.Club Bulletin of the Cooper Ornithological Club
Bull.Sci.Acad.Imp.Sci.St.Petersb. Bull.Acad.Imp.Sci.St.Petersb. Bulletin de l'Académie Impériale des Sciences de Saint Pétersbourg. 1836-42 Tom I-X St. P. & Leipzig. The collation of the volumes and numbers (in an attempt to determine proper dating) is difficult. The tabular listing below is developed from data in Sherborn's Index Animalium, with some addtional data from the Richmond Index. 1836 Jan Feb Mar Apr May I (4),(6) Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov I (19) Dec 1837 Jan I (23),(24) Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul II (20) Aug II (22) [CWR Phaethon flavirostris Aug.22, 1837] Sep Oct Nov III (4) Dec 1838 Jan Feb III (16),(21) Mar Apr May IV [7] [CWR Phaethon catesbyi May 10, 1839] - Jun IV (9&10) (Mém.) Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 1839 Jan Feb V (12) Mar V (13) Apr May V (20) Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 1840 Jan VI (19) Feb Mar VII (1-3),(11) Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct VII (20-22) Nov VIII (1&2) Dec 1841 Jan VIII (7&8) Feb VIII (12) Mar Apr VIII (23),(24) May IX (1) Jun IX (2&3) Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec 1842 Jan Feb Mar Apr May X (14-16) Jun X (19-21) Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec [Note: It must be mentioned that some confusion with the Memoires may exist in these data. It appears that a volume was comprised of 24 numbers, the publication of which was irregular. The evidence from the Richmond Index, which shows Phaethon catesbyi Brandt in volume IV no. 7 as published in 1839 suggests at least the possibility that some publication dates may differ from the imprint dates.] Bulletin de la Classe Physico-Mathematique, &c. 1843-59 Tom. I-XVII St. P. Bulletin, &c. 1860-88 Tom. I-XXXII St. P. Bulletin, &c. Nouvelle Serie 1889-94 Tom. I-IV(XXXIII-XXXVI)
Bull.Acad.Imp.Sci.St.Petersb.Physico-Math. Bulletin de la Classe Physico-Mathematique, Academie imperial des Sciences. 1843-59 Tom. I-XVII 4to St. Petersburg
Bull.Acad.Imp.Sci.St.Petersb.(5)[Izvestiya] Izvestiya ... Bulletin, &c. Ser. V 1894-1902 tom. I-XVII.
Bull.Acad.Sci.U.R.S.S. Bull.Acad.Sci.U.R.S.S. Classe Physico-Mathematique
Bull.Acad.Polon.Sci.Lett. Bulletin Acad. Polonaise Sci. et des Lettres
Bull.ClassePhysica-Math.(5) Bulletin de la Classe Physico-Mathématique. Ser. V 1903-06. tom. XVIII-XXV. [ NOTE: Melanges Biologiques tires du Bulletin physico-mathematique), &c. Tom I-XIII 1853-91 Merely reprints from the Bulletin ]
Bull.Acad.Malgache(n.s.) Bulletin de l'Académie Malgache
Bull.Acad.R.Sci.Brux. Bulletin des Seances de l'Academie Royale des Sciences de Bruxelles. [Note: I am uncertain of the history of this periodical and it's apparently variable title. "Belg." vs. "Brux." and relationship with that below. 2003.11.01] [Note from Jan Bulletin des Séances. Institut Royal Colonial Belge; continued as Bulletin des Séances. Académie Royale des Sciences d'Outre-mer. Bruxelles. (evidently continued as) Bulletin des Séances. Académie Royale des Sciences Coloniales. Bruxelles (1954-1959), [Also Annales versus Bulletin? MCZ Accession shows Belgique. Mus. d'Hist. nat. Annales t.iii accessioned on 1883.02.14 but my taxon from vol.3 of the "Bull." is dated to 1884 ??]
Bull.Acad.R.Sci.Lettr.Beaux-ArtsBelg. Bulletin des Académie Royale des Sciences, des Lettres et des Beaux-Arts de Belgique. 1832-1856 Series 1 1857-1880 Series 2 1881-1898 Series 3
Bull.Acad.Sci.U.R.S.S. Bull. de L'Acad. des Sci. de U. R. S. S.
Bull.Am.Mus.Nat.Hist. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History Volume 2 no.1 no.2 March 22, 1889 [CWR: Chiroxiphia boliviana] no.2 March 22, 1889 [CWR: Empidonax bolivianus] no.2 March 22, 1889 [CWR: Myrmochanes] no.2 March 22, 1889 [CWR: Scytolopus bolivianus] [Break occurs between p.95(2) and p.98(3)] no.3 June 28, 1889 [CWR: Empidonax lawrencei] no.3 June 28, 1889 [CWR: Platyrhunchus bifasciatus] no.3 June 28, 1889 [CWR: Platyrhunchus insularis] Volume 4 no.1 April 6, 1892 [CWR Picumnus obsoletus] [Notes: Bulletin Vol. 4 includes a structure of both Numbers, and Artilce numbers. In Vol.5 the "Numbers" appear to have been discontinued. In Vol.5 Article X, this is dated by CWR to July 19, 1893. The basis for this is not immediately clear. However at the foot of some pages (signatures?) there are bracketed Month dates (e.g.
  1. p.103 "[June, 1893]" sig. 8
  2. p.129 "[July, 1893]" sig. 9
  3. p.145 "[August, 1893]" sig. 10
Richmond's dating of "July 19, 1893" for the name Piaya cayana cabanisi on p.136 suggests that this article was published by signatures, as otherwise it would seem the artcle would need to be dated to August. Additional information (and confusion) arises from the fact that Synallaxis carri Chapman, is dated by Richmond to Oct.7, 1895, while the signature at the foot of the first page of the article (p.321) bears the date November, 1895 [sig.] 21. If Richmond is correct, then the signature dates may be later than the actual date of publication !!

