Zoological Citation Notes --G

Doryfera johannae guianensis Nomenclature Spelling 2016.06.04
Pelargopsis capensis gouldi Citation 2013.12.28
Aulacorhynchus griseigularis Nomenclature 2013.04.06
Premnornis guttuliger Nomenclature. 2011.10.16
Gallinula chloropus galeata Citation 2010.07.05
Trachylaemus purpuratus goffinii Citation 2010.03.20
Geranospiza Citation 2010.03.06
Ptilinopus greyi Nomenclature 2010.01.16
Turdus rubrocanus gouldii Nomenclature 2009.11.21; 2009.11.22
Gymnoris Citation 2009.10.24
Amazilia cyanura guatemalae Nomenclature 2009.07.30
Myrmotherula guttata Citation 2009.07.17
Mimus gilvus gracilis Citation 2009.06.07
Alcippe grotei Systematics 2009.03.10; 2009.05.03
Graminicola Systematics 2009.03.07
Garrulax gularis Systematics 2009.02.26
Stachyris ruficeps goodsoni Citation 2009.02.15
Accipiter griseiceps Nomenclature 2009.01.10
Dendroica petechiae gundlachi Nomenclature 2008.09.02
Anthreptes malacensis griseigularis Nomenclature 2008.07.13; 2010.12.01
Ceropsis semirufa gordoni Citation 2008.07.06; 2009.11.22
Cyanocorax yncas glaucescens Type Locality 2008.05.01
Monarcha cinerascens geelvinkianus 1884 2008.04.06
Dicrurus hottentottus guillemardi Citation 2008.03.08
Amaurolimnas concolor guatemalensis Nomenclature 2008.01.08; 2008.01.10
Pachycephala grisola Concept 2007.12.09
Coccycua minuta gracilis Nomenclature 2007.09.08
Gallirallus Citation 2007.07.31
Buteogallus gundlachii Systematics 2007.07.24
Myrmotherula simplex guaiquinimae Nomenclature 2007.07.01
Lagopus muta gerasimovi Systematics 2007.06.21
Saltator albicollis guadelupensis Nomenclature 2007.06.16
Euphonia hirundinacea gnatho Citation 2007.05.28
Lampropsar tanagrinus guianensis Citation 2006.11.03
Thamnophilus caerulescens gilvigaster Citation 2006.09.09
Rupornis magnirostris griseocauda Citation 2006.03.25; 2007.12.08
Gelochelidon Systematics 2006.01.07
Gelochelidon nilotica gronvoldi Nomenclature 2006.01.07; 2006.01.21
Dendroica graciae Nomenclature 2005.11.21
Gliciphila Nomenclature 2005.11.05
Cacatua goffiniana Nomenclature 2005.11.04; 2010.01.03
Lichenostomus flavescens germanus Citation 2005.10.01
Ortalis garrula Citation 2005.08.28; 2005.11.13
Ptilinopus viridis geelvinkinaus Nomenclature 2005.05.03
Ptilinopus coronulatus geminus Citation 2005.04.24
Ptilinopus ornatus gestroi Citation 2005.04.23
Reinwardtoena reinwardtii griseotincta Nomenclature 2005.01.30
Elaenia albiceps griseigularis 1859 2004.10.17
Gypaetus Nomenclature 2004.10.17; 2005.08.06
Tityra semifasciata griseiceps Citation 2004.10.02
Dendrocopos moluccensis gymnopthalmus Nomenclature 2004.04.01; 2008.12.04
Gecinulus grantia Author 2008.09.02
Micrastur ruficollis guerilla Nomenclature date 2006.07.20
Campylopterus duidae guaiquinimae Spelling 2004.02.09 (RMR); 2004.02.25
Dendropicos elliotii gabela Nomenclature 2004.10.24
Zenaida galapagoensis Citation 2004.01.16
Aulacorhynchus prasinus griseogularis Citation 2004.01.01
Anser albifrons gambelli Spelling 2003.10.10; 2010.02.02
Tyto alba guatemalae 1874 2003.08.10; 2003.09.18
Anas bahamensis galapagensis 1890 2003.08.08
Megapodius cumingii gilberti Citation 2003.05.18
Dendrocopos griseocephalus Systematics 2003.04.06
Vultur gryphus Citation 2003.04.05; 2003.04.18
Stachyris grammiceps 2003.03.07
Gorsachius Citation 2002.11.27
Hemithraupus guira Citation 2002.11.21
Polytmus guianumbi Concept 2002.11.16
Malurus grayi Concept 2002.08.17
Muscisaxicola grisea Concept 2002.08.16
Scytalopus griseicollis
  • Treated as a subspecies by Peters 7:286.
  • Elevated to species level by Krabbe and Schulenberg Remsen, 1998

  • Gallicrex 1852
    Gallinago author
    Attagis gayi 1831
    Coua gigas Citation
    Melitograis gilolensis 1850
    Eriocnemis godini Citation
    Ardea goliath Citation ....;2004.07.08
    Fregatta grallaria 1818

    Burhinus grallarius

    Not used by Peters Checklist 2:297.

    Myrmotherula grisea 1936
    Grus author
    Guaruba guarouba Citation ....;2005.01.30

    Hellmayrea gularis Citation

    Peters Checklist 7:93 has "p.390"; I follow {Richmond, et al. 1992} using p.290.

    Chordeiles gundlachii 1857 Chordeiles texana 1857 2013.12.28

    Aerodramus germanus 1876

    This citation, from the Richmond Index, antedates that given by Peters Checklist 4:223. A note on Richmond's card says 'Sig. marked "Extrait de l'Institut, 1876"; prob first publ. there.'

