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Tab.ListAustr.Birds Tabular list of the Australian birds at present known to the author, showing the distribution of the species over the continent of Australia and adjacent islands. Ramsay, Edward Pierson 1888 4to pp. 4+38 Sydney
Tabl.Element.Hist.Nat.Anim. Tableau elementaire de l'histoire naturelle des animaux. Cuvier, G. 1797/?1798 Paris Baudouin p.710
Tabl.Encyc.Meth.Orn. Tableau encyclopedique et methodique des trois regnes de la nature. Ornithologie. Bonnaterre, l'Abbe 4to Paris, 1788-1790. Mult.authors 1789-1823. Vol. I pp. III-XCVIJ+1, 1-152 1791 Vol. I pp. 153-320 1792 Vol. I pp. 321-402 1820 Vol. II pp. 403-528 1820 Vol. II pp. 529-848 1822 Vol. II pp. 849-902 1823 Vol. III pp. 903-1460 1823 Atlas. Bonnaterre Livr. 37 (incl. "Orn.") pll. 1-77, 1790 [1790.02.08](Mon.) Livr. 38 pll. 78-177 1790 [1790.05.12](Wed.) Livr. 40 pp. I-LXXX, pll. 178-239, 1-7 1790 [1790.10.09](Sat.) Livr. 47 pp. LXXXI-XCVII, 1-192 1791 [1791.11.21](Mon.) Livr. 51 pp. 193-320 1792 [1792.10.01](Mon.) Vieillot Livr. 89 pp. 321-528 1820 [1821.01.06](Mon.) Livr. 91 pp. 529-848 1822 [1822.07.06](Sat.) Livr. 93 pp. 849-1460 1823 [1823.07.23](Wed.) Data from Sherborn, C.D. & B.B. Woodward, 1906. "On the dates of publication of the Natural History Portions of the 'Encyclopedie Méthodique'". Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist., (7) 17:577-582. Provided by Edward Dickinson. Subsequently provided by Edward Dickinson is Evenhuis. 2003. "Dating and publication of the Encyclopédie Méthodique (1782-1832) with special reference to the parts of the Histoire Naturelle and details on the Histoire Naturelle des Insectes". Zootaxa 168:1-48 Evenhuis's results differ only slightly from those of Sherborn and Woodward. Evenhuis includes pl.240 in livr.40, while Sherborn and Woodward stop at pl.239. Evenhuis dates livr.89 to 6 January 1821 instead of "1820". Additionally Evenhuis provides exact dates of publication for the livraisons; these are included above in brackets.
Tabl.Ois. Discours de l'ouverture et de cloture du cours d'Histoire Naturelle donne dans le Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, l'an VII de la Republique, et Tableaux methodiques des Mammiferes et des Oiseaux. Lacepede, B.G.E.de La V., Count Paris An VII [1799]
TablePlanchesEnlum. Table des Planches Enluminéez d'Histoire Naturelle de M. D'Aubenton. Boddaert, Pietr 1783 Utrecht folio also as Tableau des Planches Enluminees d'Histoire naturelle de M. Daubenton, avec les denominations de MM. de Buffon, &c. Utrecht, 1783.
TabulaAffin.Anim. Tabula affinitatum animalium olim academico specimine edita, nunc uberiore commentario illustrata cum annotationibus ad historiam naturalem animalium augendam facientibus Hermann, Johann [1738-1800] 1783 4to p.2+370 Argentorati = Strasbourg
Tageb.Dtsch.Naturf.AertzeWiesbaden Tagebl. Dtsch. Naturforsch. Aertze, Weisbaden, Beilage no.7 [AOU] Tageblatt [29]. Versammlung Deutscher Naturforscher Aertze, Wiesbaden, Beilage [Peters] Amtlicher Bericht Versamml. Gesellsch. deutscher Naturforscher etc. [Wiesbaden] [[ p.188 for O. tethys !! ]] [CWR]
Tageb.ReiseNorwegen Tagebuch gehalten auf einer Riese durch Norwegen im Jahre 1817 ...Herausgegeben mit Anmmerkungen von H. Boie Boie, F. 1822 pp. viii,352 8vo Schleswig
TanagrarumCat.Specificus Tanagrarum catalogus specificus Sclater, Philip Lutley, 1829-1913. Publisher info: Basingstoke, 1854. Physical descrip: 16p. 8°. General Note: Privately printed.
