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MadrasJ.Lit.Sci. Madras Journal of Literature and Science London, Madras Veperey Mission Press 1833-53 Series 1 1857-61 Series 2 ... Confusion and uncertainty exits regarding the dates of some numbers of this serial. Michael Walters checked (2002.06.12) the copies there concerning the dates of Vol.XIII. His points are:
Additional notes from the Richmond Index: Notes from the Richmond unpublished notes on "Dates of Publication"

Mag.Nat.Hist.[Charlesworth] The Magazine of Natural History and Journal of Zoology, Botany, Minerology, Geology, and Meterology. Conducted by E. Charlesworth. New Series 1837-40 London Vol I-IV 8vo
Mag.Nat.Hist.[Loudon] The Magazine of Natural History and Journal of Zoology, Botany, Minerology, Geology, and Meterology. Conducted by J.C. Louden 1829-36 London Vol I-IX 8vo
Mag.Neuest.Zust.Naturk. Magazin für den Neuesten Zustand der Naturkunde
Mag.Tierr. Magazin des Thierreichs 1793-95 Erlangen No. 1-3
Magyar.Madarai Magyarorszag Madarai a hazai madarvilag megismeresenk vezerfonala. [Birds of Hungary] Madarasz, Gyula 1899-1903 Budapest
Mag.Zool. Magasin de Zoologie, Journal ... publie par F.E. Guerin-Meneville. Mag.Zool.(ser.1) 1831-1838 Paris
CWR notes:

	cl. = Classe

		continued as

Mag.Zool.(ser.2) Magasin de Zoologie, d'Anatomie Comparee et de Palaeontologie ... Par M. F. E. Guerin-Meneville. Mag.Zool.(ser.2) 1839-1849 Paris In 1849, joined with Rev.Zool. and continued as Rev.Mag.Zool. M.Z. R.Z. RMZ.2. . . . 1832 . . . . . 1834 . . 1835 . . 1836 . . 1837 . . 1838 1838 . 1839 1839 . . 1840 . . 1841 . 1842 1842 . 1843 1843 . 1844 . 1845 . 1846 . 1847 . 1848 . . 1849 . 1850 . 1851 . 1852 . 1853 . 1854 . 1855 . 1856 . 1857 . 1858 . 1859 . 1860 . 1866 . 1867 . 1870
MalayanPeninsula The Malayan Peninsula: Embracing its history, manners and customs of the inhabitants, politics, natural history from its earliest records Begbie, P J. Publisher info: [Madras] : Printed for the author, 1834. Physical descrip: xvii, 523, xixp : 8 pls., 4 maps, 1 plan, 4 tabs.
Malimbus Malimbus Journal of West African Ornithology Revue d'Ornithologie de l'Ouest Africain Vol.1 1979 (continues Bulletin of the Nigerian Ornithological Society)
Man.BirdsAustr. (A) manual of the birds of Australia. Mathews, Gregory Macalister and Iredale, Tom 1921 Vol I (all pub.) pp 24+279 10 col.pl London
Man.Brit.Orn. British Ornithology. Maual of British birds. MacGillivray, William 1840-42 London 2 vol.s
Man.GameBirdsIndia A Manual of the Game Birds of India. Oates, Eugene William 1898-99 12o Bombay 2 Pt. [in 2 vol.] Pt. 1 Land Birds. Pt. 2 Water Birds.
Man.N.Am.Birds A manual of North American birds Ridgway, Robert 1887 pp.4+631 4to 124 pl. Phila.
Man.N.Am.Birds.ed.2 A manual of North American birds Ridgway, Robert 1896 pp.4+653 4to 124 pl. Phila.
Man.Orn. Manuel d'ornithologie, ou description des genres et des principales espèces d'oiseaux; par R.P. Lesson Lesson, Rene Primevere Paris 1828 Acknowledged recieved by the Bibliographie de la France June 28, 1828
Man.Orn.[Temminck] Manuel d'ornithologie, ou Tableau systematique des oiseaux qui se trouvent en Europe. Temminck 1st ed 1815 Amsterdam & Paris 2nd.ed 1820-1840 Paris
Man.Orn.U.S.Can.ed.1 An Manual of the Ornithology of the United States and Canada. Nuttall, Thomas 1832-4 2 vol. 8vo Cambridge & Boston The Land Birds - 1832 (Available for sale, Dec. 1831 ref. Browning & Monroe 1991) The Water Birds - 1834
Man.Orn.U.S.Can.ed.2 An Manual of the Ornithology of the United States and Canada. 2nd. ed. with additions Nuttall, Thomas The Land Birds - 1840 8vo Cambridge & Boston
Man.Pal.Birds A manual of palaearctic birds. Dresser, Henry Eeles [1838-1915] 1902-3 2 vols 4to 7+498; 499-922. London
MantissaPlant. Mantissa Plantarum altera, &c. Regni Animalis appendix Linnaeus, C 1771 8vo 1771 The Work was issued as: Car. a Linne Mantissa Plantarum Generum editionis VI. et Specierum editionis II. 1767. pp.1-142. Car. A Linne Mantissa Plantarum Altera Generum editionis VI. & Speceirum editionis II. 1771 pp.143 -> Mantissae Prioris Additamenta Regni Animalis (commencing on approx. p.518) Aves extends from p.524-528. The use of periods at the end of specific epithets appears to be inconstant. The first three Aves are (p.524): leucoryn. LANIUS bicolor. LANIUS hematod. PSITTACUS followed by Aurora PSITTACUS mascarin PSITTACUS [NOTE: NO period] tridactylusALCEDO [NOTE: essentially NO space between the "s" and the "A" -- (v.i.)] No "period" endings to specific epithets on the next page. On p.526, following superbus PHASIANUS is written fenegal- TETRAO lus. This is the last of the birds with species epithets ending in periods. It is, I think, instructive. IF one argues the period is an abbreviation, and produced by space/printing constraints, the argument appears to fall in the instance of senegallus, where (presumably) due to space constraints the species epithet is split and hyphentated and would appear clearly NOT to be an abbreviation. [The "lus." segment of the word is 5 mm long; if it were printed as a single line it would just fit in front of "TETRAO" and the spacing would not appear to be tighter that the "tridactylusALCEDO" string on p.524. It would appear as "fenegallusTETRAO" with slightly more space than I can show here.] While examining two copies of this work in the Botany Library at the NMNH in March of 2001, Roy McDiarmid and I went over this issue in some detail with Dr. Dan Nicolson a very knowledgable botanist familiar with this work. His interpretation of the variable period endings on the species eipthets was that they probably appeared at least in part at the printer's whim, and may not have been a variable controlled by Linnaeus. It appears to me that the interpretation is that the Linnaen names were "leucoryn" "hematod" and "mascarin"
