Laterallus spilonota Nomenclature 2014.08.02
Polyplectron schleiermacheri Citation. 2014.07.29
Lamprolia victoriae klinesmithi Nomenclature 2014.05.19
Pternistis squamatus schuetti Date 2014.04.03
Dryocopus schulzii Nomenclature. 2014.03.09; 2014.03.11; 2014.04.27; 2017.04.19; 2017.04.23
Amazilia saucerottei Nomenclature. 2013.03.11
Patagioenas cayennensis sylvestris Nomenclature. 2012.11.21
Ficedula sordida Nomenclature. 2011.10.23
Erythrura trichoa sigillifer Nomenclature. 2011.10.16
Calyptocichla Nomenclature. 2011.10.16
Tyrannus savana Citation 2011.02.20
Phylloscopus sibilatrix Nomenclature 2011.01.10
Foudia sechellarum Citation 2010.12.17
Strix aluco siberiae Citation 2010.10.29
Brachypteryx montana sinensis Citation 2010.10.01
Dicaeum ignipectus luzoniense Citation 2010.06.20
Oriolus szalayi Citation 2010.06.20
Pyroderus scutatus Citation 2010.05.02
Surniculus lugubris stewarti Citation 2010.02.19
Anthus nyassae schoutedeni Citation 2010.01.03; 2010.01.04; 2010.12.29
Lonchura punctulata subundulata Citation 2009.12.14
Lonchura striata swinhoei Citation 2009.12.14
Actinodura sodangorum Citation 2009.11.27
Ploceus baglafecht sharpii Citation 2009.10.30
Plocepasser mahali stentor Citation 2009.10.13
Dicaeum cruentatum sumatranum Citation 2009.10.11
Saxicola torquatus stonei Citation 2008.09.25
Cossypha semirufa Citation 2009.08.24
Catharus ustulatus swainsoni Nomenclature 2009.07.19
Catharus fuscescens salicicola Type Locality 2009.07.16
Myadestes genibarbis sibilans Citation 2009.07.01
Sitta neumayer syriaca Nomenclature 2009.06.04; 2009.07.13
Sitta europaea sinensis Nomenclature 2009.05.31
Cantorchilus nigricapillus schottii Citation 2009.05.07
Phaethornis longirostris susurrus Nomenclature 2009.04.17
Ortalis squamata Systematics 2009.04.02 Zosterops silvanus Systematics 2009.03.28
Zosterops strenuus Systematics 2009.03.28
Dating of Swann's Synoptical List of Accipitres. 2009.03.29
Zosterops splendidus Systematics 2009.03.23
Zosterops silvanus Systematics 2009.03.21
Upucerthia saturatior Systematics 2009.02.28
Accipiter melanochlamys schistacinus Citation 2009.01.30
Sylvia Systematics 2009.01.24
Sylvia sublapina Systematics 2009.01.23
Sylvia sublapina Systematics 2009.01.23
Sporophila Systematics 2009.01.20; 2009.05.06
Buteo anthracinus subtilis Systematics 2009.01.19
Turnix maculosus salomonis Nomenclature 2008.12.28
Poecile montanus stoetzneri Nomenclature 2008.12.28
Scepomycter Systematics 2008.12.27; 2009.12.01
Cettia cetti sericea Concept 2008.12.25
Criniger ochraceus sordidus Citation 2008.12.05
Eupodotis senegalensis Citation 2008.06.28
Pica pica serica Nomenclature 2008.05.17;2008.05.18
Hypothymis azurea styani Nomenclature 2008.03.27
Coracina papuensis subspecies Nomenclature
  • Both H&M 3rd:467,470 and Peters Checklist 9:180,194 (= Mayr& Greenway 1960) list the taxa:
    • Coracina papuensis intermedia Rothschild 1931 Novit.Zool. 36 p.267
    • Coracina melaschistos intermedia (Hume) 1877 Str.Feath. 5 p.205
  • Humes original combination was Volvocivora intermedia.
  • Thus, to comply with the ICZN rules of nomenclature, it would appear that a replacement name is needed for Rothschild's name.