Additional information is provided by Mary LeCroy (in litt. 2010.04.01), she writes:

The early Bulletins apparently just couldn't make up their collective minds about how to run a publication.I didn't go through everything, but in the beginning each volume of the Bull. ran for more than a year. The Bull. volume no. was in Roman numerals, then within that there were items numbered No. 1, No. 2, etc. and within those there were Art. nos. which were Roman. The pagination ran continuously through the volume and Vol. I (1881--1886) comprised 8 Nos, with XVIII Arts.
Then in Volume II (1887--1890), they had four Nos., for which they had publication dates. In the front of this vol. is a list of publication dates (that is, dates on which the authors' separates were issued), including days within the month, for the various Arts. and this announcement following:
	"From p. 117 to the end of volume a small number of copies were issued in sheets 
	as soon as they were printed."
By Vol. III (1891), containing Arts. I--XXV, but no Nos. that I could find, there is a list of publication dates for the Arts. and
	"100 copies issued in signatures as printed, each signature bearing at bottom 
	of first page actual date of publication."
Vol. IV (1892) apparently followed the same format as vol. III.

Vol. V, has Allen's article as Art. X, pp. 107--158.
This is Part III of Allen's complete list and covers:

  1. Pipridae - Rheidae. Pp. 97--112, including part of another Art., was published in June 1893
  2. pp. 113--128 in June 1893
  3. pp. 129--144 in July 1893
  4. pp. 145--158 in Aug. 1893
The date listed in the front for Art. X is 19 July 1893 and the following:
"Besides the authors separates, and in addition to the regular edition of the Bulletin, 
100 copies were issued in signatures as printed, each signature bearing at the 
bottom of the first page the date of publication."
I did not continue to check each volume, but in the 1900 volume, the dates of publication of each article are given and
"The distribution of the Bulletin in signatures has been discontinued.".