    Galloperdix 1845

    Peters Checklist 2:106 lists this as 1844. Vol. 13 pt.2 (II) shows a printed date of 1844. Richmond, et al. 1992 indicate that this number contains notes from the Dec. 17 meeting and may have not been published until 1845.
    My collation of citations from this Journal suggests 1845 appears likely, though uncertainty remains.

    Sula granti

    Treated as a subspecies in Peters Checklist 1:185.
    For treatment as a full species see Pittman RL, Jehl JL Jr., 1998. The Wilson Bulletin 110(2):155-170.

    Campylorhynchus gularis 1861

    Peters Checklist 9:380 has 1860. This protion of the PZS was published in 1861.

    Campylorhynchus griseus 1838

    Peters Checklist 9:382 has 1837, but see {Browning and Monroe, 1991}. The AOU Checklist 7th ed. p.472 has a note refering C. griseus in the entry for C. chiapensis and erroneously uses the date 1837.

    Thryothorus genibarbus 1838

    Peters Checklist 9:402 has 1837, but see {Browning and Monroe, 1991}.

    Glaucidium gnoma

    Considered by Robbins and Styles Auk 116 p.313, 1999 to be part of a superspecies with G. nubicola,costaricanum, and gnoma.

    Guarouba Systematics

    Hemitriccus grisepectus

    Cohn-Haft et al. (1997), Orn. Monogr. 48: 205-235 gave reasons for splitting Hemitriccus griseipectus from H. zosterops.

    Platylophus galericulatus 1816

    Peters Checklist 15:205 has 1817. See {Browning and Monroe, 1991}.

    Gymnoglaux Systematics

    Used by Peters Checklist vol.4 p.146.
    Not used by Sibley & Monroe.
    Used by HBW vol.5 p.182 "separated from [Otus nudipes] at generic level by very different morphology and vocal patterns."

    Otus guatamalae Systematics
    Micropsitta geelvinkiana Date
    Phaethornis guy Date ....; 2004.06.15
    Treron griseicauda Citation ....; 2005.04.17
    Grus Citation 2002.11.22; 2005.09.08; 2008.08.16

    Zimmerius gracilipes 1868

    Peters Checklist 8:10 lists 1867 as the date.
    This protion of PZS (for 1867) was published in 1868 (fide CWR).

    Phyllomyias griseocapilla 1862

    Peters Checklist 8:6 lists the date as 1861. As verified in the Richmond Index, this was published Feb. 1, 1862.

    Prionops gabela Spelling ....;2006.04.08

    Podiceps grisgena Concept

    Often a form is separated as a full species:

    Normand David's note regarding this issue reads:

    "A case has been made for placing Colymbus major Boddaert, 1783 (= Podiceps major) in the newly established monotypic genus Podicephorus Bochenski, 1994.

    Bochenski, Z. B. 1994. The comparative osteology of grebes (Aves: Podicipediformes) and its systematic implications. Acta zool. cracov. 37 (1): 191-346.

    The summary reads: "...a revision of the genus Podiceps is proposed, to the effect that 1) the species "Podiceps" major is placed in a new monotypic genus Podicephorus, and 2) Podiceps grisegena grisegena and P. g. holboellii are restored to their species status".

    So it appears on the basis of osteological evidence this is elevated to full species status.

    Note however, that the AOU CL 7th ed. notes (p.8) that Storer 1996 Auk 113: 974-975 in a review argues against this split. Bochenski argued for separation based on his not finding sexual dimorphism in the Old world form of P. grisgena. It appears that Bochenski's data were not representative, obtained from birds far from the breeding grounds. Storer indicates that sexual dimorphism is found in grebes whenever sufficient material is available.

    In his review he includes raw data, provided by Jon Fjeldsa for European forms of P. grisgena that appear to strongly support the idea that sexual dimorphism (felt by Bochenski to be absent) is present.

    Storer in his review lists data (below) from Jon Fjeldsa for culmen measurements of European P. grisgena obtained on the breeding gounds (contra the data that Bochenski used, which was many regions, and often not on the breeding grounds.

    The data as presented by Storer are:

    Culmen measurements (as presented by Storer):

    Kazakhstan & Obj lowlands W. Siberia:
    F: 35.1 35.8 36.1 36.2 37.2
    M: 40.2 41.6 41.6 43.5
    F: 31.5 33.3 35.0 35.0 35.9 36.0 36.1 36.4 36.8 36.8 36.8 37.1 37.2 38.2 38.5 38.6
    M: 38.0 38.0 39.0 39.2 39.5 40.0 40.2 40.2 40.3 40.6 41.5 42.0 42.1 43.2
    Arkhangelsk and Kola:
    F: 38.1 40.1 40.1 40.3
    M: 40.2 41.5 41.6 43.2 44.2

    These raw data are convincing, and even more convincing is a boxplot of the data, partitioned by gender.

    These boxplots include a "notch" that includes the 95% confidance interval for the median (median location is indicated by the dot).

    These specimens are clearly sexually dimorphic with regard to culmen length.

    Aquila gurneyi Date
    Myiagra galeata Date
    Diglossa gloriosa Date
    Hemispingus goeringi Date
    Goraschius goisagi Date
    Pityriasis gymnocephala Date
    Cereopsis grisea Concept
    A confusing situation here.

    Guaruba Spelling ....; 2005.01.30
    Uraeginthus granatinus Spelling
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