Mar.Mamm.Sci. Marine Mammal Science
Marine Ornithology Marine ornithology. Publisher Rondebosch, South Africa : African Seabird Group,
Mater.KPozn.Fauna.FloraRuss.Emp. Materialy K Poznanyu Faune e Flore Ross. Empire
MCZAcc.Log. Museum of Comparative Zoology Library Accession log. Vol.1 Additions to the Library of the Museum of Comparative Zoology January 1862- December 17, 1864 [pamphlet bound in front] [Main title] Accessions to the Library of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Cambridge, Massachusetts Feb 20, 1865 - December 31, 1879 Vol.2 Additions to the Library of the Museum of Comparative Zoology from January 1st, 1880 to December 31st, 1884 Vol.3 [No separate "Title page" covers from 1885.01.01 to 1891.04.17]

Meddelel.omGronland Meddelelser om Grønland. København, C.A.Reitzels Forlag, 1879-1979. 206 v. ill., maps, diagrs. 24-29 cm. Many numbers issued also as part of various other series: Grønlandsgeologiske undersøgelse, Bulletin; Expedition glaciologique internationale au Groenland, 1957-1960, etc. Not issued in numerical order. Some vols. issued in revised editions. Supplements accompany some numbers. Chiefly in English with contributions in German, French, Russian or Danish; summaries in English.
Mem.Acad.Imp.Sci.St.Petersb. Mémoires Presentés a l'Académie Impériale des Sciences de St. Petersbourg par divers savans, et lus dans ses assemblées. [Tome Second 4me & 5me Livraisons 1835] Mem.Acad.Sci.St.Petersb.(sav.etr.) [Note: it appears that vol 1 has a printed date of 1831, but was actually published in 1830. CWR shows this as -"1831"-.] This is an extremely complex and problematic source, and undoubtedly some of the citations I have are at least in part incorrect. The most useful guide I have found to this work is: Ricker PL. 1908 "Dates of the Signatures of the 'Memoires de l'academie imperiale des sciences de Saint-Petersbourg. Series VI. Sciences Mathematiques, Physiques et Naturelles.'" Proc.Biol.Soc.Wash. 21:11-18.
Mem.Acad.Imp.Sci.St.Petersb.(6) Mem,(6) Mémoires de l'Académie Impériale des Sciences de St. Petersbourg. 6me série Sci. math. phys. et nat. 2e partie. Sci.nat.
Mem.Pres.Acad.Imp.Sci.St.Petersb. Mémoies présentés &a&grav; l'Académie Impéperial des Sciences de St.Péersbourg par dives savants et lus dans se Assemblées, 1830-1859.
Mem.Acad.RealLisboa Memorias da Academia Real de Lisboa [vol I ? 1797- pub]
Mem.Acad.R.Metz Mémoires de l'Académie royale de Metz Mémoires de l'Académie nationale de Metz Mémoires de l'Académie imperiale de Metz v. 1-33, 1819-52 s2 v. 1-19, 1852-71 s3 v. 1-43, 1871-1914 s4 v. 1-10, 1914-1919/20 s5 v. 11->, 1930 -> [ Note 1849 # (Dendropicos) may be Memoires de Academie national de Metz ^^^^^^^^ ]
Mem.Acad.Sci.Ukraine Mémoires Académie Sci. Ukraine, cl. sci. phys., Kiev
Mem.Accad.Torino Memorie Reale Accademia della Scienze. Torino Seconda Serie 1839 -> Tom. I -> 4to Torino
Mem.Inst.Invest.Cient.Mocamb. Memorias of the Institudo de Investigação do Cientifica de Moçambique
Mem.LifePub.Serv.SirT.S.Raffles[Raffles] Memoir of the Life and Public Services of Sir T.S. Raffles, &c. Raffles, Sophia 1830 4to London Birds often characterized as described by Vigors and Horsfield. This appears to be due to an interpretation by Gray, resulting from the fact that both of their names appear on a plate. Murray Bruce argues, and provides good evidence in support of the interpretation that the description of the birds are due to Vigors.
Mem.Math.Phys.Acad.Sci.Paris not certain which this is ? Academie Royale des Sciences: Histoire et Memoires de Mathematique et de Physique. Years 1699-1779.
Mem.Mus.Comp.Zool. Memoirs of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 1876 -> 4to Cambridge,Mass.
Mem.Mus.Hist.Nat. Museum national d'histoire naturelle. Memoires Memoirs du Museum d'Histoire Naturelle V. I-XX 4to Paris 1815-32.
Mem.Natl.Mus.Victoria Memoirs of the National Museum. Victoria
Mem.Proc.ManchesterLit.Philos.Soc. Memoirs and proceedings of the Machester literary and philosophical society, Manchester, England v 1-5, 1785-1802; s2 v 1-15, 1805-60; s3 v 1-10, 1862-87; s4 v 1-10, 1888-96; s 1-3 as Literary and philosophical society of Manchester, Memoirs. CWR note for 1907 LI pt.3 no.10 "Each no. separately paged!"
Mem.R.Accad.Sci.Torino(2) Memorie della Reale Accademia della Scienze di Torino Seconda Serie 1839 -> Tom. I -> 4to Torino
Mem.Soc.Imp.Sci.Nat.Cherbourg Memoires. Societe imperiale des sciences naturelles de Cherbourg. 1852-54 as Soc.sci.nat.deCherbourg. 1855-70 as above. 1871-78 Societe nationale ... [The Richmond Index indicates (see Hylocharis euprosinae) that this was issued in livraisons, and that at least one paper (in 1866) was also issued repaginated (in 1866).]