Tasch.deutsch.Vog.[Meyer&Wolf] Taschenbuch der deutschen Vogelkund, oder kurze Beschreibung aller Vögel Deutschlands. Meyer, Berhard und Wolf, Johann 1810 2.vols 8vo pp.614 75 col.pl. Frankfurt-a/M Frankfurt-a/M 2.vols 8vo pp.614 75 col.pl. See: Zus.Ber.MeyersWolfsTasch.deutsch.Vog. Zusutze Bericht. zu Meyers und Wolfs Taschenbuch der deutschen Vogelkunde &c. 1822
Temminckia Temminckia. Leiden. Vols.1-10, 1936-1960
Termes.Fuzet. Természetrajzi Füzetek 1877 - 1902 Budapest. [CWR: Scops cypria T.F. XXIV pt.1-2 June 10, 1901 p.272] [CWR: Mimeta szalayi T.F. XXIV pt.1-2 June 10, 1901 p.76,80 author's ed. issued: Nov. 1, 1900.]
TerresAust.Antarct.Fr. Terres australes et antarctiques françaises. Paris, Documentation française. 69 no. ill. 24 cm. no. 1-68/69; oct. 1957-avril/sept. 1976. Issued by No. 1-4/5 issued by the Ministère de la France d'outre-mer; no. 6-8/9 by the Ministère délégué auprès du premier ministre; no. 10-17 by the Ministère d'État chargé du Sahara, des départements et territoires d'outre-mer; no. 18-58/59 by the Ministère d'État chargé des départements et territoires d'outre-mer; and no. 60/61-68/69 by the Secrétariat d'État aux départements et territoires d'outre-mer.
ThaiNatl.Sci.PapersFaun.Ser. Thai National Scientific Papers, Faunal Series
ThesaurusOrn. Thesuarus ornithologiae. Repertorium der gesammten ornithologischen Literatur und Nomenclator sa:mmtlicher Gattungen und arten der Vo:gel nebst Synonymen und geographischer Verbeitung. Giebel, Christoph Gottfried Andreas [1820-81] 1872-7 3 Vols. 8vo Leipzig. vol.1 1872 vol.2 1875 vol.3 1877
ThroughNewNewGuinea[Webster] Through New-Guinea and the cannibal countries. Webster, Herbert Cayley 1898 pp.xvii,387: 58 pls 8vo London Appendix contains: I. On the Birds collected ... in the Papuan Islands. E. Hartert. II. Birds of Paradise collected, &c. W. Rothschild III. List of new Lepidoptera discovered, &c. IV. Some new Coleoptera discovered, &c.
Tierreich Das Tierreich. Eine Zusammenstellung und Kennaichnung der rezenten Tierformen. Herausgegeben vin der Deutsche Zoologischen Gesellschaft. Leipzig Berlin 1 1896 -> [[ADD 2010.10.26 [1 Liefrung Ausgegeben im 1897 (rec'd SI Jan 11 1902)] (publ. before Mar 31 -- see BBOC VI p.xxxv) [15 Liefrung Ausgegeben im Marz 1901 (rec'd SI Jan 11 1902)] [18 Liefrung Ausgegeben im Marz 1903 (rec'd SI Jun 03 1903)] [76 Sept 1960 (rec'd SI Apr 12 1963)] ADD 2010.10.26]] [Note: several other Das Thierreich entities]
Tijdschr.Nat.Gesch.Phys. Tijdschrift Voor Natuurlijke Geschiedenis en Physiologie. Amsterdam; Leiden. 1-12 1834-45
  • It appears that vol.II with an imprint date of 1835, was actually availble in 1836 ref. Richmond CW. 1926. "Note on Myiothera loricata S. Müller." Proc.Biol.Soc.Wash. 39:141. This short note by Richmond does not discuss the date of this volume, but simply reads (in full)
    	 Myiothera loricata S. Müller (Tijdschrift Nat. Geischiedenis Physilogie,
    	II, "1835" 1836, p. 348, pl. ix, fig. 5), for the timaline species known as
    	Turdinus loricatus, is preoccupied by Myiothera loricata Lichtenstein (Verz.
    	Doubletten, 1823, p.44), for a Brazilian species of the family Formicariidae.
    	Turdinus loricatus (S. Müller) will therefore require a new name, for which
    	Turdinus marmoratus R. G. W. Ramsay (Proc. Zool. Soc. London, 1880,
    	p.15) seems available.
