Zoological Citation Notes --A

Manucodia ater altera Nomenclature 2021.07.24
Percnostola arenarum Nomenclature 2021.03.12
Centropus ateralbus Spelling 2021.03.12 Macropygia rufipennis andamanica Citation 2019.02.08; 2019.03.19
Psilopsiagon aymara Citation 2018.12.30; 2019.03.11; 2019.03.18
Arachnothera robusta armata Citation 2016.05.03
Ploceus bicolor amaurocephalus Date 2014.04.03
Schiffornis turdina amazonum Nomenclature. 2011.10.16
Sicalis aureiventris Nomenclature
Accipiter virgatus affinis Citation 2011.01.30
Coracina tenuirostris aruensis Citation 2010.08.31
Coeligena iris aurora Citation 2010.08.16
Oriolus larvatus additus Nomenclature 2009.01.30; 2010.07.15 END PREVIOUS NOTE:]


Arch.Mus.Nac.RiodeJaniero vol. 13 Date 2010.01.11

Anthreptes aurantius Nomenclature 2010.01.03
Poephila cincta atropygialis Citation 2009.12.12; 2010.01.05
Euplectes albonotatus asymmetrurus Nomenclature 2009.11.18
Ploceus badius axillaris Nomenclature 2009.11.06
Ficedula hyperythra annalisa Nomenclature 2009.09.12; 2009.09.13
Copsychus saularis adamsi Citation 2009.08.19
Pycnonotus xanthorrhous andersoni Nomenclature 2009.07.16
Lichmera argentauris Citation 2009.07.14
Hylophilus aurantiifrons Citation 2009.07.10
Lamprotornis purpuroptera aeneocephalus Citation 2009.06.20
Sturnia erythropygia andamanensis Citation Authority 2009.06.17
Caprimulgus atripennis Citation 2009.06.17
Aplonis opaca aenea Nomenclature 2009.06.14
Poliptila plumbea atricapilla Citation 2009.05.30
Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus anthonyi Nomenclature 2009.04.29
Ortalis araucan Systematics 2009.04.02
Zosterops citrinella albiventris Citation 2009.03.22; 2009.03.23
Chaetops aurantius Systematics 2009.03.15
Paradoxornis alphonsianus Systematics 2009.03.14
Conostoma aemodium Nomenclature 2009.03.13; 2009.08.27
Pseudoalcippe atriceps Systematics 2009.03.07
Garrulax annamensis Systematics 2009.03.05
Hippolais pallida alulensis Concept 2009.01.03
Alectroenas Nomenclature 2008.12.17
Apalis argentea Systematics 2008.10.19
Cisticola lateralis antinorii Citation 2008.08.29; 2006.08.30
Chalcomitra adelberti Citation 2008.07.13
Alopochelidon 20089.07.04
Platysmurus leucopterus aterrimus Nomenclature 2008.04.20
Dicrurus bracteatus atrocaeruleus Citation 2008.03.08
Platalea ajaja Nomenclature 2007.11.10
Coracina papuensis angustifrons Citation 2007.09.17
Threskiornis aethiopicus abbotti Citation 2007.09.14
Rostratual australis Systematics 2007.09.07
Artamella viridis annae Citation 2007.08.26 2020.12.24
Fringilla coelebs alexandrovi Nomenclature 2007.04.03
Megascops kennecottii aikeni Citation Preprint 2007.03.18
Ciridops anna Nomenclature 2007.02.24
Cettia acanthizoides Systematics 2007.02.24; 2008.12.25
Oryzoborus funereus aethiops Citation 2007.02.13
Aquila adalberti Citation 2007.02.08
Atlapetes albinucha Citation 2007.01.27; 2013.08.16
Milvus migrans affinis Citation 2007.01.21
Aimophila Nomenclature 2007.01.18
Dendroica domininca albilora Nomenclature 2007.01.11; 2007.01.13; 2007.01.14
Passerculus sandwichensis anulus Nomenclature 2007.01.09
Passerculus sandwichensis anthinus Nomenclature 2007.01.07
Alle Citation 2006.12.31
Melospiza melodia azteca Systematics 2006.12.31
Argusianus Citation 2006.11.30; 2007.12.22
Dendroica petechiae aequatorialis Citation 2006.11.28
Agelasticus Nomenclature 2006.11.05; 2007.04.19
Psaricolius atrovirens Citation 2006.11.01
Batis pririt affinis Citation 2006.10.14
Scleroptila afra Nomenclature 2006.10.04; 2010.07.10 ; 2020.03.08 ;2020.03.09
Illadopsis albipectus Citation 2006.09.29; 2006.09.30; 2014.04.01
Dysithamnus mentalis affinis Citation 2006.09.10
Calamanthus fuliginosus albiloris Citation 2006.08.26
Agaia Nomenclature 2006.07.13
Phalacrocorax albiventer Nomenclature 2006.07.09; 2010.01.23
Fregata minor aldabrensis Citation 2006.07.02
Bostrychia olivacea akeleyorum Nomenclature 2006.05.29
Dicrurus aldabranus Citation 2006.05.16
Podiceps cristatus australis Citation 2006.04.28
Anthocicla Citation - year 2006.04.26
Anthocicla Nomenclature 2006.04.26
Fulmar glacialis auduboni Nomenclature 2006.04.02
Accipiter gentilis arrigonii Citation 2006.03.21
Cacomantis castaneiventris arfakianus Citation 2006.03.19