Bull.Biogeogr.Soc.Japan Bulletin of the Biogeographical Society of Japan
Bull.Cal.Acad.Sci. Bulletin of the California Academy of Sciences. 1884-7 San Francisco
Bull.Cl.Phys.-Math.Acad.Imp.Sci.St.Petersb. Bull. Classe Physico-Math. Acad. Imp. Sci. St. Petersb.
Bull.EssexInst. Bulletin of the Essex Institue, Salem, Massachusetts. [N.B. Bulletin of the Essex County Ornithological Club. [1919-1938]]
Banks RC, Browning MR. 1979. "Correct Citations for some North American Bird Taxa" Proc.Biol.Soc.Wash. 92(1):195-203 present important information regarding the dates of issue of vol. 5 of this work. Relevant paragraphs:
	  "The U.S. Library of Congress (Smithsonian Deposit) contains a bound
	Volume 5 of the Bulletin of the Essex Institute, which is essentially the
	proceedings of the Institute for 1873. The last page of each of the 12 numbers
	of the Bulletin bears a stamped date, which we believe to be the date when 
	the number was received by the Smithsonian Institution. For example,
	Number 1, for January 1873, bears the date 17 June 1873; Number 8, for
	August, had the date 30 December 1873. The date on Numbers 9 and 10 is
	17 February 1874, and that on Numbers 11 and 12 is May 1874. Numbers
	11 and 12 were received at the Museum of Comparative Zoology on 23 
	March 1874 (W. D. Meyers, personal communication). These dates suggest
	that preparation, printing, and distribution routinely took several months.
	The fact that Number 12 includes informtion from an Institute meeting of
	16 December 1873 virtually precludes the possibility that this number was
	printed in that year.
	  Separates of Ridgway's paper from the Bulletin and other sources are
	bound into volumes housed in the library of the Smithsonian Institution
	(Division of Birds). His papers from Numbers 11 and 12 of Volume 5 of the
	Essex Institute carry a terminal printed note (not found on the numbers
	bound in the Library of Congress volume), "Printed at the Salem Press,
	Feb., 1874." This might be the date of printing of the entire number. The actual
	date of publication cannot be fixed beyond this month and year, and ac-
	cording to the rules of the International Commission of Zoological Nomen-
	clature (1964) it must be considered as being the end of the month, or 28
	February 1874."

	vol.11 no.10,11,12 Accessioned 1880.05.01
		MCZ Accession log vol.2 p.37

	vol.12 no.1-6 Accessioned 1880.11.17
		MCZ Accession log vol.2 p.79
	vol.12 no.7-9 Accessioned 1880.11.17
		MCZ Accession log vol.2 p.98
	vol.12 no.10-12 Accessioned 1881.05.16
		MCZ Accession log vol.2 p.117

	vol.13 no.1-6 Accessioned 1881.08.26
		MCZ Accession log vol.2 p.137
	vol.13 no.7-9 Accessioned 1881.11.08
		MCZ Accession log vol.2 p.161
	vol.13 no.10-12 Accessioned 1882.03.13
		MCZ Accession log vol.2 p.161

