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Torgos tracheliotos Citation 2015.06.21
Thinornis Citation 2014.08.21
Amytornis textilis Nomenclature 2014.01.09
Sericornis humilis tregellasi Nomenclature 2011.04.02
Corvus torquatus Nomenclature 2011.03.21
Tinamus Nomenclature 2011.01.01
Icterus nigrogularis trinitatis Citation 2010.06.22
Asio otus tuftsi Citation 2010.03.27
Tribonyx and Tribonyx montierii Citation 2010.01.09
Ploceus taeniopterus Nomenclature 2009.12.12; 2009.12.13
Ploceus bicolor tephronotus Citation 2009.11.12
Copsychus malabaricus tricolor Citation 2009.08.21
Turdus grayi tamaulipensis Citation 2009.07.29
Trogon Systematics 2009.07.12
Yuhina everetti Systematics 2009.03.12
Gampsorhynchus torquatus Systematics 2009.03.05
Gampsorhynchus torquatus Citation 2009.03.05
Garrulax taewanus Systematics 2009.02.28
Garrulax treacheri Systematics 2009.02.28
Macronous gularis ticehursti Citation 2009.02.20
Thryothorus Wren Systematics 2009.01.13
Rhipidura rufiventris tangensis Nomenclature 2008.12.28
Dubusia taeniata Citation 2008.09.07
Galerida cristata tenuirostris Citation 2008.08.15
Aegithalos caudatus taiti Nomenclature 2008.07.22
Dicrurus remifer tectirostris Citation 2008.03.08
Colluricincla megarhyncha tappenbecki Citation 2008.02.15
Corvinella corvina togoensis Nomenclature 2007.12.29
Amazilia tobaci Citation 2007.12.04
Turnagra capensis tanagra Nomenclature 2007.10.07
Aegithina viridissima thapsina Citation 2007.09.08
Bubo bubo tarimensis Nomenclature 2007.07.31; 2007.08.01
Telespiza Nomenclature 2007.02.24
Ara tricolor Nomenclature 2007.02.24
Sittasomus griseicapillus transitivus Citation 2007.02.11
Tringa Systematics 2007.01.21
Accipiter trinotatus Nomenclature 2006.12.17; 2006.12.18
Phasianus colchicus talischensis Citation 2006.09.30
Thamnophilus nigrocinereus tschudii Citation 2006.09.07
Certhia himalayana taeniura Citation 2006.08.11; 2007.09.27
Falco biarmicus tanypterus Citation 2006.07.31; 2008.08.16; 2009.10.27
Tachybaptus ruficollis tricolor Citation date 2006.04.22
Fringilla teydea Citation 2006.04.09
Sporophila telasco Citation 2006.01.22; 2006.01.26
Ptilinopus coronulatus trigeminus Citation 2005.04.24
Ptilinopus mercierii tristrami Citation 2005.04.24
Troglodytes Nomenclature 2005.02.08
Streptopelia chinensis tigrina 1809 2005.01.28
Columba torringtonii Citation 2005.01.08; 2005.01.09; 2006.10.08; 2009.12.12
Carpodacus trifasciatus Citation 2004.12.17
Traite d'Orn. livr. 5 Date 2004.11.22
Tachuris Nomenclature 2004.11.14
Tachuris Citation 2004.11.08
Leptopogon superciliaris transandinus Date 2004.11.07
Gyps tenuirostris Nomenclature Concept 2004.10.09
Bubu bubo turcomanus Concept 2004.07.05
Talegella Nomenclature 2004.04.28
Tilmatura Citation 2004.03.11
Dendrocopos pubescens turati Citation 2004.02.04
Campethera tulbergi taeniolaema Nomenclature 2004.01.22; 2004.03.14
Porzana tabuensis Nomenclature
  • This name and the identity of this bird is discussed in detail by Lysaght. Lysaght A. 1956. "A note on the Polynesian Black or Sooty Rail Prozana nigra (Miller) 1784." BBOC 76(6):97-98. Briefly summarized here: ... ;2005.08.15
    Phasianus colchicus tarimensis Citation 2003.07.04
    Metallura tyrianthina Concept 2003.04.19
    Tropicranus Systematics 2003.04.06
    Pteroptochus tarnii Concept 2002.03.27
    Touit Nomenclature Gender 2002.10.26
    Trans.Linn.Soc. 1827
    Taoniscus 1842 ....;2004.07.21
    Telophorus 1832
    Zoothera terrestris 1830
    Polytmus theresiae Citation
    Trichoglossus Author Citation
    Turacoena Citation
    Laniarius turatii Citation
    Turtur tympanistria 1809
    Tadorna Citation
    Hydropsalis torquata
    Aegotheles tatei Systematics
    Seicercus tephrocephalus
    Threskiornis solitarius Generic/family/order placement
    Tumbezia Systematics
    TROGONIFORMES systematics
    Tauraco 1779
    Tauraco Citation 2003.02.09