Mem.Soc.Linn.Paris Mem. Soc. Linneenne Paris 1-6, 1788/1822-27.
Mem.Soc.Mus.Hist.Nat.Strasb. TITLE: Memoires de la Societe du museum d'histoire naturelle de Strasbourg. PLACE: Strasbourg [etc.] PUBLISHER: F. G. Levrault, YEAR: 1840 1850 PUB TYPE: Serial FORMAT: 2 v. ill. 30 cm. NUMBERING: t. 3-4. SUBJECT: Natural history -- Periodicals. Natural history -- France -- Periodicals. ALT TITLE: Memoires de la Societe d'histoire naturelle de Strasbourg (OCoLC)6663497 Memoires de la Societe des sciences naturelles de Strasbourg OTHER: Societe du museum d'histoire naturelle de Strasbourg.
Mem.Soc.Roy.Emulat.Abbevil. Mémoires de la Société royale d'émulation d'Abbeville. Published: Abbeville, 1833-1860. p.592 dated 31 décembre 1833 p.608 "Composition du bureau de 1829 à 1834"
Mem.Soc.R.Sci.Liege Memoires. Societe royale des sciences de Liege. 1-20, 1843-66
Mem.Soc.Sci.Nat.Maroc Mem. Soc. Sci. Nat. du Maroc Soci&ecute;té des sciences naturelles du Maroc
Mem.Soc.Zool.France Memoires. Societe Zoologique de France, Paris 1888-My1932. v1-29 no.6
Mem.Wern.Nat.Hist.Soc. Mem.Wernerian Nat.Hist.Soc. [Soc. Hx. Nat. Hx. Newsletter 51, Jan 1995: Notes&Queries 11 "MWNHS attr. by Brit.Lib. and N.H. Mus cat. to 1808-1838, whereas Linnean Soc. cataloge has (correctly) 1811-39. In this case, ... it is the imprint dates that are to be followed, for at least some of the individual 'memoirs' did not appear till a good year or so after the period to which they explicitly relate (like the reports of many societies and institutions)." D E Allan, Lesney Cottage, Winchester, Hants SO22 5EJ, UK
Mess.Orn. Messager Ornithologique. 1910-17 Moscow 1-8 This serial lists three Serial names on the cover: In Cyrillic -- "Ornitologiskii Vyestnik" [my trans: Ornithological Herald] Below this -- "Messager Ornithologique" and below this -- "Ornithologische Mitteilungen" On the First page the Header starts with the French, the German is on the bottom and the Russian in much larger font is in the middle. The German is in the smallest of the three fonts in this top-of-page banner. I can only speculate as to the preference for referring to this by the German title. The text (of the numbers I have examined) is entirely in Russian, with scientific names and authors names written in Latin characters.
Meth.Av.Tentam. METHODI NATURALIS AVIUM DISPONENDARUM TENTAMEN. FÖRSÖK TILL FOGELKALSSENS NATURENLIGIA UPPSTÄLLNING Sundevall, CJ 1872-3 pp.[vi] lxix, 187(12) Stockholm Pt. 1 pp.I-XLVIII,1-72 1872. Pt. 2 pp.73-187+ 1873.
  • Bound in the front of a copy of this work in the Smithsonian Museum is the following
    	Published in two parts, 1872 and 1873.
     Pars Prior, 1872, contains:
     Titulus.							Pag.
     Addenda: Ornith. ex. Linn. S.N. 1735..... XXIV.
     "Avant propos. traduction", et
     "Introduction, traduite du Suédois"(incompl.) XXXV-XLVIII.
     Methodi Avium disp. exposito, Ordo 1 ................ 1-66.
     Methodi Avium disp. exposito, Ordo 2 (incompletus) .. 67-72.
    	"Les circonstances m'ont forcé d'interrompre
     l'impression de cet ouvrage et d'en publier
     séparément ce premier cahier. La suite viendra
     aussitôt que la santé me permettra de mettre la
     derniére main au manuscrit et de corriger les
    	Stockholm, 1 Août 1872.
    				C. Sundevall.
     Pars Posterior, 1873, contains:
     Introduction (contin. et finis)........... XLIX-LXIX.
     (Methodi continuation et finis) ..........73-154.
     Corrigenda et Addenda..................... 155.
     Index nominum genericorum.................. 159-187.
     Terminologica ..............................1*-11*.
     Contenta operis ............................ 12*.
     Tabula lithographica.
    Midden-Sumatra[Veth] Midden-Sumatra : reizen en onderzoekingen der Sumatra-expeditie uitgerust door het Aardrijskundig genootschap, 1877-1879 / beschreven door de leden der expeditie, onder toezicht van Prof. P.J. Veth ... Publisher Leiden : E.J. Brill, 1881-1892. Description 4 v. in 7 : ill., maps ; 29 cm. + 1 atlas (36 leaves : ill., maps (some col.) ; 46 cm.) Contents V. 1: Reizen in Midden-Sumatra, 1877-1879 / A.L. van Hasselt & Joh. F. Snelleman V. 2: Aardrijkskundige beschrijving van Midden-Sumatra (met Atlas) / D.D. Veth. V. 3: Volksbeschrijving van Midden-Sumatra; Ethnographische atlas van Midden-Sumatra; De talen en letterkunde van Midden-Sumatra / A.L. van Hasselt. V. 4: (pt. 1) Bijdragen tot de kennis der fauna van Midden-Sumatra / Joh. F. Snelleman; (pt. 2) Bijdragen tot de kennis der flora van Midden-Sumatra / A.L. van Hasselt & J.G. Boerlage. Hasselt, Arend Ludolf van, 1848-1909. Veth, D. D. Snelleman, Johannes François, 1852-1938. Boerlage, Jacob Gijsbert, 1849-1900. Veth, Pieter Johannes, 1814-1895. Data from AMNH Catalogue
    MinervaBrazil. Minerva Braziliense; jornal de sciencias, lettras e artes, publicado por huma associacao de litteratos. Rio de Janeiro. 1-3, N 1 1843 -Ap 1845
    Misc.Pub.Mus.Zool.U.Michigan Miscellaneous Publications of the Museum of Zoology. University of Michigan 1916 ->

    Miscellaneous publications for birds

    Misc.Zoo. Miscellanea Zoologica (quibus novae imprimis atque obscurae animalium species descripuntur et observationibus iconibusque illustrantur. Pallas, Peter Simon [1741-1811] 1766 pp.xii,224, 14 pls. 4to Hagae Comitum
    Miss.GuyBabaultProv.Centr.Inde Mission Guy Babault dans les provinces centrales del'Inde, dans la ré occidentale de l'Himalaya et Ceylan, 1914 1920 Paris.