	vol.14 no.1,2,3; 4,5,6 Accessioned 1882.08.05
		MCZ Accession log vol.2 p.226

Bull.Gen.Univ.Annon.Nouv.Sci. Ferussac's Bull. General Universel Annonces Nouvelles Sci. Paris Bulletin Général et Universel des Annonces et de Nouvelles Scientifiques. Paris.
Bull.Hebdo.Assoc.Sci.France Bulletin Hebdomadaire de l'Association Scientfique de France.
Bull.Inst.Fr.Afr.Noire Bulletin de l'Institut Français d'Afrique Noire [Data from AMNH Library] Publisher Paris : Librairie Larose, 1939-1953. Vols. 1-15 1939-1953 Description 15 v. : ill. ; 26 cm. Frequency Quarterly (irregular) Coverage T. 1, no. 1 (janv. 1939)-t. 15, no 4 (oct. 1953) Note Vols. for 1953 published in: Dakar, Senegal. Has also supplements.
Bull.Inst.R.Hist.Nat.Sophia Title: Izvestiia Tsarskite Prirodonauchni Instituti v Sofiia = Mitteilungen aus den Königl. Naturwissenschaftlichen Instituten in Sofia, Bulgarien = Bulletin des institutions royales d'histoire naturelle à Sophia, Bulgarie. Publisher Sofia. Vol: 1-16 1928-1943 [Data from AMNH Library]
Bull.Liverp.Mus. Bulletin of the Liverpool Museums [ Note: vol.2 seems to have come out in 1899 and 1900. no.3&4 appear to have been published Jan. 20, 1900 (CWR) ]
Bull.MoscowSoc.Nat. Bulletin of Moscow Society of Naturalists Byulleten Moscovo Obshestvo Ispitatyele Prirodi Continuation of the Bulletin de la'Societe Imperiale des Naturalistes de Moscou.
Bull.Mus.Comp.Zool. Bulletin of the Museum Comparative Zoology, at Harvard College in Cambridge.
  • Edward Dickinson supplies additional information, making it clear that chronology does not necessarily follow numerical sequence for this serial. After an initial examination he reports (in litt. 2007.04.26):
     I examined four volumes of this and report as follows:
    	Vol.38: contains 8 papers with dates of publication given for each in the list of contents; 
    		dates range from November 1900 to March 1903; none is ornithological.
    	Vol.39: contains 9 papers with dates ....; 
    	dates range from Nov. 1901 to April 1904. No.6 is ornithological and is Bangs on 'Birds and
    	Mammals from Honduras'.
    	Vol.40: contains 7 papers ..........; 
    	dates range from May 1902 to October 1903. None is ornithological.
    	Vol.41: 2 papers only; 
    		the first, dated September 1902, 
    		the second dated Marcg 1904. 
    			The first is long (pp. 1-241) and is by Brewster with his novel taxa described listed as
    			Totanus melanoleucos frazari, Megascops xantusi, Bubo virginianus
    			elachistus and Tachycineta thalassina brachyptera.
        In summary, there is clearly no solution for this journal, at least at this period, other
        than examining the lists of contents where the dates are (they may be on the papers
        themselves, but I don't recall seeing any dates on the two title pages I looked at but 
        I wasn't looking really as I'd found the dates already).