    Glaucidium tucumanum Systematics

    Collocalia troglodytes Citation
    Cercomela tractrac description

    Spizella taverni Species or subspecies?

    The debate here is sharply drawn, and strongly presented on both sides.

    The debate and its implications are fascinating. The enthusiastic pursuit of the "species concept" is not over, despite numerous announcements of its resolution. My own personal view is unimportant. I think the "phylogenetic species concept" has more appearance of utility and testability than the "biological species concept" but I think it suffers from a difficulty that will be not less problematic than that bedeviling the biological species concept. Collection of enough data to resolve the full extent of variability of the population in question will be often impracticle.

    The idea of a species as a "narrative predictor" (which I believe is due to Robert O'Hara) is a good one to keep in mind. Both BSC and PSC discussions of S. taverni seem to me to include consideration of what will happen to the isolated allopatric population. While I tend to generally favor the Biological Species Concept, I think the attempt to acheive "taxonomic balance" is impossible on practical grounds. I also think that definition of population limits and what degrees and character of differences are sufficient to constitute a species will be a challenge for the Phylogenetic Species Concept. Some of the early characterizations of the Phylogenetic Species Concept seemed to me poorly thought out, and the defense predominantly by ad hominem attacks made it seem more religous than scientific.

    I leave Spizella taverni in at full species rank which would appear to suggest I more swayed by the PSC than the BSC position here. If this continues I am confidant it will be hard to keep up with the number (doubling at least) of species that will soon constitute the AVES.

    The PSC approach does seem more appropriate and tractable for addressing phylogeographic issues.

    Nothoprocta taczanowskii Citation
    Atlapetes tricolor Date
    Basileuturus trifasciatus Date
    Bambusicola thoracicus Nomenclature

    Most classical Latin nouns that end in the substantival suffix -cola [dweller] are masculine, but a few are feminine as well as masculine [e.g. monticola, limicola (Glare 1982)]. Thus, generic names that end in -cola and that happen to be classical Latin words of common or variable gender, or happen to be newly derived words, are not all mandatorily masculine contrary to what Clancey (1992: 221), Dowsett & Dowsett-Lemaire (1993: 359), and Sibley & Monroe (1990: 592) have concluded; they are feminine if originally established in combination with a feminine adjectival name (Godfrey 1965: Auk 82: 273). For example, Arundinicola d'Orbigny, 1840, originally established in combination with the latinized adjective leucocephala, is feminine and currently treated as such. Therefore:

    Bambusicola Gould, 1863, was first established in combination with the noun phrase sonorivox, and is thus masculine. [The name sonorivox, although ending in a feminine noun, is not an adjective; it is an invariable noun phrase like ruficauda]. And the correct combination is Bambusicola thoracicus.

    Todirhamphus Type ....;2004.03.12
    Puffinus tenuirostris Date
    Tangara Citation
    Todiramphus tutus Spelling
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