    Miss.Sci.CapHorn Mission scientifique du Cap-Horn. 1882-1883 Oustalet, E. 1891 4to Paris
    Mit.BlitzlichtBuchse[Schillings] [Data from AMNH Library Catalogue] Author: Schillings, C. G. (Carl Georg), 1865-1921. Title: Mit Blitzlicht und Büchse. Neue Beobachtungen und Erlebnisse in der Wildnis inmitten der Tierwelt von Äquatorial Ost-afrika, von C. G. Schillings. Publisher: Leipzig, R. Voigtländer, 1905.
    Mitt.Geogr.Ges.Naturhist.Mus.Lubeck(2) TITLE: Mitteilungen der Geographischen Gesellschaft und des Naturhistorischen Museums in Lubeck. PLACE: Lubeck : PUBLISHER: Lubcke & Nohring YEAR: 1890 1957 PUB TYPE: Serial FORMAT: 47 v. : ill. ; 24-27 cm. NUMBERING: -Heft 47. Began with: 2. Reihe, Heft 1, in 1890. NOTES: Imprint varies. Zweite Reihe, Heft 41-43 have title: Forschungen der Geographischen Gesellschaft und des Naturhistorischen Museums in Lubeck. Description based on: 2. Reihe, Heft 15, published in 1901. SUBJECT: Geography -- Periodicals. ALT TITLE: Forschungen der Geographischen Gesellschaft und des Naturhistorischen Museums in Lubeck Mitteilungen der Geographischen Gesellschaft in Lubeck (1882) (OCoLC)10518730 (DLC)sf84 000011 Mitteilungen der Geographischen Gesellschaft in Lubeck (1958) (OCoLC)10152895 (DLC) 19018420 Berichte des Vereins "Natur und Heimat" und des Naturhistorischen Museums zu Lubeck (OCoLC)5767104 OTHER: Geographische Gesellschaft in Lubeck. Naturhistorisches Museum in Lubeck. Geographische Gesellschaft zu Lubeck.
    Mitt.Kauk.Mus. Mitteil. Kaukkasischen Mus. Kavkazskii muzei i Tiflisskaia publichnaia biblioteka. TITLE: Izviestiia. Mitteilungen. PLACE: Tiflis. YEAR: 1897 1919 PUB TYPE: Serial FORMAT: v. ; 24 cm. NUMBERING: 1-12 ; 1897-1919. SUBJECT: Science -- Societies, etc. ALT TITLE: Mitteilungen des Kaukasischen Museums.
    Mitt.Orn. Mittheilungen des Ornithologischen Vereins in Wien 1877-1897 12 vols. It was the successor of: Ornithologischer Verein in Wien. Mittheilungen des Ausschusses an die Mitglieder (1876-1877). Later the Mittheilungen were succeeded as: Die Schwalbe. Mittheilungen des ornithologischen Vereins in Wien (from vol. 13-21 (1897). The volume for 1883 appeared in 12 issues and was edited by Gustav von Hajek. From 1898 it was continued as Die Schwalbe, Neue Folge (N.F. 1 1898/1899; N.F. 2 1900/1901 N.F. 3 1902-1913) (Thanks to Norbert Bahr for additional details on this. His source: Hölzinger, J. (1991): Die Vögel Baden-Württembergs. Band 7. Bibliographie. Teil 1 Bibliographie der deutschsprachigen ornithologischen Periodika in Mitteleuropa. Fortlaufende ornithologische Sammelwerke. Eigenständige ornithologische Veröffentlichungen in fortlaufenden Sammelwerken. Stand 31. 12. 1989. Verlag Eugen Ulmer , Stuttgart. 386 pp.
    Mitt.Reichsb.VogelkundeVogelshutz Mitt(h)eilungen des Österreichischen Reichsbundes für Vogelkunde und Vogelschutz in Wien
    Again, thanks to Norbert Bahr for clarifying the details on this publication. He writes (2006.03.26):
    Floericke was the editor of the first two volumes (1901,1901-02) of the journal
    "Mitt(h)eilungen des Österreichischen Reichsbundes für Vogelkunde und Vogelschutz in Wien".
    	After some years, he resumed as editor of the journal, which became
    "Mitteilungen über die Vogelwelt" 
    	from volume 5 (1905) on.
    	The number of issues appearing in this journal changed from four in vol. 1 (1901)
    	and 2 (1901-02) to 12 in vol. 3 (1902-03) and 4 (1904) and 24 in vols. 5-9
    	(1905-1909), and was reduced to 12 issues per volume later (1910-1914) and again
    	to 4 from 1915 to 1923; later, the numbers of issues were 2 to 12 in irregular
    The journal ceased in 1938.
    Mitt.Zool.Mus.Berlin Mitteilungen aus dem Zoologischen Museum in Berlin [It appears that this serial was issued in Hefte, and that some volumes spanned more than one year. Collocallia esculente minuta Stresemann is dated Dec. 1925 in Heft 1 of Vol. 12, other taxa are dated 1926 from later portions of the same volume]. "24. Band 2. Heft" of volume for 1939 has at the foot of the Heft title page "Ausgegeben am 18. Januar 1940" [Thanks to Edward C. Dickinson for a scan of the relevant pages to demonstrate this.]