  • Thanks to the helpful and sharp-eyed Theo de Kok for bringint this to my attention.
Sphecotheres Nomenclature 2008.01.25
Vireo gilvus swainsonii Nomenclature 2008.01.14
Coracina personatus sumbensis Citation 2007.09.08; 2009.09.19
Cracticus quoyi spaldingi Citation 2007.09.02; 2007.09.05; 2007.09.16
Anser serrirostris Systematics 2007.07.24
Pterodroma sandwichensis Systematics 2007.05.25
Piranga bidentata sanguinolenta Nomenclature 2007.05.23
Atlapetes latinuchus spodionotus Systematics 2007.04.16
Cinnyris sovimanga Nomenclature 2007.02.26
Bycanistes subcylindricus subquadratus Citation 2007.02.19
Oryzoborus funereus salvini Citation 2007.02.11
Aimophila ruficeps sororia Nomenclature 2007.01.20; 2007.01.21
Spizella Citation 2007.01.17
Megaceryle torquata stictipennis Citation 2007.01.05
Melospiza melodia sanaka Nomeclature 2006.12.25
Melospiza melodia saltonis Systematics 2006.12.25
Calcarius lapponicus subcalcaratus Nomenclature 2006.12.24
Lagopus lagopus sserebrowsky Nomenclature 2006.12.13
Phasianus colchicus septentrionalis Citation 2006.09.30
Thamnomanes saturinus Citation 2006.09.20
Thamnophilus schistaceus Citation
  • I am a little uneasy with the date of this citation.
  • Peters Checklist 7:171 (1951) dates this to 1837, citing Sherborn & Griffin. 1934. Ann.Mag.Nat.Hist.(10) 13:130-134. (not seen).
  • Sherborn dates this name to 1838 in the Index Animalium p.5791 (1930).
  • In the abscence of any other data, I follow the 1934 paper, and list this as 1837.
Thamnophilus sticturus Citation 2006.09.07
Sparkline following genus citation 2006.09.07; 2006.10.02; 2006.10.07
Acanthiza reguloides squamata Citation 2006.08.27
Pachyramphus polychopterus spixii 1838 2006.07.29
Cathartes aura septentrionalis Nomenclature 2006.07.15
Troglodytes sissonii Systematics 2006.04.14; 2009.05.23
Accipiter albogularis sharpei Citation 2006.03.12; 2006.02.14
Sternula Nomenclature 2006.01.15
Sterninae Systematics 2006.01.08
Calidris alpinus schinzii Citation 2005.12.30
Charadrius mongolus stegmanni Citation 2005.12.06
Lanius somalicus Author 2005.10.15
Syndactyla Systematics 2005.10.08
Lichenostomus versicolor sonoroides 1862 2005.09.30
Pardirallus sanguinolentus Nomenclature 2005.08.15
Rallus longirostris scottii Nomenclature 2005.07.05
Sayanoris saya Citation 2005.05.29
Ptilinopus viridis salvadorii Nomenclature 2005.05.01
Ptilinopus solomonensis speciosus Nomenclature 2005.05.01
Ptilinopus solomonensis Nomenclature 2005.05.01
Cuculus saturatus/lepidus/optatus Systematics 2005.05.01; 2006.04.21
Campephilus haematogaster splendens Nomenclature 2005.04.29
Ptilinopus subgularis Citation 2005.04.29
Myiobus atricaudus snethlagei Nomenclature 2005.04.24
Turdus smithi Systematics 2005.04.18
Turdus smithi 1850 2005.04.18
Micropygia schomburgkii Nomenclature
  • The author is listed by Peters Checklist 2:192 as Richard Schomburgk, and this is followed by HBW 3:151 and H&M 3rd:118.
  • The H&M 3rd Corrigenda 3.1 indicates the authority is Cabanis, though no rationale or supporting evidence is given.
  • The Richmond Index lists the author as Cabanis in Schomburgk, and I follow that authority here.
Thanks to Colin Jones for picking this up.