    Bull.Mus.Hist.Nat.Paris Bulletin du Museum D'Histoire Naturelle, Paris. 1895 -> 1916 (vol. 1-22) [Note vol.14 no.7 is listed by Hellmayr as published Jan 1909 (Cat.B.Am. Part XI p.574 , but has an imprint date of "24 Novembre 1908" (p.319). Hellmayr does not give this basis for dating the publication to 1909, but that appears quite possible to me. The Biodiv.Herit.Libr. copy has an accession date stamp (t.p. for No.7) of "Jun 15 1909". Speed of transport of published materail from France to the United States was usually very rapid during this time, and often less than a week! One taxon involved is Brachyspiza pulacayensis (currently Zonotrichia capensis pulacayensis) Brasil,L ].
    Bull.Mus.Natl.Hist.Nat.Paris(2) 1917 -> ( vol. 23 ->)
    Bull.Mus.R.Hist.Nat.Belg. Bulletin du Musée Royal d'Histoire Naturelle de Belgique. Bruxelles 1882-8 vol. 1-5.
    Bull.Nat.Mus.Nat.Sci.A.Zool. Bulletin of the National Museum of Natural Science Series A Zool. Japan
    Bull.NuttallOrn.Club Bulletin of the Nuttall Ornithological Club. vol.8 no.1 accessioned MCZ 1883.01.02 [The MCZ Accession log would be an excellent place to confirm dates of publication of this Bulletin.]
    Bull.PeabodyMus.Nat.Hist. Bulletin of the Peabody Museum of Natural History sometimes as Yale Peabody Museum Bulletin
    Bull.Philip.Mus. Bulletin of the Philippine Museum. 1903-4 no. 1-4.
    Bull.RafflesMus. Bulletin of the Raffles Museum Singapore : Raffles Museum
    Bull.Sci.Nat.[Ferussac] Ferussac's Bulletin des Sciences Naturelles et de Géologie.o Bulletin des Sciences Naturelles et de Géologie is the successor (from 1824) i of the Bulletin Général et Universel des Annonces et de Nouvelles Scientifiques 1.Peters Bull.Sci.Nat.Geol. 2.CWR Ferussac's Bull.Sci.Nat. sect.2 3.Wood Bull.Univ.des Sciences
    Bull.Sci.Soc.Philom. Bulletin des Sciences par la Société Philomatique.
    Bull.Soc.Acclimat. Bulletin de la Société Impériale d'Acclimation. [numbers are accessioned in MCZ Accession Log]
    Bull.Soc.Agric.Herault Bulletin Sociéte Centrale d'Agriculture et des Comices Agricoles du Département de l'Hérault, Montpelier
    Bull.Soc.Hist.Nat.Moselle Bulletin de la Société d'histoire naturelle de la Moselle. 1835-70 as Société d'histoire naturelle du department de la Moselle. (Cont. as ...de Metz)
    Bull.Soc.Imp.Nat.Moscou Bulletin de la Société Impériale des Naturalistes de Moscou. 1829-86 Annees. Tome 12: no.1 May 27, 1839 (O.S.) [May 15, 1839 (N.S.)] no.2 May 27, 1839 (O.S.) [May 15, 1839 (N.S.)] no.3 Oct 16, 1839 (O.S.) [Oct 4, 1839 (N.S.)] Tome 15 no.4 Sep 22, 1842 (O.S.) [Sep 10, 1842 (N.S.)] Tome 21 no.1 Feb 11, 1848 (O.S.) [Jan 30, 1848 (N.S.)] Tome 26 (1853) no.4 Feb 9, 1854 (O.S.) [Jan 28, 184 (N.S.)] [Accession at MCZ Libr. Tome 42 Nos.1,2,3,4 1870 1870.12.__ "From the Society"] [Accession at MCZ Libr. Tome 43 No.2 An. 1870 1871.08.24 "From the Society"] [Accession at MCZ Libr. Tome 45 No.2 1873.02.28 "From the Society"] [Accession at MCZ Libr. Tome 53 No.3,4 1878-9 1880.03.03 "Exchange"]
    Bull.Soc.Linn.Normandie Bulletin de la Société Linnéenne de Normandie 1-10 1855-65; s2 v 1-10, 1866-76; -> s7 1918 -> Caen
    Bull.Soc.Philom. Bulletin de Sciences de la Société Philomatique de Paris 1791 ->
    [Note: in various forms and under varying titles. Société Philomatique, membership grew with suppression of the Royal Academy in 1793. An antechamber to the Academy of Sciences, with a younger membership.]