Macheiramphus alcinus andersonni Concept 2006.02.19
Thalasseus sandvicensis acuflavidus Citation 2006.01.22; 2011.03.20
Larus argentatus argenteus Citation 2005.12.30; 2006.01.20
Pluvialis apricaria Systematics 2005.12.03
Aulacorhynchus prasinus atrogularis Citation 2005.11.10
Aburria Systematic 2005.11.03
Entomyzon cyanotis albipennis Nomenclature 2005.10.02
Bubo virginianus algistus Systematics 2005.09.16
Porzana pusilla affinis Nomenclature 2005.08.07
Ptilinopus aurantiifrons Nomenclature 2005.04.28
Ptilinopus cinctus alligator Citation 2005.04.26
Ptilinopus magnificus assimilis Citation 2005.04.23
Macropygia amboinensis albiceps Citation 2005.01.29
Steptopelia decipiens ambigua Citation 2004.01.23
Hirunda ariel Citation 2005.01.23
Caprimulgus andamanicus Systematics 2005.01.22
Agricola andicola Nomenclature 2004.12.26
Cettia acanthizoides Citation 2004.12.16
Hymenops perspicillatus andinus Citation 2004.12.08
Knipolegus aterrimus anthracinus Citation 2004.12.06; 2005.12.15; 2005.12.16; 2009.06.19
Empidonax trailii adastus Type locality 2004.11.28
Tolmomyias sulphurescens aequatorialis Date 2004.11.15
Pseudotriccus pelzelni annectens Citation 2004.11.03; 2004.11.06
Macronyx ameliae Citation 2004.10.16
Shiffornis turdina amazona Citation 2004.10.02
Agelaius / Chrysomus / Agelasticus Systematics 2004.09.29
Cyclopsitta diophthalma aruensis Citation 2004.09.19
Pyrrhura molinae asutralis Citation 2004.09.09
Charmosyna aureicincta Nomenclature 2004.07.01; 2010.01.03
Alphabetical ordering of subspecies within taxa. 2004.05.22
Aglaiocercus Citation 2004.05.16; 2009.08.16
Actenoides Nomenclature 2004.05.06;2004.05.07
Lichmera alboauricularis Citation 2004.04.25
Todiramphus albonotatus Citation 2004.04.25
Coracias benghalensis affinis Author 2004.04.21
Ficedula albicilla Systematics 2004.01.23
Capito auratus aurantiicinctus Citation 2004.01.04
Neomorphus geoffroyi australis Citation 2003.12.19
Heterophasia annectans Nomenclature 2003.10.12
Prunella atrogularis Citation 2003.07.03; 2005.06.05
Prunella atragularis Nomenclature 2005.06.05; 2017.05.12
Ploceus alienus Concept and Nomenclature 2003.05.10; 2003.05.11; 2003.05.12
Motacilla aguimp Citation 2002.12.24
Chloroceryle aenea Concept 2002.11.15; 2007.02.14
Pionopsitta aurantiocephala Systematics 2002.09.28
Cyphorhinus arada Concept Citation 2002.07.19
Cyphorhinus arada Spelling 2002.07.19
Gallinula andicolus Spelling 2002.07.14
Poecile atricapillus Spelling 2002.07.13
Aratinga auricapillus Spelling 2002.07.12
Aulacorhynchus species Concept 2002.07.12
Lorius albidinucha Spelling 2002.07.11
Otus atricapilla Spelling 2002.07.11
Vireo atricapilla Spelling 2002.07.11
Zosterops atricapilla Spelling 2002.07.11
Argicus Concept 02.06.27; 2003.10.31
Pelargopsis amauroptera Spelling ....;2006.03.17
Serinus alario Concept
  • Linnaeus's 1758 entry (p.179) reads:
  • Linnaeus's 1766 entry (p.319) reads:
  • It appears that Linnaeus:
    1. Placed the taxon in another genus (FRINGILLA pro EMBERIZA)
    2. corrected the ablative to the plural ( atro for atris; head AND chest black)
    3. described the body as chestnut colored (instead of wings as red).
    4. described the tail as having four lateral black lines
    5. added the Brisson reference.
    6. and left the locality as the Cape of Good Hope.
  • I presume it is the same bird, based especially on the Alb. av. reference being unchanged.
  • Subsequently I learned (2003.02.14) from Bob Dowsett that this issue was addressed by Brooke. Brooke R.K. 1967. "The original name of the Black-headed Canary Serinus alario (Linnaeus). BBOC 87:123-124. Where Brooke reaches essentially the same conclusion. The name is based on Passer capensis of E. Albin. 1740 A supplement to the natural history of birds III:63. Brooke concludes: "I therefore conclude that the bird known as Serinus alario was first named for science as Emberiza alario Linnaeus 10th ed. Syst. Nat. 1:179 (1758) and that Fringilla alario Linnaeus 12th ed. Syst. Nat. 1:319 (1766) is an objective synonym."
  • 2002.06.17; 2003.02.15
    Otus alfredi Systematics
    Strix albitarsis Spelling
  • Often spelt S. albitarsus. Originally described as Syrnium albitarse.