    							--Charles W. Richmond.
    There is no additional discussion of the date.
  • In further support of the 1836 dating, the card for Psilopogon in the Richmond Index, has pencilled notes, added subsequently in Richmond's hand that this name, in part 3 was not published until 1836. Psilopogon Card

  • Tori Tori Nihon Torigaku Kwai [Tori, The Aves] Bulletin of the Ornithological Society of Japan
    TowerKarst. Tower Karst.
    TraitedOrn. Traite d'Ornithologie Lesson, R.P. 1830-1831 8vo Paris Evidently much uncertainty remains concerning the publications dates of the different livraisons of this work. The uncertainty seems focused on livr.5 and livr.6. I find most citations for livr.5 as 1830, except for GENUS Merulaxis, and species Merulaxis ater, which occur ar the end to livr.5. These are given as 1831. Richmond says in livr.5, under M. ater, that Lesson cites Centurie Zoologique pl.30 as the original citation for Merulaxis. The publication date of that plate { Centurie Zoologique livr.IV p.88 pl. 30 } is given as 1831. This suggests that portions (at least) of livr.5 of the current work were published in 1831. [ I interpreted the break to be between p.392 (1830) and p.397 (1831)] Mathews (Birds of Australia, Bibliography p.80) gives dates by Bibl. de France: Livr. 1 pp.1-80 Fb 13, 1830 livr. 2 pp.81-160 30 pl. My 08, 1830 livr. 3 pp.161-240 15 pl. Jy 10, 1830 livr. 4 pp.241-320 15 pl. Sp 25, 1830 livr. 5 pp.321-400 15 pl. De 01, 1830 "about" livr. 6 pp.401-480 15 pl. Fe 01, 1831 "about" livr. 7 pp.481-560 15 pl. Ap 09, 1831 livr. 8 pp.561-end 15 pl. Jn 11, 1831 This would appear to place all of livr.5 in 1830. Murray Bruce has studied this matter, and provides considerable additional understanding. I include a copy of the portion of his communication detailing this (rec'd 2002.03.15):
    Spreadsheet in progress


    TraitedOrn.[Daudin] Traite elementaire et complet d'Ornithologie, ou Histoire Naturelle des Oiseaux. Daudin, F.M. 1800 4to 1-474 Paris
    Trans.ChicagoAcad.Sci. Transactions of the Chicago Academy of Sciences 1867-70 v1-2 pt1
    Trans.Linn.Soc.London Transactions of the Linnean Society of London Series 1 1791-1875 Series 2 (1875-) 1879-> The most useful reference here is: Raphael S. 1970. "The publication dates of the Transactions of the Linnean Society of London, Series I, 1791-1875." Biol.J.Linn.Soc., 2 pp.61-76. Thanks to Edward Dickinson for bringing this to my attention and providing me with a a copy. Browning and Monroe state p.395. "No Transactions were printed in 1826; part 1 of volume 15 was not published until Feb. of 1827." Spreadsheet summarizing publication dates Note spelling: "Linnean" not "Linnaean" [Note that Peters 1:332 appears to make a bit of muddle of the citation for Astur pulchellus (now Accipiter novaehollandiae pulchellus). Peters attributes this to "Journ. Linn. Soc. London 16 p.131" and gives the date as 1881. CWR gives Trans. Linn. Soc. (London) Zool. vol.16 no.90 Jan. 26, 1882, p.131. CWR indicates that this is a new name for "Astur soloensis Ramsay (nec Latham), P.L.S.of N.S.W. iv. pt.1 p.66" [for which I have not found a separate card in the cardex]. A somewhat complicated relation exists among the "Proceedings" the "Transactions", and the "Journal of the Proceedings" and I can not completely rule out the possibility of the Peters citation having some validity, but by far the greatest likelihood is that the Richmond Cardex is correct.]
    Trans.N.Z.Inst. Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand Transactions of the New Zealand Institute. Transactions and Proceedings of the New Zealand Institute. 1, 1868 -> Wellington Richmond's notes on this indicate:
    1. Vol. I, 1869. In the orig ed. the several "Essays", including Buller's "Essay on the Ornithology of New Zealand", are separately paged. In the 2d ed. of vol. I these Essays are paged consecutively.