    Mitt.Zool.Mus.Dresden Mittheilungen Aus Dem Zoologischen Museum zu Dresden. Herausgegben von A.B. Meyer. 3 vols. 4to Dresden 1877(?5),1878 [Bolton gives 1877,1878 for vols.1-3; Peters, Richmond and HBW give 1875 for Phlegoenas jobiensis in vol.1 of M.Z.M.D.] [Followed by Abh.Ber.Mus.Dresden]
    Mittl.Hoch.Nordl.DeutschOstAfr.[Werther] Die mittleren Hochländer des nördlichen Deutsch-Ost-Afrika: wissenschaftliche Ergebnisse der Irangi-Expedition, l896-l897 nebst kurzer Reisebeschreibung: im Auftrage der Irangi-Gesellschaft/ hrsg. von C. Waldemar Werther; unter Mitwirkung der Bruno Hassenstein ... [et al.] Author Werther, C. Waldemar. Berlin : H. Paetel, 1898. Description 493 p., [5] leaves of plates : ill., 2 maps (fold. col. in pocket) Bibliography/index Includes bibliographical references and index.
    Mol.Phylogenet.Evol. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution
    Monatsb.K.Akad.Berlin Monatsberichte Koeniglich Preussiche Akademie Der Wissenschaften 1856-1881 Berlin. Monatsberichte der Koniglisch Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin. [from Walter Bock] Both Wood (p.524) and Cat.Lib.Brit.Mus. (I p.148) say Monatsb. started 1856 and went to 1881.
    MonitoreZool.Ital. Monitore Zoologico Italiano 1890-1988 Instituto anatomico dell R. Universita di Sienna
    Mongol.StranaTangut. Mongollia i strana tangutov; trechletnee pooteshestvieh v voctochnoi pagornii Azeen. Przheval'skii, Nikolai Mikhailovich [1839-1888] 1875-76 2 v. in 1 [ Mongolia, the Tangut country, and the solitudes of northern Tibet, being a narrative of three years travel in eastern high Asia. By Lt.-Col. N. Prejevalsky Translated by E. Delmar Morgan... with intro. and notes by Col. Henry Yule... London S. Low, Marston, Searle & Rivington 1876. Peters has as 'Mongol i Strana Tangut' which it seems to me should be Mongol. i Strana Tangut. ]
    Monogr.Alcedin. A monograph of the Alcedinidae: of, family of kingfishers. Sharpe, Richard Bowdler 1868-71 London 4to pp.71+80+304+11. 122pl. 2 figs. index. Appeared in 15 parts "the dates of which are given by Coues" [Wood]. Coues' dates (p.710) are as follows: Pt. Date I Jl. 1, 1868 II Oc. 1, 1868 III Ja. 1, 1869 IV Ap. 1, 1869 V Jl. 1, 1869 VI Oc. 6, 1869 VII Ja. 1, 1870 VIII Ap. 1, 1870 IX Jl. 1, 1870 X Oc. 1, 1870 XI Oc. 1, 1870 XII No. 1, 1870 XIII De. 1, 1870 XIV Ja. 1, 1871 XV Ja. 1, 1871
    Monogr.Anatidae A monograph on the anatidae, or duck tribe. Eyton, Thomas Campbell [1809-90] 1838 London
    Monogr.Bucerotidae A monograph of the Bucerotidae, or family of the hornbills ... Elliot, Daniel Giraud 1882 p.xxxii,147 60 pl. (LIX (sic)) London.
    Monogr.Hirund. A monograph of the Hirundinidae or family of swallows. Sharpe, Richard Bowdler and Wyatt, Claude Wilmott 1885-94 London. 2 vols. 4to.
    Monogr.JacamarsPuffbirds A monograph of the jacamars and puffbirds, or families Galbulidae and Bucconidae. Sclater, PL, Salvin, O, and Bartlett, Edward, pp.52+171, 55 col.pl. 14 fig. London 1879-82 [The Richmond Index gives a date of July for pt5 (Micronomacha) and Nov. for pt6 (Hapaloptila).] [Richmond indicates in his notes on dates of publication that Sclater indicated (on June 17, 1881) that he hopes to complete it shortly, by the issue of parts 6 & 7.] [MCZ Accession log vol.2 notes: pt.i; accessioned 1880.02.02 (Acc. Log. vol.2 p.09) pt.ii Jan-1880; accessioned 1880.04.21 (Acc. Log. vol.2 p.35) pt.iii ; accessioned 1880.06.24 (Acc. Log. vol.2 p.44) pt.iv Nov.1880 ; accessioned 1881.01.31 (Acc. Log. vol.2 p.96) pt.v pp.109-132 pll.xxxvi-xliv ; accessioned 1881.11.01 (Acc. Log. vol.2 p.157) pt.vi pp.133-159 pll.xlv-liv ; accessioned 1882.02.15 (Acc. Log. vol.2 p.175) pt.vii [end]; accessioned 1882.10.20 (Acc. Log. vol.2 p.237) In vol.2 starting with August of 1883 there is a shift from daily dates for entries to "August and September" followed by "October" and "November" with day-dated entries resuming on 26 Nov. This recommencement is associated with what appears to be different handwriting.
    Monogr.Loxiens Monographie des Loxiens ... Ouvrage accompagne de ... planches coloriees ... d'apres les dessins de M. Badeker, & c. Bonaparte, CLJL & Schlegel, H 1850 4to Leiden,Dusselldorf. pp [vi] xvii, 55, 54 col.pl. 4to
    Monogr.Nectarin. Monograph of the Nectariniidae, or family of sunbirds. Shelley, George Ernest 1876-80 London pp. 108+393. 121 col.pl.
    Monogr.Odontoph. A monograph of the Odontophorinae, or partridges of America. Gould, John [1844]-50 Appeared in 3 pts. pt. I 1844 pt. II 1846 pt. III 1850
    Monogr.Parad. Monograph of the Paradiseidae, or birds of paradise and Ptilonorhynchidae, or bower-birds. Sharpe RB 1891-98 Vol I, II issued in 8 parts. pt I 1891 pt II 1893 pt III 1894 pt IV 1895 pt V 1895 pt VI 1896 ? 1897 [Dec 30 (a Wed.) ? Jan 1 (a Fri.) I favor 1896 APP pt VII 1897 pt VIII 1898 {pref int. append &c}
    Monogr.Phasian. A monograph of the Phasianiidae or family of the pheasants. Elliot, Daniel Giraud 187[0]-2 2 vols. el. folio. New York.