  • Acanthagenys
    Afrotis afra Spelling ....;2005.09.11
    Francolinus ahantensis 1854
    Ajaia 1854
    Otus albogularis 1849
    Serinus albogularis Series 2
    Meliphaga albonotata Peters Checklist citation typo


    Peters Checklist 11:577 has 1876; remarkably, the right idea, but applied in the wrong situation. See Poggi,1996.

    Anairetes alpinus Citation
  • Peters Checklist 8:45 lists p.27; the text for the article starts on the same page as the figures -- p.28.

  • Charmosyna amabilis 1875 vs 1876

    This may be 1876, as I am uncertain where the 1875-1876 break occurs in Vol.1.

    Turdus amaurochalinus

    Peters Checklist 10:216 has 1851. See Browning and Monroe, 1991

    Phapitreron amethystina 1854

    Ampelioides Verreaux

    I have not determined which Verreaux this is.

    Diomedea amsterdamensis

    Not in Peters Checklist Vol.1.

    Tchagra anchietae 1869

    This date is uncertain, and may well be 1870. If the volume was issued in parts, my best guess is that this will be 1869.

    Upucerthia andaecolaplates

    Peters Checklist 7:63 does not include the plates, which I take from Richmond, et al. 1992.

    Ptilinopus arcanus

    Not in Peters Checklist Vol.3.

    Aegotheles archboldi

    Not in Peters Checklist Vol.4.
    HBW 5:264 indicates this was previously treated as a race of A. albertisi, but is now seen as a sibling species, replacing A. albertisi at higher elevations.


    Not used by Peters Checklist Vol.2. As Choriotis Gray GR 1855.

    Platylophus ardesiacus 1850

    Peters Checklist 15:205 has 1851. See Browning and Monroe, 1991}.

    Columba argentina 1854

    Peters Checklist 3:71 lists 1855. The signatures of volume 2 are dated 1854 up to at least p.71 according to taxa listed in Richmond, et al. 1992. Mathews suggests volume 2 p.1-160 are from 1855. I follow Richmond, et al. 1992 here, though 1855 may be right.

    Anal. Nat.

    Peters Checklist 2:132 cites "Rafinesque, Analyse, 1815".
    On p.51 (for example) he cites "Vieillot, 1816, Analyse". The confusion results from two works:

    I follow the convention of referring to the latter as AnalyseNat.
    Pseudobulweria aterrima 1857 ....;2004.06.14

    Clytoctantes atrogularis

    Not in Peters Checklist Vol.7.