    [The initial series was produced by multiple handwritten copies being produced for distribution to the members. (This probably does not meet the ICZN criteria for "Publication" but currently no avian taxa would be affected.) The material was produced in fascicles that were individually numbered (i.e. not continuous numbering throughout the initial (or "ancient") period from 1791 until the end of that century.]

    Bull.Soc.R.Zool.Anvers Bulletin de la Société Royal de Zoologie d'Anvers.
    Bull.Soc.Sci.ArtsReunion Bulletin Société des Sciences et des Arts de l'île Réunion.
    Bull.Soc.Sci.Nat.France Bull.Soc.Sci.Nat.France Bulletin de la Société Sciences Naturelles de France. Paris
    Bull.Soc.Zool.France Bulletin de la Société Zoologique de France 1876 -> Paris. Separates also apparently published (see RI card for Psalidoprocne petiti) Latter portions of volume I, dated "1876" were evidently published in Jan. 1877 (see for example RI Bradypterus rufescens). [ The Richmond Index notes that vol.8 (nominally of 1883) "Probably pub. 1884" (see for example Acanthus innominatus). ] Richmond in dates of publication gives: Vol. XI. 1886. Publ. as follows (data at end of vol.) Fasc. 1-3. Mch. 18, 1886 feuilles 1-27 [pp.1-424] + pll.I-XI. Fasc. 4. Sept. 10, 1886 feuilles 28-41 [pp.425-648] + pll.12-20. Fasc. 5-6. Jan. 30, 1887 rest of vol. Dickinson ("Priority!, 2011 p.187) presents his own speculations regarding the dates of this publication. He comments on the notes Richmond made regarding vol. XI and indicates that no internal evidence for delay of publication of the latter portions of the volumes can be found. Dickinson then states "Thus, it seems likely that Richmond erroneously applied the 1886 evidence of delay to a bird described in 1876." Dickinson thus is speculating that Richmond is listing his own speculation as fact. In my experience Richmond was quick to give indications of uncertainty or speculation, though none is given here. Richmond's style is to indicate such speculations with notes such as "prob.", and he also is liberal in his use of "?", when there is uncertainty. Sadly, we do not yet know, and may never know what lay behind Richmond's action in this case. Certain additional facts are of interest and questions do arise: 1.) Why did Richmond not use a "?" or "prob. published" type note? This would be typical for him? 2.) If Dickinson's proposal of Richmond's broad application of the 1886 evidence to the 1876 period, is correct, why did he not do this for other taxa found very late in volumes in the period between 1876 and 1886? For example: a.) Turdus piaggiae as 1878, instead of 1877? Turdus piaggiae is listed late in the 1877 volume, and is followed by an article by Boulanger with "Bruxelles, Decembre 1877. at the foot of the page. This material was presented at the meeting of 21 December [Friday] that adjourned at 10:30 (?PM?). b.) Similarly, Lophotriorchis lucani published by Sharpe and Bouvier from the 21 December,1877 meeting is listed by Richmond as published in 1877, though again this was published in the very last collection of papers for that year. 3.) Was it Richmond's "error" that caused Ogilvie-Grant to date a portion of Volume I of this work to 1877 rather than the date "recommended" by Dickinson? (see Cat.Br.Mus. XXII p.3). [Note however, that the CBBM is inconsistent in dating volume I of the work]. 4.) Examination of the final portion of this work does not seem to provide a clear answer to the dating question. There are a few findings of interest in the copy I have viewed from the Biol.Heritage Library. a.) In Sharpe and Bouvier's work on African birds there is a numbering system that I don't understand. the majority of these have a form like "1. 6. 76." (for the type specimen of Bradypterus rufescens). I presume this is a specimen numbering system, and the majority end in "76". However, toward the end of the work, a number ends in "77". (see the Buceros atratus on p.310). Could this indicate 1877? b.) In at least this example of the work, scattered page numbers in citations are left blank, not having been filled in yet -- (for example see Campethera permista on p.312), including some citations to the Bull.Soc.Zool.Fr. itself! This suggests the work was published before it had been fully completed. Indeed one speculates that the work was completed in the main, with items to be filled in before the material went to press, but that was left uncompleted. Was there a delay in the final portion (possibly due to the multiple coloured plates, for example) and did the delay then motivate publishing before the final details had been finished? This is mere speculation, and the full explanation is currently not known to me. 5.) Multiple taxa from the 1883 volume of the Bulletin include Richmond's notation "Probably pub. 1884". In my interpretation, Richmond's lack of a consistent pattern by Richmond as is speculatively proposed by Dickinson, as well as other published sources dating this part of the work to 1877 increases my suspicion that the date for Bradypterus rufescens -- now Acrocephalus rufescens (Sharpe & Bouvier) -- is 1877, and not 1876 (contra Dickinson's recommendation). Clearly the problem of these dates of publication remain interesting and must be regarded as unresolved, as Dickinson indicates. My work with Richmond's Index, with his publications, with his notes, and with his correspondence continue to impress me with the conservative care, and consistent rigor he applied to his bibliographic work. Unlike some other workers, Richmond appears most unlikely to apply speculations from one instance to a broader scope.
    Bull.Soc.Zool.Ital. Bulletino (Bolletino) della Società Zoologica Italiana
    Bull.U.S.Geol.Geogr.Surv.Terr. Bulletin of the United States Geological and Geographical Survey of the Territories.
    Bull.U.S.Natl.Mus. Bulletin of the United States National Museum. 1875 -> 1971 No.1 -> No.298 Wash. D.C. [APP: 50 Pt 1 Ridgway 1901 Fringillidae 50 Pt 2 Ridgway 1902 Tanagridae, Icteridae, Coerebidae, Mniotiltidae 50 Pt 3 Ridgway 1904 Motacillidae, Hirundinidae, Ampelidae, Ptilogonatidea, Dulidae, Vironidae, Laniidae, Corvidae, Paridae, Sittidae, Certhiidae, Troglodytidae, Cinclidae, Chamaeidae 50 Pt 4 Ridgway 1907 Turdidae, Zeledoniidae, Mimidae, Sturnidae, Ploceidae, Alaudidae, Oxyruncidae, Tyranidae, Pipridae, Cotingidae 50 Pt 5 Ridgway 1911 Pteroptochidae, Formicariidae, Furnariidae, Dendrocolaptidaea, Trochilidae, Micropodidae, Trogonidae 50 Pt 6 Ridgway 1914 Picidae, Capitonidae, Ramphastidae, Galbulidae, Alcedinidae, Todidae, Momotidae, Caprimulgidae, Nyctibidae, Tytonidae, Bubonidae 50 Pt 7 Ridgway 1916 Cuclidae, Psittacidae, Columbidae 50 Pt 8 Ridgway 1919 Jacanidae, Oedicnemidae, Haematopodidae, Arenaridae, Charadridae, Scolopacidae, Phalaropodidae, Recurvirostridae, Sternidae, Laridae, Stercorariidae Aldicae 50 Pt 9 Ridgway & Friedman 1941 Gruidae, Rallidae, Heliornithidae, Eurypgidae 50 Pt 10 Friedmann 1946 Cracidae, Tetronidae, Phasianidae, Numididae, Meleagrididae 50 Pt 11 Friedmann 1950 Falconiformes Cathartidae, Accipitridae, Pandionidae, Falconidae ]
    Bull.Univ.Sci.Ind. Bulletin Universel des Sciences et de l'Industrie. 1824-31 Section 2. (Bulletin des Sciences naturelles et de geologie.)
    Bull.Zool.Mus.Univ.Amsterdam Bulletin of the Zoological Museum of the University of Amsterdam
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