    Monogr.Picidees Monographie des picidees, ou Histoire naturelle des picides, picumnines, yuncines ou torcols. Malherbe, Alfred 1859-62 Metz 4 vols. (2 v. text, 2 v. pl.) fol. 123 col.pl. There is some uncertainty and disagreement regarding these dates. The span of dates is usually given as 1860 or 1861-1862, but Zimmer and CWR in his unpublished notes make it clear the first livraison appeared in 1859. Evidently it was issued in 24 parts (livraison) in 100 copies. Zimmer notes that Pt.1 was noticed in Ibis for Oct. 1859, Pts.2 and 3 in Ibis for April 1860. Zimmer indicates he was unable to determine the extent of each part, which renders the dating somewhat difficult. The CWR Unpublished notes on dates of publication have quite a few cards dealing with this work. One card states "Livr. 2-8 1860 contains up to p.151 at least (where P. meniscus is described.)" [Of interest, the card for Picus meniscus in the Richmond Index, is typewritten (I interpret it to be not the work of CWR himself) and has dates "1861? 1862?"]
    Monogr.Ramphastid. A monograph of the Ramphastidae, or family of toucans. Gould, John London 1833-1835 Pt I 1833 Pt II Nv 1834 noted as "just completed" in PZS Pt2 no.19 p.79 (publ. Nv 25, 1834) Pt II 1835 [Note that Zimmer's discussion of this work (with a confusing publishing history) does not include any mention of the "Addenda" to the Introduction, which contains, for example the genus group name Aulacorhynchus. The Addenda appear to have been published with part III in 1835, most probably in December. A monograph of the Ramphastidae, or family of toucans. 2nd ed. Gould, John London 1854 [1852-4] pp.26+(106). 52 pl (51 col.)
    Monogr.Ramphastid.[Sturm] Monographie der Rhamphastiden, mit Zusätzen und neuen Arten vermehrt nach Gould's Monograph of the Rhamphastiden. Sturm, Johann Heinrich Christian Friedrich, 1805-1862. Sturm, Johann Wilhelm, 1808-1865. Nürnberg, 1841-47. sm. fol. 1 v. CWR's Unpublished notes on dates of publication (my file G124.jpg) indicates: 1s Heft. (mit 10 ill. Steintaf.) Noted in Serapeum [Intel.-Bl.] for Mch. 15, 1841 [APP: Monday] 2s Heft. Noted in Serapeum [Intel.-Bl.] for Aug. 31, 1841 [APP: Tuesday] 3s Heft. Noted in Serapeum [Intel.-Bl.] for Jan. 15, 1843 [APP: Sunday]
    Monogr.Trochil. A monograph of the Trochilidae, or family of humming-birds. Gould, John 1849-61 London 5 vols.; issued in 25 parts. folio
    Monogr.Trogonidae A monograph of the Trogonidae, or family of trogons. Gould, John 1835-1838 [for dates see Browning & Monroe ] folio London Browning & Monroe give: Pt 1 1 April 1835 Pt 2 15 March 1836 Pt 3 3 March 1838 plates apparently were issued in an order different than they appeared in the volume. T. melanocephalus is pl.[6] and pl.12 of the volume.
    Monogr.Trogonidae.ed.2 A monograph of the Trogonidae, or family of trogons. 2nd. ed. Gould, John 1858-75 folio pp.(4)+v-xx+(98) London Published in 4 pts. pt I 1858 pt II 1869 pt III 1875 pt IV 1875
    Monogr.Turdidae A monograph of the Turdidae or family of Thrushes. the late Henry Seebohm. Edited and compiled after the author's death by R. Bowdler Sharpe. Often, modern workers date all taxa from this work to 1902 which is the imprint date. This work was published in parts, and the dates of the parts, while easily available in Zimmer 1926 pp.570,571 seem to be ignored by most modern workers. The dates and authority of the parts are as follows (data from Zimmer and Richmond). Vol. I. Part pp. pll. date Author I 1-40 I-XII "ante Apr. 1898" Seebohm II 41-76 XIII-XXIV "ante July 1898" Seebohm III 77-114 XXV-XXXVI "ante Oct. 1898" Seebohm thru p.91 III 77-114 XXV-XXXVI "ante Oct. 1898" Sharpe p.92-114 IV 115-212 XXXVII-XLVIII "Oct. 1898" Sharpe V 213-266 XLIX-LX "ante Apr. 1898" Sharpe VI 267-312 LXI-LXXII "ante Oct. 1899" Sharpe VII 313-337 LXIII-LXXVIII "Dec. 1899" Sharpe Vol. II VII 1-32 LXXIX-LXXXIV "Dec. 1899" Sharpe VIII 33-70 LXXXVI-XCVII "ante Jul. 1900" Sharpe IX 71-100 XCVII-CVIII+LXXV "1900" Sharpe X 101-126 CIX-CXX "1900" Sharpe XI 127-156 CXXI-CXXXII "ante Jul. 1901" Sharpe XII+XIII 157-250 CXXIII-CXLIX "1902" Sharpe XII+XIII I-XI+I(vol.I) I-IX+I(vol.II) "1902" Sharpe 2009.07.21
    MorningHerald[Sydney] The Sydney Morning Herald (newspaper).
    Mus.AdolphiFriderici Museum Sae Rae Mitis Adolphi Friderici Regis Svecorum ... In quo animalia rarioria imprimis & exotica: aves, amphibia, pisces desribuntur; tomi secvndi prodromvs. Linnaeus, C. 1764 Holmiae. [vol. 1 issued Holmiae, 1754]
    Mus.Carls. Museum Carlsonianum, in quo novas et selectas aves, coloribus ad vivum brevique descriptiones illustratas. Sparrman, Anders Swed. museum of Gustavus Carlson
    Mus.Gevers. Museum Geversianum sive index rerum naturalium ... [? Meuschen, Friedrich Christian 1719-ca 1799 Museum Gronovianum. Sive, Index rerum naturalum, tam mmmamalium, amphibiorum, piscium, insectorum, ... [avium not mentioned]. Oura F.C.M. = i.e. Friedrich Christian Meuschen. Lugundi Batavorum, T. Haak, J. Meerburg. 1778. no Geversianum in NatUnion Cat. ]
    Mus.Hein. Museum Heineanum Verzeichniss der ornithologischen Sammlung des Oberamtmann Ferdinand Heine auf Gut St. Burchard vor Halberstatdt. Mit kritischen Anmerkungen und Beschriebung der neuen Arten, systematisch bearbeitet von Dr. Jean Cabanis, erstem Kustos der Königlichen zoologischen Sammlung zu Berlin. I. Theil, die Singvögel enthalthend. p.25-106 of Pt.1 should be dated 31 December 1850 {Browning & Monroe} p.25 is the first page of the fourth signature.

