Zoological Citation Notes --H

Pogoniulus coryphaeus hildamariae Citation 2010.12.04
Harpactes erythrocephalus hainanus Citation 2010.06.21
Petrochelidon pyrrhonota hypopolia Nomenclature 2010.06.19
Poospiza hypocondria Nomenclature 2010.05.05
Ficedula hyperythra Citation 2010.04.19
Nystactes tamatia hypnaleus Nomenclature 2010.01.30
Ploceus hypoxanthus hymenaicus Nomenclature 2010.01.22
Erythrura hyperythra Citation 2009.12.13
Spermophaga haematina Citation 2009.12.11
Spermophaga haematina Nomenclature 2009.11.21; 2009.12.11
Montifringilla henrici Citation 2009.10.25
Pogonocichla stellata helleri Citation 2009.09.23
Luscinia megarhynchos hafizi Nomenclature 2009.08.09
Perdix hodgsoniae Citation 2009.06.19
Mimus gundlachii hillii Citation 2009.06.08
Garrulax glandarius hibernicus Citation 2009.05.24
Campylorhynchus rufinucha humilis Citation 2009.04.22
Yuhina humilis Systematics 2009.03.13
Turdoides huttoni Systematics 2009.02.22
Ptyrticus turdinus harterti Citation Author 2009.01.31; 2009.02.06
Eupodotis humilis Citation 2009.01.10
Hemixos flavala hildebrandi Spelling 2008.12.28
Cettia haddeni Concept 2008.12.23; 2009.01.03
Periparus ater hibernicus Citation 2008.12.17
Dendroica nigrescens halseii Citation 2008.11.29
Orthotomus heterolaeums Systematics 2008.10.25
Brachypteryx hyperythra Nomenclature 2008.10.25; 2010.02.23
Eremopterix signatus harrisoni Citation 2008.08.21
Helicolestes Systematics 2008.08.02
Dendrocitta formosae himalayana Nomenclature 2008.05.17
Clytorhynchus vitiensis heinei Citation 2008.04.03
Parotia helenae Citation 2008.03.29 (RMR)
Phonygammus keraudrenii hunsteini Nomenclature 2008.03.29 (RMR)
Apteryx haasti Nomenclature Citation 2007.07.16; 2009.03.10
Chloroceryle americana hachisukai Nomenclature 2007.07.04
Euphonia minuta humilis Citation 2007.06.04
Tanagra cuanicollis hannahiae Citation 2007.05.05
Pyrrhura molinae hypoxantha Nomenclature 2007.05.02
Uragus sibiricus henrici Citation 2007.04.05;2007.04.06
Leucosticte brandti haematopygia Citation 2007.04.02
Carduelis spinoides heinrichi Citation 2007.03.24; 2007.03.25
Sporophila corvina hicksii Nomenclature 2007.02.10
Sporophila hoffmanni Nomenclature 2007.02.10
Hypocnemis Systematics 2007.02.08
Emberiza cia hordei Concept 2006.12.15
Hedydipna Nomenclature 2006.10.08; 2006.12.25
Certhia hodgsoni Citation 2006.08.09
Podiceps grisgena holbollii Citation 2006.04.24
Podiceps grisgena holbollii Nomenclature (spelling) 2006.04.24; 2006.04.29; 2008.03.21; 2009.05.29
Pelagodroma marinus hypoleuca Citation 2006.04.13
Hamirostra Citation 2006.02.20
Hymenops Concept 2006.01.26
Phylidonyris pyrrhoptera halmaturina Nomenclature 2005.10.20
Notharchus macrorhynchos hyperrhynchus Nomenclature 2005.05.21
Ptilinopus iozonus humeralis Nomenclature 2005.05.04
Ptilinopus huttoni Citation 2005.04.25
Ptilinopus coronulatus huonenesis Citation 2005.04.25
Ptilinopus porphyraceus hernsheimi Nomenclature 2005.04.23;2004.04.28
Caprimulgus parvulus heterurus Systematics 2005.03.05
Gallicolumba rufigula helviventris Citation 2005.03.06
Dendrocopus moluccensis hardwickii Citation 2004.12.19
Empidonax hammondii Type Locality 2004.11.28
Northiella haematogaster haematorrhous Citation 2004.11.29
Habroptila & H. wallacii Citation 2004.08.26
Branta hutchinsii Concept 2004.07.27
Alcedo atthis hispidoides Citation 2004.05.06
Larus hartlaubii Citation 2004.04.24; 2010.01.03
Larus hemprichii Nomenclature 2004.04.24; 2004.12.24
Glaucidium hardyi Citation 2004.04.03
Dendrocopos major hispanus Citation 2004.02.01;2004.07.20
Eutoxeres aquila heterurus Citation 2004.01.08 (RMR); 2004.02.25 (APP)
Campethera tulbergi hasuburgi Nomenclature 2004.01.22; 2004.03.14
Megalaima lineata hodgsoni Nomenclature 2004.01.08
Asthenes modesta hilereti Nomenclature 2003.12.04
Crossoptilon harmani Concept 2003.10.26
Lagopus muta helvettica Citation 2003.06.07
Crypturellus obsoletus hypnochraceus Nomenclature 2003.05.12; 2003.09.11; 2004.10.28
Andigenia hypoglauca Concept 2003.05.03
Myiophonus horsfieldii Concept 2002.03.27
Ficedula hypoleuca Concept 2002.11.16
Aquila hastata Date Systematics ....; 2006.10.08
Hemicacronyx Concept. 2002.10.16
Hedydipna Nomenclature. 2002.09.13
Stachyris hypogrammica Date ....;2005.11.23; 2007.12.19
Hierococcyx hyperythrus Systematics 2002.08.02
Childonias hybrida Spelling 2002.07.11

Ptilonopus hyogastrus Spelling


Peters Checklist 1:226 gives a different title for the source. I follow Browning and Monroe, 1991

Pomatostomus halli

Not in Peters Checklist Vol.10.