Sappho sparganura sapho Citation 2005.01.28
Motacilla samveasnae Spelling 2005.01.24
Pterodroma solandri Citation 2005.01.22
Agriornis montanus solitarius 1859
  • H&M 3rd:371 has the date as 1858, but corrects this to 1859 in Corrigenda 3.
  • 2004.12.26
    Chaetornis striata Citation 2004.12.19; 2010.09.18
    Anairetes agraphia squamiger Nomenclature 2004.12.17
    Perdicula argoondah salimalii Nomenclature 2004.11.19
    Tolmomyias flaviventris subsimilis Date 2004.11.18
    Myiophobus flavicans superciliosus Date 2004.11.07
    Camptostoma obsoletus sclateri 1884 2004.10.23
    Elaenia flavigaster semipagana Date 2004.10.17; 2005.11.28
    Pachyramphus polychopterus spixii Concept 2004.10.03
    Melanochlora sultanea Citation 2004.09.22
    Cyclopsitta gulielmitertii suavissima Citation 2004.09.18; 2004.10.17
    Forpus xanthopygius spengeli Nomenclature 2004.09.11
    Mitu salvini Citation
    • Described by Reinhardt in Mitua, which was an 1841 Strickland emendation of Lesson's 1831 Mitu.
    • ICZN (1999) 51.3.1 states "Parentheses are not used when the species-group name was originally combined with an incorrect spelling or an emendation of the generic name..."
    • Therefor under the current rules Reinhardt's authority should not be in parentheses, contra Peters Checklist 2:10, and H&M 3rd:39.
    • Thanks to Colin Jones for picking this up and pointing out the need for a correction.
    Anthus sylvanus Citation 2004.05.20
    Sephanoides sephanoides Nomenclature 2004.05.20; 2006.01.22
    Eubucco versicolor steerii Citation 2004.05.16
    Coracias spatulatus Citation 2004.04.22
    Sarcophanops Citation 2004.04.16
    Geoffroyus simplex Citation 2004.03.20
    Oreotrochilus chimborazo soederstroemi Nomenclature 2004.02.09 (RMR); 2005.01.28
    Chlorostilbon canivetii salvini Nomenclature 2004.02.09 (RMR)
    Dendrocopos leucotos stegengeri Nomenclature 2004.01.31
    Dendropicos caniceps scintillis Citation 20004.01.29
    Dendropicos fuscescens sharpii Nomenclature 2004.01.24
    Bubo scandiacus Systematics
  • Discussed in Ibis. 2004. 146:155. Proposal to include within Bubo based on molecular phylogenetic analysis (Wink & Heidrich, 1999,2000) and the lack of osteological evidence for separating Nyctea from Bubo. The
    "white plumage, small ear-tufts, dense plumage, short bill, eyes largely
    concealed by long and dense feathers, and feathered claws, can be explained as
    adaptations to arctic environments.."
  • 2004.01.23
    Lybius undatus salvadorii Nomenclature 2004.01.17
    Ammomanes cincturus Citation 2004.01.16
    Poliohierax semitorquatus Nomenclature 2004.01.13
    Simoxenops Citation 2003.12.26
    Threskiornis spinicillis Citation
    • The citation here is as given by the Peters Checklist 1(2):264.
    • I am uncertain if it is the correct citation, as the card in the Richmond Index gives "Ibis spinicollis Jameson 1835. L'Institute III, no.125, Sept. 30 1835, p.316". The Edinb.J. citation is not given.
    • I am not sure where I got the data about the Edinb.NewPhilos.J. being published before Oct.
    Nystalus maculatus substriata Citation 2003.11.01
    Nystalus maculatus striatipectus Citation 2003.10.31
    Asio flammeus sandwichensis Concept 2003.09.29
    Bubo bubo sibirica Nomenclature 2003.09.05; 2003.11.15
    Strix varia sartorii 1874 2003.09.01
    Tyto sororcula Nomenclature 2003.08.10
    Polyplectron chalcurum scutulatum Author 2003.07.04
    Sitta solangiae Citation 2003.06.22; 2004.02.27
    Perdicula argoondah salimali Citation 2003.06.22
    Tetraogallus himalayensis sewerzowi Citation 2003.06.09; 2004.02.25
    Tetrastes bonasia sibiricus Citation 2003.06.02; 2004.02.25
    Centropus superciliosus Systematics 2003.04.06
    Salpornis spilonotus Concept 2002.03.27
    Garrulax striatus Concept 2002.03.27
    Stephanoaetus Citation 2002.12.27
    Muscicapa striata Concept 2002.11.16
    Leptocoma sericea Spelling 2002.10.03
    Ficedula speculigera Concept 2002.08.17
    Colluricincla sanghirensis Concept
  • Peters Checklist 12:37 lists as a subspecies of C. megarhyncha.
  • Marek Kuziemko writes:
    " Colluricincla sanghirensis Oustalet 1881. Sangihe Shrike-Thrush. Formerly included in C. megarhyncha, see Rozendaal & Lambert (1999). Ref.: Rozendaal Frank G. & Lambert Frank R., 1999. "The taxonomic and conservation status of Pinarolestes sanghirensis, Oustalet 1881", Forktail 15: 1-13."