    The signatures of vol.1 following p.106 have the following dates:

    	page	Signature #			Date
    	105		14				Jan. 	1851 (dated on p.107, but sig. starts p.105)
    	113		15				Februar	1851
    	121		16				März	1851
    	129		17				April	1851
    	137		18				Mai	1851
    	145		19				Juni	1851
    	153		20				Juli	1851
    	161		21				August	1851
    	169		22			 10	August	1851
    	177		23				August	1851
    	185		24			  1 	August	1851
    	193		25			 10	September	1851
    	201		26			  8	September	1851
    	209		27			  8	October	1851
    	217		28			 15	October	1851
    	225		29			 23	October	1851
    Museum Heineanum Verzeichniss der ornithologischen Sammlung des Oberamtmann Ferdinand Heine auf Gut St. Burchard vor Halberstatdt. Mit kritischen Anmerkungen und Beschriebung der neuen Arten systematisch bearbeitet von Dr. Jean Cabanis, erstem Custos der Königlichen zoologischen Sammlung zu Berlin und Ferdinand Heine, Stud. philos. III. Theil, die Schrillvögel und die Zusammenstellung der Gattungen und Arten des 1-3, Thiels enthalthend. 1850-1863 Berlin The signatures of vol.3 have the following dates:
    	page	Signature #		Date
    	[3]		 1		 6	Februar 	1860
    	  9		 2		19	Februar		1860
    	 17		 3		26	Februar		1860
    	 25		 4		 6	März		1860
    	 33		 5		14	März		1860
    	 41		 6		22	März		1860
    	 49		 7		30	März		1860
    	 57		 8		 9	April		1860
    	 65		 9		17	April		1860
    	 73		10		27	April		1860
    	 81		11		 9	Mai		1860
    	 83		  		22	August		1860 *not sure what this means.
    	 89		12		 7	September	1860
    	 97		13		 9	October	1860
    	103-220	14-28		 1	November	1860 INDEX
    • CWR in his unpublished notes indicates that the:
      	"1st portion of the 3rd part (Trochilidae) issued about Dec. 1860. 
      	(Noted in Ibis , Jan, 1861, 108, as an early copy.)"
      Thus the publishing date is approximately 10 months later than the signature imprint date.
    • [Question of date 1862 vs 1863 split between p.118 and 143] Evidently split is at p.128
    • Further questioning of the date for vol.3 suggests that the entire volume may best be dated to 1863. Schulze et al. p.3050 date Rhopodytes from p.61 to 1863.

    Mus.Hist.Pays-BasRev.Meth.Crit.Coll. Revue methodique et critique (Catalogue) des Collections deposées dans cet Etablissement. 1862 -> 8vo Leiden Publ. of Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie, Leiden BrMNH note says: "Each volume consists of one or more separately-paged catalogues." so the "livr." may refer to these. My five volumes contain varying numbers of numbered segments, (monographs) listed below. See below for the apparent limits of the livraisons. note confusion in that listing of livraisons appears to extend across years (!). However, due to uncertainty with regard to the appropriate composition of the "volumes" I list the taxa by livraison and by part. [[ instalment: Part of a document published in sections in successive issues of a serial publication. [ISO 215:1986] [French term: livraison] ]] 1862-3 Vol. I. Monogr. Group Imprint month yr pp au livr.1 1862 1. Buceros Aout 1862 p.1-22 Schlegel [note: CWR livr.1 "publ. by or before Dec. 1862"] 2. Falcones Aout 1862 p.1-36 [=38] Schlegel [note: CWR livr.2 "publ. by or before April 1863"] 3. Aquilae Septembre 1862 p.1-24 Schlegel 4. Astures Septembre 1862 p.1-57 Schlegel [note: CWR livr.3+4 "publ. by or before July-Sept. 1863"] 5. Asturinae Septembre 1862 p.1-13 Schlegel 6. Buteones Aout 1862 p.1-4 Schlegel livr.2 1863 6. Buteones Aout 1862 p.5-30 Schlegel 7. Milvi Octobre 1862 p.1-12 Schlegel 8. Pernes Novembre 1862 p.1-10 Schlegel 9. Polybori Novembre 1862 p.1-10 Schlegel 10. Vultures Novembre 1862 p.1-12 Schlegel 11. Oti Decembre 1862 p.1-30 Schlegel 12. Striges Decembre 1862 p.1-45 Schlegel 13. Circi Decembre 1862 p.1-12 Schlegel 14. Pitta Janvier 1863 p.1-16 Schlegel 15. Buccones Janvier 1863 p.1-66 A. Goffin livr.3 1863 15. Buccones Janvier 1863 p.67-98 A. Goffin 1863 Vol. 2 16. Ardeae Avril 1863 p.1-64 Schlegel 17. Alcedines Mai 1863 p.1-52 Schlegel 18. Merops Juni 1863 p.1-14 Schlegel livr.4 1863 19. Momotus Juillet 1863 p.1-8 Schlegel 20. Ibis Juillet 1863 p.1-16 Schlegel 21. Pelecani Juillet 1863 p.1-44 Schlegel 22. Procellariae Juillet 1863 p.1-40 Schlegel 23. Lari Aout 1863 p.1-52 Schlegel livr.5 1864 24. Sternae Septembre 1863 p.1-44 Schlegel 25. Cuculi Juillet 1864 p.1-85 Schlegel 1864 Vol.3 26. Psittaci Aout 1864 p.1-166 Schlegel 27. Scolopaces Novembre 1864 p.1-6 Schlegel livr.6 1864 27. Scolopaces Novembre 1864 p.7-102 Schlegel livr.7 1865 27. Scolopaces Novembre 1864 p.103-112 Schlegel 28. Ciconiae Decembre 1864 p.1-26 Schlegel 1865,7 Vol.4 29. Cursores Mars 1865 p.1-80 Schlegel 30. Ralli Avril 1865 p.1-76 Schlegel livr.8 1866 30. Ralli Avril 1865 p.77-79 Schlegel 