    2. The date of each vol. is on the title p.!

    Trans.Philos.Soc.Queensland Transactions of the Philosophical society of Queensland v1-3, 1859 1872-78 82 Brisbane
    Trans.Proc.R.Soc.N.Z. Transactions and proceedings of the Royal Society of New Zealand. Publisher Dunedin, N.Z. : Otago Daily Times and Witness Newspapers Co., 1934-1952. Description 15 v. : ill. ; 25 cm. Frequency Quarterly. Coverage Vol.64, pt.1 (May 1934)-v. 79, pts.3 & 4 (Mar. 1952) Note: Imprint varies: Wellington, N.Z. : The Society, -Mar. 1952. Vols. 64-79 called "quarterly issue."
    Trans.R.Soc.S.Austr. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia.
    Trans.SanDiegoSoc.Nat.Hist. Transactions of the San Diego Society of Natural History
    Trans.Zool.Soc.London Transactions of the Zoological Society of London 1, 1835 -> London
    TravauxSoc.Imp.Nat.Petrograd Travaux Soc. Imp. Nat. Petrograd Trudy Imperatorskago petrogradskago obshchestva estestvoispytatelei = Travaux de la Société impériale des naturalistes de Pétrograd. Petrograd 1914 1916 3 v. : ill. ; 25 cm. T. 44, vyp. 2-t. 46, vyp. 1. NOTES: Each "vyp." devoted to a particular section of the Society and called: Otdielenie zoologii i fiziologii, and: Otdielenie botaniki; in addition, one "vyp." each year is devoted to the Society's meetings and called: "Protokoly zasiedanii". Publisher varies. ALT TITLE: Trudy Imperatorskogo petrogradskogo obshchestva estestvoispytatelei Travaux de la Société impériale des naturalistes de Pétrograd Trudy Imperatorskago S.-Peterburgskago obshchestva estestvoispytatelei (DLC)sn 96021678 (OCoLC)35841155 Trudy Petrogradskago obshchestva estestvoispytatelei (DLC)sn 96021685 (OCoLC)35841231 OTHER: Imperatorskoe petrogradskoe obshchestvo estestvoispytatelei.
    Trav.N.Am.[Kalm] Travels into North America: containing its natural history, and a circumstantial account of its plantations and agriculture in general, with the civil, ecclesiastical and commercial state of the country, the manners of the inhabitants, and several curious and important remarks on various subjects. Kalm, Pehr Translated into English by J.R. Forster 1770-71 3 vols.
    Trav.N.Z.[Dieffenbach] Travels in New Zealand; with contributions to the geography, geology,botany, and natural history of that country. Dieffenbach, Ernst [1811-55] 2 vols. 8vo London Birds described by G.R. Gray
    Trav.S.Afr. Travels in the Interior of Southern Africa Burchell, William John 1822-24 2 vol. 4to London
    Treubia Treubia;Recueil de Travaux Zoologiques, Hydrobiologiques et Oceanographiques. Batavia. The volume/date structure of this periodical appears confusing to me. The volumes certainly appear to extend across more than one year, and the sequence of volume numbers does not seem to follow the expected chronological order. Additionally there is inconsistency with regards to the "parts" which appear sometimes to be called Livr. and othertimes Afl. My listings so far include: Vol. Year. 10 1928 Livr.2-3 Aug. 1928 7 (suppl.) 1930 16 1937,1938 Afl.2 Dec. 1937 Afl.3 Aug. 1938 17 1939,1940 18 (suppl.) 1941 ? Treubia : a journal on zoology and hydrobiology of the Indo-Australian archipelago. => BM(NH) Cat.
    Trochil.Enum. Trochilinarum enumeratio...Editio post ilam in cl. Cabanisi Diario Ornithologico oblatam secunda, &c Reichenbach 1855 pp. 12 8vo Liepzig 1855
    Trondh.Selsk.Skrift. Publication of: Kongeligt Norske Videnskabers-Selskab. Founded as: Trondhiemsket Selskab. [1759] Skrifter, &c. Deel I-V 8vo Kjobenhavn, 1761-74
    TrudyObsh.Est.Imp.Kazan.Univ. Trudy Obshestva Estest. Imp.Kazanskom Univ. [Trans. Soc. Nat. Hist. Univ. Kasan]
    TwoNewBirdsofParadise Two New Birds of Paradise Foerster, F. and Rothschild, Lionel Walter 1906 8vo pp.4 London
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