  • Scenopoeetes Concept and Nomenclature Nomenclature: 2002.10.11; 2005.11.21
    Chaetura spinicaudus Spelling 2002.07.14
    Cisticola subrificapilla Spelling 2002.07.14
    Notharcus swainsoni Concept 02.06.27
    Asthenes sclateri Thanks to Rolf de By for this understanding.

    Scytalopus sanctaemartae

    Scytalopus spillmanni
    Scytalopus simonsi


    Tyto soumagnei Authorship ....;2004.04.26
    Otus sagitatus 1849
    Aerodramus salangana
    Branta sandvicensis Citation ....; 2004.03.27
    Veniliornis sanguineus 1793
    Sclerurus scansor Citation
    Seleucidis 1834

    Corvus sinaloae

    Not treated as a valid species by Peters Checklist Vol.15 (see p.269).

    Selenidera spectabilis 1858 ....;2004.01.03

    Scytalopus speluncae Citation

    Peters Checklist 7:284 indicates Vol. 3 of Mem.Acad.Imp.Sci.St.Petersb., I follow {Richmond, et al. 1992} which indicates vol. 1 Livr.5.

    Gallinago stenura 1831 [ante1988];2010.01.03
    Simoxenops striatus 1936
    Telophorus sulfureopectus 1830
    Ptilinopus superbus 1809

    Turnix sylvatica 1789

    ....;2004.01.13; 2007.02.02

    Columbina talpacoti 1810

    Peters Checklist 3:109 lists 1811. See {Browning and Monroe, 1991}.

    Tauraco 1779

    Peters Checklist 4:3 has 1779, which I believe is correct. Often dated as 1797; this may result from a 1797 reprint of the original work. Sometimes dated as 1799 (e.g. {Richmond, et al. 1992}), though the basis for this is unclear.

    Actinodura sodangorum

    Not in Peters Checklist.


    Not used in Peters Checklist Vol.5. As Halcyon

    Galucidium sanchezi

    Not in Peters Checklist Vol.4.

    Gallinula silvestris

    Not in Peters Checklist Vol.2.

    Sturnella superciliaris 1850

    Peters Checklist 14:175 has 1851?. See {Browning & Monroe, 1991}.

    Cinclus schulzii SPELLING
    Ficedula superciliaris 1840

    Saxicola 1802

    Poeoptera stuhlmanni Citation

    Peters checklist vol.15 p.86 gives the volume as "11", evidently a typo for 1.

    Lamprotornis superbus Citation (prior to 1999); 2009.06.20; 2009.06.22
    Sarcops 1875 (prior to 1999); 2009.06.14

    Pseudochelidon sirintarae

    Not in Peters Checklist Vol.9.