    Attagis 1831
    This date is somewhat uncertain:
    Catharus aurantiirostris1869 ....; 2004.02.14; 2009.07.11
    Lalage aurea 1825

    Piculus aurulentus

    Picus awokera 1836

    Metriopelia aymara 1840
    Scytalopus altirostris
    Scytalopus affinis
    Scytalopus acutirostris
    Scytalopus atratus i
    Anthropoides Thanks to Matt Fain for bringing this to my attention.
    Aeronautes andecolus Citation
    Aceros Author
    Ammoperdix Citation
    Zenaida aurita 1809
    Rhipidura atra 1876
    Lamprotornis acuticaudus 1869 ....; 2004.03.20 I am thankful to Prof. Doutor Jose Manuel Toscano Rico, Secretario-Greal Academia, for sending me copies of the title pages of this work.
    Streptocitta albertinae Citation
    Sicalis auriventris Citation
    Phyllastrephus albigularis 1882 .... (intial note before 2005); edited 2008.12.02
    Dromaius ater
    Phyllastraphus apperti 2003.02.15

    Capito auratus

    Thanks to Norbert Bahr for bringing this to my attention.
    Thamnophilus ambiguus
  • Not in Sibley and Monroe
  • treated by Peters Checklist 7:173 as a subspecies.
  • Isler et al. (1997), Orn. Monogr. 48: 355-381 revised the Thamnophilus punctatus complex and recognized the following species therein:
    1. punctatus;
    2. stictocephalus;
    3. sticturus;
    4. pelzelni;
    5. ambiguus.
    Thanks to Norbert Bahr for bringing this to my attention.
    Anabazenops dorsalis Generic placement
    Pitta arcuata vs. arquata spelling An argument may be made for either spelling.
    Toxostoma arenicola
    Aphrodroma Nomenclature
    Anorrhinus austeni
    Saltator atripennis 1857 ....;2007.06.12
    Troglodytes aedon Taxonomy systematics
  • The taxonomy of the House Wren group is confusing and unresolved. The specific status of T. aedon, T. brunneicollis and, T. musculus are in question. A recent summary of this is due to Brumfield RT, Capparella AP. 1996. Genetic diffferentiation and taxonomy in the House Wren Species group. The Condor 98:547-556. They resolved that the three taxa should be afforded full specific status, as phylogenetic and as biologic species.
  • One qualification of their analysis, as they state, is that the brunneicollis samples in their analysis were "collected far from the contact zone with aedon in southeastern Arizona." Other work, including song analysis and the presence of apparent hybrid nests between T. aedon and T. brunneicollis have been used to argue for conspecificity for these forms.
  • The evidence in support of T. musculus as a species (both biologic and phylogenetic) appears strong. A recent paper Arguedas N, Parker PG. 2000. Seasonal Migration and genetic population structure in House Wren. The Condor 102:517-528. compares gene flow in populations of T. aedon and T. musculus and treats them as sister species.
  • The AOU checklist treats T. aedon and T. brunneicollis as conspecific. This is most easily done if one does not have to address the issue of the relation of these forms to T. musculus (lying outside the AOU checklist region).
  • I am consistent with the AOU checklist and its most recent supplement (42nd). However, I expect it is appropriate to treat T. brunneicollis as a full species, and will probably include it soon.
  • It is also worth noting that Wilson's name T. domesticus indubitably has proirity for this bird; the name T. aedon, familiar to us all and almost universal in the literature, prevails.
  • With reluctance, I have demoted T. musculus to subspecific status. It is not recognized as a species by the SACC, though they mention only Brumfield's 1996 article and there is no mention of Arguedas N, Parker PG. 2000, (for example) though there is support there for treating this as a full species.
  • Similarly IOC World Bird List (2.1; 2009.05.12) makes no acknowledgement of T. muscularis.
  • ....;2007.02.10; 2009.05.16
    Pterodroma atrata
    Hylopezus auricularis
    Gallinago andina Citation
    Amazilia amazilia Citation
    Donacobius atricapilla Spelling
    Amaurornis Nomenclature

    Atlapetes Systematics

    An extremely complex situation.