Chloropsis hardwickii spelling

Glaucidium hardyi

Not in Peters Checklist Vol.4.

Pternistis hartlaubi Citation date

Lophura hatinhensis

Not in Peters Checklist Vol.2.

Zoothera heinei 1850

Peters Checklist 10:158 has 1851. See {Browning and Monroe, 1991}.

Coeligena helianthea 1839

Peters Checklist 5:101 has 1838. {Richmond, et al. 1992} says "publ. 1839".

Campylopterus hemileucurus Author

See Deppe

Chalcostigma heteropogon 1840

Peters Checklist 5:122 has 1839. {Richmond, et al. 1992} says "publ. 1840". Boissonneau is misspelled in Peters Checklist here.


Not in Peters Checklist Vol.8.

Dendrocopos himalayensis 1831

Lichenostomus hindwoodi

Not in Peters Checklist Vol.12.

Drepanoptila holosericea 1869

Peters Checklist 3:41 lists 1810, but see {Browning and Monroe, 1991}.

Vireo huttoni Citation

Hymenops Citation

I am uncertain about this name and citation, I do not find it in {Richmond, et al. 1992}, Sherborn, or Naeve.

Cranioleuca henricae

Not in Peters Checklist Vol.7.

Ficedula hodgsonii 1870

Peters Checklist 11:340 has 1871. There is uncertainty regarding the dates of publication of vol.6 (and others) of this serial. I follow the Richmond Index here, though can not rule out 1871.

Culicicapa helianthea Citation

Namibornis herero 1932

Henicorhina leucoptera

Not in Peters Checklist Vol.9.

Psalidoprocne holomelas

Andropadus hallae

Not in Peters Checklist Vol.9.

Phylloscopus hainanus

Not in Peters Checklist, Sibley and Monroe, or Sibley and Monroe supplement.

Poecile hudsonica spelling .....;2011.05.30

Dicaeum hirundinaceum Author

Pterodroma heraldica

Anas hottentata Citation

Thanks to Colin Jones for bringing this to my attention.

Leucippus hypostictus Systematics

Previously as:

  • Taphrospilus Simon 1910 Rev.Franc.Orn. 1 p.261
    Karl Schuchmann's student A.A. Weller at Institut und Museum Konig in Bonn. has been working in this area. He states in HBW 5:593 that "morphology, behaviour, and biogeography" argue for inclusion in Leucippus.

    Otus hoyi Systematics

    Held by HBW 5:180 to be a full species. There the authors are listed as Konig and Stranek, 1989.

    In support of the species status, Rolf de By gives the citation: Heidrich P, Konig C & Wink M. Molecular phylogeny of South American Screech Owls of the Otus atricapillus complex (Aves: Strigidae) inferred from nucleotide sequences of the mitochondrial cytochrome b gene Zeitschrift fur Naturforschung, Section C, Biosciences 50, 3-4 (1995): 294-302

    Glaucidium hoskinsii Systematics

    Formerly treated as a race of G. gnoma (as it was described by Brewster), but recently separeted on the basis of vocalizations.

    Gallicolumba hoedtii 1871

    HBW 4:186 gives the date for this citation as 1873.
    The date is 1871, see entry at Nederl.Tijdschr.Dierk.

    Podiceps holboellii systematics

    Thanks to Normand David for bringing this to my attention. His note reads:

    "A case has been made for placing Colymbus major Boddaert, 1783 (= Podiceps major) in the newly established monotypic genus Podicephorus Bochenski, 1994.

    Bochenski, Z. B. 1994. The comparative osteology of grebes (Aves: Podicipediformes) and its systematic implications. Acta zool. cracov. 37 (1): 191-346.

    The summary reads: "...a revision of the genus Podiceps is proposed, to the effect that 1) the species "Podiceps" major is placed in a new monotypic genus Podicephorus, and 2) Podiceps grisegena grisegena and P. g. holboellii are restored to their species status".

    So it appears on the basis of osteological evidence this is elevated to full species status.

    Note however, that the AOU CL 7th ed. notes (p.8) that Storer 1996 Auk 113: 974-975 in a review argues against this split.

    Pteronetta hartlaubii 1860
    Cuculus horsfieldi 1858
    Cuculus horsfieldi Systematics
    Ninox hypogramma Systematics Systematics uncertain. Thanks to Normand David for bringing this to my attention.
    Hyliota flavigastra Genus and species Citation
    Trichoglossus haematodus Concept / name 2002.10.24; 2006.09.04
    Catamenia homochroa 1859
    Dendrocincla homochroa Date
    Accipiter henicogrammus Date
    Ninox hypogramma Date
    Vireo hypochryseus Date
    Hemprich Standing as author
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