    Hirundo striolata Citation

    Peters Checklist 9:117 gives Temminck & Schlegel 1847 in Siebold's Fauna japonica Aves p.33. I follow the citation given by the Richmond Index, which is 3 years prior.

    Phyllastrephus strepitans Citation

    Peters Checklist 9:265 lists vol. 1. This is from volume IV no.18, Sept. 15 of the Orn.Centralb.

    Seicercus soror


    The taxonomic placement of this taxon is tentative, and based on the information that it is evidently "related to Formicivora". The generic status is evidently conferred on the basis of peculiar syringeal morphology. The title of the paper in which the Genus is erected and the species described is: Um novo Formicariidae do Sul do Brasil (Aves, Passeriformes).

    I am thankful to Norbert Bahr for information regarding this matter.

    Loriculus sclateri

    Often treated as conspecific with L. amabilis. Treated as a full species by Collar in HBW. Vol.4.

    Thamnophilus stictocephalus Thanks to Norbert Bahr for bringing this to my attention.
    Thamnophilus sticturus Thanks to Norbert Bahr for bringing this to my attention.

    Myrmotherula snowi

    Thanks to Norbert Bahr for bringing this to my attention, and providing the details.
    Sarcophanops samarensis
    Seicercus Systematics Thanks very much to Per Alstrom for trying to keep me up to date on this interesting issue.
    Herpsilochmus sellowi
    Granatellus sallaei Citation
    Cursorius somalensis
    Arremon semitorquatus systematics ....;2007.02.19

    Certhilauda semitorquata systematics

    Based on morphologic, genetic and geographic data, Ryan and Bloomer have revised the Long-billed Lark complex and propose five species where there were held to be one. Ryan PR, Bloomer P. The Long-Billed Lark complex: A species mosaic in southwestern Africa. 1999. Auk 116(1):194-208.

    Certhilauda subcoronata systematics

    Based on morphologic, genetic and geographic data, Ryan and Bloomer have revised the Long-billed Lark complex and propose five species where there were held to be one. Ryan PR, Bloomer P. The Long-Billed Lark complex: A species mosaic in southwestern Africa. 1999. Auk 116(1):194-208.

    Stactolaema sowerbyi systematics

    Clancey PA, The taxonomy of the Stactolaema anchietae biogeographical unit of southern savanna woodland barbets. 1995. Honeyguide 41:131-135.

    Gallinago stricklandii Citation ...; {2005.12.11 --cont.}
    Tauraco schuettii spelling ( ); 2003.10.19

    Otus semitorques Systematics

    Peters checklist 4:98 lists as a subspecies of O. bakkamoena. HBW 5:158 holds it to ba a full species based on vocalization and eye color.

    Otus semitorques 1844

    Otus senegalensis Systematics

    Originally described in Scops HBW holds as a full species, separated from O. scops on the basis of plumage, vocalizations, and size.

    Otus sunia Systematics

    Originally described in Scops HBW holds as a full species, separated from O. scops and numerous other similar owls on the basis of vocalizations.

    Otus seductus Systematics
    Strix Systematics
    The following usually listed in Ciccaba:
    HBW 5:204 indicates that while previously, exteral ear structure was the basis for the genus Ciccaba, that DNA studies indicate these forms do not require generic separation.
    Ninox squamipila Systematics
    Stercorarius Systematics

    Chalcopsitta sintillata Spelling

    Peters Checklist 3:144 spells "C. sintillata".
    Sibley & Monroe p.108 spells "C. sintillata".
    HBW 4:341 spells "C. scintillata". with the comment that it was "emended to scintillata in 1839.
    The justification of the emendation is not discussed.
    Temminck appears to have spelt it "sintillata" in 1835. In the livr. 101-2 of Pl.Col. p.61 he did indeed spell it "scintillata" and the date for that work is probably 1839. I assume that is the work referred to as the emendation. However the justification of that emendation is not certain in my understanding.
    In a side note: the HBW leaves both sintillata and scintillata out of the index.

    Columba sjostedti Citation

    Coracias spatulata Spelling

    Spelt "Coracias spatulatus" in the original text.