    Garcia-Moreno J & Fjeldsa J. 1999. "Evaluation of species limits in the genus Atalapetes based on the mtDNA sequence data." Ibis 141:199-207.
    Is the best current treatment I am aware of.
    The current species listing I show (2001.01.12) undoubtedly is incorrect. It is not fully faithful to the Garcia-Moreno/Fjeldsa listing order, though it uses some of their concepts. They treat a good number, but far from all the Atalpetes species.
    Further changes are certain.

    Stercorarius antarcticus Spelling

    Moving this species into Stercorarius necessitates changing the specific epithet to antarcticus, for gender agreement.
    Normand David tells me skua remains unchanged as it is a noun.

    Chlidonias albostriatus Systematics

    Sometimes place in Sterna, for example by Handbook of Australian, New Zealand & Antarctic Birds, Oxford University Press.
    Thanks to Normand David for bringing this to my attention.

    Actophilornis Citation

    The type by original designation is Parra africana Gmelin.

    Nytyornis athertoni 1828

    Peters Checklist 5:239 has the date as 1830. The Richmond index gives Nov. of 1828, which fits more with collation of other taxa from this work.

    Oxyura australis 1837

    Listed by Peters Checklist 1:504 as 1836; HBW 1:628 (Carles Carboneras) perpetuates this error.

    This portion of PZS (part IV, no. XLV) was published on Jan 16, 1837 (Richmond Index, and PZS 1937 vol. 107 pt.1 April for a listing of dates of publication of the parts and numbers.)

    Laniarius aethiopicus 1789

    Anodorhynchus Citation

    An apparently complex situation here:

    Peters Checklist 3:179 gives the citation as:
    'Anodorhynchus Spix, Av.Bras., 1, 1824, 472 [i.e. 24 bis], pl.11."

    The footnote reads:
    '2 See Hellmayer, Abh. K. Bayer. Akad. Wiss., Kl. 2, 22, 1906, p.576.'
    (not seen APP 2001.03.04)

    The card in the Richmond index reads:
    'Anodorynchus AVIUM SPECIES NOVAE, I, (2nd edition of vol.1), 1838, p."47" '
    Then there is a note stating: 'additional to p.47 of the original edition! ?'

    The note goes on to say:
    'Diagnosis here given of genus + species. Omitted in
    orig. ed., where name only occurs.
    The extra p.47 probably occurs in some copies of the orig.
    printing, as Sherborn writes me that it is in the copy
    consulted by him.'

    Several questions arrise:

    Siphonorhis americana Spelling

    Normand David writes (2001.03.10):
    Cyclarhis Swainson, 1824, and Siphonorhis Sclater, 1861, were formed from the feminine Greek noun ris [nose], but with the latinized rh spelling (ICZN 1985, Appendix B). Both names do not end in a truly transliterated Greek word as Ptiloris and Stachyris do. They are latinized Greek words with a changed ending that, contrary to -us, -a, or -um , is not indicative of a particular gender, and in which case should be treated as words of common gender (ICZN 1999, Arts. 30.1.3, Siphonorhis was established in combination with americanus, it must be treated as masculine.

  • Normand David subsequently writes (2002.04.01) that Siphonorhis is feminine.


    Abroscopus albogularis Author

    Peters Checklist (George Watson) 11:264 gives the author as Hodgson; I follow the Richmond Index here.

    Coracias abyssinicus Spelling

    Often spelt Coracias abyssinica, however as noted in HBW 6:371-2, Coracias is masculine.

    Chersomanes albofasciata Citation ....; 2008.08.09
    Saucerottia alfaroana Concept

    Treated by most authors as a subspecies of Amazilia cyanifrons. See Weller A-A. 2001. BBOC 121(2):98-107.

    Montifringilla adamsi 1859
    Euryostomus azurea 1861
    Momotus aequatorialis Concept
    Zosterops atriceps Date
    Moho apicalis Date
    Penelopides affinis Concept
    Agelaioides Nomenclature Previously the genus was:
    Oreopsar Sclater,WL 1939 Ibis p.144
    Cinclosoma ajax Date
    Pteruthius aenobarbus Date
    Streptocitta albertinae Citation Thanks to Colin Jones for picking up this error.
    Oenanthe albonigra Spelling
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    Alan P. Peterson, M.D.
    POB 1999
    Walla Walla, WA 99362-0999

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