31. Anseres Mai 1866 p.1-108 Schlegel livr.9 1867 31. Anseres Mai 1866 p.109-112 Schlegel 32. Coraces Fevrier 1867 p.1-149 Schlegel 33. Urinatores Avril 1867 p.1-52 Schlegel livr.10 1873 1873,4 Vol.5 34. Aves Struthiones Mars 1873 p.1-14 Schlegel 35. Aves Columbae Mars 1873 p.1-180 Schlegel 36. Aves Noctuae Juillet 1873 p.1-32 Schlegel 36. Accipitres Juillet 1873 p.32-138 Schlegel 36. Vultures (and summary) Juillet 1873 p.138-156 Schlegel livr.11 1874 37. Comp. Pitta Avril 1874 p.1-19 Schlegel 38. Comp. Psittaci Mai 1874 p.1-84 Schlegel 39. Alcidines Juin 1874 p.1-47 Schlegel ["Comp." = Comprarez ] CWR refers to 1865 "Cursores" p.33 (? = 4) for Charadr. peronii Peters gives this as vol. 4. [[ From Harvard Hollis. TITLE: Revue methodique et critique des collections deposees dans cet etablissement. PUB. INFO: t. 1-14; 1862-1908. Leyden, Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie. DESCRIPTION: 14 v. 24 cm. LINKING NOTES: Merged with: Notes from the Leyden Museum; to form: Zoologische mededeelingen. ]] >Return-Path: >From: "Koppenberg, M." >To: "''" >Subject: FW: Revue methodique >Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 16:50:14 +0100 > > Dear Mr. Peterson, > > I have some information about 'Revue methodique et critique des > collections desposees dans cet etablissement'. I hope it answers some > of your questions. > The structure of this publication is as follows: > > 1re livraison: > Buceros (august 1862) > Falcones (august 1862) > Aquilae (september 1862) > Astures (september 1862) > Asturinae (september 1862) > Buteones (september 1862) (page 1-4) > > 2me livraison: > Buteones (september 1862) (page 5-30) > Milvi (october 1862) > Pernes (november 1862) > Polybori (nov 1862) > Vultures (nov 1862) > Oti (december 1862) > Striges (december 1862) > Circi (december 1862) > Aves rapaces, resume > Pitta (january 1863) > Buccones (january 1863) (page 1-66) > > 3me livraison: > Buccones (january 1863) (p. 67-98) > Ardeae (april 1863) > Alcedines (may 1863) > Merops (june 1863) > > 4me livraison: > Momotus (july 1863) > Ibis (july 1863) > Pelecani (july 1863) > Procellariae (july 1863) > Lari (august 1863) > > 5me livraison: > Sternae (september 1863) > Cuculi (july 1864) > Psittaci (august 1864) > Scolopaces (november 1864) (page 1-6) > > 6me livraison: > Scolopaces ((november 1864) (page 7-102) > > 7me livraison: > Scolopaces (november 1864) (page 103-112) > Ciconiae (december 1864) > Cursores (march 1865) > Ralli (page 1-76) (april 1865) > > 8me livraison: > Ralli (page 77-80) (april 1865) > Anseres (page 1-108) (may 1866) > > 9me livraison: > Anseres (page 109-122) (may 1866) > Coraces (february 1867) > Urinatores (april 1867) > > 10me livraison: > Aves Struthiones (march 1873) > Aves Columbae (march 1873) > Revue de la coll. des oiseaux de proie faisant, > aves noctuae (july 1873) > > > 11me livraison: > Pitta (april 1874) > Psittaci (mai 1874) > Alcedines (june 1874) > > 12me livraison: > Simiae (march 1876) > > I think that 'livraisons ' is the same as 'catalogues' as mentioned by > the British Museum. Our journals are bound in 5 volumes, but I don't > think that this is an official grouping of the livraisons. For the > record: Volume 1 consists of livraison 1-3; volume 2 consists of > livraison 4-6; vol. 3 consists of livr. 7-9; vol. 4 consists of livr. > 10-11 and vol. 5 consists of livr. 12. > I hope this answers some of your questions, if not, don't hesistate to > contact us again. > I wish you succes with your research, > > Yours sincerely, > Mischa Koppenberg > assistant-librarian
    Mus.Lever. Musei Leveriani explicatio, anglica et latina. Opera et studio Georgii Shaw ... Adduntur figuraae eleganter sculptae et coloratae. Shaw, George 1792-96. 2 v. 72 col.pl. London.
    Mus.Mediol.Anim.Vert. Museum Mediolanense Animalia Vertebrata Classis II. Aves 1847
    Mus.Nat.Grillianum Museum Naturalium Grillianum Museum Naturalium Grillianum Söderforssiense institutum anno 1783 Holmiae : Apud A.J. Nordström, MDCCLXXXVIII [1788]
    Mus.Senckenb. Museum Senckenbergianum 1834 -45 Senckenbergische Naturforshende Gesellschaft Frankfurt
  • For both of these taxa, the Richmond Index lists 4 (!) sources: The Mus.Senck.; PZS; L'Echo (with a note that it was published elsewhere first); & Trans.Zool.Soc.Lond. III, part. 2 p.232 pl.16 (personatus) and pl.17 (leucogaster). The Trans.Zool.Soc.Lond. has a note "paper read Jan. 11, 1842" however the last digit in the year for the listing is not filled in, indicating that Richmond had not determined when the volume of the Transactions was in fact printed. Duncan's listing of dates of the PZS, also lists the dates of publication of the Transactions. Vol.3 part. 2 was published Jan 23, 1844.

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