    Chaetura spinicauda Citation

    Peters Checklist 4:239 gives "p.57" This is followed by the AOU Checklist, and HBW. Both Sherborn and the Richmond index give the page as "p.78", which I follow here.

    Strix Nomenclature

    Scleroptila Citation Thanks to Normand David for bringing this to my attention.

    Columba simplex systematics

    Not recognized by Sibley & Monroe, and often considered conspecific with C. larvatus.
    HBW 4:132 indicates it differs in voice and does not respond to recorded voice calls of C. larvatus.
    Often place in the genus:

    Charmosyna stellae Systematics

    Normand David brought this to my attention:

    Voisin & Voisin treated Charmosyna stellae (including goliathina + wahnesi) as a separate species (from C. papou).
    Voisin, C. & J-F. Voisin. 1997. A propos du Lori papaou, Charmosyna papaou (Scopoli, 1786). Alauda 65 (2) 191-195.
    I only have a photocopy of the first page of the paper and the abstract reads:
    "A few individuals of Charmosyna papou papaou (Scopoli, 1786) differ from the others by the colour of their upperwing, which is light green, distinctly paler than the colour of their backs, and eventually by some blue on the alula, remiges and upperwing coverts. By some other colour characters, they remind of the melanistic form which is found in the three other subspecies currently recognized in the Papuan Lory. In addition, C. papou papou possesses several constant, well marked characters of its own, and its cepahlic blue and black band does not appear to be homologous of the cephalic band of the three other forms. In these conditions, it seems preferable to consider Charmosyna papou (Scopoili, 1786) as a separate species, and to keep the other three forms under the name Charmosyna stellae Meyer, 1886, which has priority.

    Anthreptes singalensis 1789
    Myozetetes similis Citation .....;2006.01.07
    Leucopternis schistacea 1850
    Coracias spatulatus Spelling
    Geobiastes squamiger Spelling The gender of Geobiastes Formation of the specific epithet.
    Snowornis Concept
    Suiriri Systematics
    Saucerottia Systematics
    Mecocerculus stictopterus Date
    Stactolaema sowerbyi Eponym
    Myiopagus subplacens Date
    Gallirallus sylvestris Date
    Ceratogymna subcylindricus Date
    Knipolegus signatus Date
    Geobiastes Concept
    Streptopelia - Columba - Patagioenas Systematics
  • Johnson KP, De Kort S, Dinwoodey K, Mateman AC, Ten Cate C, Lessels CM & Clayton DH. 2001. "A molecular phylogeny of the dove genera Streptopelia and Columba. The Auk 118(4):874-887.
    The authors present evidence for:
    • Merging Nesoenas mayeri into Streptopelia.
    • Including Columba picturata Temminck in Streptopelia, and
    • reviving the Reichenbach genus Patagioenas for the New-World Columba.
  • The authors do not discuss a number of taxa commonly treated. (e.g. S. lugens, risoria, & reichenowi).
  • It may be that, as some authors do, they consider the first two taxa as conspecific with S. hypopyrrha, & S. roseogrisea respectively.
  • Their regard of the status of reichenowi is unclear to me.
  • It is unfortunate that no comment was made regarding the status or standing of these other taxa, and it must be noted that S. risorea is the type, so a comment on their consideration of its status would be welcome.
  • Only a minority of Columba taxa are treated in their work, so the implications regarding relationships among the taxa are at best uncertain.

  • Chlorothraupis stolzmanni Date
    Carduelis siemiradzkii Date
    Saroglossa Nomenclature

    A confusing situation here.

  • It appears that Blyth quotes Hodgson's description of Saraglossa under the name Saroglossa in the JASB article. It seems peculiar that Saroglossa is a nomen nudem in Zool. Misc. but when (presumably) that description is quoted in JASB by Blyth, the nomeclatural requirements are satisfied. So Blyth's erroneous name is applied to the genus of which Hodgson is the author.

  • Malacocincla sepiaria Spelling
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